Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Chapter 1 : Breaking News

Jung Yunho is sitting alone in his room. He dresses up in a red shirt with dashing black coat and jeans. His face has light makeup on, and his hair is neatly done.

He, together with his bandmates, will leave mansion to have a photo shoot for a magazine in a few minutes, but Yunho doesn’t care about that right now. He fixes his eye on the screen.

A male newscaster is reporting the recent heartthrob news.

U-know Yunho pushes the ‘higher volume’ on the remote to raise the voice of the TV, so he can listen to the news clearer.

Breaking News:

“After leaving Kraze Entertainment with no agency, Coffee Prince phenomenol – Yoon Eun Hye finally signed a 2-year contract with SM Entertainment, accepting Lee Soo Man’s 2 billions worth offer.

“Since the news has spread, there’s big rumor that Yoon Eunhye-shi will have a project with the DBSK during her 2 year stay with SM Family.

“As a result of SM Entertainment’s fans’ petition last winter, Yoon Eunhye name came first as the girl who fans want to see working with DBSK the most. SM chairman didn’t wait long to approach her with his offer to satisfy the fans. And eventually, after being a free agent for almost 2 months, Eunhye-shi finally accepted his offer.”

Knock! Knock!

“Hyung!” This must be their maknae, Choikang Changmin. Yunho ignored his call.

“However, many think that this might be the sign of Yoon Eunhye’s comeback as a singer.

“Yoon Eunhye debuted in 1999 as the last member to join the popular girl group BabyVOX when she was 15 with the group’s third album ‘Come Come Come Baby’. And together, they were recognized to be among the leaders promoting the K-pop frenzy that has been spreading across Asia ever since.

“Since her official departure from the legendary BabyVOX in 2005, at the age of 20, the maknae Yoon Eunhye showed her interest neither in releasing her own solo album nor joining other newly-formed groups. She has since then moved into the acting world to pursue her dream as an actress…”

Knock! Knock!

“Yunho hyung!” He raises the TV sound. Now dolphin Junsu joins Changmin. Still ignore them.

“With only 3 dramas under her belt, Yoon Eunhye has already reached the top spot in acting world as one of the A-list star and a new member of 20 million won club along side her sunbae Hallyu stars namely Bae Yong-joon, Kwon Sang Woo, Ko Hyun Jung, and Song Il kook.”

“It is notable that although she may not be the most skilled actress, Eunhye-shi is known to be very committed to her role, which made her performance really amazing and very convincing.

“This sign may break many fans’ heart to see her acting again in any time soon after her latest successful drama ‘The 1st shop of Coffee Prince’ which has put her in the list of being one of the best actresses in Korean entertainment……

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

2 youngest boys still don’t give up, they are continually knocking and calling their leader’s name.

“Hyung! come out already, we are–“


The annoying knocking suddenly turned into a loud bang.

“Yah, Jung Yunho! What are you doing? We are going to be late for the photo shoot because of you” The eldest AKA. The mom of the house is yelling at the other side of the door. He guesses he can’t ignore this one.

“Hyung, hurry up! They’re waiting” Changmin shouted.

“Yunho-ah, get out of there, will you?” Yoochun gently called him.

“Aishhh… these guys really…”

“Leader-shi!!!” Junsu yelled

“I’m coming!” He furiously turns off the TV. (“…doing many magazine photo shoots and CFs during her on screen hiatus…”)

Yunho walks out of his room. His band mates are looking at him suspiciously.

“Hyung, what are you doing so long in there?” Xiah asked curiously.

“Watching news” He answered.

“News? When did you start watching news, Yunho? I only see you watching movies” Micky said while fixing his hair in front of the mirror for the last time.

“Yah, I do watch some!” Yunho scolded back. Yoochun chuckled a little to the mirror.

“Boys, we need to go now” Their manager called from the front door.

“Neh~” They all rushed to the door.


“Hyung, is it true that Eunhye nuna signs a contract with SM” Yunho asked his manager. Kang Bo Sok nods his head


“So she’ll work with us right?” Yoochun asked from the front.

In the van, next to the driver is Micky is in the passenger seat, then their manager and U-know are at the next row, while the other three are sitting in the back.

“I guess, but Lee Soo Man sanseng-nim still hasn’t said anything. So I’m not sure” he answered.

“I thought she’s going to concentrate on her acting, if she sign with SM, isn’t that mean she’ll come back to her singing career?” Jaejoong said, brooding.

SM Entertainment may have many great bands and gain a lot success, but it hasn’t successfully branched out to the acting world yet.

“Just concern about that later, you guys have a photo shoot to do now” Bo Sok told the boys as the van parked in front of a big studio.


To be continued…



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