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Chapter 10 : No Sugar for My Blood

Notes: Starting from this chapter, it is now in the present. No more flashbacks




[From all these…9 episodes, we mostly follow up the story by Eunhye’s side. This time we will switch to see the boys’ side of story…]


At the very same night of the interview where Eunhye was dragged away by her brother, Bansuk. While their staff went home with the big van, the DBSK boys went back to dorm with Micky’s Mercedes. All 5 of them are still not sleepy and just hanging around their mansion.

“I think it’s Jong Kook hyung!” Yunho exclaimed out of the blue from the sofa he’s lying. The other boys snapped back from their own mind. A piece of Gimbap the maknae holding with the chopsticks is only a centimeter from his wide open mouth. The soccer ball dolphin boy kicking against the wall hit him right on the face when he lost his concentration.

“What’s with Jong Kook hyungrim?” Yoochun asked, taking off the iPod earphones.

“Nuna’s boyfriend!” he pointed “That guy must be Jong Kook hyung!”

“I don’t think so” Jaejoong rubbed his chin “I have a feeling that it’s someone unexpected, definitely not Jong Kook hyungrim”

“Well then,” Junsu said, still hugging the ball while massaging his bruised forehead “I think there’s someone we can ask”

“Eh?” everyone looked at him.

“And I think he knows who nuna’s boyfriend is”

“And this person would be?”

“Minwoo hyung.”

“What?” the other 4 unanimously shouted “Why?”

“Wait, I think I know what Junsu hyung mean” Changmin got up from the dining table to join his hyungs. “Do u mean that episode where Minwoo hyung and Dongwan hyung guested?”

“Come to Play?”

“Yes” Junsu replied. “Come on. The whole SM Town know Minwoo hyung used to have the biggest crush on Eunhye nuna”


“He revealed in that Come to Play episode that he liked this actress a lot that he asked her out but was declined coz she’s already taken. And this boyfriend of hers is a singer. Plus he said he and the girl still contact each other now and have remained a big-brother little-sister relationship.” Junsu continued “I don’t recollect Minwoo hyung has ever failed to woo any girls but nuna. I mean they are still pretty close, that’s obvious. But despite the fact that he liked her very much. They never went out. So the girl he talked about must be her.”
[This is the vid I referred to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J77yJEVL484 (1:52-7:18)
Note: this is half fictional. I don’t really know if the girl was really YEH. I only used it coz it fits my story and I used to be a WooHye shipper >_< ]

“Jongkook hyung still fits the description though” Yunho said

“But if it’s really him” Jaejoong argued “Don’t you think either he or Eunhye would already tell us? I don’t think it’s him”

“Should we pay M hyung a visit?” Yoochun asked and glanced at the wall clock “Gaepan is just half-an-hour away” the dandy boy talked about a bar located in Cheongdam-dong, famous as a place where you can find countless familiar faces hanging around in every corner of its 80-sq.m. 4-story building. Also famous for its very owner and runner, Lee Minwoo.

One good thing about this bar is it’s specialized. Except for the celebrities and inside people, only the ones with connections and/or very big money can enter. So it quickly became renowned for those who living 24/7 under the limelight to come here, chill out and have fun. Not have to worry about their image or some crazy stalkers.

But the boys are unsure. Wondering and gossiping about their nuna is one thing, but seriously snooping around about her love life is one other thing.

“Err… I don’t think that’s a good idea man” Jaejoong patted his friend’s back “Eunhye wouldn’t like it if she heard we run around asking stuff about her”

“Maybe we should just wait till she’s ready to tell us” Yunho told them. He, himself, doesn’t like the idea coz he’s also desperate to know who the lucky guy is. But it’s the morally right thing.

“Fine” their maknae rolled his eyes and walked back to the dining table “You guys make me lost my appetite for Gimbap” he said. Changmin closed the tiffin and put it in the fridge while his hyungs get back to what they did until…

“Minnie! What ya doing?!” Yunho yelled across the room “Put it back in the fridge right now”

“What?” Changmin asked with innocent eyes. A tray of lime jelly cake with 3 cute little sugar-made dolls on the icing was in his hand. “I need some sugar for my blood”

“Don’t you dare eat that! It’s mine!”

“Wae?! It’s mine too!” the maknae turned to the umma for help “Hyung, tell him it’s 1/3 mine and I can eat it”

“Kim Jaejoong, whose side are you?” Yunho threatened “Are you going to let him eat that?”

The YooSu heads which has been turning left and right between their leader and their maknae now fix at their eldest. Anticipate.

“Errr” Jaejoong cleared his throat “Yunho-ah, I’ll bake one for you later, harasso?”

“Yah! How could you betray me like this?!” Yunho whines with disbelief “Traitor!” while Changmin smirked

“It’s the cake hyung! It’s going to expire someday. We should eat it before it’s moldy, don’t you think?”

“It’s made of jelly” Yunho pointed “it’s not going to get moldy as long as we keep it in the fridge”

“Come on hyung” he smiled sheepishly “I’ll leave some for you”

“Don’t you eat my part” knowing that he lost the vote, Yunho get up from the sofa to join midnight cake.

“Hey! It’s partially mine too! Leave some for me” so as his yaoi partner, Jae joined them. Leaving Yoochun and Junsu to exchange their eyes contact.

The cake was from the YunJaeMin trio birthday party in February and was home-baked by their very own Eunhye noonim. As ordered by SM plus her BBV members birthday party reunion, Eunhye was unable to attend the boys’ birthday fanmeet. So she baked a cake for them instead. And for more than a month, Yunho insisted to keep it safely in the refrigerator untouched.

Well, untouched until it met Changmin’s tummy.




For the next whole month, there is unarguably nothing hotter than DBSK V. the boys… and the girl grace every state with 2 breath-taking performances – their sweet light-hearted “One Step at a Time” and the beastly rock single “Follow Your Dream”

The latter is a dance number with crumping choreography similar to that used in “Hey! (Don’t bring me down)”. The testosterone on stage blow the fangirls away and Eunhye has proven to everyone that she still live up to the title of the Dance Legend, gaining herself a much larger number of fanboys. Their harmony in the vocal and chemistry on stage practically shut all the haters up.

Contrast to their mature look in One Step at a Time. In Follow Your Dream performance, they go for the rebellious sexy concept with the dark tone costumes which mainly basic black, even their accessories and jewelries are mainly made of black stainless or dark silver. Eunhye as the only girl there, is the only one who doesn’t wear suit. She only wears a casual white polo that fit perfectly to her curve, a stylish knee-length black pant with light-colored leggings and black heels.

Follow up the success of debut single One Step at a Time, Follow Your Dream claims their number 1 spot with awards from all the shows. First, they rocked the stage on MBC’s Music Core, then won awards on MNET’s M! Countdown. The song top K-chart on KBS’s Music Bank within a week after the release date before moving on to grab 3 consecutive Mutizen awards on SBS Inkigayo’s Take 7, earning itself the triple crown title. There is no doubt that this hit song has created quite a craze.



“Wow, that’s tiring” Eunhye sighed after finishing their encore performance on Inkigayo as the result of their victory. Another award is added to the collection.

“You sound like an ajumma” Jaejoong teased. Their stylist handed all of them bottles of drink.

“Yah! You little…”

“Eunhye!” her manager Park called “Phonecall!”

“I’m unavailable” she told him

“You have to answer this one” he said and gave her the phone. Her members send the inquiry eyes. Eunhye looks at the screen to see the caller’s name and gasped.

“Oh shoot!” she quickly answered “Neh, sunsaeng-nim”
No, the caller is not Lee Soo Man, but this one is no less important. Coz it’s Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment himself.

Eunhye finally hanged up after a few minutes.

“What did he say?” Park Geun Soo questioned.

“He wants me to help filling in TOP’s place”

“Pardon?” Junsu asked. This answer confused him

“Well, you guys all know my Bansuk is friend with Seung Hyun right?” she explained “TOP is going to record 2 episodes of Introducing a Star’s Friend with his fellow Big Bang members. And he’s going to introduce my brother. But TOP went to Bali for a magazine photoshoot yesterday and he’s unable to come back in time coz his flight was canceled. So YG asked me to fill in”

“Has he talked to SM yet?” Yunho asked The DBSK V members agreed to focus on their comeback stage on the first month, and then they will start guesting on other variety shows

“Yes” she answered “Soo Young is also a guest in the episode”


To be continued…



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