Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Chapter 11 : Admirerism

All DBSK V. members are in their office together, but working separately. After they’re back from the music show and fill up their stomach, they immediately went back to work. Their album was set to release next month, so there’s still a lot for them to do.

Right now they have 6 songs in their album
1. One Step at a Time
2. Follow Your Dream
3. Goodbye My Love – an R&B pop song.
4. Romance – a duet of Micky Yoochun and Yoon Eunhye
5. Stand By U – DBSK solo.
6. And last but not least, coming from the man JYP, it’s Eunhye’s solo – Dash Girl

So there are still places for at least 4 more songs. Almost everyone has their earphone on except for leader Yunho and Eunhye. Yunho is writing something in his sketch book while Eunhye is skimming through the Introducing Star’s Friends script and listen to her ex-co-actor Gong Yoo’s DJing. It has become their routine now that they’d listen to his show every Thursday.

After their debut, the crew of his radio show asked them to guest, but due to their hectic schedule, they were unable to. However, Eunhye still phone in every once in a while to show her support.

“Nuna, why do you seem so stressed?”

“Huh?” Eunhye looks up from her script and see the leader was no longer writing stuff. Yunho folds his arms over the long desk and put his chin on top of it. He stared at her cutely with those round eyes.

“It’s not like you’ve never guested in any shows before”

Eunhye imitates his act by folding her arms, put her chin on and stare back. “Oh well, maybe it’s because I’m going to meet my favorite idols, Big Bang” she said half-jokingly.

“Traitor” Junsu accused. “If you are asked about your favorite band, you better say DBSK”

“That’s right” Yoochun agreed “Or you’ll put us 5 in the biggest humiliation of the decade”

Eunhye giggles. “My ringtone is still Taeyang’s ‘Only Look At Me’” she told them.

“Yah! You better change that into DBSK’s one” Jaejoong warned her.

“Wae? I don’t want to”

“What’s Yoon Ban Suk’s calling melody?” Changmin asked.


“You know? When you call him, what song do you hear before he picks up the phone?”

“Please tell me it’s no Big Bang!” Yunho shrieked. Eunhye cracks up.

“No, of course not” the boys sigh in relief before she continue “It’s Super Junior’s one”


“No way!!!”

“That’s even worse!!!”

Though they are no rivals and actually all close friends, DBSK and SuJu boys have the weird habit of showing off – whose name is bigger. They always compete in who can top the chart more often, who can be this or that person’s favorite group and then bragging out to one another. It can be pretty cute plus funny and yet annoying.

“You must be joking!”

“Nope” she confirms “’It’s You‘ by Super Junior”

“I knew we should do ballad more often!” Changmin covers his face.

“Really?” Jaejoong bit his lower lip.

“Not really” she finally admits. “But it’s fun teasing you guys. Hahaha”

“You little…” Yoochun mumbled.

“Yah!” Eunhye turns to him “I’m your nuna remember?”

“Wait!” their leadja raise his hand to stop them “Nuna, raise the radio’s volume”

Eunhye reached over and realize that Yunho heard her name mentioned in that show. Today’s guests of the Gong Yoo’s KFN Radio program are boyband U-KISS. And they are talking about their ideal girl. Eunhye name was mentioned as member Eli’s dream girl.

GY: “Why wouldn’t I like it if your dream girl is Eunhye?”
Eli: “cos you two did a drama together and yeah…”
GY: “You think we got married and have a kid or something? It’s just a drama, wow you’re such a kid!”

“I can’t believe that even after I had a collab with you guys, they still think I’m dating Gong Yoo oppa” Eunhye rolled her eyes though her cheeks are becoming red. The boys are all giggling.

U-kiss: “Uh oh~”
GY: “Wow, you’re crazy”
Eli: “I’m very sorry”
GY: “I would like for you to differentiate a drama from reality” he joked.

Eunhye nod her head in agreement. While other U-KISS members crack up.

GY: “In fact I think Yoon Eun Hye-ssi would be the one not liking what’s been said right now. Since she’s got so much ahead of her. Plus she’s promoting the singles with DBSK boys.”
Eli: “oh…”
U-kiss: “It’s alright~”
GY: “What do you like about Yoon Eun Hye?”

Everyone perks their ears up for his answer including Eunhye. Junsu and Kevin got some eyebrows raised when, at the same time, said “Her personality” while Eli…

Eli: Her appearance.
GY: Her appearance? I see, so you like the visual of Yoon Eun Hye, hmm.. So you’re into the cute style?
Eli: Yes. Her stage charisma is also awesome.

“What?” Eunhye is obviously blushing “I thought I already transformed the cutie into the sultry one” Maknae Changmin grab his stomach while trying to hold in his laughter.

GY: “Hmm, I see. But she’s with DBSK now, you know? You have a tough competition lies ahead boy!” The boy let out a dry laugh then Gong Yoo continues. “If you have anything that you’d like to say to her, say it now. You know she was on here a while back?”
U-kiss: “Ah~”
Eli: “Anyong-haseyo”

With his formal greeting, not only his but also her members burst out laughing.

U-kiss: “HA HA HA! All of a sudden, all of a sudden he’s sending a voice letter to her.”
GY: “I’ll pass it on to her when I meet up with her next time.”
U-kiss: “Wow!”
GY: “I’ll tell her that Eli from U-kiss likes her, so say something.”
Eli: “Ah …”
GY: “There’s a chance that she could be listening as well.” Eunhye blushed after hearing that.

“Yes, she’s listening boy!” Jaejoong said laughingly.

U-kiss: “He’s shaking right now! He’s sweating, he’s sweating, ottoke!”
GY: “Now this year, wait up, Yoon Eun Hye was born in ’84, and since she’s 5 years younger than me, which make her 26 years old. She’s 26, so a 7 year age gap isn’t too bad. Ok, come on say something.. Wow he really is sweating!”
Eli: “Yes. Nuna anyong-haseyo, I am Eli from U-kiss”
GY: “Haha, how embarrassing”
Eli: “Nuna, I love you!”

His bold statement wows all the guys and they clap for him. The YooSu couple immediately make the heart shape with their arms and chorus “Nuna, Saranghae~”

Eli: “Ah, excuse me for a moment. Can I get some tissues, please?”
GY: “Haha, gosh! He really is sweating. Well, anyway, Yoon Eun Hye-shi, he says he loves you. Eli is 19 years old; you must be overjoyed right now.”

“She definitely is” Jaejoong reach over to pinch her red cheek and got a hit from the girl. Everyone is still laughing their heads off.

GY: “Anyway, DBSK V.’s Follow Your Dream is such a craze nowadays, so best of luck for them”
U-kiss: “Nuna-Hyungs Fighting~”

“Let’s call them!” Yunho suggest with his mischievous smile and his 4 elfish members immediately agree and dial, not listening to Eunhye’s protest at all. But when someone finally picks up the phone, they jam the phone to Eunhye’s ear.


The situation in KFN radio station is a bit hectic though they are on break right now. Other 5 members still tease Eli while Gong Yoo is smirking. But just a short while they went back on-air.

“Ah. Welcome back!” Gong Yoo started “We already know Eli’s affection to Eunhye-shi. Now let other members tell theirs” he stops abruptly when a staff signals him to pick up the phone. “Oh, seem like someone is calling in. Who could this be?”

GY: “Yeobeseyo?”
YEH: “Yeobeseyo? Gong Yoo oppa?”
GY: “Ah!!! Eunhye-shi!!” after that, the U-kiss go crazy again. Eli’s face turn into a big red tomato and he couldn’t seem to stop sweating. “Why are you calling in today? Have you heard Eli earlier?”
YEH: “Yes, I was listening to the radio. But oppa have to ask my leader why he makes me call in”
GY: “Omo! DBSK are there too? Anyong!”
DBSK: “Anyonghaseyo, DBSK imniida!” the boys chorus.
GY: “First off, congratulation to you guys! Your songs have been such hits!”
DBSK V: “Kamsahamnida~”
GY: “And now do you want to talk to Eli, Eunhye-shi?”

After that, Eunhye greets the shy boy and thanks him for liking her.

YEH: “Let’s meet up some time” she told him
Eli: “Neh, nuna.” Eli face turn redder, if it’s even possible. His members are still teasing and laughing at him. The phone goes back to Yunho.
Yunho: “I like U-kiss song too. Is it ‘Not Young’? I really like the song”
U-kiss: “Kamsahamnida, sunbae-nim.”
Yunho: “So if we meet, let’s have a meal. And Eli-ah, I’ll bring your Eunhye nuna with me too” Yunho make everyone laughs again.
GY: “Before you hang up, let’s sing for us just once”
YEH: “Well, this song is for U-kiss”

As if on cue, Changmin snaps his fingers “5 6 7 8”

Hurry up and wait
So close, but so far away
Everything that you’ve always dreamed of
Close enough for you to taste
But you just can’t touch

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you’re gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you’re feeling more and more frustrated
And you’re getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen and it’s
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time

GY +U-kiss: “Wow!” they are clapping hard
GY: “One Step at a Time – DBSK V. everyone!”


Eunhye wakes up early next morning. Although living under the same roof, she and Ayumi rarely see each other lately. Ayumi has been busy with her new sit-com and upcoming album, while Eunhye has full schedule to follow.

She already arranged things with her brother Bansuk and all she has to do is waiting for the royal chariot known as the company’s van. Eunhye, SNSD’s Soo Young and their crew will share the ride then DBSK will come pick her up for their next schedule.

The van and its driver is on time, but not with Soo Young. But luckily, just 10 minutes later, the girl shows up.

“Yoon Eunhye-sunbae, I’m very sorry I’m late” she bowed at Eunhye. Eunhye just smiles at her and one of the SNSD managers. She looks across Soo Young’s head and see some of her members are getting into another van.

“I see you girls have morning schedule as well.”

“Yeah, they have a radio show”

“I see. Anyway, let’s get in. We’re already late.”

Same as Eunhye, Soo Young is going to introduce her sibling, but in her case, it’s her older sister. They recite the script on the van once again and finish just in time.

Big Bang members, Dae Sung and Seung Ri were already there. They wave cheerfully at Eunhye who walk towards them.

“Nuna, anyong~”

“Anyong.” They chat a little then Eunhye go changing in her dressing room. Although maintaining top hallyu star status, Eunhye has no problem sharing dressing room with 2 of her hoobaes – Soo Young and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In. while other two female, comedian Shin Bong Son and MC Hyun Young use another dressing room.

The male guests consist of Big Bang’s Daesung and Seungri and Boom. Main MCs are Hyun Young and Lee Hwi Jae.

Just before the camera rolls, Eunhye take her position between the Big Bang member Daesung and Boom. The 4 of them would introduce their male friends or, in Eunhye’s case, male relative, while Shin Bong Son, Soo Young and Ga In would introduce their female friends or relative.

“Nuna, have you heard from hyung?” Daesung whispered to her from the left side.

“I haven’t talked to him quite some time now” she whispered back “You know I’ve been busy”

“Aishhh. You better watch out if you don’t wanna lose him to someone” Eunhye raise her eyebrow at him. But just then, the show starts.

The show goes normally. The MCs introduce each celebrity guest and ask them to show their talent a little. BB members were doing a short dance battle and Boom made a parody version of Big Bang’s Lies.

“Today is very special, Hyun Young-shi” Lee Hwi Jae said “She’s returning to variety show after 3 long years”

“Yeah, we didn’t expect her coming actually” Hyun Young agreed.

“The Goddess is here, Yoon Eun Hye!” Eunhye bowed and giggled.

“It’s your comeback, so why don’t sing for us a little?” Lee Hwi Jae suggested.

“Which song do you prefer? ‘One Step’ or ‘Follow Your Dream’?”

“But if we wanna here those songs, we could have just turn on radio” Boom dumbly said, making everyone laughs and Eunhye ends up feeling embarrassed. However, she recovers fast.

“Then I’ll dance to Mirotic!”

“Whao!” This makes everyone anticipate.

Eunhye’s dance is a bit different from the original as she makes it sexier and more feminine. But it’s still great nonetheless. After the dance ended, everyone’s clapping.

Then they start introducing each friend, starting from Daesung’s. Daesung brought Lee Jae Wuk, YG Choreography Team Leader with him today. When Daesung called him on street, he was asked to do pole dance which he immediately did without hesitance. Lee Jae Wuk shows his amazing dancing skill and professionalism. He is the secret success behind almost all YG artists choreographies including Se7en, Uhm Jung Hwa and of course, Big Bang.

When he came up to the shooting station, it is clearly seen that although he doesn’t have the looks, he do have his warm charisma and humor. Jae Wuk stunned a little when he saw Eunhye, and this isn’t neglected by others.

“Jae Wuk-shi, why you seem so shocked to see Eunhye-shi?”

“Oh, I didn’t expect to see her here. I was expecting to see TOP” he said and then revealed that they do know each other before.

“Yeah, too bad TOP can not make it today” Hyun Young said and received agreement from ladies’ side while the gentlemen’s side joke that they prefer seeing Eunhye to TOP.

“It’s definitely better!” Jae Wuk said “I have to see Seung Hyun face everyday anyway” he smiled.
He dance with Daesung again and got 6.0 for first impression score.

Then they introduce Shin Bong Son’s friend, Park Hae Young who is a theater actress. When she arrived, she wore a sunflower on her head, so Bong Son has to go out and do a mission with her. Unlike her friend who is very comedic, Hae Young appeared to be quite shy and reserved with some sexy scent. She has tall and lean figure that compliment her V-shaped face well.
She receives 5.5 for first impression. The boys said that it’s not her fault that her score is low, but because they were thinking of Bong Son when they’re giving her score.

After that is Park Hyung Joon, Boom’s friend. He is an internet ulzzang who has cheerful strong personality. His only flaw is his mouth as he talks too much. Boom told them that Hyung Joon’s nickname is “Chatterbox”.

Once he arrived, Eunhye immediately said that he look very much like Lee Dong Wook or Jin Ha Rim of Coffee Prince.

“They have the same aegyo style” she added. Because of his talkative habit, he only got 5.0

Finally, Soo Young got to introduce her sister, Soo Jin. Soo Jin is an aspiring musical actress, so she knows how to sing and dance quite well and wows everyone with her singing “Part of The World”, which ultimately make her receive as high score as 7.0

Next is Seung Ri’s dance mentor, Jang Yong Hyuk. He is a young CEO of a vocal and dancing academy. He also has the sunflower, so Seungri have to go help him do his mission even though they’re worried about the fangirls. The mentor and his student dance together in the street of Myung Dong and Seungri even sings his solo “Strong Baby” while dancing.

Yong Hyuk also seems to have cute style. And he immediately shows his interest in Soo Young’s sister. But with his similarity look to comedian Kim Shin Young, he only got 5.0 for first impression.

Brown Eyed Girl’s maknae, Son Ga In introduce her bosom buddy, Jung Su Na. they are friends ever since kindergarten. Contrast to other guests who set their calling melody as their celebrity friend’s song to show their support, Su Na makes Ga In embarrassed by setting Wonder Girls’ Nobody as her calling melody. This irritates Ga In, so she makes her friend dance as sexily as she can while Ga In sing ballad.

“Ga In nuna, you don’t have to be upset” Daesung consoles her while Su Na was on her way up to the filming location “Eunhye nuna’s case is even worse”

Eunhye startled and everyone look at Daesung. While Seungri is not at help at all when he revealed “Last time I met Eunhye nuna, her ringtone was Bae hyung’s Only Look At Me” while everyone laughs, the baby add “And at that time, she’s already promoting her singles with DBSK hyungs”

“Eunhye-shi! Is this true?” Lee Hwi Jae asked her. But as she covers her face with both hands, it’s no doubt that this is true.

“Let’s try calling her and see it” Boom dial Eunhye’s number and then…

You’re my melody~ norul yonjuhalke
On & On
Non norae nae sarmui soundtrack
Insaengui mudael
Barkhyojunun norul saranghae
To bullojullae non naui norae

“Awww. It’s DBSK’s You’re My Melody” Hyun Young cheered.

“Nuna, who set your ringtone?” Daesung asked.

“Kim Jaejoong” Eunhye admits and that make everyone burst out laughter. “I don’t even know what my ring tone is until Boom oppa called.”

“They were prepared. They were prepared.” Boom nodded.

“Yoon Eunhye-shi” Hwi Jae called “Between Big Bang and DBSK, which one do you prefer?”

Eunhye thought about it shortly before answering “It’s not because I am here with BB but…”

“So it’s Big Bang!” the two members celebrating besides her.

“Neither” Eunhye coldly told them “I prefer 2PM!

“Ouch! Burn!”

Once Ga In’s friend arrived, they did sexy dance together and tell a story of how they become best friends with the help of Adult Video. Su Na got the highest point of 7.5

So in the end of this section, for the female, Su Na and Soo Jin can take off their mask while Bong Son’s friend, Hae Young has to remain it.

Now it’s down to Eunhye’s brother whether Seungri’s and Boom’s friend, whom both got 5.0, would be able to reveal their face or not. Jae Wuk is already safe as his score is 1 point higher.

“We’re very lucky today to meet 2 celebrities’ siblings in 1 episode” Lee Hwi Jae said.

“Yeah, the first one was Xiah Junsu’s fraternal twin, Junho” Hyun Young said “Now we have the beautiful Choi sisters and we’re about to meet the Yoon siblings”

“Eunhye-shi, who does your brother look like?”

“Hmm. For me, I don’t think he look similar to any celeb. But I have heard some people said he look a bit like Joo Ji Hoon” This create an uproar among the females as it’s understandably expected that he must have look better than the other 3 guys with his sister as pretty as Yoon Eun Hye.

“What is he like?”

“Would ‘Teddy Bear’ be the right word?” the YG group chuckled with her choice of words.

“Teddy Bear?!?” the others were confused.

“Yeah, he is the huggable type. Though his body is quite well-built, he always acts like puppy with me.” She continued “Perfect type for boyfriend.”

“You said he’s well-built. How tall is he?” Lee Hwi Jae questioned.

“183 cm.”


“And he has just finished Military Service, so his body is very muscular and beautiful.”

“What is his skill?” this is supposed to come from MC Hyun Young but instead, Bong Son was the one who enthusiastically asked.

“Well, first he can fluently speak 3 languages – Korean, Chinese and Japanese. And you know his friend is Choi Seung Hyun (TOP), they are friends in the same dance school, so he can also dance very well and although he’s a university student right now, he’s also starting business with his friend”

“Wow! Another young CEO!” even Lee Hwi Jae too was impressed.

“All around perfect young man” Hyun Young concluded.

“Ah! Here he comes!” Daesung points at the screen. And indeed, Yoon Bansuk is now in the middle of Myung Dong. They phone him. Gladly, his calling melody is One Step at a Time.

“Oh, Bansuk hyung changed his calling melody also” Seungri loudly mumbled.

“Yeoboseyo?” he picked up.

“Bansuk-ah!” Eunhye called.

“Ah! Noonim!” he started his aegyo “It’s so freezing out here >_<”

“Do you sleep well last night?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s okay.” And then added “But I wish TOP is here instead.”

Eunhye pressed her lips while the others giggled “Bansuk, ask a passing girl to be your dance partner in Japanese”

He shyly laughs but does what was told. It takes him the 5th chances till he find someone who understand Japanese and lucky for him, this girl does know how to dance. They do a little bit of salsa move then he thanks her.

“Arigatou Gozaimasu” he bowed for her and went up here.

“Wow. He dances very well too” Ga In complimented.

“Yeah, he is one of my students” Jae Wuk bragged.

“But actually I’m his mentor” Yong Hyuk claimed.

Before any of them go further, Bansuk finally appear with his gold eye mask that somehow fit his face perfectly. Bansuk shows off his talent more by singing a song from his sister’s drama Goong OST. – Parrot by Howl.

And as expected from the Yoon family, he got the highest score among men – 8.0
And that puts both Yong Hyuk’s and Hyung Joon’s fate in the girls’ hands once again. And they decided that they want to see Yong Hyuk reveals his face more.

Next section, the “Friends” and the “Relatives” would put on a talent show and give one another thumb up or thumb down. During this section gives the stars some time to chill out and chitchat while everyone pay attention to the shows.

“Daesung” Eunhye muttered “What did you mean earlier? Did your hyung say something? Don’t tell me he cheated on me!”

“Aniyo” Daesung replied “But you know? Sometimes distance makes two hearts grow fonder, but in some cases, true love can be defeated by the closeness”

“God! Please tell me that girl didn’t chase after my boyfriend again!”

“Nuna, haven’t you read the paper this morning?” Seungri asked with wary look.

“What paper?” she asked back but the two idols remain silent.

The rest of the show went smoothly. Bansuk is clearly Mr. Popular here but Jaewuk’s warm persona also makes the girls smile. Eunhye’s brother shows his interest in Haeyoung while Jaewuk and Soojin obviously attracted each other.

During the 4-table-meal section, where they allow everyone to get to know others better, Soojin choose to eat with Jaewuk. And the Yoons were visited by the other 2 female couples, leaving Seungri, Boom and their friends to eat together. But not so long, their Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon pays a visit while they’re having meal and stick around till the end of the filming.

After all is done. Introducing Star’s Friends gain themselves another 2 celeb-friends couple – Jaewuk and Soojin, and Bansuk and Haeyoung.

And just about time when all the casts and crews were going to go eat out together, DBSK boys and their managers’ team arrived. As Eunhye has another schedule for her and other members, so they took the early leave after greeting.

“Geun Soo oppa” Eunhye called her manager when they’re about to get in the van “What’s in the news today?”

“Eh?” her manager blurred “I haven’t read any papers yet. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. But Daesung and Seungri was acting weird.” Eunhye told him “You know the YG family are pretty close, so I suspect them know something about oppa that I wouldn’t like”

“Push your personal life aside, dear” Geun Soo patted her back “You have works to do. So let’s worry about that later”


To be continued


A/N: This is my first attempt to write about variety show, sorry if it’s disappointing ^^;

1. Some of the U-KISS part is from their real conversation in Gong Yoo’s radio show

2. Some of the ISF part is also from real clip

3. The song Goodbye My Love is originally from 8eight

4. Dash Girl and Romance are My Fair Lady OST.


And just in case you guys wanna know how Yoon Ban Suk look like…

I dont think he look like JJH either, that’s why I make Eunhye said that
but I’ve heard so many people said so.


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