Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Chapter 12 : Ring Ring!!! Boyfriend Alert!!!

Choi Seung Hyun pushes his Ray Ban sunglasses up the nose to cover half of his recognizable face, and just to make sure, he pulls the cap lower. Luckily for him that it’s still early in the morning that not many people are around, and even people walking around here are too busy to stop by and take a clearer second look at him. SM building is not that big after all.

Certain that no one can recognize him, TOP leans his back against the wall, waiting. His spot is perfect for spying. It’s right at the corner of the main stair. All the artists and trainees living in SM dormitory must walk pass this hall in order to go to their practice rooms or out for missions. He takes another glance at his watch; hopefully his hyung is still there. Just you wait hyung! I’ll bring nuna to you! And you two arrogant love birds will finally reunite!

And right at that moment, a lean girl with casual black dress run pass him but not fast enough for him not to grab her.

“Nuna!” He grabbed her arm tightly.

“Seung Hyun!” Eunhye was surprised. She is on her way to rehearsal and TOP just pop out of no where.

“Eunhye nuna, please come with me” he pleaded. All girls may trap with his charm but not Eunhye and her sharp instinct.

“Did he tell you to come here? Again!?” she’s turning angry “Go back, Seung Hyun. I have a rehearsal”


“If you still think I’m your nuna, just let go, ok?” she asked quietly.

“Won’t you at least listen to what he have to say? Are you going to let things unsettled like this?” TOP knew he’s hitting the right spot as Eunhye look at him with green eyes. But she doesn’t make any excuses, doesn’t explain, she only looks into his eyes and say it once again in calm voice.

“Let go.”

“She said ‘let go’” another hand firmly grip onto his arm, forcing him to let go of Eunhye. TOP turned to face the intruder, his rival, his brother and his friend, Kim Jaejoong.

“Hyung” with that said. Daesung and Seungri suddenly appear besides them “Mianhe” a smirk creeps up to his mouth. The 2 newcomers grab each arm of DBSK’s umma-role and quickly drag him away.

“Yah! You two! Let go of me!!!” Youngwoong screamed all his way out. Eunhye watched the whole thing with very little to no interest and continue walking away like there’s nothing happen. But TOP is now at his limit. After days with no avail, this is their last chance to help reconcile the couple. He bends down and grabs her by the waist. Eunhye lose her calm self when the boy throw her body over his broad shoulder.

“What?!? Seung Hyun!!!”

“Sorry nuna. You give me no choice.” He carried her pretty easily. More and more people stop to look at them. With her squirming around above his shoulder, Seung Hyun feels the urge to slap her butt to make her stay still. But that wouldn’t be good, right?

“Put me down! Right Now!”

“You two must make up today! I’ll make sure it happens no matter what it takes!”

TOP slams her on the backseat of his van and sits down next to her to prevent her from running away. He dials a call. “Bansuk ah, I got her… yeah yeah a little trouble but it went as planned… yeah she’s here.”

Eunhye rolled her eyes while struggling to adjust her dress “MY Bansuk is in this too? Oh, he is so going to die!”

“Come on, nuna~” TOP grinned “We do it all for you. You know that right?” she pouted at him. “You’re lucky it was me waiting at the front. If you choose to go out backdoor, YOUR Bansuk might do something extreme”

“And you call your action not extreme?” he chuckled at her retort.

Bansuk approaches them with sparkling smile. He bends down to look at the pouting desperate princess “Ah~ finally!” The boys high five.

“Tsk!” she turned away “I can’t believe my own brother would take that cheating jerk’s side!”

“Nuna ah~ don’t be mad~” Seung Hyun aegyo. “I still believe hyung didn’t cheat on you. But if he really did.” TOP pull off the sunglasses and become serious “I’ll beat him up on your behalf”

“Awww” Eunhye give out a slight smile “You’re too nice Seung Hyun ah. You’re like a younger brother I never have”

“Wae?!?” Bansuk’s eyes widen “What about me?”

“What?” Eunhye acted innocent “I already HAVE you.”



~ 2 weeks earlier : After the shooting of Introducing Stars’ Friends ~

Yoon Eunhye followed Jaejoong to the backseat with Yunho closely on their tails. The trio claimed grand rear seats of the van with their sunbae status. Junsu and Changmin were sitting at the next roll and Yoochun was at the first roll, sleeping. At her right, Hero was still as energetic and perky as always while U-know at the left side was looking out of the window like he’s annoyed of something.

The girl glanced back at her manager who was still talking to her teddy bear brother and feeling itchy. Was there something wrong? Bansuk also seemed a bit strange today.

“Changmin ah~” Eunhye called, poking her head at his side. Their maknae dug his head into the Blackberry phone in his hands.

“Yes, nuna?” he didn’t even look up to her, still chatting with the Blackberry.

“Can I borrow your BB?”

“Huh?” he finally raised his head up “But I’m answering UFOs”

“Just 2 minute. I want to check the news today” but before Changmin handing his phone to her, a masculine arm snaked around her neck and pulled her to his broad chest. This action from Kim Jaejoong even made the ever-so-bored Yunho look at him with wide eyes.

“Talking about the news” the pretty boy sexily whispered to her ears, but loud enough for the others to hear “Shall WE create some rumors?

“Eh?” If there’s anyone more shocked than the other band mates in the car, it is the girl in question.

“Come on. It’s good for publicity” he smirked “Plus… don’t you think we suit?” he directed the question to his jaw-dropping members.

Publicity – MY – ASS!!!” Eunhye elbowed him.

“Ouch” Junsu cried when he saw how much force she used to elbow his hyung.

“Are you planning to make me get murdered by Cassiopeias?” she choked his neck “And ‘suit’ my ass! I’m not going to date anyone prettier than me!”

“Yeah!” Yunho cheered. No one dared to help their umma right now “And if she’s going to date a DBSK, it should be me! I suit her much better than you!”

“What?!?” Eunhye unbelievably turn to the leader “You want to die too?!” the feisty lady grabbed his neck, letting go of Jaejoong’s.

Wah! Nuna, mianhe!” Yunho become the next target of murderer. Jaejoong laughed his ass off while massaging his neck.

“Nuna, hyung is going to die” Junsu decided to interfere the fight but the ignorant Changmin just went back to UFO world.

“Yah… you guys are so noisy…” Yoochun grumbled from his front seat then went back to sleep.

Instead of a grown-people high-status-celebrities van, it has completely turned into nothing but a kindergarten.


The shooting was finished much earlier than they expected, compared to the normally midnight arrival, DBSK V went back to dorm pretty early in the evening.

“Oh!” Jaejoong checked out his phone which he had set to silent mode while at work. “Omo! She’s been calling for 28 times!”

“Who?” Yoochun asked.

“BoA” the pretty boy replied “Excuse me” with that said, Jaejoong walked further away to dial his phone while other members entry the dorm. YooSuMin giggled at the thought of their hyung romancing with their label mate. For some reasons, Yunho had been pretty quiet the whole day. But he often glanced back at her and/or Jaejoong every once in a while. And this was also another time, once Jaejoong mentioned BoA, Yunho quickly took a glance at Eunhye. The Girl cocked her head at him but said nothing.

But the minute they stepped their feet into the dorm, the gods and goddess knew there was something wrong. If not by Yoon Bansuk’s frowning eyebrows, it’s by Ayumi Lee’s obvious furiousness. Both were waiting for their return at the empty lounge.

The silence and the coldness made everyone froze. And Bansuk was the one who couldn’t stand it.

“Noonim…” he started “Have you seen it?”

“Seen?… what?” but Eunhye’s puzzlement only added fuel to the flame . Ayumi just lost it

“’What’? What do you mean ‘what’?!!” she yelled at her friend “You are probably the last person in the world to not know ‘what’ it is!!”

“Err… Ayumi-chan” Eunhye shrink away from the mad lady “I have no idea what is ‘what’ you are talking about”

Ayumi pulled her out of the group to the only computer at that lounge. She connected the internet, opened a few windows and when she found what she was looking for, the Japanese grabbed her roommate’s shoulders and put her to the seat

“Read it!” she commanded. The boys were worriedly waiting few meters away.

Eunhye scrolled down the page. It was one of South Korean’s biggest reliable celebrity gossips and news sites.


The K-pop (trying to) turned American sensations caught dating?


Eunhye made a quick skim through the page and then she felt Yunho was sitting on his knee next to her chair, reading the article. Though it provides some public information, the news was written in ironical tone with comical feel about how these 2 artists, who were trying to break through American market, would be able to break through if they only focus on dating not practicing. And how the fans would never know this if one of their keen-eyed photographers didn’t spot the two of them amorously dating in a fancy restaurant of Atlanta, USA.

And for the fan boys and girls who still didn’t buy the fact they’re telling. This site had paparazzi-taken pictures provided.

Eunhye knew immediately that one of the artists they’re talking about must be her boyfriend, but she didn’t understand about the female part. From what was stated here, it couldn’t have been ‘her’.

And her blood went cold when she scrolled down to see the photos. Next to her, the leader made a weird choke voice with disbelief.

“What the…?”

“It couldn’t be…”

The photos showed a young man and a beautiful girl standing too close to one another in the position that there was no other explanation with their relationship as their lips were only an inch away from each other. There are many photos of them, and some are zoomed in to see the passion in their eyes.

In one picture, the girl looked up to him with sparkling eyes; her hands were grabbing his collars to pull him closer. Her partner, however, didn’t seem to protest. His eyes look down at her with no fright or hesitation. From people who are seeing this, it’s as if they were about to kiss.

Without doubt, the man was Yoon Eun Hye’s celebrity boyfriend, Choi Dong Wook, whom better known as Se7en. And the woman was everyone’s least expected person to be caught with him. It was none other than Korean ultimate superstar, Kwon BoA.

Yoon Eunhye’s facial expression went from shock to confuse to taut and to neutral understanding. DBSK’s oldest member tapped her shoulder. He handed his Anycall Haptic cellphone to her.

“Eunhye ah, someone wants to talk to you” the lady raised her left eyebrow at him “BoA is on the line”



To be continued…



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