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Chapter 13: A Scapegoat, A Jerk, and A Wench

Yoon Eunhye walked a bit further away from the group, not too far to be separated but far enough no one would hear her talking before pressing the phone to her ears.

“Eunhye onni, it’s not like that!” that’s the first thing Eunhye heard. “I can explain. It’s nothing like that sh*tty news stated”


“Y…You have to listen to me” BoA stuttered “You know I would never ever do that to you”

“Girl… please…”

“I just met him in that restaurant. We didn’t date. Not in a million years. And…”

“Kwon BoA!” Eunhye yelled “Would you calm down?” the actress was frustrated “I’ve been in this industry for a decade, you think I learned nothing”

“Eh?” Eunhye glanced back over her shoulder. The boys were talking, Ayumi was looking directly at her with cross-arms and Jaejoong, with the help of Bansuk, was trying to tell something to his fellow band mates. Guess it’s about her love life. Sigh.

“I’ve known you for 10 years. I know you’re not the sham” the onni said “so you can calm down now”

“Onni… Kamsahamnida” delighted BoA “Thank you for trusting me”

“Now, tell me what really did happen”



~ At a restaurant down Atlanta street ~

Chairman Lee stepped inside an expensive French restaurant, followed closely behind him was his top artist, Kwon BoA. They had a lunch-out appointment with a music director and a senior manager of Sony Music Entertainment. SM wanted Sony as their business alliance to help them with BoA’s American debut.

During the business talk, the boring BoA spotted 2 persons she didn’t expect to meet here. Well, she had a slight hope that she may meet the man as she knew he’s also in Seattle, preparing for his American debut, but the woman’s presence was really a surprise for her. The couple was sitting at the dark secluded corner of the restaurant, perfect for lovers who want privacy. She was about to wave at them when she noticed that the woman wasn’t the person whom she initially thought.

BoA’s jaw dropped the moment that lady raised her head up. Oh god! Oh my god! It’s her!

Both Lee Soo Man and Sony reps looked at her. LSM cleared his throat.

“Ahem!” the singer startled. She looked at 3 men with panic. “BoA. What do you think about what Mr. Garrett just offered?” Chairman Lee asked. At the other table, the man got up and walked to the back “He said we sh…”

“Anything you think is best, sunseng-nim” BoA carelessly answered and got up also “Please excuse me. I really need to use the restroom” she smiled apologetically at other 2 men before rushing follow that man.

The restroom was at the back of restaurant. It was quite a secluded area from main part, so they wouldn’t have to worry if anyone would see or hear them talking. This is good, BoA thought, coz I’ll be able to choke him to death without any eye-witnesses.

When Choi Dong Wook was out of his bathroom, the first thing he saw was one of his girlfriend’s close friends was waiting. And the next thing he knew was she grabbed his shirt’s collar and banged him to the wall.

“Oppa” contrast to her action, BoA’s voice was pretty calm. “Could you please explain to me why you’re here with that girl?”

“BoA, nice to see you here” despite being in trouble, Se7en still hold his serenity.

“Not really nice but glad to see you too” she chuckled “Now do explain”

“Why do I have to explain anything to you?” he reasonably asked “I didn’t do anything wrong. What is there to explain?”

BoA’s grip tightened “Oh yeah?” she pulled him closer to meet his eyes “Do you want me to tell Eunhye onni what I just saw?” Anger flashed up in his eyes. He moved his face closer to hers that he can see his own reflection in her eyes.

“I’m just here to have lunch with a friend” he confirmed “I don’t care what you people think. But I do absolutely nothing wrong. If you’re going to tell anything to my girlfriend, don’t forget to mention that”

“You two were smooching!” BoA snapped. The wrath sparked in her eyes “Considering you also acknowledge you still have girlfriend, and THAT is definitely something wrong!”

“This has nothing to do with you!” Se7en pushed her off “Do whatever you wa….”

A shutter sound distracted them. Both stars turn their head to the sound’s direction. A man kept pushing his camera shutter like crazy. Knowing he was seen, the photographer immediately ran away out of the backdoor. Dong Wook and BoA unanimously put their quarrel aside and chased after that man.

“Yah! Stop right there!”

“Get back here!”

But they’re too late. That guy successfully got in his Mustang and drove off.

“Damn it!” she swore.

“We’re in deep sh*t” Dong Wook kicked the trash can.

“God! I hope he’s just a stalker”

“Are you crazy?” he eyed her “He’s running like there’s a fire on his ass. He must be paparazzi. Aaishhh. We are in deep sh*t” he repeated



~ Back to the future ~

“So that’s what happened” Eunhye nodded



“Were they really kissing?” Eunhye whispered.

“Onni…” BoA pressed her lips and decided to lie “It’s pretty dark in that restaurant and I was far away. They were probably just eating”

“Don’t lie” Eunhye’s instinct always sharp. Before either of them could continue, another cellphone rang. “It’s mine this time. Our defendant turned himself in” she mocked, looking at the caller’s name ‘Dong Wook’.

“Execute him, onni” her dongsaeng cheered

“Alright, I’ll hand you back to Jaejoong now”

“Harasso. And don’t forget to text me your new number. You change your mobile number too often onni” the boys stopped talking all of a sudden when she turned back; Ayumi raised an eyebrow at her friend. Eunhye gave the Anycall Haptic back to its owner.

“You’re not going to take that call?” Ayumi pointed at the ringing cellphone in Eunhye’s hands.

“I will” she smiled at them “Please excuse me again” Eunhye presses the button, she stepped out of the building “You guys can go ahead”

Once the door closed after their pretty band mate, Yoochun snatched the phone from umma’s palm “BoA! Tell me every detail!”

“Nuna, did you really have an affair with Dong Wook hyung?” Changmin shrieked.

“Turn on the speaker. The speaker!” dolphin boy told them.

“Yah! It’s my phone, you people”

Apart from the riot, Yunho quietly observed his nuna through the mirror door. Ayumi crossed her arms while listening to BoA’s explanation about the news while the YooSuMin went gaga over it. Bansuk was looking left and right, not knowing what to do.

“Oppa?” Eunhye took the call.

“Yoon Eun Hye-shi” the female voice in that line was the one Eunhye didn’t expect. Eunhye could feel her body tensed up.

“Park Han Byul” it’s not the question and it needed no confirmation. She only acknowledged the person called.

“I owe you an apology” Park Han Byul’s voice sound anxious yet insincere. “I hope you don’t mind I used Dong Wook’s phone. I don’t have your number so I have to use his” she continued with a more jeering tone “He’s still sleeping right now. He’s such is a sleepy-head, you know? Oh, look what am I talking about? Of course you know. You guys have been together for more than 3 years”

“What do you want?” Eunhye straightly asked.

“Please don’t be mad” her voice sounds insincerely worried again “I have to apologize you for the news. And I owe BoA dongsaeng a big apology as well. It wouldn’t have turned out like this if I didn’t keep pestering him to take me there. If I knew there would be a paparazzi waiting, I would never…”

“Park Han Byul” Eunhye cut it “Quit the act. We both know how pathetic your acting is. So quit it before I start puking”

“Eunhye-shi!” PHB pretended to be shocked “How could you accuse me like that?!”

“Okay, I seriously feel my dinner is coming up” Park Han Byul laughed at that remark. Her laugh no longer has the anxious tone, left only mocking, satisfying tone.

“This is one thing I really like about you, Yoon Eunhye” she said “You know your enemies. And you don’t pretend to befriend with your enemies”

“Oh, but I actually do befriend with my rivals” Eunhye said “You just happened to be the special exception”

“Well well, should I be happy about it?”

“Well well, what do you think?”

The rival laughed again “Want to hear something neat?”

“No.” Eunhye finally cut off. She wasted too much time with this shameless woman already “Tell Dong Wook oppa to call me when he’s up” with that, she hung up. And her calm self shattered. The tears were welling up in her eyes. But she lifted her head up to make it flow back. No, she would not cry, she couldn’t, not here, not now.

The lady turned around and darted to the dorm. She ran pass everyone to the only elevator. All the boys, including Ayumi, were so surprised they didn’t act faster, but Yunho has been watching. And he’s fast enough to get in that elevator with her before it took off.

Once the door closed, the first drop of tear fell on her cheek. And then the second, the third… Eunhye turned away, hiding her face from the leader. Yunho didn’t say anything. He didn’t ask her, didn’t hold her, and didn’t console her. He just stood there with his hand hold tightly to hers.



To be continued…



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