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Chapter 2 : Interview(s)

“Just concern about that later, you guys have a photo shoot to do now” Bo Sok told the boys as the van parked in front of a big studio. Many fans are waiting for them with the big signs and cut-outs.

When they get out of the car, all the fans screaming and calling their names. Yunho puts a smile up on his face and waves to the fans. His members are doing the same. It’s actually just 50 meters to the studio door but it seemed like a very long road. Finally they reach the studio.

Their photo shoot concept for the magazine is ‘Metro Sexual Men’. So they have to look beautiful and mature. And they are going to have an interview for it after the photo shoot is done.


The photo shoot passed smoothly without nothing important to mention, unless you’ll count 1 time when Jaejoong almost fell from his seat while ‘acting cool’. Seriously, he should do something with his clumsiness or else this clumsiness will ruin his image.

Then it’s interview time.

The interviewer is a man in early 30s. He is quite good-looking and very bouncy. He smiles at the DBSK boys and signals them to sit at the couch.

Their position is the same. (From left to right) Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong in the middle, Max Choikang Changmin and the leader U-know Yunho. The interviewer is sitting on the chair next to Yunho.

Besides publishing in famous magazine, the section TV is also going to record this interview. So they have to wait for the producer’s instruction.

“Are you guys ready?” the PD asked.

“Yeah” all of them answered.

“Then, 5…4…3…2…1” He counted “Start!

“Anyeonghaseso, Park Hun Sung iimnida, today we are with the 5 gods of Korea, Dong Bang Shin Ki!!!” The camera pans to the 5 boys.

“Anyeonghaseso, Dong Bang Shin Ki iimnida” they said in unison.

“Well, let’s start with today’s photo shoot. You guys seem professional on this now.”

“Neh, since our debut, we have been through tons of photo shootings. So we must adapt to these things.” U-know answered.

“The concept today is ‘Metro Sexual’ eh?”

“Yes, it is.” U-know continued “It’s also get along well with our latest album concept which is ‘sexy’.”

“All these years, we’ve been showing teen image. But this album we want to show the fans the maturity of us” Hero added.

“In the DBSK, who do you think is fittest for this concept (Metro Sexual Man)?”

Everyone except the guy himself point at Micky and they all laugh.

“Micky Yoochun? Really?”

“Neh, he’s such a narcissist”

“Andue! I’m not that cocky” Micky whined “Personally, I think Jaejoong hyung is more like a peacock than I am”

“Yongwoong Jaejoong? How?”

“He loves watching himself in the mirror, like the peacock that loves to spread its tail-features” Micky receive some laughter from others and a death glare from Hero with this statement.

‘And your album ‘Mirotic’ is rewarded the ‘Album of the Year’. How do you feel?” The host continued his job.

“We are really happy. Since we directly participated in producing this album, it’s very blissful to receive such the award.” Hero said.

“I heard that you are the one who created the word ‘Mirotic’…”

“That’s why it’s weird” Micky interrupted and everyone laughs.

“Now, let’s talk about your future plan. Are you planning to release any singles soon” Park Hun Sung asked.

“We do already have some songs preparing for the next album, but we have to wait for further information and instructions” Xiah answered.

“What do you want to do in your next album?”

“Well, we already put our hands in almost everything in these 5 years, so I’m also looking for new challenges” Max said and his band mates nod their head in agreement.

“What about some drama?” he asked abruptly.

“I don’t think we are ready for the big role yet” Hero said.

“You may have some help from the professional.”


“I heard that Yoon Eunhye-shi has switched her label to SM Entertainment, is she going to have a project with you?”

“Oh, we still haven’t received any information about this. So…”

“Let’s pretend it then” He breaks in on U-know’s explanation “If she really is going to work with you guys, how do you feel?”

“It’s going to be really interesting.” Hero answered him neutrally. “Yoon Eunhye-shi is very sweet, and also a multi-talented entertainer. So it must be really nice working with her”

“Actually, you guys and Eunhye-shi are about the same age, but when Yoon Eunhye-shi debuted, you must be in middle school right?” He continued “Are you fans of Baby V.O.X.?”

“I really like their songs and their choreographies” Xiah said.

“And which one of you is the closest to her?”

Everyone point at Yunho while Micky said “Yunho hyung is closest to her”

“Actually, Yoochun is also quite close to her. Since both he and Changmin are in the same university as her” Hero said.

“I’m not that close to her. We barely meet” Micky quickly denied. “Yunho hyung is the closest anyway”

“U-know Yunho? Are you very close to her?”

“Although we can say I’m considered the closest to her among DBSK, my relationship with her isn’t that close either.” Yunho said “Since she’s been active in the industry for more than 10 years, even though we are about the same age; Eunhye nuna seems to be a lot more mature than us that many people still misunderstand that she’s a lot older than us”

“Are you saying she’s old?”

“Aniyo!” Yunho quickly denied “She’s still young and her look is also very young. She’s known to be the baby-faced singer too, right? I’m just saying she is wiser and has matured a lot considering her real age”

“Then how do feel about the petitions’ result? Yoon Eunhye-shi name came first among celebrities whom fans want to see working with DBSK the most”

“We sure were very surprised. We have some guesses in mind like BoA, Bae Seul Ki, Go Ara and even Jeon Ji Hyun, but we honestly didn’t expect it would be Eunhye-shi” Micky told him

“On the net right now, there’s even Yoon Eunhye + Jung Yunho fan club called Eunho — yes?” the host was interrupted when Jaejoong hand suddenly rises up.

“There’s also JaeHye fan club” he bluntly said and everyone burst out laughter.

“Actually, there’s also a YunJae fan club” Xiah tease his hyung.

“Yeh, right” Hero turns to Yunho “Are you cheating on me, Yonni?” Max just roll on the floor laughing, the rest of them laugh their heads off with Jaejoong latest remark.


After the interview ended, one by one, the DBSK boys were brought out of studio to their van.

“Woo! That was tiring” Junsu plunged on his seat.

“I like this photo shoot though, I’m going to look very sizzling hot” Yoochun said, looking at himself in the side mirror. The others try to avoid eyes contact and try hard not to roll their eyes.

“Good job guys! Are you hungry? My treat tonight” Bo Sok said kindly.

“Great! Let’s go eat Kalbi hyung. I need meat” Changmin beams.

“Jaejoong, you seem so pale. You want anything special?”

“Nah~ it’s okay hyung, I’m so hungry I can eat anything right now” Jaejoong closed his eyed tiredly.

“Well, it’s Kalbi then” Changmin, Yunho, and Junsu acclaim happily.

~You got the wrong number, you got the wrong number. ~I’m sorry; you got the wrong number and don’t call me no more~ (Wrong Number – DBSK)

Their manager ‘work’ cell phone suddenly rings. Kang Bo Sok quickly answers.

“Yeobeseyo! Ah sanseng-nim!…eh? Now?…harasso, we’re on the way”

“What is it, hyung?” Yunho asked “Is it Lee Soo Man sanseng-nim?”

“Neh, he wants to have a meeting with us immediately. We have to go to SM Town now” Bo Sok signals the driver to go to the office instead of going back to their mansion. “Sorry guys, I’ll treat you Kalbi later. If you guys are really hungry, we’ll stop at the mini mart for 5 minutes”

“I wonder why he wants to see us in such time” Jaejoong mumbles to himself while looking at his watch. It’s almost 8 pm.

“I bet it’s about Eunhye nuna” Changmin whispers to Junsu who nods in agreement.


At the other side of Seoul, a mini press conference was held in a hall of a grand hotel. It’s Yoon Eunhye’s first press conference with her new agency – SM Entertainment.

It’s 10 minutes to 5:00 pm. And the media are all gathering here. Some staffs are still busy with arranging everything in order before the celebrity and her crew together with the big chief of SM will show up.

At 5:00 pm. The punctual Yoon Eunhye shows up. She looks tired because she come here right after finishing her CF filming yet she’s still cheery. Eunhye who always knows her manner well thanks the media and staffs for the trouble and apologize for keeping them waiting.

When Eunhye already stands by, Shin Sung Min, the Chief Supervisor of SM Entertainment appears at almost 5:30 and then the press conference is officially on.

Shin Sung Min is a serious-looking man in late 30s. He has slightly grey hair and mustache. He’s said to be the right hand of the President and has high possibility to be appointed as the Vice-President in the near future.

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m appreciated all your attention. Thank you for coming here” Yoon Eunhye gives the beginning speech for the conference. “As the news state, I have signed a contract with new agency and now SM Entertainment is my label. I and SM represent, Shin Sung Min-shi will try to answer all your questions”

Q.1 : There are so many companies racing for you, why SM? Is it because higher payment?

YEH: “Oh, I’m not so greedy like that!” she quickly said “Of course as a worker, I want high payment. But money isn’t the important part in my decision.
Why SM? Since I debuted, I always have close relationship with SM artists like H.O.T., Shinhwa and S.E.S. they are all great stars that I highly respect. Moreover, I think I can be certain that SM will help me grow much more both in my skills and my mentality.”

Q.2 : Since SM is famous for their music department more than in acting, will we see you sing again? Or you are going to concentrate on acting?

YEH: “Yes, I may sing and dance again, but I still don’t give up on acting yet.

“Before I featured in Mighty Mouth oppas debut song ‘Saranghae’, I left musical interest for more than 3 years. But when I sing with them and work with them, just make me realize how much I love singing and how much I miss performing on stage.

“Since debut I have always been working. I lived with my band mates and staffs more than with my family. I spent time in recording rooms, rehearsal rooms, in foreign countries and even on stage much more than with my love ones. I sometimes feel like my youth and teenage life has been taken away from me by my passion for music. And that’s why I didn’t think that I’d comeback as a singer and move on to acting. But now, I think I’m ready to get back to my root again.”

Q.3 : Some people say that you are more like an actress than a singer. What do you think?

YEH: “This may sound weird but I think it’s quite funny. 4 years ago, when it was revealed that I was cast as Shin Chae Gyung in the manhwa-based drama Goong, people also said that I was more like a singer than an actress and that I should stick with singing career. But now they say completely the opposite thing when it’s just 4 years passed. Anyway, I am glad that I have secured my status and get reorganization as an actress.”

Q.4 : Are you going to stay with SM for 2 years only?

YEH: “I can’t give a certain answer for this question. It’s a 2-year-contract but whether I re-sign it or not depends on what will happen in the future.”

SSM: “We are still unsure about this. I think it all depends on the future. But of course, we hope Yoon Eunhye-shi will re-sign with us.”

Q.5 : Back then, you are so popular in variety shows, you are even considered the blue chip in variety shows. Do you have any intention to appear in variety shows again after almost 4 years since you left X-man?

YEH: “Oh, kamsahamnida. Yes, I do consider guesting in some variety shows. But due to my busy schedule and my health condition, I barely have enough time to show up.”

SSM: “We do want Yoon Eunhye-shi to appear in variety shows again. But that also depends on her future plans and other factors.”

Q.6 : Is there going to be Yoon Eun Hye and Dong Bang Shin Ki collaboration?

YEH: “I don’t think I have the privilege to answer this question.” she turn to see the Supervisor who quickly grab the mic.

SSM: “According to the petition last winter, we are aware that many fans want to see their collaboration, but it’s also contingent on both parties.

“Right now, other petition couples such as Bae Seul Gi & Choi Si Won and Dana & ERU have confirmed that they are willing to do the collaboration. But there are also couples like Ayumi & Kangta and Dong Hae & BoA that denied doing any collaboration due to their busy schedule and we have to accept their answer.

“Then there are some couples that still unstable and can not give the certain answer. Yoon Eun Hye & DBSK is the latter case. We will make the statement later when everything is clear.”


The Press Conference went pass smoothly. The media asked them like a million questions and took tons of pictures, but eventually they were satisfied with the information they got and went back.

When Eunhye went to another room next to the hall and prepared to leave, Shin Sung Min approached her.

“Kamsahamida, Shin Sung Min-shi” Eunhye bowed down to the elder “I’m looking forwards to working with you and everyone at SM Town”

“Eunhye-shi, don’t leave yet. You have to come with me first”


“Lee Soo Man sanseng-nim would like to have a word with you” Sung Min said, looking at his wrist watch.

“But it’s almost 8:00 pm. now” Eunhye also watched her wrist-watch.

“I know, but he insists to meet you right after the press conference” with his serious look, she knows he isn’t the type of men who will accept ‘No’ for an answer.

“Harasso, please wait for a moment. I’ll be ready to leave in a few minutes”

They arrive at the ‘Head Quarter’ at 8:30 pm. The night maybe young but Eunhye is very tired. She needs a hot shower and a long undisturbed sleep. But she knows that she shouldn’t refuse the SM chairman’s request of speaking to her.

Shin Sung Min brings her & her manager to a guestroom. It’s like a big living room for the guests to wait for the chairman. He gestures them to sit down and then walk off the room again.

“Oppa, what do you think? Why does he want to have a word with me at this time?” Eunhye asked her manager, Park Geun Soo.

“I’m not sure, Eonni. But I guess he want to talk to you about your next project” Geun Soo answered “I know you’re tired. You did a very good job today. I am proud of you” he gently brushes hair out of her face. Park Geun Soo is like a big brother to her. He isn’t just a manager but more like a part of her family. His wife is also very close to her family as well. He’s been with Eunhye since she’s still in BabyVOX, so sometimes he can’t help but still see her as a cute little girl, not a grown lady she is now.

“Stop it, oppa. You’re making me blushed” she laughably said.

Just then, the door flings open again and the parlor is full of noises and crowd.

With a glance, Eunhye jumps up on her feet to greet the new comers. They also froze and went silent when they realize that there are also other people in the room.

“Nuna!” Yoochun shouted with surprise, the potato chip he hold in the mouth fall to the floor “What are you doing here?”

“Aish… Park Yoochun! Where have your manner gone?” Bo Sok scolded at him, and then turn to Eunhye “Anyeonghaseyo, Yoon Eunhye-shi, I’m Kang Bo Sok, DBSK’s manager” Eunhye bows to him.

“Anyeonghaseyo, Kang Bo Sok-shi, Yunho-shi, Yoochun-shi, Jaejoong-shi, Junsu-shi, Changmin-shi” she greets all of them, then introduce them to her manager “this is my manager, Park Geun Soo” both managers bow to each other and shake hands.

“Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too”

Eunhye notices that all of them holding at least one bag of snacks, candies and chocolates. Some of them have a drop of chocolate or a bit of chips on their face.

‘Midnight snacks huh?’ Eunhye giggles with herself.

DBSK also greet their sunbae and her manager. Yunho steps up to shake hands with her “Nuna, it’s been a while” Eunhye shakes his hand and smiles widely back when she saw a drop of something on his chin. Probably the Choco Pie.

Eunhye unconsciously wipes that whit away from his face with her hand causing Yunho to taken aback by surprise. Both of them are slightly blushing, Yunho – because of the shyness that she just touched him and the embarrassment that he has a fraction of snack on his face, Eunhye – because she just recognize that Yunho doesn’t like to be touched by others, so she suddenly feels sorry and awkward. The rest are watching them attentively.

“Nuna, why are you here anyway?” Yoochun repeats his question without knowing the situation, Junsu turns to look at him with annoyance. But before Eunhye get a chance to answer him, the door opens again. Shin Sung Min pops his head in.

“Ah! You guys are here already. Good! All of you please come with me” although confused, they all follow him to the President office.


To be continued…



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