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Chapter 3 : No News is Good News?

It’s been more than 2 months since the press conference, but there’s still no news or confirmation about DBSK + YEH collaboration.

Yoon Eun Hye didn’t even show up in SM Family Christmas concert as everyone expected. Leaving a large number of fans disappointed. There is absolutely no news, no confirmations, no schedules… just purely nothing.

Although everyone thought since she switched her label to SM Entertainment, they would have a project together for sure, but since there’s no news, many rumors have spread.

Yoon Eunhye is known to be in good term with Sunday, Stephanie, and Dana of CSJH, while there’s also rumor about adding another member to the Grace, many think that could be Yoon Eunhye not a newbie.

Even though Yoon Eun Hye has wide range vocal that allow her to use many kinds of voice — husky, bubbly, high-pitched, etc. Many still think that her voice is too weak to stand alone. So no one expect her to go solo.

Besides, she is known to be able to sing a cappella (singing without music) and ballad better than singing pop or hip hop which are always BabyVOX‘s main genre, so her vocal ability will fit the Grace band perfectly. Added to that, her name is Eunhye (Grace). ^^

Another popular rumor states that Yoon Eunhye will be a part of a collaboration duo between Korea and Japan, together with Japanese rising star, Koda Kumi. Some said it’ll be a trio collaboration of South Korea, Japan and Taiwan with S.H.E. member, Hebe Tien from Taiwanese party.

Nevertheless, in Valentine’s Day, a new acappella single called ‘One Step at a Time’ was released from SM Family with anonymous male and female singers. It was a special song for Valentine’s Day.

‘One Step at a Time’ is a song telling a story of soft love with the light-hearted feeling. Its meaning was to tell that true love sometimes comes softly. So if you are in a relationship, you don’t have to rush it or devote to it too much, you may just take it step by step.

With great vocals blend together, catchy tone and deep meaning, ‘One Step at a Time’ is climbing quickly to the top chart, even if no one knows who the singers are.

However, even the lack of mentioning the singers, the die-hard fans immediately recognize that the male parts of the song was sang by DBSK boys, but who the mysterious girl is.

Many guess, logically, that the female part was sung by no one else except Yoon Eunhye, but they have never thought she would be capable of singing with such a powerful trembling voice which can be considered, without doubt, as the female Xiah Junsu.

Although, many fans have guessed correctly, no confirmation is revealed. Until the song hit number 1 spot at the top chart next week, SM finally reveals that the singers really are DBSK and Yoon Eunhye, which are now under the project name of DBSK V.

They explain that ‘V‘ stands for Venus; one of Eunhye’s known nicknames among the Netizens.

Moreover, since Venus is the Goddess of Beauty from Western (Greek/Roman) and DBSK are the Gods from Eastern, they think this name will fit perfectly. And they also released their first single on “Valentine’s Day”.

They also state that this special song is a piece of art, created by DBSK V themselves. Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu composed the song, Max Changmin and Yoon Eunhye wrote the lyrics, and Micky Yoochun rearranged the song.

However, this sensational project group wouldn’t debut on any stages of 3 major stations. Neither they would guest in any TV nor radio shows. As the song is the only song in their single CD and it’s for Valentine.

And to everyone’s surprise, in the White Day (14th March), they also release a pop ballad version of ‘One Step at a Time’ which added U-know Yunho rap lyric, together with the official Music Video.

The MV still remains the light-hearted concept which is very similar to DBSK’s first MV – Hug. And in this MV shows audiences the first time of Eunhye’s another skill of playing acoustic guitar.

Their collaboration immediately became a hot topic everywhere. Everyone is anticipating on their work and also stunned by Eunhye’s great vocal ability. So when her former band mates Shim Eunjin and Kan Miyoun, who were argued to be the best singers of the group BabyVOX at that time, attend a fashion event together, the reporters rush to ask them about their maknae’s new project.

“Have you two listened to the song ‘One Step at a Time’ yet?” He asked.

“Yes, we have.”

“What do you think? Eunhye-shi really makes everybody shocked by her improvement in her vocal”

“Actually, Eunhye is a very good singer.” Eunjin said “but she didn’t receive much opportunities nor attentions nor praises, so she tended to lose her confidence about her vocal easily”

“When we were deciding about the disbandment, I always nudged her to continue singing” Miyoun added “We always take note of her singing ability, and I really think if she put hard effort, she can be successful with singing career. So I’m very happy that she’s going to sing again”

“We onnis (former BabyVOX members) are very happy when we heard from her that she’s going to sign with SM” Eunjin stated “We know that SM family will take care her well and help her bring out her best potential”

“Are you still close?”

“Yes, we are still very close. We’d been together for more than 7 years after all.” Eunjin frowned, she felt like it’s an insult to say that they’re no longer intimate just because they disbanded.

“Although, we haven’t seen together in public, we do meet up a lot” Miyoun explained.

“Now there are S.E.S. Reunion and Fin.K.L. Reunion, is there going to be BabyV.O.X. Reunion as well?” the reporter continued without any sign of remorse.

“I really hope to have a reunion even if it’s just for 2 hours on stage, but all of us are so busy. So let that depends on the hand of fate” Eunjin said

“Do you have anything to say to Eunhye-shi?”

Eunjin turn to face the camera directly.

“Eunhye-ah, you’re doing really great. Onnis are so proud of you. And we will always support you. BTW we know you’re super busy, but give us a call more often. Then we’ll have a drink together. Harasso?”

“Miyoun-shi, say something to your dongsaeng.”

“Can I say something to the DBSK instead?” Miyoun asked the reporter.

“Neh, sure!” she turned back to the camera.

“Dong Bang Shin Ki~ you maybe younger but please take care of our dongsaeng, she’s still little and don’t let her overuse her body. And please take care of your health too.”

DBSK V. Fighting!!!” Both ladies shout and wave to the camera


To be continued…



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