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Chapter 4 : The Chaotic Dressing Room

Youngwoong Jaejoong secretly observes their pretty label mate who is now also his band mate through the reflection in the mirror. And he saw that the DBSK leader U-know Yunho doing the same thing at his left side. The stylists are busy setting their hair.

Sure enough, Yoon Eunhye is very pretty and very talented, but she isn’t a total babe or that drop-dead gorgeous. However she has this kind of unexplainable aura that makes she’s so beautiful from inside out and shines so brightly that it seems like she’s glowing. In his entire life, Kim Jaejoong has never met a girl like her before. She truly is one of a kind. No wonder everybody adores her so much.

They have been working together for barely 3 months and he already feel comfortable around her, although unlike the other boys in his group; he has never befriend with her before.

After the meeting with Lee Soo Man, within a week, DBSK have to move back to live in SM dorm to work in this project group. Eunhye also moves in to the dorm, staying with her friend and now label mate, Ayumi Lee at 9th floor. They normally use 14th floor, which is where DBSK’s ‘house’ located as the ‘work area’. After working with her just for a week, Jaejoong believe all of them were surprised how talented Yoon Eunhye actually is. Many netters said she is overrated. But he and the others, on the contrary, think she is always underestimated.

He, like everyone else, was surprised with the petition’s result. Of course, he knows Yoon Eunhye and she knows him. They know each other but they never have a chance to get close. Although Jaejoong consistently hears the praises of her by plenty of his friends and co-workers, including one of his closest best friend, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong. But what surprised him more is the fact that, there are already fan clubs, FAN CLUBS with the S, of Yoon Eunhye x DBSK. And there’re even spin-off ones like EunHo, EunChun and JaeHye.

He wasn’t much of surprise with EunHo and EunChun ‘coz Yunho and Eunhye worked together in X-man before, and Yoochun is her junior at University. But him! Kim Jaejoong! They have never ever acquainted before, but how come there’re JaeHye fan club?

Jaejoong done thinking, he moves his eyes to watch the others.

The other 3 DBSK boys are having a rest since they are already dressed up for the upcoming interview. Junsu is on the phone with his Bhuddha twin, Kim Junho, Yoochun is using the computer and Changmin is leaving for the restroom. While the only female celebrity in this dressing room, who is also ready for the event, is doing ‘that thing’ again.

“Done!” After the final hair spray, the stylists leave them sitting there, waiting for the upcoming interview. Yunho brushes his hair aside, still watching the S-line figure in the reflection. Jaejoong is also.

While they’re silently watching her, the cell phone in her hand finally rings.

Eunhye springs up to her feet from the couch and runs out of the room before answering the phone call. “Hello~” the door swings back and forth behind her.

“Eunhye-ah, hurry up. You’re going to have an interview” Park Geun-soo shouted after her, wiping the sweat out off his bald head.

“Neh, oppa!” she shouted back. The door stops swinging, blocking his view of her sweet face.

“Hey Yunho,” Jaejoong called the person sitting next to him, who’s still not taking his eyes off the closed door.

“Hmm?” Yunho responded nonchalantly.

“Does your nuna have a boyfriend?”

“Eh?” Yunho immediately turns to face him “How would I know? And why do you ask, hyung? You like her? You can’t! She’s our nuna! Please don’t hyung, I already have Yoochonni to handle!”

“Aish, seriously… Did I say I like her? Calm down leader! I just ask out of curiosity! Coz she always doing that” Jaejoong said, referring to Eunhye’s habit of waiting for someone’s call in everyday evening “And what do you mean about Yoochonni? He’s wooing her?”

“I guess he’s just in his ‘Playboy’ mode, hyung. And yeah, I notice that too… Should I ask?”

“Ask what?” the mentioned playboy joins their conversation, he springs up to sit on Jaejoong’s vanity table, right in front of the mirror.

“Ask if you could move your ass off! You’re blocking my view!” Jaejoong annoyingly said. Micky shrugged it off, not moving his butt.

“From my experiences, I’m 90% sure that she’s talking on the phone with a lover.”

“You’ve been eavesdropping us too?!”

“How do you know?”

Once again, Micky Yoochun chose to ignore the umma’s scold and answer the appa’s question.

“Hyung, anyone with eyes could tell”

Yunho gazes up at the door another time. Micky is right; anybody with eyes could tell that their nuna has a boyfriend. And right at this moment, she’s talking on the phone with him. The door flung open again when Changmin is back from the toilet.

All 3 of them could see her cheery face and glittering eyes when she’s giggling to someone on the phone. Yunho narrowed his eyes.

He signals the maknae to join them. Junsu is still on the phone with his twin brother, not knowing the situation at all.

“Minnie, do you know who’s she talking to?” Jaejoong asked. Changmin frowned.

“Hyung, who ever she’s talking with is none of our business” he said.

“Yah, Shim Changmin! I’m your hyung” Jaejoong scolded at his dongsaeng.

“Did you know something Minnie? Come on. Tell us!” Yoochun induced.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Aish, this kid really… Just tell us!” Yunho lost his patience. Changmin hesitated and then sighed deeply.

“Fine! I don’t know who’s she talking to, but I guess it’s a guy. She calls him “Oppa”.”


“Hey! Do I look like an eavesdropper? I just went straight here and I didn’t pay attention to her phone call”

“What are you guys talking about?” Junsu finally hang up and join their group. All of them turn to look at him.

“Watch out!” Micky said.

“What hyung? What did I do wrong?”

“Not you, Pabo! Geun Soo hyungrim is looking this way” Yunho looked up in the mirror again. Eunhye’s manager is really looking at them with a frown on his face. Park Geun Soo pushed his glasses up in the gesture of suspicion.

He’s worried. Although they try to keep the voice down, but he’s not sure if anyone could have heard their conversation and what they are going to think about it. But then he just walks out of the room. Yunho sigh in relief.

Eunhye finally hang up. She walks back in the dressing room with a big smile and much brighter aura.

“Noonim~” what a busy day! The door flung open again when a tall and hefty figure makes his way inside the dressing room. Eunhye turns back just in time the intruder gives her a big bear hug. “I miss you~” and kissing her cheeks roughly. Everyone’s eyes literally bulge out.

Bansuk! What are you doing here?” Eunhye is obviously in shock. The intruder is very good-looking indeed, he is so tan, so muscular and wears a cap that covers almost half of his face. “I’m having an interview! Go home!”

“Yah! Is this what you supposed to say to a man that just got his MS release? I even come to see you before going home, and this is how you treat me?” he pulled back, pouted a little and pretended to be hurt.

“Harasso, harasso. Don’t be mad.” She petted his head even though he is much taller than her, but he acts like a puppy around her. His arms are still around her waist in term of possession “How do you know I’m here anyway?”

“I just talked to appa this morning” the boy glances around and finally spots 5 guys staring at them “Arent you going to introduce me to your new band mates?” he exclaimed.

“Oh God! How rude I am!” Eunhye drag him to the 5 gods “Guys! This is my baby brother, Yoon Bansuk” she introduced “and you already know their names, right?”

“Dangyunhaji! Anyeonghaseyo, thank you for taking care of my nuna” he smiles. Each of DBSK greets him nicely.

“And I thought another rival appears” Yoochun murmured

“Excuse me?” Eunhye asked, tilted her head aside

“Nothing!” Yoochun quickly replied, acting innocent.

“Hey kid! I’m the one you should thank!” Park Geun Soo joins them.

“Hyungrim!” Bansuk beams and bows to the manager “Of course, thank to you too, for taking care of my nuna”

“I like your Military look boy! You’re manly” he teases “So you are released now?”

Watching them closely like this, Jaejoong can see some similarities between the siblings. He sure is a hottie and seems to be very masculine and healthy. Bansuk is a 1987er; so he’s younger than all DBSK except for Changmin.

They chat a little more then Bansuk drags his sister away to have some private words

“Nuna, I haven’t had a chance to talk to you before this, but why do you agree on this project group? I thought you said you’re already fed up with crazy, evil, murderous fan girls” Eunhye sighed deeply with her brother’s question “I really thought you would definitely say no to this. You do really want to work with these hotties?”

“I didn’t” Eunhye replied.

“Then why?” he frowned with her answer.

“I’ll talk to you later okay? I’m having an interview in like… 10 minutes or so”

“Fine. But what did hyung say? I phoned him sometimes ago and he didn’t seem to like the idea. I mean what kind of boyfriend would?” Bansuk continued asking. “And he’s the biggest jealous boyfriend”

“Yeah, he doesn’t like it. But what can he do now?” she smiled a little

“Seung Hyun told me you two have some love fights”

“Yeah, but we sort it out now. There’s nothing to worry. Anyway, let’s talk later. Should I go home tonight or…”

“I’ll wait, nuna” Bansuk cut “When will you finish?”



To be continued…



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