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Chapter 5 : Debut Interview with MBC

The interview is set at one of MBC station. This interview will mainly focus on Yoon Eunhye, since it’s her comeback as a singer and a comeback project after almost 2 years.

So far, they haven’t truly debut on any stages yet. All they up to are only 2 songs and another MV. And this interview will be broadcasted after they make their first appearance as a project group on MBC’s Music Core on this Saturday.

Before recording, they rehearse the line a little but most of them will be adlibs because this section requires no script. They want it to be natural and sincere.

For this new “maturity” concept album, which is yet to be officially named, each member has once again changed their look and style. Except for Micky, all the boys cut their hair very short and style it in a way that make their hair both messy yet sexy. Jaejoong dyed his short hair to light brownish blonde. Yoochun, on the contrast of his male bandmates, decided to stick with longer hairdo. He cut it to the shoulder and crimped his newly cut hair. They also remain their light weight and lean figure they managed to get from Mirotic album. For the only girl in the group, Eunhye has let her hair down with a left bang make her look both matured and youthful. Her hair is now a couple inches longer than shoulder length, in brunette and a lil blondish colour and same as Micky’s, it was crimped.

They wear the almost the same outfit they wore in their “One Step at a Time” MV. The main colours are light and earth-tone.

The cutie Junsu is in military look with battled jeans and gray jacket on top of kaki shirt. Micky with his usual clean dandy image is wearing button-up black jacket and white trousers. Jaejoong in the middle show off his collar bone that plenty women would be jealous of, dress up in maroon low-neck polo and white thin coat. Next is their tallest maknae who’s wearing matching battle clothes with his older member Xiah, only with darker tone and a cross necklace that compliment his dimmer look. Lastly, the front man Yunho has put on midnight blue long-sleeves, a black vest, jeans and hanging around his neck is a voguish gray scarf. Eunhye as the only girl there, wears a mid-thigh-length denim skirt showing her killer bare legs in 10-inch high heels. On the upper part of her body was the clothes quite match the boys with creamy thin coat over dark green strapless top.

“Welcome to the show! I’m your host, General Shin Dong Yup. Today is very special! I’m honored to be the first person to interview them, DBSK V!” *clapping*

“Anyeonghaseyo, DBSK V imnidaaa!” all of them bowed to the camera.

They sit in (almost) the same position on the two-story-couch with Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and U-know Yunho sitting in the back and Micky Yoochun, Choikang Changmin and Eunhye in the front.

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the world’s smallest-faced leader, U-know Yunho.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the boy who is prettier than girls, Youngwoong Jaejoong.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the charismatic cherub, Xiah Junsu.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the dandy narcissist, Micky Yoochun.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the maknae who possess flagpole’s height, Choikang Changmin.”

The self-introductions so far cause great laughter from everyone in the studio. The boys said it but also feel embarrassed it themselves. Everyone is anticipating on how Eunhye will introduce herself.

“Anyeonghaseyo, Yoon Eunhye imniida.” Eunhye bowed down with calm face, the others put up disappointed faces.

Yunho, who sat right behind her, pushes her shoulder a little “Yah”

“What is this? What is this? Aren’t we agreed to make it funny?” Xiah whined at her.

“It’s not funny, noona! Do it again” Max shook her right arm.

“What can I say? I have nothing to say.”

“Do you think I wanna call myself ‘narcissist’” Micky yelled at her.

“Noona, do it again. Do it again” Hero said.

The second attempt “Anyeonghaseyo, in the name of the chameleon-like girl, I’m the epitome of beauty, Venus Eunhye.” Eunhye flicked her hair but then covers her red face in both hands while everyone was laughing and squealing at this “Ottoke! That was so embarrassing.” She fanned herself rapidly.

Shin Dong Yup also laughs along with them “Ok, ok. We know you’re the beautiful swan. Hahaha.”

“Before we start, I want to ask Eunhye-shi something first. How do you feel with the position arranging?”


“If I’m not wrong, this must be the first time you come to the show together with band mates since BabyVOX days, right?”

“Ah, yes, I see what you mean now. Back in BBV days, my position in the group always was in the middle, right?”

“Neh, do you feel weird?”

“A little, but it’s ok.”

“But I do feel weird now” Max butted in “Normally, I sit at the left and Jaejoong hyung always be the one in the middle”

“Oh, why don’t you two swap your position now?” he suggested, so they did swap.

“How do you feel now?”

Eunhye doesn’t know what to answer, so she stays quiet while Changmin said “More natural”

“It feels better this way” Micky said with a big grin. Flirter!

“Let’s talk about the name first ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki V.’. Why this name?”

“Actually, we also have thought about other names.” Yunho clarified “Since she is the Yoon Eunhye, we thought ‘Should it be DBSK Y.’ but I’m afraid they’ll translate it as Dong Bang Shin Ki – Yaoi” Yunho’s ‘Y’ word crack everyone up.

“We want to use Eunhye noona’s nickname or stage name instead of her real name, so it would match with ours. Her most famous nickname would be So Nyuh Jung Sa (Young Girl Warrior), but we afraid that it may get duplicated with the So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation)” Yoochun added.

“There are also many other names we bear in mind like Chunsa or Angel but again, it might get duplicated with BoA (Best of Angel). So finally we decided to use V. which stands for many words related such as Venus, Valentine and V.O.X. (Voice of Expression)” Jaejoong continued.

“So this is the root of this name” Dong Yup nodded his head understanding.

“Previously, Park Han Sung-shi interviewed DBSK. You said you are the closest one to Eunhye-shi right?” He asked Yunho.

“Yeh” he nodded.

“Do you feel the same way Eunhye-shi? That he’s the closest to you among these flower boys” Eunhye thought carefully before giving the answer.

“Umm… I did have much more chances to get closer to him (Yunho) and Yoochun through other shows or works than with the other members, but to be honest, I feel emotionally closer to Changmin. Coz both of us are the far youngest in our idol groups. I understand how it’s like to be the maknae, with the pressure, the sunbaes and everything” after Eunhye finished talking, the UFO prince get up from the seat and bow down to her, then shake her hands with gratitude.

“Kamsahamnida!” he shed the imaginary tears.

“What about your ideal man?” he continued asking her “I recalled at around the petition’s time, there’s also a poll on ‘Who is the perfect guy for Yoon Eunhye?’ and Yunho also led with more than half of all the voters.”

“I was very surprised with the outcome actually. Since we barely have any kinds of link but fans already want me to couple him! Isn’t that too weird?” Eunhye put up a fake frown with Yunho nodding in agreement.

“I think people thought they would be very compatible because they do resemble each other in terms of attitude, manner and personality” Jaejoong, as the observer said. “They both are very mature for their age, love to eat, very polite and humble and also very nice to the fans”

“To me, I think we are more like brother and sister than lovers” Yunho added “In my early debut, many sunbaes also said that we’re like brother and sister, especially with my old rabbit front teeth”

“Yeah, now you have very beautiful teeth” Dong Yup praised while Yunho made a big grin, showing off his perfect white teeth “Eunhye-ah, don’t you wanna fix your teeth too?”

“I give a thought about it a lot actually” she admitted “but I think it became one of my trademarks now and I’m also too afraid to undergo any big surgery, so I’d rather let it to remain the same” she also smiled, showing her signature rabbit teeth.

“Back to the question! If you said Yunho is more like a brother to you, then which member in the band, you think, is the perfect man for you? The one you think is your type.” Eunhye was giving it a lot of thought, trying to answer the question honestly but also not creating any false scandal with her own band mates. But a so called gentleman has helped her out…

“I think it would be me” someone in the back said nonchalantly. All eyes dart to him and the speaker’s calm face starting to blush. Xiah Junsu held his head down with embarrassment. Youngwoong Jaejoong and U-know Yunho pretend to get up and leave their shy charismatic cherub behind.

“Oh my god! Did he just say that?” Eunhye covered her mouth while giggling. Yoochun stands up from his seat and bow to everyone.

“Ah sorry sorry. I’m very sorry on behalf of Junsu-shi”

“Please edit that part out” Changmin said, also standing.

“Junsu-ah! What did you just say?” Yunho teased the dolphin boy who covered his tomato-face in his hands. Even his ears are also bright red.

“Junsu-shi! What did you think to say it like that?” Dong Yup asked between his laugh.

“I think he got jealous of the others, so he has to find a way to create some scandal” Jaejoong told the host. Shin Dong Yup urged him to say more. So the pretty boy continued “You know? Yunho is very close to Eunhye noona, Yoochun is her dongsaeng at college, Changmin gets along very well with her because of their dogs and I’m also getting along well with her because both of us love cooking. So Junsu is the only one left” everyone nodded at Jaejoong’s explanation.

“Excuse me, I need some tissues” Junsu asked the staff, he’s sweating like crazy now. After Jaejoong hyung exposed everything like that, what can he do?!

“Actually, shouldn’t Eunhye noona be my pair?” Changmin asked it a-matter-of-factly. This time it’s the flagpole boy’s turn to get all eyes dart at him. Eunhye moved away from Changmin to Yoochun’s side like he’s growing 2 heads or something. Changmin then continued “Since there are already YunJae and YooSu couples and I’m always be the one left outcaste, if noona is going to couple someone, it should be me!”

This time Yunho also played along with the maknae “So right now, in the our household” he pointed at himself “I’m the father. Jaejoongie is the mother. Junsu is the eldest son…”

Junsu went on “Yoochunie is my wifey. Changminnie is the youngest son…”

“And now Eunhye is the youngest daughter-in-law (my wife)” added by Max.

“Aren’t you going to ask for my consent first?” Eunhye asked the boy sitting at her left.

“Or do you want to be the ajumma?” Yoochun nudged her from the right. Eunhye made a pout and wrinkled her nose at him.

“Hey, aren’t they so compatible?” Jaejoong not stop teasing Eunhye and Changmin.

“Neh” Yunho jumped in the teasing circle “you guys are (were) the maknae and also have the same taste in pet dogs anyway”

“I think there will be ChangHye / EunMin couple born now” Junsu also joined his hyungs, but seeing Eunhye’s meanie but cute glare at him, the dolphin boy reach over to pinch her bulging cheek to make her smile. The other boys also followed Junsu’s action, playing with her cheeks and pouty lips, saying “Don’t be mad, ajumma, don’t be mad” or “Smile please!” and the So Nyuh Jangsa finally crack up a smile. The watchers in the studio can’t help but also smile with them. Every girl would have been jealous of Yoon Eunhye’s position right now.

“First it’s Junsu and now Changmin. Did you flirt with every guy here?” Dong Yup kiddingly accused the chameleon girl “Choose one! And leave the other for other girls!” he pretended to lecture her.

Junsu flinched that the topic returns to him again.

“Wait Yunho! What did you just say about Changminnie and the dogs’ part?”

“Ahh that. They both have white female Maltese pet dogs” Yoochun explained it instead. “Their dogs also look alike very much” on the right side, you’ll see Junsu being relieved that the topic has changed.

“Oh really?”

“Neh” both Maltese owners replied in unison but…

“But my Mang-Dongi is cuter” Changmin bluntly said with serious face, causing the others to crack up. “What?” the maknae turned to his laughing-like-crazy hyungs and tittering noona “Everyone knows that my Mang-Dongi is the best.”

“Oui, it sounds so weird” Eunhye mumbled, wiping some tears from laughter from her eyes. Shin Dong Yup decided to move on and asking Eunhye another question.

“Although you said you were the youngest in your group (BBV) but now in this group, you are the eldest!” Dong Yup pointed out.

“I can’t hide my age right? Hahaha. Well, it feels good to be the eldest sometimes when you always be the youngest. Mostly, I always be the younger ones everywhere I go”

“But although she’s older than us, she doesn’t act like one at all” Jaejoong disclosed “Eunhye noona does have this childish quality that we sometimes feel like we are her oppas not dongsaengs”

“Ahh… yeah yeah. She really is a baby sometimes” Shin Dong Yup agreed. Eunhye pretended to pout a little “Although it’s been almost half-year ago, but let’s talk about the petition. Were you surprised?” he asked Eunhye.

“Yes, a lot!”

“And here you are! Satisfy the fans with this collaboration!”

“Yeh, actually I have to give credit to my P.A. who insists me on doing this project with these guys” Eunhye smiled to the woman who stands aside. But with the camera’s angle, it just seem like she’s smiling to the audience.

“And this project group also marks your comeback to limelight after almost 2-year hiatus”

“That’s right. I have to thank all the fans who still are patient with me and 2009 will be the year that I repay all my fans’ kindness. Please look forward to it”

“Your first single ‘One Step at a Time’ currently tops every chart right now too”

“Yeah, you can say that this is our first appearance for this project group and we can promise you that from now on you’ll see all of us till you get tired” Yunho said.

“I heard you guys are working on the album.” The boys nod “What’s the name of the album?”

“Umm… for the moment, we still don’t have the official name yet” Micky said “So we use the single’s name “One Step at a Time” just for now”

“We’ll release our next single soon. Please look forward to it.”

“Will this remain the soft-hearted concept?”

“No, this time it’ll be dance single” Junsu answered “We try to make this album as versatile as we can with the concept of maturity”

“From sexy concept with Mirotic, now you want to move on being mature with the new album? Aishh… aren’t you guys too young?” the host teased “Lee Hyori is 30 but she’s still going for sexy concept. But just only 1 album, now you want to mature already?” everyone just laugh at Shin’s remark but didn’t reply.

“Now, to the very last question” Shin Dong Yup is back to his professional mode “We also heard that DBSK and Yoon Eunhye will do a drama together. Can you confirm this rumor to us? Is it true?”

“Yes, it is” the manly leader answered.

“Can you tell us more about it?”

“To tell you the truth, we also don’t know much about it ourselves” Yunho said “except the fact that it would be SM picture self-production. So you can expect a whole bunch of SM Family artists in this to-be drama”

Last words to the audiences

“Thank you for always waiting and supporting us. We promise to always be growing and improving ourselves all the time” Yunho started then nudged the eldest to succeed.

“The viewers please watch out for colds in this winter. And I will also put my hardest effort to this comeback.” Eunhye continued. “We will strive to become the consistent and unfailing band. So I hope you will watch our development without any preconception. Kamsahamnida!”

They bowed their head to the camera once again and began the usual bully ritual.

“DBSK V.” Jaejoong yelled

“Fighting!!!” they all shouted in unison and made a fist.

“Choikang Changmin!” the mother continued.


“Yoon Eunhye!”


“Micky Yoochun!”


“U-know Yunho!”


“Youngwoong Jaejoong!”


“Dong Bang Shin Ki Venus!”

“Fighting!!!” 4 boys and a girl shouted for the final time and get up to leave the neglected one “Yeah!!!”

Junsu runs up to the camera and said it himself “Xiah Junsu, fighting!!!”


To be continued…



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