Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Chapter 6 : Take Some Glances at Our Past

After the show finished, Bansuk, together with the other staff, walk to the DBSK V. He’s still in a very confused state now. His sister said she didn’t want to work with them but she seems to be very comfortable around them. They were joking and teasing each other and it didn’t seem like an act at all. What’s the truth behind this? He’s got to figure it out or he won’t be able to sleep well tonight!

“Nuna, let’s go” Changmin holds on to his sister’s hand “We’re going to eat pizza tonight” Eunhye just opened her mouth to reply when her little brother reaches her.

“Sorry kiddo” Bansuk said to him, holding on to the other hand of Eunhye’s “She’s gotta come with me now” Changmin frowned.

“Why don’t you just come with us?” Yoochun suggested “We’re going to eat at Junsu’s place tonight”

“Kamsahamnida, but I need some sister-brother moment with my noonim” he began dragging her with him but Max still not letting go. Since both boys are at about the same height, it seems like Eunhye was flanked by 2 flagpoles.

“What’s with that? She’s our member now. She’s gotta come with us” he dragged her to the opposite way.

“Yah! Let go of my nuna’s hand, you Choiha Changmin.” Bansuk scolded at him possessively.

“Yah! My name is Choikang (strongest) Changmin, not Choiha (weakest). And you’re the one who should let go. She’s coming with us” he screamed.

Eunhye also doesn’t know what to do. Seeing the situation getting worse with two youngest boys, the other members jump in to help the damsel.

“Yah! You two cut it off. Don’t you see she not like it” Yunho scolded them, trying to unwrap Changmin’s grab out off Eunhye’s arm. Micky supposes to help unwrapping Bansuk’s grab, but then he get confused. Since the boy is her blood brother, doesn’t it mean he have all the right to hold on to his sister. But Yoochun’s thought were cut when Eunhye asked him for help.

“Yoochonnie! Get me out of here!” she cried out. Yoochun and Jaejoong shove the military boy away from her. Yunho and Junsu also manage to shove their maknae out of the way.

“Noona, are you ok?” Junsu went to her side to check her condition.

“I’m okay” she replied while massaging her shoulders.

Yunho is doing his leader job, lecturing two young boys. They held their head down with guilt. “Now you guys apologize to her.”

“Mianhe noona, I just want you to have dinner with us” Max apologized.

“It’s alright Minnie. But I can’t go with you tonight. Sorry.”

“Bwoh? Why?” Changmin started whining again.

“I’m sorry. I promised Bansuk that I’ll go with him tonight. See you tomorrow, okay?”

“Harasso” Changmin made a pout but gave in. Eunhye pinched his cheek.

“Don’t pout like that. It’s not cute when you have the flagpole height” Changmin just pout more and turn away to hug Junsu.

“Protect me, hyung! Nuna bullies me again!”

“Yah! With all the bullies I got, this is just nothing” everyone just laughs their heads off with the dolphin boy’s remark.

Eunhye waved goodbye to DBSK boys and followed her younger brother’s drag out of the studio.

“Eunhye ah! We have morning schedule tomorrow. So don’t drink much, harasso?” Jaejoong teased. Bansuk was surprised with him not only for making fun of his sister informally but also calling her by her name only without the honorific, but he decided to keep quiet.

“Shut up, pretty girl!” she snapped back. They all laugh out loud and seem to adore her a lot. They walk out with their team.

When they’re at their vehicles, Eunhye turns to her crews.

“Geun Soo oppa, Yong Ae onni, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you very much for to day” she thanked her manager and personal assistant consecutively.

“We have the shooting at 9, so I’ll pick you up at 7 am. Okay?” Geun-Soo said. But Eunhye rejected it.

“It’s okay. I’ll have Bansuk send me over. You guys go ahead. I’ll see you at the studio by 8 o’clock.”

“Arasso. See you then” they bid goodbye and Eunhye followed her younger brother to his car. Yoon Bansuk kept quiet all this while.

“Bansuk ah, are you mad at me?” she asked. Seeing him still being silent and only concentrate on driving make her feel a little nervous.

“Aniyo.” He replied.

“Then why don’t you talk to me? Didn’t you just say you miss me?” Eunhye is using her cutie attack again. Who could possibly resist that? Bansuk immediately become soften.

“It’s not like that. I’m just curious.” He said “You said you didn’t want to do this project with them, but you seem to getting along so well with them. What exactly was going on?”

“Well, I said I DIDN’T want to then, but I DO now” she smiled.


“It started like this”


*The day Lee Soo Man had a meeting with both parties*

“Well, kids, that’s all I have to say to you. Think about it” Lee Soo Man crossed his leg, glancing all of them across his luxurious desk. “I expect a certain answer by tomorrow. Sleep on it.” Eunhye was too stunned to find a word. But looking around, she wasn’t the only one. The Dong Bang Shin Ki boys also were shocked by their producer’s decision. “What are you waiting for? It’s late now! Go home and think of what I said!” he said cheerfully.

Eunhye’s manager touched her elbow to signal her to come with him. Eunhye snapped back and bowed to her sunsaeng-nim before walking out of the room. DBSK were still there, making eyes contact with one another in question. Yunho finally did his members a favor asking their producer.

“Sunsaeng-nim, are you serious?”

“Yah! Do I look like I’m kidding here?” the chairman retorted.

“But sunseng-nim, why us?” Jaejoong is honestly curious “I heard Siwon and Bae Seul Gi only have 2 duets and a couple of photo shoots together. What’s with a movie and a full album with us and Eunhye-shi?”

“Don’t you guys like it?” LSM retorted back “If this project pulls through, it’ll raise both Eunhye’s and your public profile. Then you can try on going solo if you like.”

“No way!!!” Changmin screamed “We’ll be together forever. We’ll never disband”

“Who talk about disbanding? Haven’t you learn anything from this industry? Admit it boys, sooner or later, when the time has come, you would want to make your own path. You may stay as the legendary Dong Bang Shin Ki forever, but let me tell you. Finally, someday, you will also want this. You will want to make the name of your own” the young boys held their heads down, tried to hide their disapproval “I actually think 5 years is golden period for every golden group. Break up while you’re still on top, and you’ll be the legend. You will be able to shine more brightly as you go solo. But I risk it for your group coz god knows how many fans supporting you. Loads of mini coopers have happened in these few years that it could have been easier for me to break you guys up, but I didn’t. This is your freaking chance to bring it back. Take back what used to be yours! Yes! I admit! It’s a very risky chance but I believe it will be worth it”

Seeing the boys still frustrated, Lee Soo Man decided to pull off his hidden card “Well, if things turn out well with this project. I think we would be able to talk about our disagreements with the terms and conditions of your contracts” 5 pairs of ears perked up with that last sentence of their chairman.

“You’re our producer and supervisor anyway. We gotta do whatever you prefer, aren’t we?” Junsu said with cold voice. But Yunho cut it up.

“Okay sunsaeng-nim. We’ll definitely sleep on it. But I don’t think we can guarantee you anything at the moment. Us 5 need to talk it off first”

He sighed. “Alright! Whatever! Just give it a thought, ok? And tell me your decision tomorrow. Now leave, I have another meeting to deal with”


Eunhye just got out of the SM President’s office when someone almost knocked her down by jumping on her and hugged her tightly.

“Onni~” that girl squealed.


“Onni, I heard you switch label to SM, right? It’s so great! Now we are in the same agency!” Sunday, the Grace fired off. Being the taller one, Eunhye looked across her heads and saw Sunday’s band mates followed behind her. She greeted all of them with Sunday still locking her grip around Eunhye’s ant waist.

“Eunhye onni, what are you doing here so late anyway?” Dana asked.

“I just finished my meeting with Lee Soo Man sunsaeng-nim and the Dong Bang boys” she told them.

“Oh! So it’s true huh? That you’ll have a project with them” the eldest Lina said.

“Umm…Honestly, onni I still don’t know it myself” Eunhye replied “Wait! Aren’t you guys supposed to be in Japan right now?”

“Yeah, but something occurred and we had to come back.” Dana told her with bitter smile.

“What’s wrong?” the Grace girls exchange some glances and Stephanie finally answer her sunbae’s question.

“I hurt my hips, and now all the schedules had to be cancelled till I recover” she said sadly. Lina put her arm around her dongsaeng’s shoulder.

“Oh! I’m really sorry!” Eunhye really felt bad coz she knew Stephanie love to dance, and her hips problem may prohibit her to ever dance again.

“It’s okay onni. We will prepare our next album in the mean time” Stephanie said with bright smile.

When their conversation came to this point, the office door opened once again and the DBSK stepped out of the room, together with their manager.

“Ah! You guys are back!” Kang Bo Sok greeted the girls. The counter part band members greet each other a little.

“You should go inside now” Yunho told the CSJH “Lee sunsaeng-nim is expecting you.”

“Harasso” they replied and walked through the Chairman’s office door that Micky opened for. Sunday was the last one left holding on to Eunhye.

“Eunhye onni, are you free tomorrow?” Sunday asked “Let’s have a date!” she playfully said.

“Yah! Bora-shi! I never know you prefer this way” Junsu said teasingly. While Jaejoong yelled “Get going now! Sunsaeng-nim is waiting”

“Fine” she pouted and gave Eunhye a peck at her cheek then left.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” Eunhye said nicely. Jin Bora gave a wide smile at her sunbae and closed the door behide her.

DBSK and Eunhye are left in awkward situation once again.

“Err… bye nuna, see you tomorrow” Yoochun eventually broke the awkward silent.

“Yeh! Goodnight noona” Yunho said and bowed to her manager “See you tomorrow”

“Goodnight then” Eunhye said and took off with her manager.

“Eunhye, what do you think?” Park Geun-soo finally asked when they reached the van.

“I don’t know oppa. What do you think?” she asked back.

“If you’re asking me, I’ll definitely take this offer” he said without looking at her. His eyes still focused on the road.

“Why? Don’t you think it’ll be a suicidal mission to accept this offer?” she referred to DBSK’s hardcore Cassies.

“Please! The fans love you. You don’t even have any hot links with them and they already approved of you coupling with them” Eunhye sighed.

“I need to discuss it with Yong Ae onni and oppa first.”

“Whatever you want, my little angel”


Kim Yong Ae is Yoon Eun Hye’s personal assistant and advisor, and also her stylist sometimes. You’ll be able to see her around Eunhye everywhere she goes as one of the staff. She is one of the secret behind Yoon Eunhye’s success with her sharp wit in dealing with troubles, her high taste in fashion, her prudential vision and her loyalty and trust with the girl. Besides her manager and law counselor, Park Geun-Soo, Eunhye always consult with her before making any big move. And this one sure was a very big decision she had to make.

They sat together at Eunhye’s dining table in her mansion. Kim Yong Ae sat next to her while Geun-Soo sat across the table.

“Hmm… let’s see” Yong Ae rubbed her chin “Lee Soo Man handed you a collaboration with DBSK. If you say YES, he needs at least a self-produced full album and a drama and/or a movie, along with tons of photo-shoots. Am I correct?”

“Yeh.” Eunhye and Geun-Soo replied.

“The good thing is this project will mark your comeback as a singer gracefully and also raise your public profile even higher, but the bad thing is you obviously tend to be the target of murder by millions of jealous fan girls”

“That’s right” said Geun-Soo.

“Not only fan girls” Eunhye said “Oppa will kill me if he knows I’ll accept this. You know how he’s like.”

“Eunhye-ah, if you really want to grow more, you can’t always think about how your boyfriend would feel” Geun-Soo said endearingly “The fans took notes about it, you know? They noticed that from all the kissing scenes in all 3 of your dramas, they seemed like forced kisses on you. Don’t let your private life interfere with business.”

“And it’s not like you two are going to announce your relationship in any time soon” Yong Ae pointed out “You both still have so much ahead of you.”

“So you want me to say yes?”

“Aha” Yong Ae nodded.

“And what about the death threat?”

“Oh come on Eunnie! Didn’t you see the petition? 60% of those letters were sent to support you to be with them! Not 60% of DBSK’s but 60% of over all!!! You have lovers more than antis for sure. Don’t worry about it”

“But still…”

“In the end, it’s all up to you, Eunhye. But I do think you should do this project, not only for your career, but also for yourself. Think about it”

Eunhye seemed to be in her own thought for a couple of minutes before finally opened her mouth again.

“So both of you want me to do it?”

“Yes” Eunhye sighed and pulled out her cellphone.

“I should call oppa then”

“What for?”

“Well, if I’m going to work with 5 hottest guys in Asia, I’d better tell him myself before he get to know it from others” she winked and dialed her jealous boyfriend’s number.

“I can’t wait to see that boy’s reaction” Geun-Soo gossiped to Yong Ae who had a big grin on her face “It would be priceless to see his jealous face” Yong Ae nodded in agreement, her smile didn’t fade away.

“Too bad he’s out of the country right now.”



Lee Soo Man hung up the phone. The satisfied smile plastered his face and didn’t fade away when one of his 2 second-in-commands asked for the answer.

“So they say yes?” Kim Young Min guessed. His Chairman nodded. “I know they will”

“Now we only have to wait for the other side” Shin Sung Min, the other second-in-command said. His statement made the SM founder’s smile fade a little. Before anyone said anything more, his phone rang once again. Lee Soo Man looked at the caller’s number, and then put his index finger at his mouth, signaling 2 best men to keep quiet.

Finally, their big boss hung up. He didn’t even try to hide his satisfaction.

“Yoon Eunhye also say yes” he announced.

“The stock price is going to rise up” Kim young min said.

“I know”


“So that’s why you ended up working with them” Bansuk brood over it “It seemed to me like manager Hyung and assistant Nuna forced you to, huh?” he chuckled.

“Kind of” she said “I was really hesitant at first, but later we started to get along pretty well” Bansuk parked the car in front of a beautiful homey rice cake shop and helped his noona out of the car. Together, they stepped inside the almost empty cafe.

The man in late 50s, who seemed to be the owner, looked up to see the newcomers. When he saw who’s just entering, a big smile plastered on his wrinkled face.




After so many hugs and kisses, the siblings finally get some private space in Bansuk’s room. Bansuk is lying on his stomach while his sister is sitting on the floor, choosing a CD out of the shelf.

“So?” he asked.

“So… what?” Eunhye pretended not knowing what he means.

“So what’s happening next that made you do want to work with those flower boys now?”

“Well” Eunhye pulled out on of their many Big Bang’s CD from the shelf “It was after I moved into SM dormitory that we started to get a lot closer” she inserted the CD in the player, within a few minutes the famous song Haru Haru was played.


“I think it’s all done now.” Ayumi said to her new roommate, wiping sweat out off her forehead. She just finished helping her friend load everything into the room. “Want some drinks?”

“Sure!” Eunhye sank into the couch, heap tiring. She closed her eyes but didn’t sleep. She heard Ayumi put down a glass on the coffee table in front of her. “Can’t believe I’m living in a dorm again at 25” Eunhye drained the orange juice off in one shot.

“Hey! What do you mean by that?” Ayumi scolded “I’m also 25, you know?”

“Hey! I didn’t mean that” Eunhye put her arms around the Japanese-Korean artist. She pressed her face against Ayumi’s blossom cheek and said in Japanese “Don’t be upset Ayumi-chan”

“Yah! I never know you two swing that way.” Han Kyung said teasingly seeing two girls hugging each other tightly. He was around this morning when Eunhye loaded her stuff, so as a gentleman, although they weren’t so close, he helped her loaded everything into their mutual friend’s room.

“Shut up!” the girls yelled in unison.

“You are just jealous of me right, Han Kyung?” Eunhye said in Chinese. She winked at him before pecking Ayumi’s cheek.

“Yah! Yah! Yah!” the boy made a face and continued the conversation with his mother language “Give me some honorific! I’m the sunbae or you are?”

“Me, of course” Eunhye switched back to Korean and said it as a matter of fact “I debut way before you, dongsaeng” and winked at him again.

“Aish… I’m done talking with you” the Chinese boy turned away.

“I guess his Korean isn’t fluent enough to do a word-fight with you” Ayumi said and two girl friends giggling and their laughter grew louder seeing Han Kyung pout at them.

“By the way” Ayumi started when she suddenly thought of something important “Aren’t you supposed to have a meeting with DBSK and Lee Soo Man sunsaeng-nim right about…now?”

Eunhye loosed her arms from the Japanese cutie and glanced at her watch. “Oh my god!” it’s 5 minutes past their meeting time. Her voice grew louder to be a scream “Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m late! Ottoke!” she flew around the room to gather all the documents and darted to the door but both foreigners grabbed her by the arm. Ayumi was at the left, Han Kyung at the right.

“Are you really going to go to the meeting in that?” Ayumi pointed at Eunhye’s casual sweater and shorts. Very improper clothing for their first official meeting as a project band.

“And you’re sweating like crazy now” Han Kyung added “At least take a shower first!” They dragged her to the bathroom and took the documents out of her hands.

“But I’m out of time!” she yelled at them, trying to get it back.

“The Queen is never late” the cutie honey smiley told her friend “Everybody is too early!”

And they pushed her into the bathroom, closing the door behind the CF ‘Queen’.


Lee Soo Man was tapping his fingers on the round conference table and consistently checking the clock. It’s more than 20 minutes later from the punctual time. He thought Yoon Eunhye is one of those big stars that not cocky and always full of themselves, was he wrong? Is she going to be like that cocky girl… aish… what was her name again? That bad attitude girl that was so full of herself. Always late for everything and so over-bearing. Lee Soo Man shot a glance across the table to 5 boys and their manager sitting uncomfortably together like it was their fault that their new bandmate is late.

“Bo Sok!” he called “Where is she?”

Kang Bo Sok flinched ‘How was I supposed to know?’ he wanted to say that but actually, he’s supposed to know it. He called Park Geun Soo earlier, but it turned out that Eunhye will attend this meeting alone without her Personal Manager nor PA.

Bo Sok fidgeted and cleared his throat before answering “I don’t know, sunsaeng”

“Maybe she got into something on her way here” Yunho tried to better the dim atmosphere.

“That’s right sunsaeng-nim” Jaejoong went on “Or maybe the traffic is terrible”

“Doesn’t she have a phone, then?” Lee Soo Man retorted. Everyone went quiet. They tried to reach her by the phone for almost half an hour, but her phone was still off. “And for your information” he added “She’s in the dorm now, it takes less than 5 minutes to be here”

Before the SM Chairman going to continue complaining, someone knocked on the conference room’s door. The knocker didn’t wait for any reply, she just invited herself in.


Two girls, one Korean, one half-Japanese and one Chinese boy were running along the corridor to the big room at the end of the way. When they ran pass the secretary, she looked up and yelled after them.

“You’re late, Eunhye-shi! They’re waiting for you”

“I know. I’m sorry” Eunhye answered between her breaths but didn’t stop running.

They stopped in front of the door, Ayumi spun her friend around to check the queen’s neatness and brush off some dust on Eunhye’s dress. Han Kyung also helped setting her messy hair.

“How do I look?” she asked the only boy there.

“Gorgeous.” Han Kyung assured her.

“Will you be angry at me if you were them?” Eunhye checked out the watch. She was 30 minutes late now.

“Maybe not if you smile at me instead of being oppress like this” Ayumi pinched her cheeks to force a smile.

“Don’t worry! We’ll go in there with you. And we’ll help you explain everything.” Ayumi soothed her friend’s nervousness “Remember! You’re not late, the rest are just too early.” She paused “And don’t forget to smile!”

“Arasso” Eunhye finally smiled.

“Yoon Eunhye, hwaiting!” the 2 foreigners made a fist. Eunhye also did the same.

“Fighting imniida!!!” before knocking the door and immediately went in.

Eunhye was wearing a beige long-sleeves boat-neck knee-length dress that was half-casual and half-formal. (A/N: Think of the one she’s wearing during Coffee Prince Press Conference) She manage to look very lively gorgeous and remorseful at the same time. Eunhye was like the shiny sun to that dull room. Everyone felt warm and happy at her appearance.

“I’m very sorry sunsaeng-nim” Eunhye bowed to the SM founder “I know I’m very late, I’m sorry”

“Please forgive her, sensei” Ayumi popped out behind her friend “Eunhye just moved in this morning. It was a chaos and we just forgot about the time and everything”

“Neh, sunsaeng-nim” Han Kyung also stepped out “We are very sorry. We came here as fast as we can. Please forgive Eunhye.”

“Harasso, harasso” Lee Soo Man brushed it off. “It’s okay Eunhye. It’s just a couple of minutes. Better late than never! And I wasn’t angry at all” he smiled.

‘Liar!’ the other 6 persons in the room thought at the same time, but none dare to speak so ‘ ‘I wasn’t angry at all?’

“Thank you Ayumi, Han Kyung. You may leave now” he told them. They waved to other label-mates artists at the table and disappeared. Eunhye invited herself to sit next to DBSK’s leader and put all her documents on the table. The DBSK boys turned to smile at her and turned back to their instructor.

“Just like what I told you last time, I want a full-length album with your own composing and writing at least half of all, if not ALL, and a drama. It’ll also be SM Picture first self-produced drama. But we’ll go no further in this until we got enough positive feedback about your collab. So for now I want you to focus on making the album first.” The big boss explained “Eunhye, you can work with them at their 14th floor room. I arranged everything already. This album better be a success, or I’ll kick someone’s ass. And here’s the list of the staff including directors, composers, choreographers and dancers that will be working with you, together with the details of this to-be album” he handed 6 sets of document to each artist.

“Maturity?” Eunhye looked at the album’s concept and frowned. Chairman Lee nodded.

“Since not all Cassiopeian are your fans” he directly spoke to Eunhye “Neither all Neri are your fans” he turned to the 5 boys “We can’t and shouldn’t go for the sexy concept like ‘Mirotic’ one, unless you have a death wish” he smirked then went on. “With maturity concept, you can show them love without lust, a grown man’s love. It’ll be more developed and deeper than teenager’s point. Of course, you can have some sexy numbers in this album but it won’t be our main focus. Any questions?”

“Yes” Bo Sok said “What’s about the deadline?”
Then who’s the one PMSing over there 5 minutes ago?’ Yoon Eunhye’s happy virus did the magic again.

“There’s no rush but I want to release first single before Valentine’s” he’s brooding “I know DBSK still have some schedule and Eunhye also has some endorsements to fulfill, so just take your time. Oh! By the way, get yourselves a good project name too”


To be continued…



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