Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Chapter 7 : 2 chefs, 1 kitchen and a phonecall

“I’m hungry” that’s the complaint from their maknae. Apparently, they were sitting here for too long with only a little progress. All the documents, the music sheets and the poems could be seen all over the place. Yunho glanced at the clock, it’s long passing their supposed dinner time, no wonder he also had a stomachache. And the mother of the group seemed to remember that the father has gastritis.

“I’ll cook some meals then” Jaejoong glanced at their leader with concern “Have you taken your pills today?”

“No, I totally forgot” he answered and with that answer, Junsu knowingly handed his bag to him. Yunho picked the tablets out of the little jar and threw them into his mouth, chased with water.

“Any special orders?” the mother asked, intentionally direct his question to the only girl presented there, but Eunhye seemed to lost in her own thought with a sheet in her hand. He sighed “Just eat Ramyun (Ramen) then” and he walked out to go to the kitchen. That’s when Eunhye snapped back.

“Do you need some help?” she asked.

“No, it’s okay Eunhye-shi” he smiled and left the room.

“Speaking of pills” Yoochun turned to look at the noona from his Keyboard. The headphone was around his neck “Have you taken yours?”

“I don’t have it with me now” she replied “I’ll take it when I get back”

“I’ll go bring it here” Yunho offered, ready to leave “It’s not like it’s faraway anyway, just 5 floors down here.”

“No, it’s really alright. I’ll be fine” she smiled at him “Right now, I’m more worried about these songs”

They have spent a couple of days together like this to create an album. But apparently, they can’t even create a song for 5 boys and a girl. All the songs and melodies they had prepared for their next album were more suitable for boys as they’re not created for duets or for girl-boys singing. That’s why they have to work hard to make new ones. They were all sweating blood, but the one who was most stressful was none other than Yoon Eunhye.

Lee Soo Man had this whole floor newly re-built for them. This room is a lot wider than the boys remembered from the last time they stayed here. It’s more like a fancy mansion than a dormitory room. The best part of the floor is the room they’re currently sitting in, the ridiculously hugh working/office area. Lee Soo Man set 6 sets of computer and desk and Keyboard against the wall in the ‘U’ shape with big conference table in the middle with another 6 drawers. Before they moved in, it was clean and tidy like those you see in Furniture Store but now, just a few days passed, this place was covered with papers, both neatly ones and ripped / screwed up ones, bags and boxes of every kind of snack, their hi-tech devices and stationeries. With all these messy stuff, they were still unable to create a good debut song.

Obviously, one of the reasons is that, they were still very awkward toward each other. Eunhye is the type of girls that only act cute and bubbly with fellow girl friends but stay shy and reserved around unfamiliar male companions. So it’s hard for them to get along as quick as they want to. Besides, working with one of the best vocal group of Korea… maybe even the best of the world after she left her musical interest for several years also made her more tensed that she became very earnest and serious, which made them feel like she’s more of a co-worker not their band mate. Even Yunho and Yoochun were also nervous around her.

“Noona, try this one” Yoochun handed her his head phone. He’s been working at his Keyboard to make some rhythm and seemed like he had got a good one. Eunhye, who sat across the table had to walk to him and sat at Jaejoong’s now-available-seat. She closed her eyes to feel the music ran through her body. It’s a very sweet melody but it still sound monotone.

“I know it’s still not that good” he said like he can read her mind “But I think we can start from this”

“Hmm…” Eunhye bit her nails. It’s one of the bad habits she can’t seem to stop “It’s good, I think, but it’s too monotonous” she said her mind. Eunhye may not be the best singer or composer. However, her musical experiences didn’t just start yesterday. She is indeed a very good musician. Instead of just read and play the music, Eunhye can feel the beat, the rhythm and the song through her mind, heart and body. And that natural talent of hers made her stands out in term of artist. “Yoochun, why don’t you add some spice into it. Make a hook part” she suggested.

“I’m thinking that maybe I’ll take some parts from Jaejoong hyung’s ‘number 3’ and add it in this” Yoochun told her.

“Which one is his ‘number 3’?” Eunhye asked. There were too many songs and beats and poems going around and most of them were still unfinished, so they had no title and the members had to call it by the number or the date that the particular song or melody was written. And if you still didn’t realize it by now, it was very confusing.

“This one” Micky went through a pile of paper and handed her a sheet. “I think I’m going to start it with my melody – ‘number 6’ for 12 rooms, then go with Jaejoong hyung’s” he pointed at the particular part in the sheet “Start from this chord for the chorus part. And then switch back to mine for the ending, or we can use the beginning of his ‘number 3’ to finish it”

Not only the damsel, but also the others in the room couldn’t keep up with him. The Americanized boy seemed to be the only one understanding his own language. First of all, they can’t remember even the beat of this ‘number 3’ he kept mentioning. And second, they were all too hungry and too tired to understand the Musicianese language Park Yoochun were speaking.

“Just cut it off Yoochonni” Yunho cut “And play for us”

Yoochun did what was asked of him. He grabbed both music sheets from Eunhye and turn to his Keyboard. He pulled the headphone extension cord off and activated the loudspeaker, then started to play. The sweet melody Eunhye just listened a few seconds ago was played again, but after about 30 seconds it changed into a more rougher one. Remembering the beat, Eunhye knew that Jaejoong’s ‘number 3’ genuinely wasn’t an aggressive one, but being played next to Yoochun’s saccharinely luscious melody made it sound thicker and rougher than it truly was. At the end, Micky decided to use the first 3 rooms of ‘number 3’ to finish it off.

“So,” the player turned to his band mates “What do you guys think?”

“It’s…” Eunhye couldn’t find a proper word to describe the song that was just played. Not that it’s no good, but it had something too much and something too less.

“I think it sound too hardcore in some parts, then too weak in the others” Junsu said ponderingly.

“Neh” their leader added “also the switching part was too sudden”

“It also seems to lack of something” Changmin said.

“Hmm… I thought this will do” Yoochun muttered

“Why don’t you try it with my ‘number 4’?” Jaejoong said from the door. Apparently, the sound of Micky’s playing one of his songs had pulled him from the kitchen back to their working spot.

“You mean this one?” after going through a pile one more time, Yoochun lifted a piece of paper to the oldest boy

“Aha. Continue after your third line. Start from A# chord part”

The dandy boy did what his hyung told. This time the song was much better. It started off well and got right beat to change into chorus part, the ending also very captivating.

“I still feel like it lacks of something” the hungry maknae told them.

“I also feel the same” the only girl there agreed. “It’s a very good song, but don’t you feel there’s something missing?”

“I don’t know if there’s something missing” Yunho said, sniffing something in the air and turned to their cook “But I know there must be something burning.” His word sprung the hanging around cook to action. Jaejoong ran to their kitchen.

“No! My poor Ramyun!” they can clearly heard the mother’s cry from the kitchen but no one has enough courage to try soothing their big hyung.


10 minutes later…

“Guys! The meals are ready!”

4 guys raced to the dining table with 1 maiden gaited behind. The one who possesses longest legs and biggest appetite approached the table first and stunned by what was served on it.

“Hyung!” he cried out loud “This is not Ramyun! It’s just instant noodle!!” Jaejoong shot a death glare at him.

“Just eat it.” He coldly said. Obviously, the main cook of the house was in a very bad mood after burning his own Ramyun into ashes. Other members knew too well to argue and just ate their meals quietly. Eunhye blankly looked at the instant noodles on the table and wrinkled her nose.

“I bet I could do better than that” she mumbled and without asking, walked into Jaejoong’s personal area.

“What is she doing?”

“I don’t know”

“Go check her out”

“Why don’t you go there yourself?”

“You are the big hyung!”

“Well, you’re the leader!”

The bickering between YunJae couple stopped when their biggest-appetite maknae tried to get an advantage of the situation, attempting to steal noodle bowls from his hyungs. But unfortunately, both hyungs were already aware of this, they immediately hold their bowl of noodle tightly and turned to yell at him.

“Yah! Shim Changmin!” the youngest boy smiled sheepishly at them.

“I’ll go check Eunhye-shi out” he took his already-empty bowl and headed to the said kitchen. Stepping inside the messy place, Changmin spotted the elder girl doing something at the kitchen counters.

“Eunhye-shi, what are you doing?” the focusing Eunhye flinched a little at the call. She quickly turned around.

“Oh, Changmin-shi!” she called “Have you finished eating already?” seeing him holding the empty bowl, she asked.

“Ah… yeah” the flagpole boy who just realized he’s still having the bowl his hand quickly thrown it to the sink and repeated his inquiry “So, what’re you doing here?”

“My special dish – Leftover fried rice” she beamed and showed him the leftover meat and vegetable left forgotten in the fridge with rice “I know you guys won’t be full by just a bowl of instant noodle. And Jaejoong is still frustrated. You can just wait at the dining room. It’ll be ready to eat in just a few minutes”

Right at that moment, Changmin wanted to pull her in to give a big hug for her answer. She is indeed a lovable person and also a considerate one to care about them like this.

“Do you need help? Can I help you?” he enthusiastically offered.

“Umm… well, it almost done actually, you can be the tester then”

“Andue!!!” 4 voices chorused from the kitchen’s door.

“Nuna, if you let him be the tester, there aren’t going to have enough food left for the rest of us” Yoochun reasoned. Eunhye chuckled.

“You all test it then”

One by one, each of them got a half-spoon of her fried rice. With 5 hot-bodied young men and a smoking hot lady in one place, the airy kitchen suddenly seemed narrow, crowded and all heated up. All the bickering and teasing they had earlier were replaced by the munching sound. But just a few seconds later, it too was also replaced when all 5 boys gave their opinions slash suggestions about the food.

“Yummy!” the tallest exclaimed.

“I didn’t know we still have some meat left” was the only statement from the dandy boy before he put his spoon into the pan again for more. The maknae immediately followed his hyung’s act, sticking his spoon into the big pan as well.

“More chilies would be perfect” the spicy food lover said “or the mustard will also do”

“No, no more spicy around here!” the owner of Gwangju dialect yelled at his Yaoi couple “Please give a thought of my poor stomach, it can’t handle spicy food now” at the end of his words, the leader reached over and snapped 2 hands away from the pan to save the food for the rest of them.

The dolphin boy already pulled out his plate for the chameleon girl’s special menu. He extended it in her front with a tamely grin, the kind of grin that the puppy would do to its owner to ask for more food, waiting for her to give him a ladle-full. “Now, where is the seaweed soup?”


They ended up eating Eunhye’s fried rice with instant tofu soup. Jaejoong, the only one who wasn’t fully satisfied with her dish, took care himself with a handful of chili powder and a bottle of mustard.

“I would love to see you and Jaejoongie have a cooking contest” Yunho said to the person sitting across him “It would be very interesting”

Eunhye gave him a smile “Honestly, I’m more skillful with western food. I’m not so good at cooking Korean dishes”

“Oh! I remember Hyun Joong said it once” the eldest boy spoke with his mouth full of rice. He swallowed it before continued “Your famous dish is steak, right?”

“Neh” she replied “I think I cooked it for him once”

“Then you should cook it for us too!” Yoochun exclaimed.

“Arasso” she laughably agreed.

“Eunhye-shi, you and Jaejoong hyung should cook us on alternate days” Changmin suggested and the others strongly agreed “You cook on the even days and hyung will cook on odd days”

“Yeh, that would be great for me too” the mother agreed.

“Sure. It’s fine by me”


~I’m so sorry but I love you da geojitmal
iya mollasseo ijeya arasseo nega philyohae
I’m so sorry but I love you nalkaro-un mal hwatgime nado moreuge neol ddeonabonaettjiman~


All of a sudden, Big Bang – Lies was played. Everyone turned their head around to see where it’s from.

“Mianhe, it’s mine” Eunhye took off her mobile phone and raised an eyebrow when she saw who’s the caller “Ayumi?” she tilted her head aside, wondering why the Japanese roommate called her at this time when she’s just 5 floors down here.


“Yoon Eunhye! Where the heck are you?!” the cutie Japanese yelled from the other line. Everybody at the table flinched. Even Junsu who sat at the other end of the table could clearly hear her yell.

“There’s no need to yell at me!” Eunhye yelled back, covering and massaging her temporary-deafened ear.

“Don’t you know what time is it?” Ayumi continued.

“Yes, I know” she glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, the one with DBSK members pictures in it that one of their passionate fan gave them. Both the hour hand and the minute hand were at their group pic “It’s midnight!”

“Yes, it’s midnight. I’m glad you know how to read the time” she sarcastically said. Eunhye frowned. What’s with the sweet Ayumi today, why is she so angry. She got up from the table and walked away to have more private space “Do you know why I’m angry?” Ayumi asked as if she knew her mind.


“Yoon Eunhye!!” but even though she walked far away, it wasn’t far enough for the boys not to hear Ayumi’s yelling.

“Ahh! Stop yelling at me!” Eunhye groaned.

“You promised me that we’ll hang out together today, remember?” Ayumi told her, feeling a bit hurt. Eunhye’s eyes widened when she finally remembered it “We are here for 2 hours now and where the heck are you?”

“Oh my! I’m so sorry! I totally forgot!”

“Yah! So you have anemia or amnesia? I’m starting to confuse now” Ayumi continued mocking her friend.

“I’m really sorry” Eunhye pleaded “I’m at work with the boys”

“I see” she paused “Do you always tend to forget about everything when you’re working?”

“Kind of” Eunhye guiltily admitted. The girl from other line sighed deeply.

“Whatever, it’s too late for you to come out now anyway when you have a CF shooting tomorrow. See you back at the room then”

“Arasso. Mianhe Ayumi-chan. Please send my apologies to the oppas and onnis too”

“Arasso. Btw, Kyung Lim onni and Ho Dong oppa ask to say ‘Hi’. Ja ne” and the line went off. Eunhye turned back to see 5 pairs of eyes staring at her, but when she winked, all of them were quickly turning away pretending to be busy with their food. Eunhye secretly smiled. These boys really got the manners!

“Are you guys eavesdropping me?” She asked with stern look. All of them winced and looked around to defend themselves.

“A…Aniyo, we weren’t, we didn’t hear anything!” Junsu stuttered. But who would fall for that!? This guy really doesn’t know how to lie! Eunhye almost laughed out but successfully held in. The other members gave each other an I-know-we-will-get-caught-because-of-this-brat look.

“Don’t you know it’s not polite to listen to other’s talking?” she said with the colder voice.

“Mianhe, Eunhye-shi. W…We didn’t mean to but…” the cold prince Jaejoong also stumped on his words.

“But we can’t help since Ayumi nuna were so loud” Yunho finished with his worried remorseful look as he thought Eunhye was really upset. Actually they all did, except for one hungry maknae who’s still eating his fried rice as if nothing was wrong. His munching sound made everyone turned to stare at him.

“What?” He asked innocently with all the food in his mouth.

“Don’t you have anything to say Minnie?” Yoochun guided him.

“Ani” he easily said “I totally have nothing to do with this. I was just enjoying my supper all this time” okay, even if he’s the UFO prince, that was kinda thick-skinned.

“Do you want it to be your last supper, Changmin?” the scary Eunhye asked. Everyone gasped, including the one who’s going to have the last supper of his life. But Eunhye couldn’t hold it anymore, she finally cracked up. Her laughter brought both relief and displeasure to the DBSK. She was pulling a little prank on them and they were all naïve enough to fell for that.

“Good one, Eunhye-shi” Jaejoong coldly said and turned to continue his meal, pouting.

“That wasn’t funny, nuna” Yoochun said “We did think you’re really angry.”

“Mianhe guys, I can’t help” she shed tears from laughter but for a 5-second pause, continued laughing “You should have seen yourselves’ expression. It’s so damn hilarious”

“You better watch out. I’ll take my sweet revenge someday” Yunho threatened, making Eunhye stopped laughing and looked straight at him.

“Anytime, anywhere, Hoobae!” she accepted the challenge.


“Hey! Why stop?” Bansuk asked his nuna when she suddenly stopped narrating. He’s obviously so into this.

“Be quiet!” she told him and closed her eyes.


“Shut up! I like this song!” she tuning the stereo volume louder for Big Bang – Lies.

Bansuk waited patiently while his nuna was humming to the song. And at the ending she soundlessly clapped for them.

“Don’t you think they’re superb, Bansuk?” she asked “I can’t believe Jiyong composed this song himself.”

“Yeah, yeah. They are very talented” he carelessly replied. Bansuk is actually a close friend with Choi Seung Hyun aka. TOP of Bigbang. So it’s no surprise that both he and his sister always support YG artists.

“Gosh! They should have put me in a project with Big Bang instead. I wouldn’t mind some kiss scenes with T.O.P. or Taeyang” Eunhye playfully said.

“Nuna!” he can’t believe she just said that.

“What?” she innocently asked. He doesn’t answer but give her the you-already-have-a-boyfriend-and–he’s-the-jealous-type look. But she still acted innocent.

“I’ll tell hyung what you said.” He threatened “And it’s gross when you said you wanna kiss my friend.”

“Fine! I’m guilty as charged” she raised both hands up in term of giving in “Geez…seriously, you’re my brother or his brother” the little brother smirked.

“Nagging as much as you want, I’m already immune to it”


“Continue it already!” he nudged.

“Arasso” she cleared her throat before continuing.



To be continued…



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