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Chapter 8 : Pajamas Party

(A/N: Just to remind you. This chapter is still in the past.

Everything in this chapter took place in the last quarter of 2008)


Eunhye was ready to leave. Every single part of her body screamed tiredness. She really needed some rest. Nothing could be more pleasure to her than a long nice sleep. She walked to her PA.

“Yong Ae onni, can we go now?”

“Ah, Eunhye.” Her assistant put her hand around her shoulder “Tired?” Eunhye sleepily nodded. “Arasso, we’re leaving”

For just a 30-second-CF, they had been filming for more than 12 hours. Eunhye posed different styles in many different clothes with only one expression – sexy, as it’s for lingerie brand, Vivien. Her manager walked her to their vehicle. And as soon as her back touched the Audi smooth seat, Eunhye fell asleep.


“Where is Ayumi?” a woman voice whispered “I couldn’t find the key in her bag”

“I don’t know either. She turns off the phone. I can’t contact her” a male voice replied. Their conversation made Eunhye a little awake. But she just turned aside and fell in a deep sleep again, didn’t realize what her oppa and onni decided to do with her.


Eunhye finally woke up and immediately became fully awake when she heard a loud thud. She looked around and started to get nervous with the unfamiliar environment. Although it’s dark, she knew this is not her place. Eunhye looked down at her glowing watch. It’s almost 1 a.m. now. Where was she? Why and how had she been here? These questions popped up in her head. The actress slowly got out of bed and turned on the light then sighed in relief when she saw the surroundings. She was in DBSK bedroom. But where were the boys?

To find the answer to her question, Eunhye walked to the door. She heard some low noises outside. Eunhye looked at herself and adjusted her clothes and hair before reaching her hand to the door knob. The moment when she opened it, someone knocked her down on the floor…




“Shh…” 2 young men hushed him. Neither hands nor help were offered.

“Be quiet! She’s sleeping” that’s the only words from his supposed yaoi couple. Jaejoong looked up at his dongsaengs in tears. He tripped and fell landing on the floor but none of them even cared. On the other hand, the dolphin boy tried hard to hold his unique laughter inside. So he’s the one responsible for tripping the umma of the house.

They were at the living room, playing their new Play Station III. Yunho and Changmin held their grip to the joysticks. Their eyes focused on the screen where 2 animated street fighters battling. Junsu and Jaejoong were waiting to see who the loser would be and ready to take that person’s place then challenge the winner. All 4 of them were sitting on the floor because their only long couch was already occupied by a sleeping beauty aka. 180-cm.-tall figure of Park Yoochun. But when Jaejoong got up to get some more snack, someone tripped him and there he was, lying on the floor, hurting.

Seeing the duck-butt owner’s reaction, the hurting pretty boy swiftly jumped on top of him and choked his neck.

“Hyung!” Junsu choked. The leader and maknae glanced at them a little but went back to their match. DBSK’s umma let go and changed his position to lock the dolphin boy’s leg instead. But Junsu wasn’t the easy prey. He wrapped his free leg around Hero’s, so both of them were legs-locking and being legs-locked by one another right now. It should be noted that every movement of them were done inaudibly.

“Let go of me!” Jaejoong hissed in low voice.

“Then you let go of me first!” dolphin boy hissed back. Refusing to do so, Jaejoong twisted his dongsaeng’s leg aside, forcing Junsu to loosen his leg-wrap. The umma quickly let go of his leg and moved up to the headlock position, making him being piggybacked by the dolphin. Xiah Junsu decided to go for the tough way. He piggybacked his hyung but then intentionally flipped over and plumped on the sleeping Yoochun. The position at the moment is Jaejoong butt on Yoochun stomach and on the top of the pile is the duck butt Junsu.

“Ack!” Yoochun woke up and instinctively pushed both boys away from him.

“Hush!” the other 2 boys turned to hushed them again. Yunho turned back to the big screen and continued punching aggressively on his joystick, but Changmin was distracted by the threesome wrestling. The competitive Yunho shamelessly took advantage of this moment and finally beat the maknae.

“No!” Changmin was lost. The leader had won. “It’s all because of you three!” and with that remark, the angry flagpole boy jumped into the battling circle, making it foursome.

“Yah! Be quiet!” their leader warned but shows no intention to stop their fight. He lazily yawned and started walking out when Yoochun grabbed him by the arm and dragged him in to the field.

The strongest maknae almost beat out everyone. So his 4 hyungs all turned unanimously ganging up on him. They pushed him hard to make him slammed and fell but unfortunately aiming wrong direction. They pushed their maknae towards their bedroom’s door where a girl was sleeping inside. It’s already too bad and too late when they realized it and try to stop. And things went worse when that girl decided to open the door at that very moment.




Both of them were landed on the floor.



“Changmin-ah!” All of them went to their side and help them up. Lucky for them, it’s carpeted, so there’s nothing broken…yet.

“Ouch!” Eunhye moaned. “Is this the revenge you’re saying?” she asked Yunho who gently supported her by the left.

“Aniyo! Mianhe!” he helped her up “Are you alright?”

“Neh, I’m okay” she dusted herself and looked aside to their youngest member.

“You’re alright, Changmin?” Junsu was helping him up.

“I’m alright”

When turning back to the group, Eunhye just realized that she’s looking at 5 striped, battled, sweating but still extremely hot boys. Her eyes darted to Jaejoong and Yoochun, who their shirt ripped apart, making them almost shirtless. Eunhye quickly turned her back at them.

“Were you wrestling?” she inquired with high pitch voice. The boys also just realized how impropriate they looked and quickly adjusted their clothes.

“Did we wake you?” Yunho apologetically asked “Meahne”

“It’s alright” she replied and took a glance to see if she can turn back now. “How am I here anyway?”

“I carried you up here” their maknae innocently answered.

“What?” Eunhye’s eyes bulged.

“Neh, bridal style.” He made a gesture to exemplify with mischievous look. They all laughed at their pretty member’s stun expression. Then Yunho kindly explained to her that when she was sleeping like dead to the world inside her van, her manager didn’t want to wake her up but they also couldn’t contact Ayumi, also couldn’t find the key room in her purse. While deciding what they should do, Max, who just went back from his city strolling, showed up and suggested them to let her stay at DBSK’s mansion first. And thus, he really was carrying her up here.

“You must be very tired, nuna.” Yoochun said “You didn’t wake up all the way here”

Eunhye was a bit embarrassed about all this. So she thanked them and apologized for the trouble.

“It’s really alright” Yunho smirked “We know how tired one could be after the filming”

“Anyway, thank you again” Eunhye blushed “I’m going now. Yumi should be home by now. Can’t believe I forgot the key”

“Err…actually you can’t” Jaejoong said. Eunhye looked up at him “Ayumi nuna has the filming in countryside. She will be back by tomorrow’s evening… I think”

“What? Why I didn’t know anything about this?”

“Well, it wasn’t planned” Junsu continued “Actually, Yeonhee supposed to be the one to go, but she fell ill. So they asked Ayumi to fill in”

“Just stay here tonight” Yoochun told her “It’s really okay”

“Well, I guess I have no choice”


Judging from the size, the boys think Jaejoong’s pajamas should fit Eunhye body the most. So when she took a shower in the bathroom inside their shared bedroom. He put one of his pjs on their bed for her and quickly left.

Ten minutes later, Eunhye came out of the room in pink polka dot pj which obviously way too big for her. The shirt, although rather baggy, wasn’t really the problem. The real problem is the long pants, even though its length surprisingly fit Eunhye’s long legs, its waistline was still too big that she had to hold it tightly, so it wouldn’t drop off to her ankles.

“Don’t you have any smaller ones?” she pouted.

“Cute!” Yoochun complimented, but that didn’t cheer her up.

“Meanhe. No”

“Any drawstring pants?” she hopefully asked.

“I’m wearing one” Junsu told her “Wanna swap?”

“Ewww! No! Thank you but no! I’ll stick with this one” she hobbled to their wardrobe to find a belt and fastened it around her waist. Finally she had 2 free hands. “I always thought Jaejoong waist is smaller than girls” she teased and continued “Aren’t you guys sleepy? It’s really late now”

“It’s fine with us, Eunhye-shi” the umma told her “We’ll sleep around here. The bedroom is yours”

The DBSK boys shared 1 big bedroom together. So, of course, if Eunhye sleep in it, all 5 of them will have no place to sleep.

“No, you guys sleep there, I’ll sleep at the couch”

“No, you sleep there” the manly leader insisted. “We are gentlemen. How can we let the girl sleep on the couch when we have beds?”

“But there are 5 beds in there. If I sleep in your bedroom, all of you have to leave. Isn’t it easier to let me sleep outside?” Eunhye calmly argued.

“We are men, nuna. It’s no big deal” Yoochun said, the others nodded.

“I can’t accept this” she said, crossing her arms over the chest “I won’t sleep inside your bedroom” she plumped on the floor, pouting like a little kid that didn’t get things her way.

“We can’t accept that as well” Jaejoong said and imitated her, plumping face-to-face with her, teasingly pouting. Others chuckled at them. The EunJae couple pouted and stared at each other. Somehow, it turned into the battle of electric staring. Other members just sat aside enjoyably watching them.





Eunhye pulled off her stratagem. She made a face but no threat posed against the stare king at all.





It’s Jaejoong’s turn to pull off his stratagem. He also made a face and that’s it. Eunhye cracked up.
(A/N: Have a guess and then scroll down to the end to see what kind of faces they were making ^^)

“Yay! Hoorah!!!” Dong Bang boys were cheering for their big brother like this was a world cup match.

“You won!” Yunho imitated the computer game voice and announced Jaejoong’s victory. The umma also played along. He got up and bowed to the audiences.

“Wait! This is unfair!” Eunhye whined. “How can I win when he did that? It’s cheating!”

“You cheated first!” Jaejoong accused her. “I won maybe not too cleanly, but definitely clearly” Eunhye pouted at him.

“Fine! You won!” Jaejoong nodded and smirked conceitedly “I’ll never lose if it’s cooking” she murmured and feigned ignoring him.

“Yah! Wanna bet that?!” Jaejoong’s eyes widen with fire while the others giggled. Eunhye turned to the maknae.

“What were you playing? Play Station?”

“Hey! Don’t ignore me like that!” he yelled at the same time Changmin answered “It’s Play Station III”

Eunhye still ignored the eldest boy, so did other members. She sat in front of the TV and looked at the screen with interest “I haven’t played any games since…forever”

“Wanna try?” Yunho asked. He handed her one of the 2 joysticks “We’re playing Street Fighter”

“I can’t remember how to play” she told him. Jaejoong quickly grabbed the other joystick.

“The battle is still on!” he told her cutely. He selected his character and hers and put them in a match.

“Wait! I don’t know how to!” she protested. Yunho and Changmin guided her

“It’s not complicated nuna” Changmin told her “These buttons are for moving, see? Left, right, up to jump, and down to crouch or avoid the attack.” He pointed at each button. “Then the other side, this one is for kicking, this is for punching, if you punch these 2 at the same time, it’ll be spin kick and these 2 will be high kick…”

“Okay Minnie, you’re confusing her” Yoochun butted in. “Just try it, nuna. You’ll learn”

“Ready?” Jae smiley asked, knowing that he’ll win for sure. “Go!”

As expected, the noobie Eunhye lost.

“It’s ok; you’re a virgin to this. It’s just your first time. But you’ll enjoy this later” the members looked at their leader and his equivocation.

“That’s sound weird, hyung” even the pervert Yoochun couldn’t stand this. Yunho blushed.

“Actually, it’s kinda fun” Eunhye told them “I think I get used to it now. Let’s try again” she told Jaejoong. The man smirked but didn’t object.


“K.O.” the samurai was knocked down by pirate girl “Grace Won!”


“No!” the dolphin boy cried out after being defeated by the newbie girl. Put his head in his hands.

“No wonder why you guys love this game so much!” Eunhye exclaimed like she has become enlightened “This helps relieve stress so well! Now, who’s next?”

“We’ll send our champion” Jaejoong announced after a short pondering. The 3 of 5 boys, Jaejoong, Yoochun and his yaoi partner, Junsu, already lost to her. “U-know Yunho!”

“Yay! Fighting!!!” the boys clapped and cheered for their leader but…

“K.O. – Grace Won!”

“What!?!” the members couldn’t believe their eyes. The competitive Yunho lost to a girl. But to one, it’s quite obvious he gave in to her. “I can’t believe all of us lose to a girl!” Yoochun groaned. Yunho shrugged.

“Yah! What’s wrong with losing to a girl?” the So Nyuh Jangsa scolded. While the only one left yelled “Hey! Say it for yourselves! Don’t include me! I haven’t lost!”

“But you will!” Eunhye winked. She took the joystick from Yunho and crammed it into Changmin’s palms.

“Changmin fighting!” the umma massaged the maknae’s shoulders. The appa massaged his legs. The YooSu couple were fanning him “You have to redeem on behalf of us, Minnie! Aja!”

“In the name of the Gods of East, you can not lose!” they told him.

Eunhye was smug.

“K.O. – Max Won!”

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Eunhye plumped down to the floor with unbelief.

“Yes!” Changmin jumped up with joy. His hyungs ran up to their maknae and lifted him up.

“Definitely Choikang Changmin!!!” they paraded him around the room, leaving the gloomy Eunhye behind for a minute. “Minnie, you’re the best!”

“Yah! It’s just 1:4!” Eunhye shouted at them “I’m still winning” but none of these monkeys listened to her. “Tsk. I’m leaving now!”

“Ahhh!!!” they turned back to her “Don’t be mad!”

“I’m not mad!” she said but still pouting. Then she changed the topic “Aren’t you guys sleepy? It’s 2 in the morning now.”

“Nope. We are night owls” Junsu said, dilating his eyes rolling left and right like he’s really an owl.

“We normally don’t sleep much anyway” Yunho told her “So we used to sleep only a few hours a day”

“I know that but…” Eunhye said “It’s not good for your health”

“Are you trying to persuade us to sleep in the bedroom?” Jaejoong frankly asked “It’s not going to work” Eunhye pouted “Why do you always pout when you’re mad?” he uttered out randomly.

“You have a problem with that?” she raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah, when you’re pouting, your lips are more—”

“Let’s watch movie!” Yunho shouted loudly making Eunhye winced with sudden shock. The appa quickly shot a warning glance to the umma.

“—desirable” Jaejoong’s voice faded away in the end. Other members also shouted out at the same time to prevent any possible chaos. Knowing this, DBSK’s pretty boy slowly blushed.

“Have you watched ‘The Tales of Two Sisters’ nuna? It’s super scary” the dolphin shrieked at her.

“Scary movie? At night?” Yoochun asked his yaoi partner “Andue. Let’s watch comedy”

“But I wanna watch ‘The Notebook’” Changmin whined.

“Dibi dibi!” the 3 boys did the Paper, Rock, Scissors to decide it. The results are that they’ll watch scary movie first, followed by comedy and romance respectively.

Being a bit outcast, Eunhye silently watched her hoobaes with adoration. They took away the game set and quickly cleaned up all the mess and the garbage, and finally invited her to sit at their only long sofa. Eunhye sat at the far left, beside her are the famous YunJae couple cuddling… more like wrestling by her side. Yoochun brought a campstool from somewhere and put it next to the sofa by Eunhye side. The other 2 younger boys sat on the floor in front of them.


“Just call me Eunhye” she abruptly said, the boys stared at her “Just cut the formality already!”

“So, nuna, what do you wanna watch?” The Chunsa Xiah asked their nuna to choose the movie

“I thought you wanna watch ‘The Tales of Two Sisters’

“I do, but the other doesn’t approve of it!” pouting and whining at her like a little kid. Eunhye giggled.

“What other scary movies do you have then?” she asked and crawled down to sit beside him, helping him choose a nice horror movie. “House of Wax… The Shutter… Ghost House…The Ring… The Exorcism of Emily Rose? I haven’t heard of this one”

“Andue!!!” all the boys shouted at the same time. Eunhye turned to look at them with questioning eyes “It’s too scary!” Yoochun maniac shaking his head

“You guys watched it already?”

“Honestly, we didn’t even manage to watch it longer than 10 minutes” Yunho said, his voice cracking. Eunhye hid her evil smile

“Just try it this time then!” she inserted the DVD inside the player and climbed back to the couch, ignoring all the comments. They let it played, not forwarded it pass the advertising and other movie trailers. Yunho was in the middle of the couch, flanked by 2 pretty faces. At his left, Eunhye was hugging her knees and fixed her on the screen. Unknowingly, the baggy Jaejoong’s pj she’s wearing were slipped from her right shoulder, giving the taller Yunho a bird eyes view of her luxurious shoulders, collar bones and cleavage. But as a gentleman, the leader wasn’t that pervert. He slightly touched the obvious big green bruise on her exposed shoulder, which most likely happened because of the slam with their maknae earlier on. Eunhye flinched at his touch and turn to look at him.

“I’m sorry nuna” he mouthed “We’re playing too hard” Eunhye just smiled and brushed it off.

“Don’t worry! It’ll heal.” They moved their eyes back to the screen, the story is started.

There are some scary parts, but nothing has yet scared the hell out of them. But then, when they were looking at the picture of the dead girl. Bang!

“Kyaa!!! / Arghh!!!” all of them screamed at the same time. YunJae couple hugged each other tightly. Yoochun covered his eyes with his hands. The scary-movie-lover Kim Junsu jumped up to the couch and cuddled to Eunhye, scared as she was, Eunhye cuddled him back in horror. The only one sat there nonchalantly was their strongest Changmin. He just kept watching it interestedly.

2 split seconds later, they were back to the world. The appa and umma pulled apart. Jae-Jae playfully hit Yunho’s upper arm as if he’s the pervert trying to molest him. The dandy boy slowly put his hands down. And Junsu and Eunhye…

“Ahhh!!!” Eunhye screamed and pushed Junsu away when realizing that they’re hugging, making him fell on his back from the couch he jumped on.


“Mianhe! Junsu ah!” Eunhye squealed, offered a hand at him. Junsu was about to reach for her hand. But at that moment, Eunhye took a glance back at the TV which she shouldn’t have done. Because another scariest scene was shown and Eunhye, along with the other boys screamed their lungs out again.

This time, Eunhye threw herself to Junsu arms, hiding her face at his chest. Right now, everyone temporally forgot about what happened to Emily Rose and stared at the only lady there.

“Eunhye-ah” Junsu called. Eunhye looked up at him with panic eyes, which turned to confuse when she saw his red cheeks “I already have a girlfriend”



“I told you so!”

Eunhye switched her position with Hero to the far right of the sofa, still eyeing the dolphin angrily. Though everyone already helped her smack his head, her mood is still smouldering. She made a pout again.

“I told you so!” the dandy Micky said again “I told you we shouldn’t watch horror stuff late at night. It brings bad luck!”

“Arasso. Arasso. Arasso.” Jaejoong cut “It’s your turn to choose now”

Yoochun went for Night at the Museum for some comic relief. Although all of them have already watched it at least once, they still enjoyed it. However, not sure if it’s because they already watched it or because it’s very late or both, Yunho, Junsu and Changmin fell asleep half way. Yunho’s head landed perfectly on Eunhye’s shoulder. She glanced aside and found him soundlessly asleep. In front of her, the maknae Changmin were also sleeping, resting his head at the couch’s armrest. So Eunhye was trapped and may go nowhere.

“Jaejoong-shi” Eunhye tugged him by the arms. The umma turned to her annoyingly as he was so into the movie so much, but once saw his other half of the YunJae couple, he quickly pulled his partner away from the girl.

“Yunho ah! Are you cheating on me again?” Jaejoong was more like talking to himself playfully, not really expected an answer from the sleeping Yunho.

“Should we carry them inside the bedroom?” Eunhye suggested.

“No, it’s all yours tonight” Yoochun whispered back. “We can just throw them around here”

“But I’m not sleepy! I just slept for 5 hours straight and that’s enough for me”

“Fine!” the 3 of them carried 3 sleeping hotties to their bed.

“Is he always sleeping like that?” the only girl there asked, looking at Yunho’s open mouth “It’s not good for his vocal” she glanced over to the next bed where Junsu was sleeping like a baby.

“It’s the bad habit he can’t quit” the umma told her, throwing the blanket over to cover the appa’s not-so-pleasant face. “I always feel embarrassed by that!”

Eunhye held her laugh. The 3 of them were walking out of the bedroom when…

“Hyung~” Eunhye turned back at the maknae’s call. Wasn’t he sleeping? Yoochun grabbed her shoulder.

“Just ignore him. He’s the sleep-talker”


After finish watching Night at the Museum, they turned off the television. Eunhye wasn’t sleepy. And the boys felt too guilty to go to bed just like that and left Eunhye. And they also didn’t want to work with their songs yet. So they decided to have a little pajamas party. They were feed with some leftovers, a lot of snacks and soda. They openly talked about everything on their minds, from politics to economics, religions to fortunes, movies to inside gossipy, and slowly their conversations shifts to their worries and inquiries of one another’s.

“So, our cute Chunsa already find himself a girlfriend?”

“You’re interested?” Yoochun teased her. Eunhye rolled her eyes at him. The dandy boy laughed at that and answered “Yeah, he indeed got himself a very nice girlfriend”

“Zhang Li Yin?” Eunhye guessed.

“Of course not!” Jaejoong said “You shouldn’t listen to the rumor that much nuna. She’s a non-celeb”

“I see. Good for him!” she nodded and then continued “What about you guys? Are all the rest of you single?”

“Yeah” both boys replied.

“That’s where the yaoi rumors come from!” Eunhye pretended to lecture at them “You guys also should get yourself a good girlfriend”

“Yah! You should know that we’re damn busy. How can we find time to have a girlfriend?” Jaejoong offended.

“Please! There’re tons of girls who’ll throw themselves at you once you open your mouth!”

“I don’t date fan girls” Micky said.

“Me neither” Jaejoong added

“I thought you say you would love to date one of your fan girls!” she asked the pretty boy accusingly.

“You know, it’s all for publicity” he said sneakily but also cutely. Eunhye narrowed her eyes “Liar!” she mouthed, which Jae-Jae just shrugged at.

“What about the SNSD? I heard a lot of rumors that some of you are dating SNSD girls”

“It’s all just another false rumor” Jaejoong assured her “They are merely hoobaes to us”

“And we have seen them around like forever” Yoochun added “Even before they–” he stopped mid track. Whether it’s true or not, he knew it’s not polite of him to say this kind of things about their label mates.

“Undergone the surgery?” seeing him reluctant, Eunhye kindly continued the sentence for him. Yoochun nodded and smiled sheepishly.

“You know about it?” Jaejoong asked, surprising. Eunhye nodded and added.

“Their pre-debut pics are all over the net” she told him “People even called them ‘Plastic’s Generation’ ”

“But many celebs did it anyway” Jaejoong pointed out, which Eunhye also agreed.

“In the end, it doesn’t really matter how pretty you look, it’s all about talent and personality. If you have a good trait, you can go far in this industry” she said. “The pretty faces are just eye candies”

“By the way, have you heard from Hyun Joong lately?” Yoochun changed the topic. He, Jaejoong, T.O.P. and Hyun Joong are known to be close friends. And it’s quite well-known that Hyun Joong is also pretty close to Eunhye. He once admitted to them that he usually takes at least a year to become friendly with girls, and sometimes even boys, most notably his very own SS501 member, Heo Young Saeng. But just a few weeks of working together back in X-man, he became no longer awkward around her.

“We haven’t talked lately, but I heard that he accepted the role as one of the Korean F4”

“Yeah, he’ll co-star with Lee Minho and Kim Joon of T-Max” Yoochun clarified. “I also have heard that you and Jo In Sung were their first choice of Geum Jan Di and Goo Jun Pyo roles and the crews have been nudging you to go for the audition. Why don’t you take the role?”

“I just wanna do original roles” she told them “I don’t want to be compared with Shan Cai of Meteor Garden or Makino of Hana Yori Dango”

“I see” Yoochun nodded.

“But aren’t you two going to star in some dramas as well?” Eunhye asked “I heard that you’re given the leading role in Dating on Earth” she turned to Hero “and you’re offered the role in Heaven’s Postman

“Neh~” they replied.

“I did get the leading role” Micky admitted “But we were too busy to do the shooting, so it’s canceled. But Jaejoong hyung will definitely appear in Heaven’s Postman”

“This might be improper question, and it’s ok if you guys don’t want to answer this one but…” Eunhye hesitantly asked “Did your solo acting activities have anything to do with the rumor about your disbanding?” one could feel that the mood changed dramatically. The 2 best friends made an eye contact.

Hero sighed deeply “It’s bullsh*t”

“Eh?” Eunhye shocked at his swear “So it’s just another false rumour?”

“Too bad it’s not” he said. Eunhye’s eyes widened “But it’s all bullsh*t that almost made us disband!”

“If it doesn’t bother you much, could you tell me what was it?” but seem like it did bother Jaejoong because the umma of DBSK kept his mouth shut. So the Americanized Micky told her

“It’s a girl” he paused “Or I should say it’s a b-i-t-c-h!


“What b!tch?” Bansuk asked.

“I don’t think my members will be happy if I tell you Bansuk” Eunhye smiled apologeticly at her younger brother “even though you’re my little brother”

The teddy guy shrugged “Well, it’s ok. I’m just curious”

“Well, let’s just say” Eunhye gave a hint “Me and DBSK, we have the same enemy”


To be continued…


A/N: The faces they made during electric staring battle

Eunhye : scary fierce eyes

Jaejoong : …watch at your own risk *me fainting*

(A/N: Just to remind you. This chapter is still in the past. Everything in this chapter took place in the last quarter of 2008)


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