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23 Feb, 2010

Annoyance in Work

This is the first rant I wrote in my new blog. I’m going to write about annoying people I have met in work.

I’m a student in business management field. In this semester, I enroll in 5 classes – BUSINESS PLANNING, BUSINESS AND SOCIETY, BUSINESS PROBLEMS ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING, COMMUNICATIVE BUSINESS ENGLISH 2, and MARKETING. In each class, we have one big group project of the semester. And for each class, I have different people working in my group.

Right now, it’s at the near end of the semester, so almost all the works are done. I gotta tell ya, it’s quite an interesting yet annoying experience working with these people. Of course, I got to meet and work with some awesome people who are very clever and can teach me a lot. But I also encountered ones of the most annoying people I have ever met.

1. An I-know-it-all bitch

In my BUSINESS PLANNING class, each group was assigned to make a Business Plan for the chosen entrepreneurs. Our group was assigned with Football Sport Club. Sounds good? The only problem is, our group members are all girls…

Hey, I know. There always be those tomboyish girls who know about the sport, or at least know about boys’ etiquette. And I happen to be that one.

I have never been a girly girl. My male friends outnumber my female friends. I have a soccer-mania-younger brother. So I think out of 6 “quiet and shy” girls, I’m the one who know the most about what we are doing. I even dragged my brother in for his opinion, for heaven’s sake!

For all the things I have done, I should at least gain some respect for my opinion, you know? And I did. Most of the members know it and respect my opinion, but there gotta be this I-know-it-all bitch who think she knows better. You know, I’ll never fuzz if she DOES know better. But puh lease! This is a 20-year-old ajumma who never play outdoor! I think I do know better than her when it comes to this field!

For the whole semester, I was so calm. (Everyone who knows me should know that it’s not an easy thing for me to shut up to a bitch) I try to always stay positive. “Come on, Pa. don’t be upset. She just wanna help” “It’s maybe over the top for you, but it may be good for others”

But I just can’t stand when she never listens to what others say, never respect others’ opinion and always want to stick with her own ideas. Yeah yeah, I’m sure the soccer players would love to have his whole family cheering at the side of the field when he’s playing at… what… midnight?, and yeah yeah, the roof wouldn’t be necessary though Thailand rains all year long *roll eyes*

After months of suppress my frustration, one day I’m just have had enough. Do whatever you want, bitch! If you think your idea was so great and others’ are junk. Do it all by your own. I will say nothing no more.

2. An un-filial-low-life bastard

Now, moving on to my BUSINESS AND SOCIETY class, or what students usually called “CSR” (Corporate Social Responsibility). In this class, we have 2 big projects, one was done, the other has yet to come.

For the first project, we have to go to Lumpang, the northern province of Thailand to learn about the problem. Apparently, there is an electricity plant there that causes pollution to the local inhabitants. There have been conflicts between two parties for decades and we supposed to find out the roots and suggest a good way out for both sides.

Though my group has 7 members, 2 are men. I was the only one who made it to this trip. But it’s ok. I’d think of it as a vacation. I’m a lone wolf can take care of herself anyway.

When I got back, I gave them my lectures, the useful links, the recorded interviews and conversations, including tons of photos. For god’s sake, I even did half of the assignment for them! But guess what? I had to do the other half the night before due date… how great!

They have been bouncing and tossing the works around, not seriously doing it that eventually I couldn’t stand. During the time, another friend of mine who can’t get along with her group asked to join. Since no one did anything but me, I accepted her in and she helped me do the remaining half. I texted all of them about the new member and the works. Once the work was 90% done, a bitch came up to me and said “We can’t let her join. Our group already has the maximum of 7 people” to my friend’s face. How great, bitch!

But you know me; I don’t care what she said. That night, I went to bed at midnight, my friend stayed up till 3 am. At 5 am. I woke up and finished up it. The work was officially finished at 6.30 am. While it was due at 9.00 am. of that morning.

Exhausted as I was, I emailed all 7 of them the finished work. Asked them via that email to print it out, and handed it in, then I went to bed. At 8 o’clock, I woke up again by a phone call from my best friend. She asked me which classroom she had to hand the work in.

I was so awake at that moment. Why my group, which has 7 members, 8 including the new added one, has to ask someone from another class to hand in our assignment? Since I was the one who did the job all night long, I think they must had a pretty good sleep that night, so why can’t they just get that fat ass out of the bed and hand it in?

And the worst thing was, the next morning. I countered a member in a computer room. Someone has told me I was too nice to everyone… well I started to think he was right. Because the first thing I did was waving my hand, and put a smile on my face. The reaction? She glanced at me a bit and turned away, acting like she didn’t see me. Just out of the blue, I walked to her and sat right in front of her. She still did her things, not acknowledge my existence at all.

I spent lots of energy to stop myself from saying “A ‘Thank You’ would be nice, bitch!”

And that’s just from 2 classes of mine. Imagine 5 of them with different types of idiots… wait, I don’t have to imagine it, coz it’s my reality… how suck!


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