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Snow Falling – Chapter 1


There are something you should take notes before reading this story

1. The names of the characters are written and arranged in the original Japanese (Asian) way. The last name/family name coming first, and followed by the first name/given name.

For example:  The female lead, Yamamoto Airi. Her family name is Yamamoto. And Airi is her given name.

2. Similar to western culture, the Japanese would call people that they are not close to or people older than them by their last name. And only family members or close friends would call them by given name.

For example: Kenta and Airi are childhood friends who have known one another since forever. Therefore, they both call each other by first name. On the contrary, Shiniji has just moved here, no one knows him that well. So initially everyone called him by his family name, Ichizawa. Later on when they become more familiar, they start calling him “Shiniji“.

3. There are some Japanese words or phrases that I used in this story without translating as I think it would ruin the mood if I do. But to not confuse readers who are unfamiliar to these Japanese words, I’ll add the translation at the end of each chapter

Well, that’s all.

Now, please enjoy reading ^_^

Yamamoto Airi is a nerd. She may not wear glasses or live a life in library, but still a nerd nonetheless. Airi is a top-class student. The only grade she ever received is A. She is the type of the girl every parents dream of their daughter – pretty, smart, talented and responsible. And everyone always wonder how come a cold honor student like her become Yoko High School’s number 1 playboy, Takano Kenta’s closest friend.

If they meet today, Airi doesn’t think they could become friends either. But because they have met in childhood days, when Airi was still a cry-baby and Ken was her savior, their bonds are strong.


Kenta opened one eye, and twitched around.


“Airi, go away…” he sleepily said.

“Kenta!” a fist hit his chest. Kenta became widely awake.

“Ouch! You don’t have to be so violent, you know?” the boy looked up to meet the brown eyes of his childhood friend. She kneels down next to where he sleeps, that long curly black hair of hers flowing everywhere by the breeze at the rooftop.

“You’re skipping class again, Ken-chan?” Airi pouted at him. Ken takes a glance at his watch. It’s during Japanese literature class period.

“Look who’s talking” he laid back down, closing both eyes “You’re also skipping class”

“Well, I’m different!” she declared “I can very well manage to get top score even if I attend no class”

“Well, I may not be as genius as you, but my grade never went down under 3.0, so I guess I’m good skipping today’s most boring class”

“That’s because you always copy my homework!” another fist hit attacked his chest.

“Airi!” Ken grabbed her hand and quickly released. “Being so mean like this. That’s why you still don’t have a boyfriend”

“It’s ok if no one wants to be my boyfriend” Airi turned her blushing face the other way “Coz I will be Ken-chan’s bride”

Ken’s laughter echoed around the platform. “I can’t be your groom, Airi” He got up and looked over the fences “I’m in high demand, you know? And you are too violent! No sexiness or cutesiness at all.”

If he wasn’t looking at another girl at that time, Kenta may have caught a glimpse of Airi’s sorrowful face.

“Tsk! I was just kidding. I know I’m too good for Ken-chan anyway.”

But Kenta didn’t listen to that last remark since he saw something more interesting at the front of the building. Though they’re at the rooftop, but it’s actually a 4-story building. So they can see what happen down there and vice versa.

“Hey Airi, look!” He grabbed her uniform’s sleeve. Airi pokes her head over the fences. There, at the front of the third-year building, a family is standing there with their principal and teacher. They saw an ordinary middle-aged couple, a third-year** girl and a second-year boy. They can tell which student in which year by the necktie color. Both Kenta and Airi are in second-year, wearing colored tie, mostly blue or patterned. The first-year wears neat black tie. And the third-year or the senior do not have to wear ties.

“They are transferred students” Airi said.

“Yeah, I know.” He replied “But the girl is hot, don’t you think?”

A sharp pain flashed upon Airi’s face, as same as every time Kenta lay his eyes on other girls.

“I… I don’t know… she’s kinda cute though.”

“Cute? She’s hot!” Ken looked up and down Airi’s body “Compare to you, Airi. You are still a child” he messed her hair.

“Kan-chan! You’re messing my hair”

“Hey! Who’s there?” a teacher shouted from the ground. They looked over again and saw that the entire group was watching them. “Go back to class now!”

Kenta quickly pulled Airi away from the fences, but not before she made an eye contact with the boy down there. The only thing Airi can say is, he has the most beautiful pair of eyes she has ever seen.


~ Next Morning ~


“Ken-chan” Airi can literally hear the girls around her sigh when he approaches their group.

“I don’t understand the math” he pleaded with puppy eyes “Teach me~”

“I’ll teach you, Kenta-kun*” a girl blurted out from behind but Kenta doesn’t care. He grabs a chair and sits next to Airi.

“Ken-chan, you are not good at math, so you shouldn’t skip the class too much. We’re going to have an exam soon”

“But I hate math. And the math hates me too.”

“If the math hates you, I can’t do anything to help you then” she teasingly said.

“Yes, you can!” he confirmed “The math hates me, but you don’t hate me. Right?”

Airi sighs. She has never been able to reject him, never once, never will.

“Alright. I’ll stay around after your football practice today.”

“Yes!” he grinned “Thank you Airi. You’re the best.”

“You are only nice to me when you need my help, Ken-chan” she said coldly.

“Awww. Come on!” he yelled “I’ll treat you a meal! Don’t be cruel to me, sensei!***”

“Hey Ken!” Tatsuya called.

“I gotta go now. See you this evening Airi”

Her eyes wander after his back till he’s out of the room. And when the girls let out their sigh, Airi was trying her best to hold it in. That’s one secret nobody ever knows and she could never tell. It’s her only secret that she’s fallen in love with her own childhood friend, Takano Kenta.

“Airi-san*, I’m so jealous of you” the girl who offered to teach Ken earlier said.

“Yeah…” another girl agreed “He’s really cool”

“Why are you jealous of me? I’m not his girlfriend” she told them with faint smile “I’m just his childhood friend”

“But he likes you a lot, doesn’t he?” Fujiwara Nanako, Airi’s best friend said. She looked at Airi coldly. “I told you. You shouldn’t let him get away every time he wants to skip classes. He knows he can always rely on you. That’s why he’s being astray like this.”

“Fujiwara-san, you are too harsh!” another girl defended “Kenta-kun knows his limit. He’s a nice guy. Isn’t that right, Airi-san?”

“Yeah yeah. Please don’t fight.” She sighed “It’s no big deal, Nanako-chan, really.” She smiled.

The teacher walks in.

“Class, back to your seat.” Kenta and his friend, Tatsuya took their seats behind at the back of their class, while Airi and Nanako are at the second roll. “We have a new friend here”

And Airi’s instinct doesn’t let her down when the boy she saw yesterday step in. His eyes immediately meet hers. “Ichizawa Shiniji, I’m transferred from Hokkaido. Please be kind to me.” He bowed. And Airi took note of something she missed yesterday, his eyes, they are amber.

Yesterday, when she saw him, Airi thought he was decent-looking. That was an understatement. He is not only good-looking, he’s actually very handsome, cool and has some appeal exuded from his body. He could easily challenge Kenta as the new number 1 Hottie of Yoko High. No doubt other people also agreed with her. They all unanimously hold their breath when they first saw him, and let out long sigh like they didn’t realize they were holding it.


“Hai****!” Airi’s hand sprung up to the air.

“Can you please take care of Ichizawa-kun till he can adjust himself in?”

“Hai, sensei.”

“Ichizawa, you can take the seat next to her”

“Hai” he replied calmly and sat next to her. Unlike the bright playful charm of Ken, Ichizawa’s charm can only be described as dark and mysterious.

“Yamamoto Airi, nice to meet you” she whispered to him while the students prepare his lecture. The boy nodded.

“And you know my name. Sorry for the burden though.”

At 3 rolls behind them, Kenta was looking at them intensely.



Author Note: Translation & Clarification

* Honorifics – same as Korean, Japanese do use honorifics. But there are more range of suffix using. From using among close pals to the honorable ones.

-chan = Mostly used as suffix to young girls name, showing endearing feeling towards the person. But sometimes also used with boys.

-kun = Mostly used as suffix to young boys name, showing endearing feeling towards the person. Same as “-chan”, it can sometimes used with girls, but mostly with those un-lady-like girls.

-san = Unlike the earlier 2 that mostly used among close companions or relatives, “-san” is used with those who are not so familiar with or those who are respectable. It’s slang from “sama” or “Miss/Mister”.

** Japanese Class Order and Schooling – Divided into Junior High and High School, 3 years each. The students are not called the “tenth grader” , “twelfth grader” , “freshmen” or “senior”. But they would be called according to their year like “First year in High School” or “Second-year in Junior High”

So the third-year in High School = Senior aka. Pre-College

*** Sensei = Teacher

**** Hai = Yes. (impulsive/autonomous reply)


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  1. Brim over I to but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

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    • Can’t say I understand what you mean about having more info though…

      But if you mean about the Japanese thing, I only put those that make my readers understand the way I wrote easier. I didn’t want to teach Japanese culture or whatsoever

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