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Horrible Horrible Day

2 March, 2010

Today is awful…

It’s the first day of my exams weeks. Today, I had Business Communicating English – Listening & Speaking Exam.

First, I gotta tell you that on my test started at 10 am. So I set my alarm clock at 7 am.

But last night, I couldn’t sleep at all. I went to bed at 11.30 pm. Trying to get some sleep but couldn’t.

My roommate also kept me awake by telling me joke stories. Seriously who could be sleepy if you kept laughing non-stop? =.=  But couldn’t blame her though. She was just trying to help. However, her effort was futile. She even fell asleep before me. I think I fell asleep at 1 am. Then at 5 pm. Without knowing why, I woke up. If it’s because of a dream or a nightmare, I couldn’t remember. If it’s because of some disturbance, I didn’t feel any when I was awake.

Anyway, I tried to get some more sleep before having to really wake up at 7. But same as earlier effort, I failed. My eyes were wide-opened since 5. So I decided to go to leave dorm earlier than I planned. I read the textbooks till 10. But by that time, the sleepiness had took over me.

My listening skills has never been under question. It is really good. And I’m not being bias to myself. I like watching Movies and shows and stuff, so I get to hear many types of accent and improve my listening skills. But today’s test… only 1 word can describe… horrible.

We had to listen to a news article and an interview back-to-back. The news was about Google.cn struggling to success in Chinese market. After listening to it, I died to see who the talker is. Seriously! His accent was of that I never heard. And although he read quite slow, no one could figure out what he said. I wish I could meet him and tell this to his face “What did you think you were talking about?”

My friend joked that she would ban using Google for a week  😀 

And after finishing listening test, we have speaking test where we would be interviewed in pair. I and my friend were the first couple. My partner didn’t really do her homework, but I didn’t worry as much as I should, because she’s a pretty fluent English speaker.

The first bad thing after that Google article was that our interviewer/teacher was 1 and a half hour late. I was supposed to be interviewed at 11.30 am. And I even waited for her before that at 11.10 am. But the actual start was at 1 pm. Sigh.

It took about half an hour to finish this speaking test. Where my partner and me made lots of mistake. Oh, have I told you? We got scolded too. I came out of the room to face a pool of people waiting outside. One was another friend from the same class. She has no partner, so she asked me if I can be hers. I said ok.

Actually, I had an appointment with an old friend at 1 pm. But guess what? She was also late… by 2 hours…

Why everyone was late today? Haven’t you heard of punctuality?

And becuase she was late, I had nothing better to do than helping my friend out with her interview. Everything was all done by 4 pm. 4 hours later than my initial plan. I hadn’t eaten my lunch yet and only had a pair of sandwich since woke up. I was hungry, sleepy and frustrated. My old friend who arrived at 3 and had to wait for me for an hour treated me a meal. So that’s was one awesome thing in this day.

And now, at 10 pm., I couldn’t get myself to sleep AGAIN that I had to come here and blabling things to people that couldn’t care less. LOL.

Sigh… T^T

I guess I’ll go to bed now. Though I don’t feel sleepy. My body needs some beauty sleep after all. 😉


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