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Rant on Perverts (Rate 15+)

  • The names in this rant/blog were changed to protect these people’s privacy
  • Contain sexual and cursing words that may not be appropriated for people under 15 years old




I never have a boyfriend. Of course, there are some flirts and crushes. But I never really have got myself a real boyfriend. However, one thing I notice is that I tend to be interested in a certain type of men that is either…

  1. Gay
  2. Already taken

Isn’t that great? My ideal types are those who I can’t have XD

And to make it even worse, those whom I attract are always perverts…

What a great charm I have here? =.=

Does my face say something like I would love to be a sex buddy? Or is it just a stereotype that Asian/Thai girls are sluts? What have I done that make these dirty men attracted to me so much?

Starting from internet life to real life, there’s no dark, tall, handsome and decent guys approach me… OK, there is. But I screwed up with that chance. Anyway, that’s not what I wanna say today. What I try to say is, men who show their interest in me in the past 20 years of my life are mostly perverts… and I don’t understand why.

Following are the examples of my confrontations with DOM (Dirty Old Men)

I have signed up on a chat site “Chatango” to talk with my friends who live in the other parts of the world. But I keep getting disgusting messages like…

“Do you masturbate?”

“Want me to finger you?”

“Do you have webcam? Come and see me cum!”

And there are even messages from the people with same gender as me!

“Can you help me squirt?”

These stuffs are driving me crazy!

I know that some people, especially boys, would find this kind of thing funny. These perverts are sitting on their ass in front of the screen. They cannot really “do” anything to me. But you know what? If you receive this kind of message every time you open your laptop to talk with your friends, you’re going to be just as pissed off as me.

Absolutely, those dirty messages from the internet world couldn’t be as bad as the ones you get in real life.

I understand that boys are boys. They like checking out the chicks. Udom Taepanich, a famous Thai comedian once jokingly admitted that boys do love watching at some particular parts of the girls body – face, hair, breasts, hips and legs. I know that and I’m okay about it.

But there is still line about it. Boys have to know the limit. And they need to know that when they cross the line, girls (me) will not tolerate it.

Just the other day, my friend, Jamie asked me to be her tutor for the upcoming exam. I said ok and we agreed to meet at 12.30 pm. (mid-day) after she finished her exam. But unfortunately for the studying, our old friend Champ (yes, that’s his name) and his girlfriend Cirie showed up. He was about to transfer to Japan, so he wanted to meet us and had fun before he left. So the 4 of us went to a restaurant and chat. A few minutes after that, Jamie’s boyfriend “Doc” joined us. His real name is not “Doc”, but since he’s in Med-School, we called him Doc. He’s 3 years older than the rest of us. So I would think he’s more mature and can control himself  >_>

That day, I wore a skirt. Actually, I have to wear skirt almost every day since our college has uniforms. I usually wear a knee-length pleat skirt. But that day, I had no class. So I wear casual clothes consisted of a hooded T-shirt and jeans skirt. It’s not that short, really. The skirt was only an inch above my knee. But when I sat down, it moved up a few inches more. All girls would understand what I’m talking about here. The problem is, that guy kept staring at my legs the whole time. And if you ask me, it’s a disgusting feeling!

I kept pulling the skirt lower to cover my legs and even put my bag on my lap, but he still kept checking me out. And finally Jamie noticed it. (Thank God!) So he covered up saying my skirt was too short…  My expression went from (o_o) –> (=o=) –> (>_>).  It’s too short? Seriously? Have you ever looked at what your girlfriend was wearing?

His girlfriend aka. my friend Jamie was just sitting there between us. And instead of looking at her thighs, who was wearing hot pants, he’s staring at mine. (If you don’t know what is the “hot pants”, Google it.)

Only if Jamie was not there, I was going to say something real harsh to him. That jerk even asked me to go on a threesome date with him and Jamie. (=.=) I told him not interested. But what I kept to myself are I don’t like being third wheel. And I hate pervert staring at me.

You know, I am ok with boys checking me out as long as it doesn’t go from just appreciating what they see to the point that make I feel dirtied just by their stare. He crossed the line that day.

  1. He looked at my legs the whole time with his eyeballs looking like this –> (O.O)
  2. He didn’t respect/honor me, who was sitting right there, knowing what he’s looking at. Or his own girlfriend, who was sitting next to him.
  3. He didn’t show guilty or the realization of my discomfiture that I obviously showed. Too obvious actually.

After that meal ended, I bid goodbye to Champ and his girlfriend and also bid goodbye to Jamie and her pervert boyfriend. I couldn’t stand it longer. I just told her I’ll teach her other time, but I was not feeling well then. Can you believe that until that moment, he still took a glance at my legs and my butt every now and then? *roll eyes* Gosh!

I wished I had a boyfriend. So he would be the one saying and punching that face while I was just sitting pretty. At that moment, in the back of my head wished he would do something more, like I knew he almost did. So I could punch his nose correctly without guilt in front of Jamie’s face and also make her break up with this jackass at the same time.

For the boys out there, no matter how good-looking, how well-built your image is. Girls don’t like that kind of pervert “appreciation”. We really don’t. Especially if you are our friends’ belonging.


One response

  1. eirallina

    Okay, so I did not know about the Chatango. LMAO!! I wonder what would they do if you actually accept…..

    You know, I got another e-mail/chat account on YIM which weird people send me links for “sexy” webcam views…

    March 7, 2010 at 11:28 am

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