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Snow Falling – Chapter 3

Airi couldn’t sleep.

It’s not like she could ever have a good sleep before. Thanks to Kenta. But not she has another thing to think over. Thanks to Shiniji. She doesn’t even understand herself, why she couldn’t just reject him like the way she always does with other men. She guesses it’s not only Kenta who is different; she’s also different right now.

Being a second-year, who is still a virgin, never has a single date, and hell she has never been kissed before! Airi thinks it’s time for her to try a different path. She couldn’t just wait for Ken to wake up and find himself in love with her, right? When will that be? When she’s 40?

Are there any reasons she should reject Shiniji? Well, she doesn’t know him that well. That’s one reason. But other than that? He’s good-looking, he’s smart and charming. And though he seems kinda dark and cold, he’s actually warmer than any guys she has met. Why not giving him a chance?

Airi thinks back to their conversation in front of her house.

“You don’t have to give me the answer right now” Shiniji said coolly “I’ll give you a night to think”

“Why me?” Airi finally found her voice.

“I like you”

“You could have any other girls you want. Why do you want to date me who is in love with another man?”

“Because you are the one I really want. I do not want any other girls”

“Don’t you think it’s too fast?” Airi asked “We’ve just met today. I mean… what do you like about me?”

“Your eyes” he answered it so simply.


“Your eyes.” he repeated “They’re the most beautiful pair I have ever seen” Airi wanted to tell him to look into the mirror to see those amber almonds “And I guess you don’t know how expressional it can be”

“You don’t know me” she tried to stay reasonable.

“I believe I’ll have plenty of time to learn more when we are dating”

God! He sure has his charm!

And he’s making her couldn’t sleep tonight. How dare him!?! This is the first time in her life, Yamamoto Airi thinking about a man other than Kenta before she fell asleep with her bright red face.


~ Next morning~

“Have a good sleep?” Shiniji greets her with that smirk. Who is he kidding? How could she have good sleep when he told her that!?!

Airi decided to ignore him. This morning, everything was covered in white snow.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me!” he followed her to her seat… well, their seats, since he sits next to her.

“Have you slept on it?” he lowered his voice. Airi sighed. Luckily, the class started at that moment, so she didn’t have to answer him. “We need to talk later” he said.




Surprisingly, it’s just Airi and Shiniji again this lunch. She guessed Ken is still buttering up to Shiho-sempai.

“So?” and she just knew he’s going to bring it up anyway.

Airi sighed again “I don’t know you”

“I’m Ichizawa Shiniji” he replied quickly.

She glanced at him coldly “Shiniji, you know what I mean”

“What do you wanna know about me then?” he suddenly becomes serious “I’m a second-year student, transferred from Hakkaido. I have an older sister. Before you, I have dated 10… no, no 20… ok, I can’t really remember but I dated a lot girls before I met you”

“You dated 20 girls?” her eyes widened.

“What are you so surprised about?” he playfully asked, and once again Airi noticed that he also has this side of him “Couldn’t you just tell it be my look?”

Airi cracked up a smile. “You are no better than Ken-chan”

“Hey hey hey!” he pushed her lightly “Don’t compare me to that jerk. I don’t sleep around anymore” his mood is down all of a sudden.

“Shiniji, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing… you never asked me why Shiho has to repeat the year” he said “Or why do I look like a foreign”

“I… it’s not like I’m not curious about it but…” she paused “I think when it’s the right time; you would be ready to tell me. But if it’s better to stay quiet, then you don’t have to tell me or anyone.” Shiniji laughed lightly.

“But I want to tell you”


“What should I say first?” he looked at her. And Airi understands him. He really wants her to get to know him better.

“Why did you move here?” she asked.

“Hmm… according to what we told the principal, my father who is a senior officer was moved to Tokyo. So we moved here” he told her “But the truth is my father was the one who wanted to move.” Shiniji let out a sigh.

“If you don’t wanna talk about it, it’s ok” she put her hands on his shoulder. Suddenly, Shiniji seems so vulnerable. He put his hand on hers.

“Shiho got pregnant last year” Airi was stunned “She was pregnant and aborted in 4 months”


“You know I used to be just like Takano. All flirting and smiling to all girls, why refuse them when they willingly throw themselves at me?” he forced out a laugh “Both I and Shiho were popular, and we knew it. I never thought Shiho would ever fall for anyone, but she finally did, ironically with my own classmate who was 2 years younger. They slept just once and there she’s pregnant. Neither Shiho, her boyfriend or my parents wanted the child, so they aborted it.”

Airi moved up to hold him.

“I’m my father’s son. He had me with another woman when he and mother decided to live separately for a while. Although mother never shows hatred towards me, I can feel it. And that’s why me and Shiho, we despised each other.” He holds on to her waist. Now Airi knows why he looks so European “But after that incident. It made me realize that I can’t be so reckless, so carefree like that. It taught me a great lesson. I don’t want to make the same mistake as my father and my sister. So I promised to myself that I’ll wait till I can find someone I really care and has a serious relationship with her. I’ll be responsible and reliable for her.”

Shiniji looks up to the girl who is holding him “Do you know me enough now?”




“Hey Kenta!”


“Have you heard rumors about the new kid?” Tatsuya plopped down next to him.

“Ichizawa Shiniji? What about him?”

“Well, there’s a girl who used to be in the same school as his. She said she used to sleep with him. He’s the real player, man”

“What!?!” Kenta grabbed Tatsuya’s collar “He’s a womanizer?”

“Yeah, a big one too. She said he slept with all girls in their school”


“Hey! Don’t worry! You are still no.1” Tatsuya pet his friend’s head, which Kenta nudges off.

“He’s with Airi now” he said his concern “That boy better not do anything weird to her… Argh! I’ll go check her out!” Kenta ran off.

“But Ken! Shiho is coming!” Tatsuya called “Ken!” he scratched his head “What the heck is wrong with that dude… he’s the one who call Shiho-sempai out”




Kenta knows where his destination is. Ever since they entered this school, he and Airi only have lunch at the same spot every day. Running nearby, Kenta heard the laughter and familiar voices.

“Ouch! It hurts!”

“You could have said it sweeter!” Airi’s voice rose “’Do you know me enough now?’ What kind of saying is that?”


“And how can I date you when I know there’re more than 20 girls kiss you before?”

“You’re jealous?”

“You wish!”

Kenta is standing at the corner of the building, only 50 meters away from them. He saw them having fun talking together, and wonder to himself. How long it has been since he saw that kind of smile on Airi’s face…


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  1. lairen

    story is great..
    chap 4 hwaiting!
    gtg now my saeng!

    March 13, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    • Thanks unnie
      trying to finish the story here

      Good luck!
      see u around ^^

      March 13, 2010 at 10:24 pm

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