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Park Jaebum’s Private Life

I only post this here to help spread the words that might at least help saving a good young man.

Taken from 2oneday forum : http://www.2oneday.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16535


“Park Jaebum” –  JYP Scenario

Everyone, please don’t overlook this post because it is long.
Please read it to the end.
If this continues, we’ll suffer again, and Park Jaebum will crash down

Just like the title says
Park Jaebum’s private life,
Regardless if it is true or not, in a few days, it will be released to the media.

Right now there is a rumor of a fabricated “Myspace controversy version 2”
The chances of this happening are very high.

Even if other people don’t know, we all know the truth.
Park Jaebum’s private life is clean.
Though we are just fans, and cannot know the depths of his personal life,
It is through broadcasts, interviews, and people close to him that we believe that
He is a conservative person who thoroughly administers his private life.

Right now, Jaebum’s character does not mean the least to JYPE.
The remaining 6 members are within their company,
There’s no reason to take the side of a kid who is overseas and now has no affiliation with their company.

Park Jin Young’s media play scenario…
It’s slowly coming true.

Reveal that Jaebum has officially withdrawn-> remaining six members all agree->the word of Park Jaebum’s personal life gets out

This is not something that Park Jin Young had to release so frankly.
There’s something fishy here.
Park Jin Young would never do something that will make the remaining 6 receive criticism.
Right now, they are receiving criticism but later, he knows that the criticism will stop.

After that
The divide between the Hottest –> host conference (6pm’s attitude towards the fans / square and resentment towards the fans) –> Hottests become enraged –> the onslaught of personal attacks towards 6pm and belittling them –> 6pm starts to gain sympathy by a third party, the public –> Jaebum and his fans become regarded as people with no intellect.

This is happening too.

This part is the problem.
The continuation of belittling 6pm and protecting Jaebum –> 6pm’s sympathy play & the belittlement of Jaebum –> The revelation of Jaebum’s private life before the April release of their album –> Park Jaebum’s fans become taken aback (also disappointed) –> JYP and 6pm’s acts (sorry we couldn’t protect you, we tried our best) –> the public’s realization (so that’s why 6pm acted like that before. They wanted to protect Jaebum even if they had to take blows from fans) –> Fans start turning their backs on Jaebum and return to 6pm –> Jaebum constantly crashes to the ground and becomes ostracized &6pm’s state of emergency.

The scenario is over.
How is it?
In a situation where we’re reaching the end of the scenario,
We’re actually helping JYPE.

Look at the comments on Nate News’ articles.
They’re helping so that it happens according to the scenario
Nate is absolutely not on our side
They’re a company that has joined hands with JYPE.
We’re being taken advantage of again.

Shortly, the shocking news of Jaebum’s personal life, whether it is true or false, is going to be released.
(If this weren’t the case, JYP and 6pm would never act like they have in the last few days)
When it is revealed, the public is going to be impressed with 6pm’s strong sense of friendship.
On the other hand, Jaebum will be treated as someone who can never live in South Korea.
I don’t know if I can use this as an example, but in the case of Super Junior’s Kang In, if he were a regular person, the problem would simply have been solved legally. Because he is a public figure, he was denounced by netizens almost to the point where he could not continue singing activities.
Park Jaebum’s case is presumed to be far worse than simple battery or a hit and run.
(At the conference, 6pm’s insolent attitude showed that, rather than a legal problem, it is more a problem with morals and ethics.) ——-> [This is just like what I said before here]

After Jaebum’s private life is revealed
You must never believe it. You must never turn your back on Park Jaebum.

After it is revealed, if we go back and say
“Sorry 6pm, sorry we didn’t trust you, we were wrong,”
The group that is called Hottest will become nothing but dumb fans and
At the same time, Jaebum will be regarded less than human; it will be hard for him to even live in America.

Our wish is not for Jaebum to return to 2pm.
We want to protect what little character he has left, and we want to comfort and cheer the one who will be having a hard time by himself.

The people who are freely badmouthing 6pm now,
It’s unknown when they will change.

We must not go back to them (6pm)
Even if it merely out of shame for badmouthing and regarded them as traitors.

If you want to keep being a fan,
Go be a fan of another group under another company.

We are all disappointed by 6pm’s secrets that are being revealed (woman problems, conflict with members, etc)
If you go back to being their fan, I bid you well.
They are indifferent people who do not, in the least bit, understand their fans’ feelings.
No matter how much we try to help them, they see us as nothing but money.

Please, let’s make sure that our money, our parent’s money
Never gets into the hands of Park Jin Young again.
We were taken advantage of, and our pride was hurt. We must never help him.

What we have to do

1. We must change the best replies on Nate articles as well as other articles.
Looking at the situation now, Nate has joined forces with JYPE and they will not allow articles about fans badmouthing 6pm leave the number one spot, probably with the intention to gain sympathy from people.

2. We must not attack 6pm’s personal lives.
They’re not afraid of personal attacks, they’re afraid of being ignored. We are doing the same thing they did to jaebum by attacking them. Let’s not give jaebum a bad name.

3. Even if jaebum’s personal life is revealed, we must not turn our backs on him.
Even if we are betrayed, it must be from jaebum.
Let’s trust him to the end. Let’s not become people who are controlled by JYP. Be aware that jaebum’s personal life is most probably fabricated by the company. Park Jin Young probably approached jaebum with the “do you want to bring down the other members just because of you?” card. Because jaebum is not someone who will damage others’ lives for himself, he will not wish his members to be affected, even if it means he will have to die.

4. The boycott should be enforced
Even if they win this game, they cannot say anything about the boycott. If you have been moved by their form of friendship, keep praising them. I cannot do that. My pride won’t let me because, even if it was for a moment, they sneered and they ridiculed us.

5. We must act first so that Park Jin Young can have nothing left to say.
For example, we must reveal the fabricated Myspace 2 incident along with everything else they have planned so that they have to find another reason. We have to keep doing this so they have no other reasons to use. We have to let people know that Park Jin Young is crazy smart and he is so money-crazy that he is an inhumane person.

6. Please spread the word.

The truth always prevails.
Let’s help not the singer Park Jaebum, but the person Park Jaebum rise above this.


Please spread the word


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