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Rant on Girl Groups

WARNING: Don’t worry. I bash everyone.

If you don’t like it, just leave it.




No. 1 – The title of this blog

“Fangs’ Castle”

“Here resides the violent beast… I’m outraged and I know it”

The blog is not Allkpop, Kpoplive, K-bites or whatever

THIS is my personal blog

Got it?


No.2 – The title of the post

“Rant on Girl Groups”

It’s a RANT, not a compliment.

You won’t see your favorite idols being worshiped and idolized here

Let this absorb into your head before continue


No. 3 – Repeat of the first warning

“Don’t worry, I bash everyone

If you don’t like it, just leave it.”

No one is forcing you to read what I think and feel


Note: I’m not writing this to gain attention. I’m not writing this to convince anyone.

I just want to rant out what I feel about Kpop girl groups these days

You may come to read and leave comments. But don’t expect me to tolerate any idiotic actions.

You won’t see me going to any fan sites and bash the stars there. Coz I know what propriety is, so I expect you to be the same.

I give you triple warnings, actually quadruple warning, so don’t go insane and bash me when you don’t like what you read.




Not many people know that I entered Kpop about 7 years ago. Pretty long time huh?

Back then I was very into music. Not that I’m no longer into it right now. But back then, I live by the music. I guess there is a reason for singers to have more fans and followers than actors. Coz music is a universal language…

I think most of Kpop lovers would know the name of who brought me to Kpop. It’s Baby VOX. The original hallyu quintets consisted of Sexy Leader Kim EZ, Tomboyish Shim Eunjin, Sophisticated Lee Heejin, Powerful Vocal Kan Miyoun and Cutie Maknae Yoon Eunhye. After it disbanded, I have become avid fan of Soloist Eunhye.

For me, these girls are much better than FinKL and on the same par as SES. Although they were very popular and successful, they were quite underrated back then. Baby VOX is the original girl group that excelled in both singing and dancing. SES had great vocals, I admitted, but they can’t dance. FinKL had good songs, but had only 1 good vocalist (Ok Ju Hyun) and 3 faces, none of them can dance. I don’t mean these old school idols should be able to dance. In my point of view, singers have to be capable of singing (with fairly nice vocal). But Baby VOX exceeded the expectation and was great in both fields.

After BBV disbanded, I have never been attracted to any other girl groups again… EVER. Believe me, I have tried, too many times, I was disappointed. And eventually, I became obsessed of boy bands instead.

Following are my rant on each girl group and why they could not draw me in.

[Rank in alphabet order]

1. 2NE1

I had high expectation for 2ne1. Not before debut, but after their very first debut with single “Fire”. I watched their performance and wow! They were good. Quite professional, doesn’t look like a debutants at all. At that time, I was seriously thinking that I could be their fan. They lack looks, but they sure got talent (minus Sandara Park who got looks but no talent).

But why why why!?! Why do I have to watch them sing “LIVE”? If I hadn’t watched it that day, I might still be their fan today. That performance… crap. I thought Park Bom had great vocal… she’s not. Her voice is actually quite weak.  I thought CL was one bad ass  rapper… she’s not. I initially thought CL was all-rounded the best in 2ne1, but the truth is Gong Minzi, the maknae, was actually the best-rounded one. I don’t talk about Dara, but I guess you understand why. The girl has a persona, but other than that…?


2. 4minute

Actually, 4minute did remind me a lot of Baby VOX. And I love them. They have good songs especially “Muzik” and “Jingle Jingle” and great stage performance. Each member also has something to bring up the table. HyunA is very professional (Thanks to her WG days), Jiyoon is well-rounded in singing, dancing and rapping (I actually think she’s more of a leader than Jihyun), Gayoon has the most powerful vocal, Jihyun is excelled in dancing and she’s sweet, and Sohyun is dorky and has good potential.

However, there is something that I cannot really point my finger to that stop me from being their passionate fan. I mean I love them. Their music is good and all. But there’s something missing. And I think it is the same reason why 4minute still doesn’t get the popularity they truly deserve. It might partially because the leader Jihyun always stand in the back and not really being in the leader position of the group.

However, 4minute is still in my potential list to be one great group that I might be a fan of one day.


3. After School

Dubbed as Korean Pussy Cat Dolls, After School is probably the group that I’m most disappointed in. I know I shouldn’t put my expectation too high but I can’t help. Isn’t this group supposed to be sexy dance group? And their “rotate group” concept also raises many questions inside my head. “What would happen after they graduate?” “How many members they can obtain at a time?” “What if Gahi graduate? What would happen to the group? who would become their leader?”

And UEE… I don’t like this girl and I never hide it. I never understand how did she become this famous with that blank/dead/expression-less face of hers. The girl has the least talent but is the most popular member of the group. The very same group that has Park Gahi who can put the self-acclaimed “best dancer” Hyoyeon to shame. You can say that other than their songs that don’t fit my likey, UEE is the main reason I don’t like After School.


4. Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls have talent. Loads of them actually. But they are quite underrated compare to the so-called No.1 Korean Girl Group Wonder Girls and SNSD though both lack talent. I’m happy for them that their popularity rose with “Abracadabra”. But why can’t I become their fans? I don’t know. Probably these girls women are too old/mature for idol world.

I think Jea, Narsha and Ga-In are great vocalists. And Miryo should be crowned bestest female rapper of all. Other than Kim EZ, she’s the first female rapper that doesn’t put shame to our gender. Coz I really hate it when hearing the “fast-talking” rappers rap and the real rappers go “Women really can’t rap”

BEG still is just beginning though. I’d love to see them become real singers not just idols. Coz they are so worth it.


5. f(x)

If 4minute is HyunA’s group, After School is UEE’s group, and then f(x) is Sulli’s group. Seriously, where the hell are the others? There used to be so much hype with their sudden debut. Victoria was popular as she featured in SHINee’s MV. Krystal was popular for the same reason plus she has SNSD’s Jessica as her sister. Amber was also famous for her tomboy look. And Luna… Luna who?

My not-so-random guess would be SM didn’t deliberately plan on their debut. But they “launch” the girls out as a distraction from their legal issue with DBSK. Both songs from the group were not good or catchy enough to draw attention. They may seem to have many fans but these people actually just those who want to support SM family. There are only very few who truly care and passionate about them.



Kara Kara Kara! What can I say about Kara? The group who make up their lack of talent with their cute image. Netizens are right. In WG, Sohee can’t sing. But in KARA, none can sing… or dance. Oh well, DSP is never good at recruiting new talent anyway. *Ahem* SS501 *Ahem* Rainbow *Ahem*.


7. Rainbow

KARA’s sister group. This group is like a flash. Fast come, fast go. They are supposed to be 7-member girl group. But I think they are a group with 1 star and 6 back up dancers. If you watch the MV, their performance or TV show appearances, you’ll see that they put Jae Kyung, the leader in limelight. The others are just accessories for her.


8. Secret

Who are they? What is their hit song again? Nobody knows?

Alright, let’s pass this one.


9. Seeya

Seeya has good vocal. Probably the best singers out of all girl group… but they are not idols. I never get into their songs and to make matters worse. I think not only me, but people everywhere are sick of their endless drama from their Diva/Drama queen Nam Gyuri.


10. SNSD

Who’s more pathetic? The SNSD girls themselves or their fans? This is the group who said their music is better than a repetitive song but rose to fame by “Gee”. And what are more pathetic are the Sones who used to bash WG for their “Tell Me” and “Nobody”, but go crazy with Gee.

Other than their songs, I think it’s only because they are everywhere, which make them become the No.1 Girl Group right now. Let’s not forget the fact that they only promote and rise to first spot once WG left Korean too. And what with their pervert lyrics? Half of their songs should be banned but thanks to Papa SM, they never once.

Pretty much like Super Junior, their male counterpart, I feel like SNSD need to stick together to shine. If any of them go solo, I believe they won’t even get a glimpse of spotlight. Taeyeon is the best singer of the group, but her vocal is still too weak to stand alone. Hyoyeon is the best dancer of the group, but if she’s not with SNSD, where would she be? That’s right! In the background, as back-up dancer. YoonA, she can’t sing, can’t dance and her acting is veeeerrrry amateur. And I’m so tired of seeing her face and her name everywhere. She is one of the most overrated girls in Kpop history. But hey, I said it too fast; Kkap Yuri could be able to make it as a comedian.

I have tried again and again for ages to like this group, but I just can’t. The only ones I like are Sooyoung and Seohyun. Too bad both are the not-so-popular members of the group.


11. T-ARA

I feel like they will always be labeled as noob group. Every time I watched T-ARA perform, I have to keep telling myself “They are newbies. Forgive their inexperience”. But it’s been a year! For cry out loud! Start acting as real singers already, will ya? And also, stop being fashion terrorists!

One good thing is, their song is quite varied and different from other group. It actually reminds me of Jpop songs though.


12. Wonder Girls

Let’s give a round of applause for these girls (and JYP) as the original group with repetitive songs that widely-spread in Kpop scene today. I honestly don’t think WG deserve the popularity they have with their 2 hits 2 repetitive songs. “Tell Me” and “Nobody”. Of course if you keep singing one word to our ears for the whole 3 minutes, how can we not remember?

Sunye is sweet and YeEun is smart. Both can sing. But other than these 2… I don’t know. And with the departure of HyunA and Sunmi and the addition of Yubin and Hae Lim, Wonder Girls is even more of a rotate group than After School.



12 responses

  1. yoyo

    do u think u better than them…who are u to judge them like that if their company recruit them it means they all have selling points to the market

    March 10, 2010 at 4:50 pm

  2. yaya

    sorry for double post..after school uee undoubtly yes she’s everywhere right now but snsd yoona is everywhere too..please where the hell you get that data..she’s not everywhere right now she’s only have fo 2..while the other member has 2 or 3 show on their own..she’s not in the spotlight right now the other already outshine her..well no wonder u are one of her antifans anyway..shame on you to bash her like that

    March 10, 2010 at 5:05 pm

  3. Jess

    Hmm, I think about KARA, you are definitely wrong. Gyuri & seunghyeon? can sing. Nicole and jiyoung is average. The only one in KARA that can’t sing is Hara. Gyuri, seunghyeon and ex member seunghee was the vocalist in the group in the old days. Gyuri & seunghyeon was just the vocalist back then and now they have become the main vocalist after seunghee left. If they can’t sing, they weren’t sing LIVE at all.

    March 10, 2010 at 8:18 pm

  4. Yin

    i actually think that your blog speaks the truth…would love to object n bash u,but we think alike ^^

    no lies here!

    March 10, 2010 at 9:44 pm

  5. eirallina

    Hey, hey guys. Let’s not get offended. Who can sing and who can’t sing, who has no talents and who has talents are only under Panisa’s microscope and her opinions. Remember, this is a rant.

    March 11, 2010 at 2:18 am

  6. To Haters:
    This is not a public opinion blog like Allkpop, Kpoplive, Seoulbeat or K-bites.
    it’s MY personal blog. Can you spell it? I rant and state my opinion here.
    What right or wrong are all up to ME, not you.
    I gave you a warning. You don’t listen to it. It’s your fault, not mine. =P
    If I want to become like those blogs, I’d have gone with the flow and wrote pretty things about them. But the thing is, I DON’T want to.

    If you don’t agree with me, it’s fine. Just leave. I didn’t write it to gain attention of bitter bitches. I didn’t write it to convince anyone, but I wrote it as a fan of Kpop who is so sick at how this entertainment have become.

    What is my right to judge?
    I have my right as a fan, an audience, who appreciate Art of Music.
    And if you ask what do I know, FYI, I’ve studied music and teach singing to kids for years
    Shame on you who only go gaga like idiot without knowing what and where you are talking

    And lastly, I am no one Anti. I’m so sick of the over-the-top blind fans who can’t accept other opinions differ from them and accused everyone who doesn’t like their idols as Anti-fan. It’s also one of the reason I don’t get myself into the fandom nowadays.

    March 11, 2010 at 8:23 am

  7. Oh sorry for double post =P
    You just proved my point, how pathetic SNSD fan is…
    If you read it through, you’d see I’m a fan of Sooyoung and Seohyun. I’m just not a fan of the group

    These idols may have their selling point. But it doesn’t have to be “talent”

    Seunghee was the best vocal of KARA. It sucks that they let her go.
    I would agree that SeungHyun has nice voice, but not good enough to be main vocal.
    Others… it’s up to you to judge…

    I wrote what I truly feel. I think many people think alike.
    They just don’t want to be bashed by some bunch of idiots.

    Sis, I already expect some haters when I decided to put this blog up
    So no worry ^^

    March 11, 2010 at 8:45 am

  8. noi

    whoa what a honest and straight-to-the-point rant. nice.
    i’m new to kpop, so i don’t really know about the “original idols”. i might try to hear them later.
    anyway, i kinda agree with your post. yes they’re (as a group) lacking both in vocal and dance skill. but who cares, i still love them. ^^ as for 2ne1, their live stages are up-and-down, sometimes good sometimes crap. but for me, between the other girl groups, they have the best live performance, and overall talented girls (except for our lovely dara).
    sorry for my rant, hope you can write more post like this.

    December 20, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    • Welcome 🙂

      I haven’t followed Kpop much lately coz I just got more involved in american music industry ^^; So I’m not able to see how 2ne1 has performed / improved these days…

      you are welcomed to give your opinion though 🙂

      December 24, 2010 at 11:02 pm

  9. happy

    Hi, no wonder you don’t have second edition of rant. I always want to listen from more knowledgeable person. I would love to read your opinion of the current girl groups. Do you think they improve? How about the newbie? Sistar & Miss A got potential. Secret managed to get their first no. 1 in music program.

    If you have time, please put the boy group version too =P

    April 6, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    • Glad you’re enjoying what you read 🙂

      I haven’t been following Kpop lately. But my comment would be…
      1. Sistar has really good vocal. I think they are super rookie.
      2. Miss A is still so-so to me. I don’t feel anything special about them, but let’s wait and see 😉
      3. I haven’t heard the no.1 single of Secret yet. But I didn’t like Magic, so I didn’t follow up.

      I actually do have the boy band version, but didn’t put it up, coz u know… haters 😛
      I’m just too lazy to deal with them, plus I’m more into American pop nowadays.

      If u want my opinion or anything, feel free to chat or leave a message in my formspring 🙂

      April 6, 2011 at 9:44 pm

  10. justguest

    Hii.. i love your rant, it’s so damn true..
    i think the most pathetic part of this whole thing is their fans who adore their idols so much and worshiping them like they’re some kind of god. in my point of view, those fans even make their idols look more pitiful.

    July 25, 2011 at 12:22 pm

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