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2PM shattered the pride of Hottests

“The first illusion that 2PM broke, the friendship of men.”

The cable variety program that helped 2PM garner a stable fanbase was ‘Idol Army.’ Their popularity undeniable shot through the roof, where people have even said that it wasn’t Park Jinyoung that raised 2PM but Boom.

And at the center of the popularity was Park Jaebum. Unlike the crazy good looks of Nichkhun, this young man gave off a celebrity-like feel in 2PM but showed off antics that were completely the opposite of his image. A bit awkward, hilarious, and even willing to pull a stocking over his head. He rightfully earned the nickname ‘Leadja.’

However, this friendship and image was just an illusion created by fans. Under this friendship, there lied the belief that, “They will forever protect each other, they will uphold their friendship.” So when Park Jaebum left Korea, fans believed that the agency could throw away Jaebum, but not the 6 members.

Omitted summary.

Fans protected the members until the end, with the one belief that all 7 members must be together for 2PM to truly shine. Because the members themselves always promoted and wished for a 7 membered group.

That’s what they said, but whatever the reason, every single member, without one hesitation, agreed to 2PM Jaebum’s complete withdrawal. That alone came as a great shock to fans, nevermind the shocking confession they said soon afterwards. “A severe private life that we can never accept Jaebum for.”

And with that statement, they so cruelly broke the illusion of ‘friendship’ to their fans, a trait that was unique to their group.


“The president of culture, even Seo Taiji shouts to his fans, ‘I only have you guys.’”

Although he is the president of culture today, Seo Taiji was also one person in a crowd of many singers. How he became the figure that he is today, an icon of culture, is because of the special way he treated his fans. When a song he wrote himself was banned, fans protected him. When Seo Taiji and Boys disbanded, fans waited for him until the end.

And when Seo Taiji finally returned and the mass public didn’t look at his comeback with positive eyes, the fans protected him and added wings to every thing he did. That’s why he is now, different from many other singers, not an icon of the ‘past’ but an icon of the ‘present.’

And Seo Taiji knows more than anybody else that this was not done with his efforts alone but by the strength of his fans. Every album except his first holds songs he wrote in honor and love for his fans. That’s how much he loves them.

As if that wasn’t enough, whenever he gets the chance, he always tell his fans, ‘You guys are the best,’ ‘The only thing that matters is if you guys and I enjoy it,’ I only have you guys.’

This is what a relationship between a star and a fan is.


“Do we only have to do what the fans tell us to do?”

However, after listening to the recording, the shock is unbelievable. 2PM needs the love of fans more than ever but instead, they have said statements that outright reject the relationship between a star and a fan.

Quite a shocking statement that a member said to his fan was, “Do we have to only do what you gus want us to do?” Of course, a star is not the puppet of his fans but any fan would want their star to respect their opinion because the reason the stars are put in the spot that they are is because of the efforts of fans.

Either way, there was no reason for 2PM to go out of their way to tell their fans that “We are not someone that will do as you say.” It’s quite a dangerous statement.

“2PM, they think their image to the mass public is more important than their fans?”

Secondly, there’s a lot of parodies going around about a members’ statement regarding organisms.

It is really the fans that helped them receive the attention and fame that they have, but to put the importance of other organisms before their fans? It can only come off as betrayal to the fans theselves. Fans are the energy of the stars, the shield to block attacks and a strong pillar of strength. But for 2PM to have chosen the mass public, or in his case, the organisms, before the fans, how much betrayal could the fans have felt?


“Was reality not ‘You and I are one?’”

Fans believe an illusion where the fans and the stars are one. This is another illusion that 2PM has so cruelly shattered in front of the fans through the conference. With statements such as “Then do you want us to be sad in public places?” or “We can’t even go on vacations anymore?”

To 2PM, Hottests were a source of strength and had always worked with the belief that 2PM, including Jaebum, are one with Hottests. But no matter how big of a mistake Jaebum has committed, the bright and accusatory image they showed at the conference was something that came across as unacceptable to fans. They should have been sad. Mentally, they should have been upset.

“We are one… When we’re happy, we’re happy together. When we’re said, we rely and believe in one another. We’re that special ‘one.’” The fans have been unable to do anything for days, weeks on end out of grief but how could the members, no matter their occupation, without one hesitation, and ever so brightly, say they wanted to enjoy their vacation?

It was from that moment on that the line between the fans the 2PM were drawn.


“We waited for so long with just that one belief…”

Omitted summary on 1:59 album and award speeches.

Conclusively, when 2PM shattered the illusions that their fans held, the fans are forced to look at the reality of the situation. The reality that the fans are facing now is the fact that “In order for 2PM to succeed, they have thrown away the fans.” The fans have received a wound in their pride that nothing can ever wash away.


Because before the fact that they are 2PM fans, they are human beings.


“Who is the most hurt?”
– Look at the forest, not the tree. These people are not Park Jaebum’s personal fans. They are 2PM’s fans.

The reason why I am writing this article today is because the ones that are the most hurt with this situation are the fans that have truly, truly loved 2PM to the best of their ability and the fact that nobody is in support of them.

They are the people that loved and trusted the group enough to buy products just because it had their faces on it, people that made time in their busy schedules to watch the broadcasts the boys came out on so the viewer ratings will go up, people that believe that their pride is their star.

They have withstood it all with that one pride and have supported them through it all. But what did 2PM do? They have shattered their illusion and the last pride left in the fans.

And that is why 2PM’s fans are so angry.





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