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“We Support Jay” PETITION

Taken from Insider 2PM WordPress page : http://insider2pm.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/petition/


Status: Ongoing

I am willing to support Jay Park

if he returns as an artist.


Your signature on this petition ^ is to show support for Park Jaebeom and his return as an artist in the entertainment industry, if he decides to return.

We have been in correspondence with several companies, both American and Korean, who have expressed their interest in helping Jay. Influential members of various global forums (Kabler! (: Thank you!) and international business institutions have contacted us to aid fans in this process. Plans are already in progress. The Korean companies need a reason to bring him back before they officially decide to support him as their artist. This petition will serve as the reason if enough fans worldwide sign it. The number of signatures will show companies/businesses/public how many people are willing to support Jay’s return as an artist.

This petition’s purpose is NOT to force Jay to go back to Korea. The decision will ultimately be his if any companies decide to contact him. He can refuse their offer if he wants to stay in Seattle or if the situation won’t allow him to return.

Jay Park’s name has been tarnished and stepped on by his previous company, but his fanbase has and will remain solid. As fans that span across the globe, we have the biggest voice and the most power. Let’s use this to our advantage and help Jay continue pursuing his dreams again.
Many fans frown upon the thought of him joining the industry again because they don’t want him to get hurt again, and they doubt he will even want to return. To be honest, that’s what WE thought when our source first introduced the idea to us – that it was quite possibly the worst idea ever. However, after thorough explanation, we realized: What if he really does want to return? It is a shame to see his talents and ambitions go to waste. We might be afraid for him, but ultimately, we can not stop him. This is the one thing he can love and use to make a good living for his family. As fans, we should think about what is best for him, even if it is something we do not want.

Thus, we as fans have made sure our sources have only been considering ideas/companies in which Jay will have a considerable amount of freedom in his career. Nobody wants to see him bound to another miserable contract.


(He already planned on re-entering the entertainment circle with the movie deal, Hype Nation).
However, he is in no power right now to request it or ask Korean companies to help him. But, that’s what his supporters are for – the people who have power to help him. This petition can be seen as something that is “paving a path for him”. By doing this, we’re just opening up OPPORTUNITIES for him to choose from. If no opportunities arrive between now and September, he will return to school in Seattle.

Please keep this in mind – THIS IS IN NO WAY FORCING JAY TO DO ANYTHING. If he wants to stay in Seattle, so be it. If he wants to accept entertainment company offers, so be it. We will be happy for him either way.

Spanning from Uzbekistan to Bulgaria to France to Korea to Malaysia to America, is it even countable how many hearts have reached out to cushion Jay Park’s fall? Fans did this for him because… we didn’t want to see someone break this much. We didn’t want to watch him walk away. We’ve fought for 6 seemingly never-ending months. It’s been 192 days, still counting, and he’s still trapped. The last thing we can do to love him is re-catch his dream and offer it to him again. Granted, he might not take it, but it’s only fair to return to him what was unrightfully taken. Supporters of Jay Park, do not falter. We are backed by extremely prestigious connections (you’d be surprised!). After all, if we want him to succeed, we must go the whole way for the best. Right?

Let Jay Park be the first artist to succeed again through his fans.
Let’s be the world’s first fans to literally rebuild an artist’s career.
Jay Park deserves the world as his stage.


NOTE: WHEN YOU SIGN THE PETITION, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE VERIFIED OR ELSE THE SIGNATURE WILL NOT COUNT. After you sign the petition (Insert the words into the box of the advertisement, and then just keep clicking “No thanks, just submit my signature” on the bottom of each page) AN E-MAIL WILL BE SENT TO YOU. You must click the verification link in your e-mail (might be in the Junk mail).


Side Note : It would be very much appreciated if you help spread the words ^_^


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