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YEH Obsession Test

Originally written in August 2009

I just wrote it for fun back then when I was overtly obsessed with Yoon Eun Hye XD

I’m still her big fan… just less obsessed now.

So the answers here, though changed a little, cannot really apply to the Viola today 🙂



Take this quiz to see if you have YEH-addiction/obsession


1. What do you do first thing in the morning?

Viola’s Answer : Ermm… turn on my laptop and take some YEH-dose


2. Which site do you visit first when you turn the computer on?

V/A : YEH house @ yooneunhye.net (It’s my homepage hehe)


3. Which site do you visit last before you turn the computer off?

V/A : YEH house @ yooneunhye.net


4. Whose picture do you set as your Background?

V/A : Yoon Eunhye!


5. Whose pictures do you have in your slide show pics?

V/A : Yoon Eunhye!


6. Whose picture do you have on your bedroom wall?

V/A : A very big one of Yoon Eunhye ❤ and some of the DBSK, SJ, Bigbang etc.


7. [Girls only] Who is your role model?

V/A : Yoon Eunhye!


8. [Guys only] Who is your ideal?

V/A : Yoon Eunhye!  (wait… am I allowed to answer this one?)



9. Do you have the following kinds of symptoms?

– Craving for more and more of her appearance in any types, any kinds

– Searching up everything about her.

– Your eyes keep following her everywhere she goes, everything she does and every single action she makes.

– Having an incontrollable but understandable bias when it comes to Yoon Eun Hye.

– Sailing on one or more of YEH numerous pairing ships.

– Trying to imitate her graceful poses or movements but fail miserably  😆

– Trying on the same clothes she wears but also found out that you couldn’t pull it off the way she can :rofl:

– Trying once or more to stalk her, or even dreaming of stalking her

– You have to watch her clip or listen to her voice or see her photo at least once everyday or you’ll have an incurable insomnia

– Proudly call yourself a Neri and/or a YEH warrior

V/A : Yes, for all.


10. Do you get angry or depressed easily when…?

– When you forget to take your YEH-dose or in any situations that aren’t allowed you to take YEH-dose

– When you see or know that YEH is angry or upset with something

– When you heard she is having physical and/or mental health problems

– When you see some anti-fans’ comments or bashing towards your beloved YEH

–  When she’s been MIA for too long.

V/A : [again] Yes, for all.




Result : Viola is obsessed!


If your answers are same/similar as mine for more than 5 points, I’m happy to tell you that you definitely have a YEH-addiction!

And now, you are welcome to my club!

The YEH-obsessors club 😆


Note: This quiz is made for fun. I just have too much free time today 😛

And all of you are allowed to add more questions or symptoms to the quiz, also allowed to copy it to your own site as long as you credit me  😀


3 responses

  1. wikeee

    viola, i’m going to ask your permission to copy your thread since your quis is kinda amusing.
    would you mind?

    August 12, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    • LOL. Actually this post was copied-pasted a lot already but you’re the first one to ever ask my permission. I appreciate that 😀

      Sure! I dont mind you copy it at all as long as you credit me.
      Just add “credit Viola501@yooneunhye.net” ^_^

      August 14, 2010 at 1:26 pm

      • wikeee

        really?? :”) thank you for appreciated me.
        i’ll credit you of course!!

        tararengkyu viola501 😀
        *tararengkyu=thank you

        August 15, 2010 at 12:15 am

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