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Snow Falling – Chapter 5

Sorry for the late Update. I’ve been caught up by many things.

Anyway, Chapter 6 is gonna be the ending of this fiction and it’s just around the corner ^^


“I won’t let you go tonight” Shiniji told her with serious look. Pulling her hand into his “Stay with me”

She looked scared. He knew she’s still not trust him.

But to his surprise, she said yes.




After school, Shiniji brought her to a pub. Airi looked very cute in furry violet jersey and matching hat and boots. Though uncomfortable at first, she quickly became familiar and relaxed when he introduced his friends to her. They seemed to be very happy that he found himself a nice girl.

They left the place when it’s getting late. And Shiniji told her that he wouldn’t let her go tonight. He knew she must have thought he’s going to take her to the hotel. Airi’s surprised face was funny and cute when she found out he brought her up on the hill.

There was an undecorated Christmas tree there. And the couple sat there watching the stars above them and the city below them.

Shiniji didn’t plan to make her stay with him all night. So when Airi confessed to him she asked her friend, Nanako to cover up, he was amused. Shiniji thinks he finally found someone he wanted to have a serious relationship with. The only problem is that guy, Takano Kenta.

Shiniji was walking her home, hand in hand.

“I’m not surprised why many girls like you now” she said. “You are very charming, Ichizawa-sama”

“I’m not surprised why Takano don’t want to let go of you now” he mocked her “You are very charming, Yamamoto-sama”

Shiniji knew he used the wrong word when Airi’s eyes sadden.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t”

“No, it’s alright”

Shiniji stopped walking and pulled her hand. Airi looked at him. They were at the park very close to her house now. He grabbed both of her hands in his.

“Your hands are so warm” Airi said quietly. Pull his hands up to her face; Shiniji fondled her porcelain face with his fingers.

“But your hands are so cold” he lifted her hands up to his mouth and kiss them. Shiniji’s warm breathe sent a melting shiver to Airi’s whole body. He pulled her arms to interlock around his neck, his hands run down to her thin waist. Shiniji kissed her shuddering eye-lids, her sharp nose, and then her soft lips. The taste of her lips made his stomach flustered and his mind blank. Before Airi could resist, he deepened their kiss.

If there really is a place called heaven, Shiniji wondered if it will be as sweet.

But all the happiness are short-lived. They were interrupted by none other than her childhood crush and his love rival, Takano Kenta…




*Ring Ring*


Glance at the clock. It’s almost midnight.

“Kanta” so it’s Nanako call that wake him up “Is Airi with you?”

“No” he became fully awake. “What’s wrong?” Kenta guess he has fallen asleep on his desk while working on the assignment. His head hurt.

“She asks me to tell her mom that she’s staying over at my place” Nanako explained “But she’s not telling me why”

“Wait, you mean she’s not staying at your house and you have no idea where she is right now?” Kenta became panic.

“Err… well…”

“What, Nanako?” he almost raised his voice with the friend.

“Umm… I kinda have an idea” Nanako reluctantly said.


“I think she might be out with Shiniji.”


“But maybe she’s at Eirie’s house” Nanako quickly changed “You know? The girl in Airi’s Archery team.”

“I’ll go find her. Don’t tell the parents yet, ok?”


Kenta put on a coat. It stops snowing but still very cold outside. He isn’t sure where he could find her, but he knows he couldn’t just sit there and wait. Airi has never dated a guy, let alone spending a night over.

Kenta checked out every place he could think of that Airi might be. Her house, her friends’ house, at school, at the game center, and even searching in some pubs, but all in vain. He doesn’t want to admit his defeat. It can’t be possible that a playboy who has just moved here for a week manage to steal his girl. But he also knows that it’s his fault for not realizing it sooner. For always taking her for granted.

Almost midnight, Kenta sat down in a dark corner of the park near Airi’s house… their houses where they have been playing together since childhood. Closing his eyes, he was wondering if he should break into every hotel around here to find her. The thought of other guy touching her nearly makes him crazy. That’s when he heard their footsteps.

Kenta opened his eyes in time to see Shiniji leaning in to the angelic Airi, giving her a soft kiss before deepening it. Both of his arms are holding her body tightly while Airi clings on to him as if she’s drowning.

Seeing enough of it, Kenta called out “Airi”

He wasn’t surprised that they didn’t see him earlier since his sitting spot was dark. But Airi became startled seeing him there. “Ken-chan”

“Airi, come home with me.” He tried to suppress his obvious anger and jealousy. Airi’s hand holds tightly to Shiniji’s.

“No. I’ll stay with Shiniji” Kenta wouldn’t be surprised if there’s steam run out of his ears right now. He grabs a hold of her other hand.

“Airi, come with me now.” but Shiniji was quick to grab his, forcing him to let go of Airi.

“She said no!”

Without further ado, Kenta gives his rival a fist at jaw-line. And grab his collar up to give him another fist.

“What the hell did you do to her?!” he couldn’t hear Airi screaming at him to stop. All he wants is to make this man hurt and painful as he is now. “I told you to stay away from her”

His fist was grabbed mid-way in the air and his nose got a pay-back punch. “Stop being a sore loser!” Shiniji yelled back “I don’t care how long have you known her before me, but you are too late now!”

“Kenta, Shiniji, stop!” Airi pushed them off; she’s blocking them apart with herself. “Ken-chan, you’re not my father. You can’t decide who I would or would not hang out with”

Kenta laughed “Yamamoto Airi! Are you out of your mind?” he called her out “You were playing all naïve and hard-to-get. You called me a womanizer. But here you are, slept with some boy you just knew for a week. You’re really just a slut”

He saw it coming but didn’t dodge. Her palm hits his left cheek hard. He lifted a corner of his mouth and was about to say something more when he turned back and saw her tears. He made her cry again.

Shiniji swears and immediately pulls her to his arms. “Stop hurting her, Takano” he said coldly. “Get lost”

Kenta doesn’t care about Shiniji. He grabs Airi’s arm.

“Airi” she snuggled her face to Shiniji’s broad chest, trying to pull her arm back “Airi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just don’t want to lose you”

“Let go” Shiniji tried to loosen Kenta’s grip. But all Kenta cares right now is that he can’t afford to lose her. So he needs to fight when he still has a chance, even though how slim that chance is.

“I may never say it but you are always my most treasured person. Those other girls never matter” Airi cries harder “I only love you.” Shiniji stunned.

After saying the word, Kenta knows that he did mean it. He might not have noticed it before but it’s true. He loves Airi. And he knows she also has a feeling for him. But has that feeling already gone? Or has it been shifted to this man in front of him?

With one last twist, Shiniji successfully pulled her again back from his rival’s grip. She snuggled deeper to Shiniji. Her wobbling shoulders indicate that she’s crying even harder. Kenta knows he hurt her again. He crestfallenly walks away from them. And Shiniji walks Airi to the opposite way.

“He does love you” Shiniji said when they walk far enough “Go to him if you want.”

“But I…” the crying Airi couldn’t even say it out.

“I know you still have feelings for him” Shiniji looked away, avoiding her eyes “It’s still not too late for you two. Go.”

“Why are you saying that?” Airi confused “I’m with you now”

“I wasn’t really serious in the first place” Shiniji abruptly let go of her “I was just playing”

“You’re lying”

“Well, I thought I could stop messing around with girls, but I guess it’s my habit” he coldly said “I was just toying you” he emphasized.

“Shiniji don’t say this” Airi pleaded him “I–”

“I have another date waiting. Bye!” he walked away from her, leaving Airi behind.

Airi cried even harder. She doesn’t believe him. Shiniji must have thought he doesn’t have a chance against Kenta, so he chose to leave. But at this moment, even Airi do not know her true feeling. It’s so complicating that she has no idea who she really likes and who she really wants to be with.

Airi starts walking home. She wiped off the tears. The snow is slowly falling again, making her heated face cooler. But when she took a left turn at the corner, right there standing in front of her house was Kenta.


“Airi” he walks to her “I just want to apologize to you. Who am I to lecture you about sex?” he scoffs. “But where is Ichizawa? Why is he not sending you home?”

“He left… I think we broke up” tears start welling up again. God! What is wrong with her? She is such a cry-baby recently.

“Really?” a smile creeps up to Kenta’s mouth. He’s not even trying to hide his grin “I’m sorry to hear that”

“No, you’re not”

“No, I’m not” he admitted. But then his smile faded. “But how could he!?! After…”

“We were just watching stars” Airi pouted “I’m not like you. I’m not a slut” she said. But Kenta doesn’t hurt by her retort, his smile became wider and brighter.

“My bad” but he doesn’t seem guilty at all “I jumped to the conclusion though I should have known you better.”

“Goodnight, Ken-chan” Airi starts climbing up the tree to her room’s window, which she has left opened. It must be so cold inside her room right now. “And do something about your bleeding nose.”

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow” Kenta shouted while wiping the dry blood off his nose “We’ll go to school together… like the old times!”



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  1. eirallina

    Yes you do.

    And wtf, now I know exactly why I vote Shinji over Kenta. Kenta’s an ass. No matter how angry how could he insinuate something so disgusting to the one he “loves”? And heck he didn’t even sorry when he found out they broke up.

    I can understand that Shinji wants Airi to be happy but… What exactly can his leaving do? I know that he thinks she will be happy. But a part of me thinks that he just doesn’t want to continue it ’cause he’s afraid of eventually being hurt by Airi.

    So I suppose you figured out how to end it?

    Ya!! I see me!

    April 3, 2010 at 7:42 am

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