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Compilation of Words from ex-Hottests

I posted them up here because these words can describe my feelings towards this hectic situation of 2PM, Jay and JYPE exactly.





First one :  A Fan’s Open Letter to 6PM


I just can’t understand.

You, the members, have been saying, “The personal life in which he did something a human should not do; something unspeakable,” and that it was for the best, that your silence shows your loyalty to Park Jaebum even though it has turned him into international trash with all sorts of rumors flying about. Yes, what a tear-inducing friendship.

Even though you are hearing words like, “Traitor-dol, Icon of Betrayal, psychopath, idiot, insane”, and more, you, the members, are saying that this is the best way to go for the Jaebum hyung that you all love. How incredibly admirable you are.

I don’t know what claims you had to make that “noble” decision to “keep your silence”, but it brings tears of gratitude again and again.

You, the members, said that the awe-inspiring reason of why it is not right to criticize the morality of someone who has done something bad is because even robbers have friends.

You, the members, said that you tried to stay together, but because he did something that would create cause for social criticism, you made the decision that he was unfit to be the leader of group 2PM. Even though it almost ripped your hearts out and made you crazy, but unfortunately, without a choice, truly, without a choice, you said that that was the decision that you guys had to make. You, the members, between heart and heart have said that you seven are one and you will forever be and to not be suspicious of your friendship.

If that is true, if I were you,

I would want to see Jaebum hyung a lot.
I would really, really want to see him.

That one member that said that fans were only with him for a mere year and eight months while you were all with him from three to five years, and if so, more than the fans that barely knew him for two years, you would hurt more and would want to see him more, but the hyung, Park Jaebum, that you all love and respect so, so much, you have not seen him since last September 8th.

You were all busy, you had no time, the conditions would not allow you to, you had no money, it was too far, you were mindful of the press, and you thought that it would create too much noise, and the company would not allow you to, would you try using these unbelievable reasons?

You, the members, have said that you will continue to say that you miss Jaebum hyung… If you had the will, it was possible. During those six months in Seattle, after he was treated like a he was part of an insect collection, because you would know better than us the state in which he was living, you cannot do this.

If you guys are at least “human”, if you at least had “manners” and “affection”, you cannot have done this.
The hyung that was the team’s leader, the one that you are keeping your hearts, you have not met up with him at least once to try and find a solution. What country’s methodology and common sense is this?

Park Jaebum was abandoned because of his unforgivable personal life and at the least, as humans, did you guys not think to feel sorry for him at all?

You said that your hearts hurt so, so much, that you felt like you were standing outside during winter without clothing, that you were in pain and hurting, from beginning to end, you guys continuously said pitiful things , but you did not make the smallest humane act at all.

The fans who only knew him for a mere two years were hurting [for him] so they were buying plane tickets and rushing to Seattle, and like someone said, in a world where you can buy a ticket and the very next day get on an airplane and fly to that destination, it is not like anybody is tying you guys down.

Hyung, it is okay…
Could you have not hugged him tightly and comforted him?
Because he is the hyung you guys still love and respect so much.

However, you did not even do the bare minimum and go to him.
This just shows that you did not have the will or even felt the need or desire to go.

Even if he really did have that type of personal life, you, of all people, should not have done this. You really should not have done this. If you are really human, you cannot have done this. How could you not go to see him at least once before ending everything? How could you do this?

This is why you are the human trash.

Even if Park Jaebum did something “a human should not do in [his] personal life”.

On your own, you just proved that you are the human trash.


Second one : Words from an ex-2PM Fan


Up until two weeks ago, I was the person that said that I support all seven of them.

So what am I now, you ask?
I’ve just decided not to be a fan anymore.

If you ask why I’m writing this here even though I’m not a fan anymore, let’s just say I’m writing this because I think that there might be exhausting people here like me who are saying useless things like how they supported and will support all seven of them. Bestiz is a community site that I’ve been active on since before 2PM and since 2AM is still around, I just haven’t been able to leave.

Anyways, what I want to say is, to those who are superficially (or perhaps truthfully) saying that you are going to support all seven of them and that you will continue to be fans of all of them, before you get stabbed in the back, either quitting being their fan like me or pick a side.

I can say and give you this piece of advice because I stupidly said that I support all seven of them. I’m telling you, even if there is a place that says that they support all seven of them, internally, there is no place that truly supports all seven of them. I’m certain that such a place does.not.exist.

There isn’t a place that equally supports all seven of them like the place you are imagining.

Even if they plan or do not plan it, all of them will start to be more biased towards 6pm and it will continue to be more like that in the future.

Once Park jaebum started to interact with the fans through youtube, as soon as they feel that this is actually damaging towards the six, I don’t know about how they’ll act on the surface, but internally, they will ruthlessly throw Park jaebum away. No, to be honest, there are a lot of places that have already abandoned him.

I’m going to say this again. Since I actually experienced this, and saw and heard about this, I can tell you this.

Supporting all seven of them?

It’s impossible.

One time, when I wrote that I supported all seven of them here, someone replied, “I would understand more if you say that you support the six or that you only support Park jaebum, but to say that you support all seven of them, that’s really a contradiction.”

Truthfully, at the time, I didn’t understand what that meant.

When people were saying that those who supported the seven are just avoiding reality, I just listened to it with one ear and let it go out the other.

But those words are true.

It is avoiding reality.

In reality, there is no way you can support all seven of them.

There are only three choices. You can support one or six or just stop being a fan altogether.

I was saying useless things because of the reckless feelings that I had, wanting to go back to the time before Park jaebum left, when the fans could like 2PM without worrying about anything.

But you need to face reality.

This is impossible.

That is all in the past now, and in the future, it can never go back to it.

Even if you decide and say you support all seven of them, the situation will never allow you to do so. Wouldn’t that only leave you with hurt?

If you cared and like Park jaebum more, you, especially, cannot do things like that.

That’s just the worst thing you can do to Park jaebum.
Even if that wasn’t your intention, in the end, you’re just going to use Park jaebum to support the six. In actuality, you wouldn’t even be supporting Park jaebum.

You would have no choice but to prioritize. This is the situation we are in now.

The front-running cafe for all the cafes that support all seven members…

While I was there, I was so shocked that I even quit being a fan because of it.
Supporting the seven?


Why don’t you just like a new group that has seven members?
That would be a hundred times better.

I’m giving you a warning and advice beforehand, just in case there really are people who truly want to support all seven of them.

Before you get hurt even more, stop.

The reason why I gave up being a fan in the end is this.

Since I’m not talented and I don’t know how to do anything, and since I can’t help Park jaebum in any way, I, at least, did not want to become baggage [for him] so I decided to give up the crazy thought of supporting the rest of them as well.

Supporting the six who are still active, in the end, that is only baggage for Park jaebum, and is only using him.

Even if that is not your intention, the result is the same.

Even if you truly feel that way, I’m telling you the end result is the same.

I hope none of you will get backstabbed again.

I hope you will stop avoiding reality and accept it.

ps. Since this is an open community, I didn’t write about certain things that I know about. I also avoided stuff that will just start a fight. I don’t know how you guys will react to this since I just abruptly wrote this, but if you want to know more, just send me a message. The stuff I can tell you through messages, I will.

I also regret supporting all seven of them to the depths of my bones which is why I’ve decided to stop being a fan altogether. I’ll ignore the messages that I get about stuff about why I did what I did back then.

ps2. I’m not writing this to criticize or humiliate either Park jaebum’s fans or the fans of the six. As you can see from my post, I’m just saying that the two groups are clearly separate. I’m writing this because I want the people who are stupidly saying that they will continue to support the seven like me to think again.

I said it at the top, but now I’m just a passerby and I believe that I don’t have the right to support either side. I’m writing this because I think that there might be misunderstandings.


Third one : My personal words

I was one of those avid 2PM fans. I originally got to know 2PM via Nichkhun as he’s a Thai kid who made it big in Korea, the land that we, Thai people, admire.

To tell you honestly, I wasn’t so impressed by their debut song “10 out of 10

But it’s their dorky and boyish personalities that drawn me in. And of all these dorks, Jay Park stood out for me.

When asked who my favorite is in 2PM, I’d always say…

“No. 1 Jaebum, No.2 Nichkhun, No.3 Jang Wooyoung!”

I was very pleased with their comeback “Again and Again” and “I Hate You” and happy for them that their popularity rose. I believed, at that time, that one day, they could reach or even surpass the success that of the legendary Dong Bang Shin Ki. “The era of Flower Boys are over! It’s time for Beastly Boys!” That’s what I felt.

September, 2009. The first news came out.

Jaebum : “Korean is Gay. I hate Korea

As a person who used to live aboard and experienced cultural shock, I completely understand Jaebum.

Korea is gay? If you ask 10 Americans about Asian boys/celebs, “Korean” to be specific, I believe 9 out of 10 (if not 10) would say they looked ‘Gay’.

I have heard that from my foreign friends a lot that I am so familiar with it. And I wasn’t surprised that Jay felt like that when he first came.

And look at it another way, Jay might haven’t talked about that gay “Gay” but gay as in “Stupid” or “Idiotic” just like what my friends keep calling Asian dudes.

“You’re still living with your parents though you’re 20s? That’s so gay”

“Open your eyes, dawg! You look gay”

They used it so randomly, to be honest =.=

I’m not saying this to justify Jay’s behavior back then, but I just want to explain why I wasn’t so upset like others to see his old days’ comments.

I truly thought it was just another little issue, and after a week or so, it would die down. No big deal.

4 days later, my most unexpected thing happened. Jay quit 2PM.

I was so shocked and was upset for weeks. And I was also angry. If SM can handle their artists suing them for slave contracts and many other scandals of their artists, If YG can handle the non-stop plagiarism cases of their composers and artists, why can’t JYP handle this little deal as stupid comments from ages ago?

That’s when I started to look for other explanation. And stumble on some comments in other blogs saying JYP is the one responsible, that Jay was actually kicked out. And much later on, I found the site Insider 2PM.

I know many are still skeptical about this site, the writers and their intention. I also find some of their attitude/comments of things differ from my own. But overall, about Jay’s situation, I think they have what I was looking for – A better and more logical explanation.

Though not so fond of TaecYeon‘s cocky attitude or Junho‘s and Chansung‘s bratty acts, I still supported them after Jay left. I disagreed with boycotting 2PM back then because I believed with all my heart that Jay would definitely be back. Khun is my pride and Wooyoung is so cute, Junsu‘s voice is also as heavenly as another Kim Junsu (DBSK). I was even more happy and exiting when they endorsed Cass Beer and filmed the CFs together with my most favorite actress, Yoon Eun Hye. But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking how great it would be if Jay was there with them. I always thought Jay and Eunhye would look good together even though she’s a bit too tall for him XD (YEH is 168 cm. tall)

But after that infamous conference, my mind totally changed.

How could I ever adore these people? How could they do this to their own hyung? How could these idols say such things to their own fans? How could JYPE let this happen?

I have said it more than once and I’d say it again. Whatever “severe wrong-doing” Jay did (IF he really did), it couldn’t be so severe that he is unforgivable. I believe that this wrong-doing is not illegally, or else, he would be put to face his consequences in the proper organization. So it’s most likely be something “morally” wrong. But what could it be that made his own members said he’s unforgivable?

If other celebrities, in the past, have committed great sins and still able to get back on their feet. Why can’t Jay? And for those people saying they wanted to protect him, they did nothing but dirty him more. If they truly cared for him, would they just said “Oh! He committed such great crime that we can’t accept him as leader!”

No! It’s like you’re exposing your friend’s secret to the public. I’m honestly surprised that Jay still support them.

And for something as important as to put one’s career to an end, they didn’t even properly consult it with the man face to face. Don’t tell me that talking on the phone or even Skype is enough. Because it isn’t!

Do YOU wish the people who hold your faith would tell you on the phone “Sorry, but we don’t need you anymore” just like that?

No matter how I look at it, 6PM‘s action can’t be justified. And that’s why I’m no longer their fans. Khun still gets my support, but not as 2PM. Don’t use the “Jay-bias” claim on me. I didn’t quit being Hottest because of Jay. I quit because of 6PM.

But lucky for you, 6PM. Unlike other die-hard fans, I don’t antagonize you. I’m not your fan, but also not your antis. I just don’t like you.

And I’m not being Jay’s fans because of sympathy either. I’m being his fan because I admire his well-rounded talent. And I do wish from the bottom of my heart that he could make it in America. Forget Korea, Jay, JYP would do anything to dirty you even more. American wouldn’t give shits about comments you made years ago or whatever scandals you did in the past.

Love and Respect.

My wish is with you, Jay.


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