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Snow Falling – Author’s Note

It ended much later than I thought.

My bad, my bad, I know you guys must hate me for writing this story while leaving you cliff-hanging with One Step at A Time

Ask Eirallina! When I posted Chapter 1 of Snow Falling, she said “What’s this? What about 1Step? I hate you. I hate you.” Kekeke. Sorry my angelic little sister.

To tell the truth, as a writer, I’m not really pleased with this story. I changed many things mid-way. And my writing is kinda rusty and hurries. That, I have to apologize to y’all. Having to read a rusty story would be such a frustrating thing for you. But thanks for your support anyway ^^;

I started writing this story a day after I read the manga “The Glass Shoe Doesn’t Fit”. The manga has nothing to do with Cinderella or Glass shoes At All. It’s the story about typical childhood friends that eventually becomes lovers. But in the manga, the girl chose to be with her first love and childhood friend, leaving her new partner behind, heart-broken.

From my point of view, her action made no sense. Why would you want to be with someone who always takes you for granted? And ignore the one who truly care for you? That doesn’t make sense at all.

Unhappy with how the story goes, I decided to write my own version, thus putting my on-going work to yet another hiatus. However, Snow Falling very loosely followed the manga, so you all can read this short story even though you have never heard of the manga.

The story was stretching though. I planned to end it in 3 chapters but it dragged on. I even planned for this story to be more of a dark story, not this heart-lighten, happy-go-lucky love story. And though initially planned to make Airi ended up with none of these two, I changed my mind and make her end up with Shiniji. I didn’t even write a scene with Kenta as I supposed to >_<

I know I have hinted like Kenta would get the girl. That’s my intention. But I have never planned for Airi and Kenta to be together in the first place. Sorry if the ending of this story disappoint some of you.

And for the Acknowledgment, I would like to thank my angelic twin sister, Eirallina. Not that she gave me any good advices though (LOL), but she has always been there for me.

I love you sis! Though I know you’re still hating me 😀

So long.

Till we meet again with my next update aka. tomorrow 8)


2 responses

  1. Eirallina


    I helped you loads, my evil sister. You could never understand the torture. XD

    April 5, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    • You witch! =.=

      I thought I’m supposed to be the Devilish one…

      April 5, 2010 at 11:19 pm

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