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7 April, 2010 – Hairdo Make Over

I had a haircut yesterday.

No, it’s not the result of my broken heart, though my heart did break because of DBSK…

Anyway! Let’s move on!

I actually didn’t plan to cut my hair off. I treasured it too much. My natural hair was silky black and wavy and before I cut it, it was waist-length. It was my pride. But in this heating summer that the average temperature is 35ํ Celsius or above, the long hair was making me melting. Therefore, I decided to cut it off to just shoulder-length. And I also had my hair dyed into medium light brown color together with curling it.

It went from this one…



Wake up from afternoon nap look


Before heading to bed look


Before heading to bed look 2.0  [The back of my head]



To something like this …



In front of the screen. Can you see the brown highlight?


Wahh! All my curls are loosen T^T.  This is my natural look now.

[Yes, it’s taken in the bathroom]


It’s quite a makeover for me who has never cut my hair since junior high, and also has never dyed my hair once cos I didn’t want to make it dry and crisp.

Anyway, I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. And today when I went to the University, these are my friends’ reactions…

Roomie : You look so manly… I thought that’s my job (to look manly)…

Classmate 1 : This look of you is so sweet!

Classmate 2 : Look like a classic Thai drama heroine.

Classmate 3 : So sexy! I want this hairdo too. Come with me next time, I’ll use your hair as model.

The Classmate 2 also said I’m prettier by 25% (LOL)

So, I’m confused. Is this look manly, sweet, classic or sexy? =.=

What do you think of the new me?


One response

  1. santaiah

    It’s the first time I see your face, and I can say that you’re cute. Your’s is a typical of Asian face. If I don’t know that you’re a Thai, I will mistake you as my country pals, BTW I’m Indonesian. Looking at these pics I prefer you with long hair. But you’re not so bad with short hair and different color, make you looks energetic & stylish 🙂 Anyway you have a bunch of funny friends, especially Roomie 😀

    April 9, 2010 at 11:03 am

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