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An Interview with Eirallina

I know I’ve been lazy and astray a lot lately, not writing the things I supposed to… I’ll make it up to y’all later *sorry sorry*

Maybe you have noticed that Eira and I keep call each other “Twin” even though I’m actually 3 years older. Apparently I’m the evil twin and she’s the angelic twin… >_>

So for our upcoming project, I have an announcement to make. *Ahem* Please welcome Eirallina as the new Author and Editor of Fangs’ Castle. *Clap clap clap*

Anyway, we have a little homemade interview this morning (her night time).

I was the first to be interviewed. You can read it at her WordPress. But here is where I interviewed her. We also reveal a tiny bit of our upcoming collab also 😉



Blue = Eirallina

Purple = Viola501 & Her personal comments



Viola501: Ok, so why do you write so much?

Eirallina: Because I have nothing better to do.

Viola501: ……

Eirallina: I can’t believe I just answered it so straight-forwardly.

Viola501: LOL. You always say you have no life. Do you really have no life?

Eirallina: Yes.

Viola501: Except the internet life?

Eirallina: Yes, I dislike phone calls. I don’t text. I hate answering phone calls. I don’t like getting rides. I think it’s odd to hang out with people for no reason other to hang out.

Eirallina: I’m a “loner”

Viola501: ………….. [That’s kinda obvious =.=]

Viola501: I see. I see. Ok, then how did you come up with so many plots?

Eirallina: Lmao. My plots are always… uh… the same. If you look at it closely

Viola501: … ok… let’s move on.

Eirallina: lmao

Viola501: Being an Asian kid in The States, is it tough?

Eirallina: For an interviewer, you are no fun. XD  [don’t care]

Eirallina: want a serious or comical answer?

Viola501: Serious.

Eirallina: It’s hard to adjust. For me, I came here when I was 9. One can say that I had adjusted easily. I learned the language easily. But people skills… I found that friendship isn’t quite friendship. Love isn’t quite love. Strangers aren’t quite strangers. It’s a weird thought but it works for me. Looking at others, I find them quite… dependent. They are dependent on their parents. My parents depend on me. Yet… they are also independent, they have their own jobs i live with my parents.

Viola501: Hmm.

Eirallina: And it’s annoying to hear people describe me as the short Asian kid…. as if they can’t find a better name.

Viola501: LOL

Eirallina: And going back to your other question, I find that I’m writing just to wait for that one person to tell me to stop writing because it’s unconventional and not good at all.

Eirallina: You are a good interviewer. I usually don’t ask questions. I just nod my head and move on, only to think about it 2 hours later….

Viola501: LOL

Viola501: Then why can’t you make better stories? As I said before, yours are always bitter.

Eirallina: Lmao. I don’t know. I can’t seem to describe happiness

Viola501: >_>

Eirallina: I can’t put my tongue on it. I can’t describe it with my own words.

Viola501: Let’s talk about our collab

Eirallina: okay

Viola501: You think it’ll work out?

Eirallina: Mollya

Eirallina: I want to try a new writing style.

Viola501: Good. That’s where I came to the scene, sis.

Eirallina: weah?

Eirallina: it’s awfully creepy that we’re addressing each other as twins now….

Viola501: hahaha

Viola501: Hey! We should talk about this! How come I’m the evil one and you’re the angelic one?

Eirallina: Mollya. Because of that pic, remember?


(A/N: This pic – We agreed that the left one is Me. the right one is Her.)


Viola501: That’s all?

Eirallina: *nods*

Viola501: Hahaha. I’m actually 3 years older, any respect? Or since we are twins now…

Eirallina: i don’t want to be as old as you.

Eirallina: =.=

Viola501: =.=

Viola501: I look younger than you though

Eirallina: Bwohhhhh???

Viola501: Kekekeke

Eirallina: Nice unnie, nice…. *shudders*

Viola501: Anyway, let’s get back to our collab. Define ‘genre’.

Eirallina: Drama wise, it’s romance, drama, comedy. General wise, DBSK, Eun Hye-sshi, Music,

Eirallina: pause, not DBSK… I find myself too wordy. I should stop writing too many words…

Viola501: LOL. I’m a wordy too

Eirallina: *sighs*

Eirallina: Anyway, go on

Viola501: I think you don’t remember the ‘mysterious’ part

Eirallina: Uh… no

Viola501: Great…

Eirallina: ….  surry.

Viola501: We talked about someone getting killed on their xxxxx day.

Eirallina: Oh yeah. The murder plot trying to get rid of xxxxx oooo. I think…

Viola501: yea

Viola501: Have you read the book ‘Mediator’ yet? [Highly recommended!]

Eirallina: Nope

Viola501: GrrRrr.

Eirallina: ….

Eirallina: Evil twin

Viola501: Devil twin

Eirallina: ….

Eirallina: I’m angel twin!!

Viola501: >_>

Viola501: Then act angelic!

Eirallina: ………..  but I do.

Eirallina: *looks around*

Viola501: ROFL


Hehe. I have to pause it here coz after this, we started talking about our plot on the upcoming collaboration “Enigma Scandal”

There are also many parts of the interview that I edit out coz it revealed too much about our plot.

I know it’s kinda absurd interview we have here. Hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoy asking her  😀


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