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Chapter 14 : Tears Drop and Fallen from Her Face

One Step at a Time

Chapter 14 : Tears Drop and Fallen from Her Face

Jung Yunho tried to be as soundless as he can. It hurts him so much to see Eunhye crying her heart out like that; it made his mind went wild and he wanted to kick some asses. The first ass, without doubt, would be of that man, Kim Jaejoong.

His band mates are all plumping on the ground of the living room, chatting about what just had happened. Jaejoong sat with his back towards the front door, so he couldn’t see the danger coming from behind. Yunho gave a signal for them to be quiet and the YooSuMin roger.

“Well, I didn’t want to hide it from you guys, you know? But it’s her personal life, man!” Jaejoong was still babbling “And Eunhye trusted me enough to tell me that though we never know each other whatsoever, so how could I ever betray her trust?”

“Oh, but you can betray our trust?” leader’s cold voice froze the umma’s body. He turned around to see Yunho with that devilish smile.

With the scent of danger crept up to his brain, Jaejoong tried to run away but Yunho was still able to headlock him to the ground.

“How long have you known this, hyung?” he emphasized the honorifics while twisting his friend’s neck.

“Yunho-ah! Please forgive me!” Hero cried. No! He doesn’t want to die young!

“You know it since the news was out, right?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want her to know it so I distracted her then” the boys can remember when Eunhye wanted to use Changmin’s phone to check the news but Jaejoong pulled her attention.


“Can you let go of me first?” Jae tapped Yunho’s arm around his neck. The leader answered by twisting his neck again “Arghh!!! You’re killing me!”

The trio YooSuMin have been stayed away from the angry beast Yunho all this while. But Yoochun couldn’t help himself but to ask “You like Eunhye nuna?”

“Eh?” Yunho was surprised for that blunt question that he unintentionally loosened his grab. Jaejoong took the opportunity to turn the situation around. He pushed the leader off, twirled his face to the ground and sat on his shoulder. “Hey hey!”

“I’m on top now, Yunho-shi~” Jaejoong winked. “Now tell us. You really like our Eunhye, don’t you?”

Yunho face turned scarlet red.

“Awww how cute!” Changmin clapped “Your face is like a tomato, hyung!”

“I’m betting on your side, hyung” Junsu added “I’ll be the Cupid for your love~”

“B.. but but” he stuttered and blushed “She already has Dong Wook sunbae-nim”

“And you’re going to give up just like that?” Yoochun raised an eyebrow “Sounds not like you”

“And he’s a cheating jerk, remember?” Changmin pointed “So you still have a chance”

Jaejoong petted his friend’s head “I know you’ve been jealous of me being too close to her” he chuckled “So, I’m going to help you with this”

“So you didn’t like her too?”

“No” Jaejoong reassured him “Believe it or not, she said I was like her older brother though I’m a year younger” other members burst out laughter. Yunho spread out his maniac grin.

“I know I said it before and I’m going to say it again” Yoochun said “You’re aging, hyung!”

“So one obstacle is clear now” Junsu declared “You’re in or you’re chicken out. Choose it, U-know?”

“So…” Yunho pondered “What do I need to do?”




A cell phone was pressed to her face. She ignored it and brushed the intruder off. But this intruder was a stubborn one, she’s still bouncing around with that phone of hers.

“Call him!” Ayumi demanded, forced the phone on her friend.

“No.” Eunhye pushed her off once again.

“Make a call!”


“Come on! Make a god damn call!”

“I said NO!”

“Yoon Eun Hye!”

“Lee Ayumi!”

The two stared at each other for a whole minute, and then Ayumi just plumped down on the sofa next to Eunhye, crossing her arms. While Eunhye went back to her Laptop, working.

“Aishhh… if you don’t call him, the thing between you two would still be pending, and you would still unable to focus on your work”

“I’m not going to call him. I have nothing to talk to that man anymore” Eunhye said with gritted teeth.

“Liar!” Ayumi hugged the cushion and faced her friend “You miss him. You want to talk to him. I know” her friend turned away “Eunhye-ah, lose that pride of you and call him. Give him this one chance to explain.”

“No, I’m not going to call him. And no, it’s not because of my stupid pride.” She said it before the Japanese roomie can open her mouth “I want to hear his explanation, I really do. But if he does care for me, if he still sees me as someone important to him, he would have already called me by now. And you see, he doesn’t even care to give me some words of assurance. It can only be interpreted that he didn’t see our relationship as anything but a fling”

“Sigh. Eunhye, you know I love you, right?”

Her eyeballs bulged out “What with that lesbo query just now?”

Smack! Smack!

“Ouch!” Eunhye rubbed her head “You are so aggressive lately, you know?”

“Well, because I love you since you are an important friend of mine. You’d better listen to me. Coz I want the best for you”

“Are you sure you’re not my mom?” she grinned “Ah! Sorry sorry!” she quickly said it before the violent Ayumi going to beat her up again.

“What I’m trying to say is, you should get things settled. Whether it’s a break up or it’s a make up, just make things clear. So you can finally be able to move on.” Ayumi paused “I heard you couldn’t do the dance rehearsal today”

“Yeah, I ruined it” Eunhye’s mood went down. “I wasn’t concentrating”


“I know I mess up today. But I won’t let it happen again. I won’t let someone who doesn’t care about me screwing with my life and my feeling!”

“That’s the attitude, girl!” Ayumi smiled finally. “Now make the phonecall”





Eunhye woke up next day by the pillows thrown at her.

“Yoon Eun Hye. Wake up!” the Japanese roommate kept throwing pillows at her.

“Yah! Quit it” the Korean beauty sleepily duck her head deeper “You’re giving me headache”

“You lazy bum! It’s almost 4 in the afternoon. Wake up!”

“Ayumi Lee, I went to bed at 6 in the morning, give me a break” After the long 3 months of their Follow Your Dream and One Step at a Time promo, the 6 of them finally got some rest before starting new promotion. And last night was their final Goodbye stage. And the tiring Eunhye collapsed once she got to her bed.

“It is time for break. We’ll go clubbing. Get up!”

“Don’t wanna go”

Silence. Eunhye lifted her head up a little to see what her roommate is doing. At the same moment, Ayumi throw herself at her friend instead of the pillow.

“Argh! What the heck you’re doing?!” the lady was fully awake. Her roomie is on top of her.

“Wahhh… looking closely like this. Your skin is really beautiful” Ayumi smear her fingers on Eunhye’s cheek. She was about to give YEH a peck at her soft cheek when Eunhye pushed her off.

“Yah! I’m not going to turn lesbian because of one cheating jerk!” the Japanese giggled “Clubbing! Right!” Eunhye stomped to the bathroom.

“Haha she’s so cute” Ayumi pulled her mobile out and made a call “Jaejoong ah… yeah yeah… Ani, no more tears, she’s looking fine… I’ll send her there in 15 minutes”




Excluded 2 of their youngest members, DBSK V. with the addition of Ayumi stepped inside the lavish club in the centre of Seoul. There was no doubt that the five of them were head-turners. Even though it’s not a surprise for this renowned place to be visited by famous figures, the presence of DBSK still conquered.

Yoon Eunhye looked around the place, unsure of what she was doing here. Ayumi pretty much dressed her up, put her into the van, and bam! They are here. The 3 oldest boys were here as well. While Changmin, who preferred drinking by himself and Junsu who ran off to his girlfriend were not here.

With his usual slimy smile, Yoochun rest his arm on the counter, calling for the manager’s attention.

“Hey, Micky!” a man in his 30s pat the boy shoulder and shouted in English “It’s been sometime huh? Heard you’ve been busy”

“Yep, bro” he grinned “I brought my pals here today. Can we get the Azalea room?”

The manager’s smile faded a little.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect you to come. So I gave the room to someone else” Micky was obviously surprised. The room he mentioned was a special deluxe VIP room, big enough for 10 people throwing a party and it was decorated in European style. But not only you must have the money… fame, credibility and connections are also what needed. Normally, this room would always be kept for DBSK and/or SM artists.

“Oh? Are Super Junior here too?” the manager shook head.

“It’s not SuJu, it’s Big Bang

After the name being said, the others who have been looking around, flirting and checking out immediately turn their faces back to the speaker. “…but the Sakura room is available, would you want to?”

Micky was about to refuse the offer when Eunhye tapped the counter to get both men’s attention “Yes, please. We’d like to have the room.”




This is so not fun. It couldn’t even be called clubbing!

Sakura room was different from Azalea room. It was decorated in modern Japanese style with the main color of Sakura pink and Bamboos. The sofa was replaced with zabuton cushions and Kotatsu table with heater under it. The food was all over the table and they had the up-tempo songs playing, but instead of enjoying the night, they are all eating quietly. Yoon Eunhye was sitting a little bit apart from the others. And obviously, the girl was pissing.

Everyone kept glancing at her as if she’s a time bomb that’s about to explode. And it’s frustrating. They faked the laughter and the giggling. Just because she fought with their YG hyung and accidentally met Big Bang here, they think she’s going to go crazy?

Finally, after Jaejoong’s 478th glance at her, Eunhye snapped.

“What?” she asked curtly. The pretty boy startled and looked the opposite way. “Gosh! Can y’all quit staring at me like I’m about to break? I’m not made of glasses, you know?”


“Fine! I’m going to get some drink” and she left the room. These people! They supposed to help her recover! But they’re not helping at all! Treating her like a porcelain doll like that.

Eunhye stomped down the stair to the bar and order a bomb-shot. Just when she’s about to knock it off, her cell phone rang.

Choi Dong Wook’ that’s the caller. Being pissed off as she was, Eunhye ignored the call.

After the news broke out for more than a week, he just called her now? Even without that news, as someone who were officially dating, he should have called her earlier, didn’t he?

But Se7en was sure as stubborn; he kept calling her non-stop that Eunhye finally had to pull the battery off.

“Who make my beautiful princess cry?” a male voice came from behind “Tell me and I’ll kill him”

Without looking back, Eunhye drained her bomb-shot and replied “Good. It’s Choi Dong Wook, slay him.”

“Wha-at?” he sat down next to her “That man dared to make you cry? Damn! I shouldn’t have handed you to him, right?”

“Oppa, you were never serious with me in the first place” Lee Minwoo dramatically grabbed his chest as if she hurt him badly.

“Ouch! I’m dying because of your coldness, my Queen” Eunhye gave him a glance. And the Shinhwa member quit his act “You are no fun today, Eunhye-shi”

“Aren’t you supposed to be taking care of your customers, Minwoo-shi?”

“I’m taking care of you here, right?” he gave her his signature grin. “I’ve heard the news. So you two did break up?”

“Sort of”

“Meaning I have a chance now eh?”

“Kind of”

“And you don’t have any new guy in sight now?” Eunhye who has been ignorant to her oppa halted a little with this question, before answering


Minwoo wasn’t a fool. Everybody knows him as a ladies’ man and he knows the ladies well. He can tell that his little sister was thinking of someone else when he prompted her the question “Yaaaaaah” he drawled “Who is this latest lucky bastard? Tell me. Tell me!”

“No one” the girl still played ignorant.

“Oh! Come on~”

“Aishhh it’s nobody! I don’t have anyone!”

Minwoo didn’t pester. He put his arm around her, grabbed her hand and changed topic “Hey, if you wanna get even with that jerk, I’m at your service” and he kissed her hand.

“By the existence of the girl at 2 o’ clock, I’m afraid I have to deny such a kind offer” Eunhye gave him an evil smile. Minwoo turn his head to the way Eunhye mentioned to see a girl staring at them with flame in her eyes.

“Holy crap!” he immediately pulled his arm away from her body “Byebye dongsaeng, I gotta go.”

“See you around if you’re still alive, oppa” Eunhye’s grin was wider. She watched her oppa worked his magic and the girl got all lithe in his arms. She chuckled.

“Glad to see you having fun, nuna” another man said from the other side of her. Big Bang’s Taeyang sat right next to her with a bottle of Hite beer in his hand. “You’re cool?”

“Can’t be any cooler” she answered before ordering Cass beer.

“Hey! I’m endorsing Hite, you know?” he yelled when seeing bartender served her Cass “Can’t you at least help us? What would people think if they see you drinking Cass while sitting with me?”

“I would say ‘I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh~’ ” she mocked him with the famous line from their female counterpart band, 2ne1, and had a sip. “And Cass is tastier!”

“Geez, woman!”

“How was your Japan promo?” she casually asked.

“It’s great. Thanks to your boys” he thumbed up to the DBSK “They breakthrough Japan market, so it’s easier for Big Bang.”

“I’m happy to hear that. You know I’m your big fan, right?”

“Thanks nuna” he gave her an eyes smile “Then can you help us out? It’s something that has been bothered us for a while now.”

Eunhye got alert and carefully asked “What is it?”

“Talk to hyung” exactly as she expected! She rolled her eyes and had a big gulp of her beer “Seriously, nuna! Both of you are making us all go crazy!”

“And is that my fault?”

“I’m not saying that. I just want you to talk to him. Call him and make it clear” he paused “Don’t you feel cramped leaving it all like this?”

With the alcohol in her blood, Eunhye got more berserk “Alright, alright. I’ll talk to him”

Seem like this is the password Taeyang has been waiting for coz he clapped his hand with joy and pulled her from her seat “Great! Hyung is on the line!”

The romantic king dragged her to secluded balcony where…(Why didn’t she suspect this before?)Choi Seung Hyun aka. TOP of Big Bang was waiting with a phone in hand. They put the phone in her hand, push her out to the middle of the balcony and locked her out… alone.

Both boys gave her peace sign and maniac grin from the other side of the glass door. Eunhye almost gave them the finger if she didn’t hear a familiar voice from the phone she’s holding.



“Eunhye!” the man shouted with joy “Why didn’t you answer my calls? I must have called you a million times already!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear it coz I’m in a pub” she flatted out lying.

“Oh!… I see” Se7en seemed to not know what he should say “Hey! I listen to your track list, all 10 songs. It’s really good. Your vocal has been improved a lot”

“Thank you.” She quietly replied waiting and hoping he got to the point.

“Eunhye, you know oppa miss you right? I think I’m going to fly back soon. And we’ll go out for a date, ok?”

“Oppa…” Eunhye ignored his proposal “Don’t you… have something… to say to me?”

“Well, ermm… oh! Please take care of your health!”

“No, not that”

“Ignore the murderous fangirls…”


“And don’t cheat on me.”

“Isn’t that my line?” maybe it’s the alcohol talking, maybe it’s not “How can you be like this? how can you act like nothing happen?”

“Eunhye” suddenly his voice became colder “If you mean that news, you know very well it’s not true. I know BoA contacted you…”

“Yes, BoA told me about the news. And she also told me more than that” Eunhye wiped something off her face, and realized that she’s crying “Do you know that your ‘childhood friend’ called me right after the news broke out? Did she tell you how she embarrassed me?”

“Eunhye –”

“I thought you would definitely have a good explanation for it. I thought I could trust you. I thought that for 3 years, I know you enough. I wished, I hoped that I do!”

Se7en sure can hear her sobbing. And he was speechless.



“I think we should not be seeing each other again” she made up her mind “Good luck… and Goodbye”

Ignoring his yelling protest, she hung up. turning back, Eunhye saw that all the Big Bang members were there and Jaejoong and Ayumi were also there. Great! These people gotta be here to witness her graceless breakup. Pushing the door with all her force that it almost hit Seungri’s nose, Eunhye jammed the phone into TOP’s palm and ran off the pub.

“Eune nu–” Yunho froze when he saw her ran pass him like he and Yoochun weren’t there.

Eunhye caught the first cab, and took off. Faster than anyone could react.

And when Yunho recovered from his stun and turned to face the group, all of them know they were in trouble.

Because they had never seen DBSK’s leader being this angry before.



To be continued…


Author’s Note: Yes, I have decided to continue this story.

Yes, I know it’s a really really long awaited. I’m really sorry. I get too personal with my story and my artists and all that…

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter and leave me comments!

I want to know if you can feel/sense something in this chapter… And I think I’m gonna update quite frequently now ^^


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