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Enigma Scandal

Enigma Scandal

A collaboration of the unlikely twins

Viola501 and Eirallina D’Amico


Starting Date : 10 April, 2010

Finishing Date : 00/00/2010


Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama, Mysterious



A man in late twenties to mid-thirties was lying on the ground. His eyes were wide open though sadly, he could no longer see. He couldn’t see the medics checking his body for the temperature and stiffness of his limbs. He couldn’t see the two detectives watching over him with sympathy, shaking their heads once or twice before whispering to each other of countless possibilities. Splashes of bright light could have blinded his vision as crime scene photographers took pictures of his wet body. But then again, he couldn’t see.

Lee Jae Han was dead.

With the simple gesture of nodding heads, the male detective separated from his partner to approach the group of people huddling in the corner outside of the bathroom. Peering in to look at the dead body ever so discreetly as yellow tape lines prevented them to get closer, some cringed while others just looked on, unfazed but definitely disturbed.

With the cigar hanging from the corner of his lips, he took out a notepad from the pocket of his black trench coat and a pen from his shirt pocket before ushering the group of people towards the other side of the room. Once they settled, dark eyes followed in on their every movement slowly, deliberately testing and checking on their reactions as he spoke.

“Greetings, everyone.” He addressed. “I’m Detective Parker Jung of the Ministry of Criminal Investigation in Seoul, nice to meet you. Although I don’t think this is a nice way of meeting people but given the circumstances we can make arrangements.” He cleared his throat and pointed to someone inside the crowded crime scene. “That lady over there is my partner, Medical Examiner Ikeda Rein also from the Ministry. I’ll introduce you to her later but for now, do you guys mind if I ask a few questions?”

He received a couple of yeahs and sure, why nots but other than that, nothing much.

“Please tell me if I’m wrong but the man lying there in the bathtub right now is a Mr. Lee Jae Han, a personal photographer from Miss Yoon’s company, correct?”

As he mentioned the dead person (body), nervous eyes were thrown about.

“The last time he was seen alive was when he was talking to you…” Parker turned towards Yoon Eun Hye, a woman in her twenties garbed lavishly in her stage costume of a short one piece dress and leggings of midnight blue. “…. inside your dressing room. But what do you know, less than an hour later he’s in your bathroom dead. Am I getting this right?” She slowly nodded, her eyes glancing at the dead body as it was carried out of the bathroom by two medics on a stretcher of neon orange. He cleared his throat and her attention snapped to him immediately. “May I ask, Ms. Yoon, what were you doing between 8:15 and 8:45?”

“Are you accusing her of something?” A feisty woman with a heavy set of cameras around her neck brushed past one of the members of the group to step alongside her friend, anger obvious in her gait. “How could Eun Hye kill him? She was on stage with Enigma. The whole crowd could be her alibi!”

“Well, Miss…” Parker glanced back at his notebook for reference. “Park Kyo Yi… According to what Ikeda Rein said, if you recall she’s the head Medical Examiner, Mr. Lee hasn’t died for long. Maybe 30 minutes max. Ms. Yoon could have easily killed him before she took off to perform on stage with Enigma.”

“I did not kill him.” The woman in question replied with her head held up high. “And sir, haven’t you seen the sign?” She pointed to the big white/red sign on the wall to their right. “Please put out your cigarette. You can’t possibly talk, take notes, and smoke at the same time.”

Parker ignored her comment and took a puff of his cigar to boot.

“So before you went out of this room to perform, did you two have a fight?” He inquired.


“No hitting, no pushing, no…”


“No putting his head under the water, perhaps?” Parker said hopefully.

“That is enough.”

Parker’s eyes turned to look at the male who stepped up to Yoon Eun Hye’s defense, opposite of Park Kyo Yi.

“Hello.” Parker nodded.

“Are you accusing Eun Hye of something?” The man repeated with what Kyo Yi had asked a few minutes back.

“No, sir.” He glanced down at his notes and took note of what he had written. Jung Yun Ho, a hot blooded artist before quickly jotting down how the man had repeated the same question Kyo Yi had inquired.

“He drowned, right?” Yun Ho asked but didn’t wait for the answer. “In the matter of five minutes, how could she had hit him, drowned him, spilled water all over the place, and then go on stage as if nothing happened? If you ask me, there was no blood or water on her clothes when we met up so your inference is wrong.”

“Do they not say that celebrities are fast at changing clothes?” Ikeda Rein joined her partner and greeted the group with a bow, as was her habit. “Medical Examiner of the Ministry of Criminal Investigation Ikeda Rein at your service, guys. Nice to meet you. And to answer your question, Ms. Park, Ms. Yoon here could have done all the things you mentioned and then changed her clothes before meeting up with you without ever leaving a trace behind.”

“She can’t.” Kyo Yi justified. “Enigma‘s fashion concept prevents duplicates of the same dress.”

“I see.” Rein’s cold eyes glanced around the dressing room with its fluorescent lights illuminating the mirrors of the makeup area to the racks of clothes at the corner. She turned back to the group, her eyes intently focused on Yoon Eun Hye. “May I ask about your relationship with the victim, Ms. Yoon?”

“He’s one of my photographers.” Eun Hye answered. “And also one of my friends.”

“Did he have any enemies when he was alive?”

“None that I’m aware of.”

“What about you, Miss Park? You’re his boss, right?”

Kyo Yi shrugged.

“He gets in trouble once or twice. But he can take care of himself.” She said. “I can’t think of anyone that would want him dead though.”

Ikeda Rein glanced at the door.

“When Enigma was performing, this room wasn’t locked. Am I correct?”

Parker butted in.

“We’ll have to do further investigation for DNA and fingerprints. Everybody please get on queue. Leave all ten of your fingerprints and a drop of blood.” Following Parker’s announcement was only silence. Seeing this, he grunted. “I was just kidding. Some hair will do.”

Shaking her head at her partner’s dry humor, Rein cleared her throat and smiled at everyone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I wouldn’t have to tell you Mr. Lee was murdered here tonight and all of you present are suspects of the crime. Under Korea’s administration, the law expects that you will not leave the country under any given circumstances. If you have reasons to leave the country or even the city, please report to us of your whereabouts.”

“In short…” Parker smirked. “You have to be in our sight until we figure out who the perpetrator is.”


Important Note

This is a collaboration of Viola501 and Eirallina. And we both have our own WordPress. So! To cut out unnecessary problems, we have come to the agreement that I, Viola, will post the odd chapters in my lair Fangs’ Castle. And Eirallina will post the even chapters in her Eirallina’s Compilation.

I’ll also add the chapters, both published in my and her WordPress, at Index page.

Excuse us for the inconvenience. Hope you enjoy reading the story ^__^


Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. This fan fiction is 100% written by us unless otherwise indicated. Do not redistribute, translate, or post in any place without the consent of Eirallina and Viola501. No joke. (If my twin doesn’t kill you, I will.)

© Eirallina and Viola501 2010. All rights reserved.


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  1. DeCaf

    eeny meeny miny moe…. catch the killer by the toe……….
    Interesting … count me in for the hunt 😉

    April 15, 2010 at 10:43 am

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