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Enigma Scandal – Prologue #1

Prologue 1

Kang Hye Na worked diligently at her office, signing papers, making proposals, and speaking to representatives. When she first became the Director of YD Consultants Group Co., Ltd., she thought it would be an easy job. Exactly what does one need to do to consult, right? Instead though, she was surprised to know that she had a lot of things to do. But those naïve thoughts were of five years ago. Now she was as busy as this!

Her expensive desk, exclusive shipped from Italy, was cluttered with papers and contracts. The layers of paper obscured the true beauty of the desk’s intricate carvings but she did not care. She just needed someone to help her with these papers. Even taking over time didn’t help her at all.

Someone knocked on the double mahogany doors but in her concentration, Hye Na could not hear it. The knock persisted and then stopped. A head poke out from the opened door and Secretary Seo cleared his throat.

“Er… Madam?” The man called out. The business woman sitting by the desk did not look up from the bundle of papers. “Madam Kang. Madam Kang! Madam!”

Startled at the loud commotion brought on by the secretary, Hye Na jumped in her chair and unconsciously let her Mont Blanc pen slip from her fingers. The lightweight utensil skipped through the air. Had Secretary Seo not closed the door, the pen would definitely poke one of his eyes out. The Director winced at the scene and stared at the door. A minute later, Secretary Seo poked his head in again and bowed to his boss.

“I heard you when you first called.” Hye Na snapped. “Do you think I’m deaf?”

The secretary laughed awkwardly.

“Never mind.” She scowled with a wave of her hand. Secretary Seo flinched and dodged behind the door as if he was expecting another pen to shoot his way. She glared at him even harder. “Secretary Seo!”

“Yes, Madam!”

“Say what you have to say so I can continue with my billion dollar money-making scheme.”

“Excuse me, Madam, but I believe your billion dollar money-making scheme has to wait.” Secretary Seo wiped the sweat off his forehead. Being Kang Hye Na’s secretary was never an easy job. “You have a meeting at two o’clock and…” He glanced at his watch and it read 2:15. “Everyone is waiting, ma’am.”

“They haven’t killed each other off yet?” She made a face. “Too bad…”

“I was kind of hoping they would kill you.” Secretary Seo muttered as he closed the door.

“I heard that!” Hye Na’s voice growled.

“Sorry, Madam!”


Hye Na walked into the room and immediately recognized the tension floating around in the uncomfortable atmosphere. She could definitely feel these money-making midget schemers flex their big heads to prepare themselves for the tedious job of sounding out their opponents.

Daring to walk in front of her, Secretary Seo rushed to the conference table to hand out the binders that had been prepared for this certain meeting. When he saw Hye Na standing behind her big comfortable chair and tapping her Jimmy Choo heels impatiently, he dropped his current job and rushed over to pull out the chair for his boss. She smiled graciously at him and took her seat.

The meeting now began.

“Gentlemen,” Hye Na smiled at the congregated group in front of her. “Please retract your claws and hear me out. Before you are your business rivals. I know that very well. But you are all my customers and as you and I are both aware of the current situation, we are all in deep trouble.”

Hya Na’s vulture-like eyes scanned the people in the room.

“You!” Her index finger pointed to Lee Soo Man, the CEO of SM Entertainment. Besides her, Secretary Seo flinched at the harshness of her voice. “Your company has been in the red for the past year. SME suffers a lot because of your slave contract scandals, surely you know this. People think you’re using your artists as money-making machines and it tarnishes your image every single time another scandal appears. Sooner or later, no talents would want to be recruited into SM. You know what that means, right? SME will be nothing but history.”

On the other side of the room, Park Jin Young chuckled at the statement made.

“And you!” Hya Na immediately turned to the laughing monkey. “Nobody can deny the fact that you and your #1 artists are in trouble. From Wonder Girls to 2PM, you have been heavily criticized and boycotted by your own customers. You think releasing new singles while ignoring the matters at hand will help? Well think again!”

Yang Geun Suk, the chief executive officer of YG Entertainment, fidgeted where he sat.

“How was your deal with Sony Music, Mr. Yang Geun Suk?” Hye Na coldly inquired.

“W… We’re doing… w… well.” Mr. Yang managed to stutter out.

“Good. My schemes are always brilliant.” Hya Na giggled at her own praise. “Ain’t I the one who say having Flo Rida featured will help your golden-haired freakish boy out of trouble?”

Surviving for this long, DSP Entertainment‘s CEO Lee Ho Yeon didn’t expect her to turn against him. But she did anyway.

“I don’t have much knowledge about music but I can tell you right here, right now Mr. Lee that you should start recruiting real talent and forget the looks.” She smirked. “You know that your #1 SS501‘s ranking is even behind those newcomers, right?”

Lee Ho Yeon was obviously uncomfortable by the statement and Hye Na reveled at his nervousness before turning to the last person.

“And last but not least…” She looked at the corporate executive officer although she couldn’t even call him as such. No one had officially acknowledged him. “You’re a nobody, Mr. Park Chung Woo. Yes, even though your company was established for more than two years with a popular A-list star, you’re still a nobody. Does that hurt?”

Kang Hya Na lets out a laugh that roared around the hollowness of the conference room, her successful reign of terror slowly diminishing as she finished her enjoyment. Snapping back into character, she smiled at her guests.

“Fortunately for you all, you have me. And me, an intelligent being of tremendous talents, have decided to grace you with an utterly brilliant plan to boost your images and save your red asses.”

She snapped her fingers and immediately Secretary Seo rushed to turn off the lights. The guests and its dominating host turned their attention to the LCD projector screen.

“Here it is…” Hya Na whispered. “Enigma.”


Please continue reading Prologue #2 at Eirallina’s Compilation


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  3. am92189

    wow… you made kang hae na more bitchy than she was in my fair lady…
    i’ll be waiting for updates…
    keep it up…

    April 18, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    • LOL. I dont know why but ur comment was marked as spam XD
      Anyway, we just simply borrow the names. But we model her (Hyena) after someone 😀

      April 18, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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