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Kpop Group Idols – Best Member

They say in each boy/girl group, there would be relatively 1 best entertainer. The ones that shine the most, no matter where they stand, they would always be eyes-catching. The ones those are best-rounded and most well-built on every aspect.

Looks is the first thing that comes to public eyes. They don’t have to be beautiful, but they should be good-looking. Yes, these 2 words are different. For example, I would say Big Bang’s Daesung has the looks, not because he’s handsome, but he has the face that you can look at and still find nice.

Personality, for me is the most important aspect. When I choose whom I would be a fan of, I look at their personality. And as entertainers, it’s not just your personality as a person, but also TV personality that entertains people. Like I would say SNSD’s YoonA has good personality according to what almost everyone said, but the girl doesn’t have TV persona. She can’t really entertain people.

Natural Leadership/Team Player not everybody can be leader, but if you’re not a leader, then you must be team player. If you can’t be either, you better go kill yourself off. Not all Kpop idol leaders have good leadership, but at least they must be great team player to support the group. And since they tend to give the leader role to the eldest, it can’t be helped that sometimes true leaders are pushed to the background.

Other aspects are Wit, Talents, Skills and Experiences.

Many may wonder what the differences between Talents, Skills and Experiences are.

Easiest way to put it, you are born with talents, you develop your skills and you learn from your experiences. I know fans always say this or that person is so talented, most of them are NOT. They are just skillful as they are trained for long years. SNSD’s best vocal, Taeyeon, she is not talented, but she is very skillful that she knows how to use her “ordinary” voice to show “extraordinary” singing skill.

And some artists do learn from their experiences, you would rarely see them make silly mistakes again and again. But there are also those who make me annoyed by their immaturity. Good entertainers should show obvious improvement after years pass.

Following is my personal list on which member of their respective group is arguably considered to be the best member. You may disagree with me, and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can reasonably argue with me, but as I stated in the guideline I will not tolerate any bitchy childish acts.

I’ll only list the group that I observe them long enough to be able to judge. I also can guarantee that I have left my bias behind while writing this editorial, so this came purely from the Musician Viola, not a Kpop fan Viola.


[Randomly Arranged]

1. DBSK – U-know Yunho

It was actually a close tie between Jung Yunho and Kim Junsu. But I gotta give the title to Yunho as he is more mature and wittier and he is a true leader by nature. Even those who never know DBSK before can easily point out that Yunho is their leader.

He passes all the aspects of looks, personality, talents, skills, and experiences. And all of above, I have to hand it to Jung Yunho. He may not be the most talented one, but he is the most multi-talented one.

2. Big Bang – Dae Sung

I have a hard time deciding who should be the best member within Big Bang. I would have handed it to Taeyang if he isn’t too quiet of an entertainer. Taeyang said it himself that there is a reason why he cannot be on shows like Daesung. Though he has the better image of a romanicer, other than that I think both of them are up to par with each other. But Daesung won by his personality and quick wit.

I know too little about TOP to judge, and although G-Dragon used to be my favorite, I don’t think he is the best member overall. But maybe I was wrong. I don’t know.

3. Brown Eyed Girls – Narsha

Narsha. I love her adult idol image that cannot be found in young girls. They say women are at their hottest in their thirties, that’s because the 30s women know who they are and what they want. They have the confidence and charm that is totally different from the young teenagers.

I chose Narsha because while I observe this group of talented women, Narsha stands out to me almost all the time. Jea and Miryo lack TV personality, and Ga-in lacks… something I cannot really point out… but it’s something I find in Narsha. So! For BEG, I’ll crown Narsha the best member.

4. Super Junior – Kyu Hyun

I used to say it in my rant before that same as their female counterpart, SNSD, I feel like they need to stick together to shine. My first choice for best member is actually Sung Min. but Sungmin is too much of a middle man. You know? He is mediocre in everything – singing, dancing, looks, and persona. Not that great, but not that bad either. Then I look at Kyuhyun, his vocal is the best, no questions about that. But other than that Kyu is still too quiet. Some say he has good personality, but still…

Then I came to Han Geng, but as he will soon no longer be a SuJu, I tick him off as well as Jae Bum from 2PM. Deciding between Sungmin and Kyuhyun, I think Kyu has the better potential to grow bigger than Sungmin. Therefore, the title goes to maknae Kyuhyun.

5. Wonder Girls – Min Sunye

With Wonder Girls, it was also a close tie between Sunye and Ye Eun. Both I think are very well-rounded. But Sunye is more skillful and more caring for the team which I find greater than Ye-eun’s great sense of humors and wit, even though I love her to death.

Like many, including me, notice, Wonder Girls tend to lean towards Sunye a lot as she is more well-built than them. We wouldn’t even have to talk about her looks as she was chosen by the plastic surgeons to be the most beautiful idol. Though I always question Wonder Girls talent, I still have to agree Sunye can easily go solo if the time has come.

6. SNSD – Kwon Yuri

While deciding on the best member from SNSD, I have 3 people in mind – Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun. I used to like Seohyun a lot because of her persona. But after seeing her in WGM, Seohyun started to die on me. Sooyoung, though is still able to keep her dorkiness and not let the fame gets to her, is too quiet. So the title goes to Kkap Yuri.

At first glance, Yuri is more of a plain Jane. She is not an eye-catching member. But the more you see her, the more she grows on you. Yuri’s vocal is not that great but she’s still better than most of her band mates and next to Hyoyeon, Yuri is the best dancer of the band. Not to mention that she seems to be more of a leader than Taeyeon and also very capable on shows. So even though Yuri is not on my top 3 fave list, I still think Kwon Yuri is the best member of SNSD.

7. 2PM – Jang Woo Young

Since Jay is out, I have no choice left but Wooyoung. Of course, if it’s vocal, Junsu is the best. But ever since Heartbeat single, I started to see Wooyoung’s potential, not only in singing, but also in acrobatic area. And he is also very good at MCing. So I think Wooyoung would have really good potential to go further. Junsu, though best vocalist, is too shy and too distant. TaecYeon is neither talented nor skillful enough, he also has no wit for variety shows, FO2 prove it. Nichkhun lacks vocal skill and language skill though I think he could make it very very big.

But as of now, I think Woo Young is the best member out of the six-member 2PM.

8. 2AM – Jo Kwon

Actually, the only thing that put Jo Kwon in this position is his personality. He has such a big persona. While other members are relatively more collective.

When I first know 2AM, I have a big question mark for Jo kwon as I’m not sure if he’s… erm… straight or not. But from what I see, he has the manly side of himself. And being trained with Beastly idols help a lot too. One good thing about 2AM is all of the members are capable of singing. I love that they focus more on their music, not just their looks. And Jo Kwon also execute that part, so I have nothing more to say, let’s just give the man the title of 2AM best member.

9. 4minute – Ji Yoon

Right now, 4minute is my favorite girl group. I still can’t decide on my favorite member though. All of them are really great in my eyes. But if I have to choose the one with best potential, I would have to choose Ji Yoon. In the singing area, of course she still can’t compete with Ga Yoon, and in dancing area, HyunA is also more experienced than her. But over-all, Jiyoon is still the best-rounded member. She can sing, rap, dance and the members say it themselves that while leader Ji Hyun is assigned the mother role for them, Jiyoon is their father figure. Obviously imply that she has leader nature.

On stage, I also feel that Jiyoon has the strongest presence. So Jiyoon will be crowned the best member of 4minute.

10. KARA – Han Seung Yeon

You know what? I actually cannot choose the best member from KARA as I can’t see any of them going solo and be successful. None are talented or funny or skillful enough. I chose Seungyeon because out of the 5, I think she has best potential. And she is also the most ambitious.

Personally, I also think Seungyeon has more leadership skill than Park Gyuri, but she is a great team player nonetheless. Goo Hara might be KARA’s Mascot, but I think Seungyeon would be the one who takes these girls to the top. Not the “Goddess” Gyuri, not the “Cutie” Nicole and not the “Ant-waist” Hara. I leave out Kang Ji Young here as I have a feeling that she is a hidden card. I want to believe she has good potential, but we would never know until she gets the full spotlight.

11. 2NE1 – Sandara Park

I know many would question my decision of choosing Sandara Park as 2ne1’s best member. But from my perspective, besides her lacks of vocal ability, Dara has everything needed to go solo. She has the looks, the wit, the experiences and the persona (obviously). If we’re talking about stage talent only, I would say Gong Minzi is the best. But as we talk about entertainer, I gotta hand it to Dara. She knows how to communicate with fans, she knows how to use the cameras, and she is also the most professional performer on stage.

12. After School – Park Gahee

Even though she’s often considered too old for teeny idol world, Gahee is still the best of After School. What would they do without her? Gahee has the longest experience in this business. She is undeniably the best female dancer in Kpop nowadays. And although she doesn’t have the voice, Gahee’s rap is good enough to pass off.

13. SS501 – Kim Hyun Joong

I’m actually not in the position to judge SS501 as all I see is… Kim Hyun Joong. He overshadowed all of his members. Though he is the most popular, I gotta say Hyunjoong still lacks in many parts. His singing is probably the weakest in his group. And compare to other successful idol group, Hyunjoong still lacks leadership skill as he’s not helping his members to gain more limelight at all.

However, I still have to say he’s the best member of SS501 as an entertainer; he has the best potential in his group. With the popularity he has, Kim Hyun Joong can easily go solo. But if DSP want his No.1 boy group to be successful, they and Hyunjoong gotta gear things up a lot.

14. SHINee – Key

It’s been a while since I last checked up news about Shining SHINee. So I based my judgment on not so many times I have watched them in shows and on stage, which might be wrong.

Initially, Key is more of a hidden member to me. Both Taemin and Minho got more limelight though only thing they both have is the looks. Jonghyun has the best vocal but lacks good TV persona. And Onew… what can I say… I still don’t find Onew attractive in any ways.

Key started to stand out when watching him on shows. He has good wit and good TV personality. His performance skill is also slightly better than the others. So for now, I’ll say Key is the best member of SHINee.


Well, that’s my thought. Tell me yours.


8 responses

  1. Estella de Abril

    I will both agree and disagree with you regarding KHJ of SS501. It is true ,people tend to see KHJ more -because he is attractive , he knows how to dress up (awarded for that !), interesting personality, hardworking (overworked ) , professional as far as commitments are concerned and YES, he is a very good leader -you should see them behind the scene and what his members say of him . He did not forget them when he was doing BOF and they all reaped the benefits out of his effort . Lately , he stays in the background when performing and though he is the leader ,he has allowed other members to do the talking when interviewed . Regarding his voice ,they are of different range but they blend well together . By the way, he has other skills as well ,he is a bassist and play the piano . If he gets offers to do CF’s ,modelling , dramas, that is not his fault -he is perceived by the entertainment industry as the one who can deliver the image they are looking for.

    May 20, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    • Ermm… Which part of it did I bash KHJ???

      I gave an overall opinion as outsider coz as I stated, I’m not SS501fan, I don’t know them very well, therefore not in the position to judge. You don’t have to vent on like I bash him or smth XD
      I think he is the best and has most potential in SS501, that’s all.

      I didn’t write this article to help “promote” any idols. I just gave an opinion of the ones I believe have best potential in each group.
      And I stated what I see as someone who is outside the fandom. I think the majority of non-fans would agree with me.

      And I know about ranges of voice in the group =.=
      I dont know why you’re so gaga about my intake with KHJ though… I didn’t talk about them much in the first place…

      May 20, 2010 at 11:55 pm

  2. Gemavance

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

    May 23, 2010 at 7:38 am

  3. Gemavance

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
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    Christian,Earn Free Vouchers / Cash

    June 7, 2010 at 4:26 am

  4. I agree that sandara park is the best member of 2ne1. She is always stand-out among them
    Aside from her pretty face, she has a unique personality with a magnetic charm that can capture by anyone.

    And for the talent she can also sing well. She has soft powerful voice which addicted to listen. When it come to dancing! ! ! She has a graceful gentle move that show her sexiness & cuteness.

    Admit it , eventhough she is a rookie in the kpop entertainment. She already has a tons of supporters fans. Her popularity is raising . In live performance She is always a “darling of a crowd” because of her undeniable energetic cheerful expression that capture the viewers.
    that make them crazy scream her name ” S A N D A R A “

    August 18, 2010 at 5:29 pm

  5. noi

    agree with kyuhyun ❤ seriously, i love his witty and cynical attitude towards his hyungs. he really fits the title "maknae on top". agree with almost all of your choice, except i choose taeyang for bigbang, junsu for dbsk (your two possible candidates, too), cl for 2ne1, and onew for shinee. well, onew may not really shine as a leader and jonghyun has better vocal than him, but i LOVE his vocal too much. ^^

    December 20, 2010 at 12:18 pm

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    April 24, 2013 at 8:08 pm

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