Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Castle of A Beast

I know it’s been really long since the last time I updated on what’s going on with my life.

You may notice something slightly different as you opened this page.

That’s right! I have changed the name of this blog from ‘Fangs’ Castle’ into ‘Castle of A Beast’.

As someone used to say, this place is not really a blog. It’s more like my lair where I ramp out on stuff I find… frustrating. And it’s where I have full freedom since this place is mine and it goes by my rules.

I initially named my blog as Fangs’ Castle only because I was so obsessed with Vampires at that time. But as I feel more mature, I want to change it to something more sensible. Since I know very well how much of a bitch I am, I think I would just bluntly call it “A Lair”. But I just love the word “Castle”, so I stick to that theme and change it into “Castle of A Beast”

Actually, so many things have happened to my life that I think it has changed me but I want to save you all from being bored to death and save that piece of info to myself. Anyway, I don’t feel like writing much anymore, so I maybe update just every once in a while.

However, I would like to get to know my readers and my friends here better. So I would love to chat with you guys or add you as friends on social networks ^^

I live double life. And I would prefer if these 2 lives do not overlap too much. Anyway, for those who do not know, here are the places you can find and contact me directly

  1. Blog Castle of A Beast
  2. Twitter ThePanisa
  3. Facebook Viola YEH
  4. YoonEunHye.netModerator Viola501
  5. Youtube Zeiko501

Facebook, Twitter, YEH.net – these would be 3 best places to find me active 😉

So long~ till we meet again J

PS. About Me page is under construction. Waiting for some free time to manage >///<


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