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28 July, 2010 – Update on My Life

Can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I last updated my blog. Wow…

If you’re wondering what I have been up to that kept me from posting so much as before. Here is some part of my everyday to-do list

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday = Attending classes which consist of Seminar on Strategic Management and Value Creation, Performance Measure System, Business and Strategy in Asia, and Import-Export Business.

If you haven’t figured out by now, these things consume like 110% of my energy. What made it worse is that our professors are always tied up with their own thesis and/or meeting and/or consulting, etc. So my schedule has never been predictable. One week I got just 2 classes, another week I was studying 24/7 to catch up. It’s been such a tiring period of time.

But as most college girls, studying is not the only thing we do. Some may already have heard that I’m also a vocal trainer in my University Choir. Our freshmen just had their contest earlier this month, so recently my work is pretty lenient in the choir. However, as strong-headed and as hyperactive as I always be, this Panisa would never be satisfied when she has too little things at hands. I took up a position in my college’s Thaprachan Journal as a full-time proof-reader and part-time photographer. Then took another position as translator in TU-SIFE club. SIFE, short for Students in Free Enterprise, is more of a non-profit organization deem to help those in need. The similar clubs also locate in more than 24 Universities across the country.

SIFE club at Thammasat University is still not very well-organized. So I spend my extra time from translating countless papers in attempt to better its “organizing”. Eventually, I was subtly forced out of the Journal team as I haven’t submitted in any works or photos for weeks, and turn to put more effort on SIFE.

No, that is not all. We have some reviewed in my curricular classes, my extra-curricular activities, but we haven’t been to my part-time job just yet. All of those above I do it voluntarily for free… Unless you’d count the full-scholarship I receive, which in a way, paying me to study this tough course. But just for money and for fun(?), I’m also an English tutor, teaching high-schoolers on weekends.

So that’s my excuses for disappearing too long.

Anyway, I’m going to have a week off after mid-term exam is done. And I planned to use it on my latest obsession – True Blood. I have decided to write a review on each episode of True Blood season 3, which I think is by far The Best season of the series. So starting tomorrow, you can expect another update of me about True Blood. I know waiting sucks! But my life depends on Mother Nature and we all know that Mother Nature is a bitch!

Teehee! 😛


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