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True Blood

True Blood is an American television series from HBO. It is based on novels The Southern Vampires Mysteries by Charlain Harris, which is also my favorite set of novels.

The story centers on Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress working at a bar – Merlotte’s in a fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie is in love with William Compton, one of the vampires that “came out of coffins”.

It tells a story of a present world when a myth creature – Vampire decided to publicize themselves to the rest of the world after the Japanese successfully created artificial blood. As they no longer need to feed from human, Vampire society think they can blend into the community.

But things are not easy. There are many who still believe that Vampires are Satan and do not deserve a place in this world, Christian in particular. And although they no longer need to “feed” from human, Vampires still “want” to do so, thus making a handful “food” become fang-bangers.

However, Vampire is not the only magical race in the story. There are also Shape-Shifter, Werewolves, Maenads, and many more.

Genre : Supernatural, Horror, Drama

Creator : Alan Ball (He also serves as the show’s executive producer)

Author : Charlain Harris. Season 1 of True Blood based almost entirely on the first book of the series – Dead Until Dark. But season 2 and 3 based loosely on her novels as the story alters to split the airtime to other characters other than Sookie who is the main narrator of the novel. By the end of season 2, many readers claim that True Blood and The Southern Vampire Mysteries are considerably 2 different stories (which I also agree).

Original Channel : Home Box Office (HBO)

Main Starring :

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress and main protagonist of the series.

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton, a 170-year-old Vampire and Sookie’s love interest.

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman, a 1000-year-old Viking Vampire who is Vampire Sheriff of Area 5 (Bon Temp included) and Fangtasia, Vampire bar owner. He also takes great interest in Sookie and her ability.

Sam Trammel as Sam Merlotte, a shape-shifter and the owner of bar Merlotte’s. He is Sookie’s boss and her best-friend who also has a crush on Sookie since forever.

Rutina Wesley as Tara May Thornton, Sookie’s best friend. Tara also works at Merlotte’s as bartender.

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s slow-witted brother and road crew supervisor. Though he often gets in trouble by his player self and uneasy with his sister’s ability, Jason still loves his sister very much.

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, Tara’s gay cousin who also works at Merlotte’s as a cook. Lafayette is also a drug dealer and prostitute. As the story progresses, Lafayette came out as a very caring and dominating character.


Quick review on True Blood season 1 & 2 is coming right up…


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