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TB 3.1 : Bad Blood

True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 : Bad Blood

Video :  http://www.megavideo.com/?v=BYJ5ZWZU

After Bill was taken away, Sookie went to the police help but to her dismay, no one seems to take his disappearance seriously.  So she raced back to his house where Jessica came back home to see Hoyt’s bouquet, though appreciated she had more important thing to deal with – a barely alive body of the trucker she fed on. The babyvamp managed to hide her prey in time Sookie barged in. Sookie asked Jessica to call her immediately once Bill come back. After Sookie left Jessica tried to feed the dead trucker with her blood to heal him.

Jason freaked out of what he has done. And Eggs’ body got zipped up. Lafayette tried to console Tara who was in grieve over Eggs’ death at the crime scene.

Bill’s kidnappers were revealed to be 4 hostile men. They chained him with silver and started drinking his blood.

At Merlotte’s, Andy received a cheer-up from his veteran cousin, Terry while Sheriff Bud Dearbourne was questioning Arlene. Tara lost her temper at her and Lafayette had to drag her out. Then Andy dropped at Jason’s house to warn his to act normally “Conscience off, Dick on, and everything gonna be alright”

Sookie’s next stop was Fangtasia where she, with a little lead from Pam, walked in on Eric having sex with new dancer from Estonia, Yvetta. Sookie enlisted Eric in search for Bill, who at the mean time, managed to free himself from the kidnappers and tried to “summon” Jessica before went underground to hide from the sun and kidnappers. Sookie came back home to see Tara in despair. The two fought when Tara realized that Sookie helped Eggs remember and indirectly drove him to his death. And Lafayette needed to take his cousin to his house.

It turned out that Eric also tried to kidnap Bill though his men failed to reach the place before Bill was kidnapped. Pam suggested him to report to the Queen but he brushed her off.

On the next day, Sam drove to Arkansas in search for his birth parents and as an after-effect of drinking Bill’s blood, he had a not-so-pleasantly sexual gay dream about the vampire. Fortunately, he woke up in time.

At the road crew, Jason was so caught up in his own mind. Hoyt, still angry at his mother, asked to stay over at his place.

Bud also neglect Sookie’s request to search for Bill which Sookie denounce him for his inhumanity.

At Merlotte’s, Arlene found out that she’s pregnant while Jason “acted normal” by flirting with 2 college girls under Andy’s relief.

The Magister and Queen Sophie-Anne paid Eric a surprise visit at Fangtasia. Magister told them that their area has become the capital of V dealing. He also made a very accurate guess that at least 1 vampire is behind this. He told them that the punishment for vampire responsible for selling V must be made an example of.

After he left, the queen ordered Eric to move the products and cover the tracks. But she didn’t care about Bill gone missing when Eric told her about it.

Pam paid a visit at Sookie’s house to give her the pay-check for her work in Dallas. In her place, Pam received a “call” from Eric, which was in form of a wave of shiver. Pam later dropped by at Merlotte’s demanding Lafayette to clear the V stock.

Lafayette invited Lettie Mae to watch over Tara while he’s out for work. But with her ignorance, Tara attempted suicide by taking drugs. Her cousin came back in time to make her spit them out.

Learning that the maker has an ability to call on his progeny, Sookie went to see Jessica who confessed she felt Bill’s call last night. Both went out in search for him following her instinct. They reached the forest where the car of kidnappers was crashed and one was dead. Jessica found an Operation Werewolf sign on his neck.

Bill fed on an old lady whom he glamoured to forget about him and take the money for the blood. Olivia, the lady he fed from told him he’s in the land of Mississippi. The episode ended with a pack of wolves (possibly werewolves) and Bill was about to battle.

Comment :

A little disappointed actually. This episode has so many things going on and it seemed so rushing. Probably due to the fact that there was a great deal to catch up and go on in 12-episode series.

There were also a lot of Rate 20+ scenes (Mostly sexual scenes). I actually wouldn’t complain if it’s not too much and make me feel uncomfortable watching it with whole family 😛


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