Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Welcome to Our 21st Century!!


Our communication – Wireless

Our phones – Cordless

Our cooking – Fireless

Our food – Fatless

Our Sweets – Sugarless

Our labor – Effortless

Our relations – Fruitless

Our attitude – Careless

Our feelings – Heartless

Our politics – Shameless

Our education – Worthless

Our Mistakes – Countless

Our arguments – Baseless

Our  youth – Jobless

Our Ladies – Topless

Our Boss – Brainless

Our Jobs – Thankless

Our Needs – Endless

Our situation – Hopeless

Our Salaries – Less and less



I’m having an exam tomorrow. So need to relax a bit before hitting the test -_-;

Gonna try update more this October. Really… Try…


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