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2010 Life Review

2010 is quite a year for me, like I said before. A lot of ups and downs, filled with laughters and tears.

Let’s have a little review of my life in Year 2010 😀


  • Being an Admin of a few YEH-related fan clubs at Soompi.
  • Caught in a middle of 2 sides of power
    • Learning that being a middleman is not easy
  • Got a new Samsung digital camera as a birthday present.
  • Watching Devil Wears Prada (on stage) with old friend. Been a big while since last seen each other. This was the place I use my new camera for the first time.
    • Learning that I’m pretty good with the camera ^o^


  • Got into a big fight with some fans at Soompi and having YEH-withdrawal
    • Witnessing the evil side of having power.
  • 20 Feb – Joined WordPress with the urge of Eirallina. I practically moved in and settled my own place.
    • Learning how easier and more comfortable it is to live by your own rules.
  • 23 Feb – First time ever published my own diary online.
  • Visited the coal mine and electricity plant at Maemoh, Lampang. The point that sparked my interest in Corperate Social Responsibility.
    • Learning that nothing beats human’s will power.
  • Started writing Snow Falling – My first ever-published original fiction based on a short-story manga.


  • Formerly @AiriHye (now @ThePanisa) joined Twitter world on 18 March, following the entrance of Yoon Eun Hye @1003grace.
  • Completely left Soompi for good. It’s been awesome 3 years with Soompi and that’s it for me 😉
  • A battle of red shirts fighting for Former-Prime Minister Now-State Prisoner Thaksin Shinawatra’s return to power. Many people died, including innocents, soldiers and red shits themselves.
    • Learning that Civil War could happen just because people do not listen to each other. Also having a wishful thinking of some superhero appears and massacres them all…
  • Got really involved with Jay Park (Former leader of 2PM) and his case.
  • Got caught up between the thought of Women Right vs. Human Right in the issue of Abortion
    • Keeping in mind to not ever get pregnant before I’m ready.
  • Finishing Year End’s project of Sophomore Year. Done quite a great job with final exams.
    • GPA 3.40 (Woohooo!)
  • Finished Snow Falling in a span of 1 month.
  • First time I ever had a guy looking pervertedly at me in a-meter distance, what’s worse was he is my friend’s boyfriend
    • Learning that it’s really hard to try to kick someone in the face when you’re wearing short skirt.
  • My blog became more popular for my ranting on Kpop and some YEH-related contents including “YEH joining twitter” “YEH Obsession Test” and “Random Facts about YEH”.


    • Signed up for summer course – Business Law & Regulations
    • Heartbroken by the news of the split ways of DBSK/THSK/TVXQ members, but still keep the faith always.
    • Got promoted into Eirallina’s evil twin. LMAO.
    • We got the worst summer, hottest ever summer. I honestly thought I would melt down literally.
      • Learned that Global Warming is a much closer problem to all of us.
    • Met up with an old friend from Japan.
    • I got new haircut. It used be to waist-length wavy black hair. The new hairdo is shoulder-length curly brown hair.
    • It’s a bloody Songkran Festival. One of the worst Thai new year celebrations. Red shirts’ snipers killed some great soldiers including many great men in high positions. Our country has lost a deal of great innocent people but still unable to deal with a handful of obvious killers on street.
    • Having a minor Kpop-withdrawal, going through Jpop craze.
    • 22 April – Started another blog about Thai politics and Thai royalty.
    • Feeling like not continuing my best fanfic yet “One Step at a Time”.
    • 15 April – Finally update Chapter 14 of One Step at a Time. And planned for new co-writing fanfic – Enigma Scandal.
    • 24 April – Published my most popular post to date – The Wallflower drama review.
    • April was quite a month for me. So many stuff happened.


    • Crazy with hit quotes
    • Become an anti of an actress – Kang Eunbi
    • Wondering if Democracy is half good as it sounds. Is it the people or is it the system that is the root of all troubles?
      • Realized there will be blood. More of it.
      • Learning that Congress is the opposite of Progress.
    • 19 May – Welcome Jay Park to Twitter Universe.
    • 20 May – All the civil war with red shit cooled down. People came out on streets to clean up the mess red shits have left.
      • I love Thailand. If you don’t, then get the hell out of our beloved Kingdom.
      • I do not believe in destiny nor faith. I only believe in Karma.
    • 22 May – Got Chapter 15 of One Step drafted, but never finished 😦
    • Teaching English to some high-schoolers
      • Learning how hard it is to be a teacher.


    • The start of Junior Year.
      • Time does fly fast.
    • The ultimate best friend of mine moved to another University, felt a loss in my heart though knowing very well it’s for her best.
    • Lost the inspiration to write T_T
    • Hesitated to join Year Book team.
    • Met a couple assholes that need to be smacked
      • Don’t speak for me. Don’t think for me. Don’t judge me. You know nothing about me.


    • My life could be defined by 1 word – Multi-tasking.
    • Fell in love with 4minute (I like the Muzik~ S S S S S S Sexy Muzik~). And I thought no Kpop girl groups could never attract me no more!
    • Started being penpals with Eirallina. I received her first hand-written letter on 1 July.
    • 4 July – R.I.P. Park Yong Ha. Love Song aka. Tian Me Me got postponed as it’s unable to find a male lead. Leaving the already-casted Yoon Eun Hye in an uncomfortable seat.
    • Realized Business is not a world for me.
    • Realized my life is mine. Not something other people can boss around.
    • Fell in love with Kim Nam Gil from Queen Seon Duk.
    • 25 July – Dream about my deceased grandpa.
    • Found out how boring WTO and FTA could be…
    • 28 July – Finally gained back the passion to write.
    • 30 July – Changed blog’s title from Fangs’ Castle into Castle of a Beast.


    • Going through True Blood craze. Season 3 is epic!!!! Though sadly I didn’t get the chance to finish my recaps.
    • Interested in plastic (surgery) and the effect it could have on your body.
    • Had a real bad sore-throat. Then eventually found out that I got influenza.
    • 12 August – Fell in love with Taylor Swift, such a cool girl she is.
    • Realized I don’t really want a boyfriend… I mean I found out that I’m a weird girl who would love to have someone by my side, but that thought in the other way would really irritate me.
      • Boys… you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.
    • Got really frustrated by some inconsiderate and disrespectful YEH.net members.
    • Been through a real kick-ass depression state. No thought of suicidal though, just a wish that I could just sleep and never wake again.


    • Got Swine Flu. Have you ever experienced how it’s like to be disgusted? LOL
      • Learn how much I wanna live. No swine flu can bring me down! Aja!!
    • 10 Sep – YoonEunHye.net ‘s 2nd Annual Charity Project.
    • Disappointed with useless incapable co-workers.
    • Joined Formspring
    • Gave up teaching English, need more time in college.


    • Got barely a week break.
    • Feeling out of loop of everything. Have I been living with my works way too much?
    • Decided that I need to find out what I really love to do.
      • Learning that what you love to do is different from what you happen to do well. I do well in Business School but I do not love what I’m doing…
    • A close friend of mine has a tendency to commit suicide. Another friend got into trouble with mean girls. What happen to everyone around me??
    • Fully realized that it’s one thing to like a celeb, it’s a-whole-nother level to get yourself involved in the fandom.
    • There are only 2 types of people in the world. Ones that have brain, and ones that need to grow a brain. You should respect the first, and (try to) sympathize the latter.
    • Been through the state of Violent Viola.
    • Had a shipping-war at YEH.net Formspring.
      • If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. If you’re being a bitch to me, expect nothing less in return. Simple logic eh?
    • Huge flood attacked Thailand. The first time in my life, I witnessed the flood. Flood! Water was everywhere. Gross! Is this how Waterworld feel like?
    • 30 Oct – Experienced the Drug Hypersensitivity for the first time in my entire life – nauseated, vomiting, horrible headache and stomachache. Thanks god I vomited it all out.


    • Last semester of Junior Year. Can’t believe I’m graduating soon.
    • Hating the people who do not really understand the idea of “Freedom of Speech” and use it the wrong way.
      • Don’t say it’s “Freedom of Speech” after you bash or disrespect others. That’s not freedom of speech, it’s an excuse, a lame one too.
    • Being self-confident is good, being egoistic… not so much.
    • Enjoyed eating though my weight is still the same ^o^
    • 12 Nov – Took a TOEIC test while having bad stomachache, didn’t finish the last 30 questions.
    • 16 Nov – TOEIC score result reached home. I got a satisfying score of 890 / 990. Wooooohoooo!!!!
    • Surprised to see how many people love me for who I am. The me that I wasn’t very satisfied with, the me that I wish I could change here and there.
      • Learned to love myself the way I am. Stop trying to be someone else, and your own charisma will shine 🙂
    • 28 Nov – Got into a (somewhat) fight with my best friend and roommate. Moved back home.
      • Maybe I use my head instead of my heart too much… Or maybe my heart is struggling to catch up with my head…
    • Someone stepped in at the right moment. The moment when I let all my guards down and was vulnerable.


    • Start having problems with my eating habits. Lost a few kilos.
    • 5 Days of crying was enough, I decided to move on
    • Made up with my roommate. Happy ^^
    • Have a trip to Chiangmai and Lampang in the north of Thailand
    • Something in me must have changed, coz never once in my life, there are so many guys around me.
    • Another fight with roommate, now it’s about works. A line was drawn…
      • Learning that some friends are great to hang out with, but not as great to work with.
      • Learning to start caring about myself first. I care other people too much.
    • My latest hairdo is wavy long black hair with bangs. But the bangs irritate me so I always clip it up.
    • Lost more kilos – my belly fat is gone, but so are my boobs. Nooooo T^T
    • Leaning how to flirt and use the effort endlessly. lmao.
    • Officially becoming a flirter =.,=

    I think I’ll keep doing my life review every year from now on. Keep me on track of what I have done, and what I have learned.


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