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One Step At A Time : Plot Summary

One Step At A Time : Plot Summary

(Part 2 : Chapter 15 – Ending)


Chapter 14 ended with Yoon Eun Hye ran off after a talk on the cell phone with her now celebrity ex-boyfriend, Se7en.


After a heating argument with Big Bang, Yunho and the boys come back to their dorm and he went to console Eunhye which cheer her up a little. Se7en still tries endlessly to make up with Eunhye to no avail. Big Bang helps him, DBSK despises him. Eventually, Eunhye’s younger brother Bansuk help Big Bang reunite the couple at YG building. This time, however, they finally formally break up.

Life goes on. Se7en and Park Han Byul announced their public dating in order to revise his earlier public scandal with BoA as requested by SM Ent. While DBSK V. launch their 11-track full-length album all consisted of songs they personally wrote and continue their promotions on various variety shows and stations. One time, they encounter Jeon Hye Bin, who is later revealed to be the person who almost break DBSK apart and also Eunhye’s arch-enemy.

At that time, Hyebin’s popularity and career has been on decline. So once she starred in a mini-drama with DBSK, she decided to use them as a tool to gain publicity by spreading rumors of her and 2 DBSK members – Yunho and Yoochun. To add more fuel to the fire, an incident with the two of them boiling at each other (actually over a trivial) just solidified the rumor. These, however, went on without the realization of Jaejoong as he was shooting another drama in Japan, so once asked about the incident and possible break up on live television, the outcome went havoc. But in the end, they found out the whole truth when Hyebin spilled the beans in an interview that has never been aired.

With Eunhye, she too tried to gain some publicity by trying to coattail the popularity of the X-man couple – Eunhye and Kim Jong Kook. Though seeing him only as a caring brother, Eunhye can’t help but feel irritated by Hyebin’s actions despite Jongkook’s obvious ignorance at her. So they had numerous confrontations and verbal catfights.

As a fire back from her previous misdeeds, Hyebin hasn’t been doing well on her career recently. Therefore, after another humiliating confrontation with DBSK V. she appears to hold grudges against them, especially towards Eunhye, and vow to get revenge.

A series of anti-fan incidents happen as initially expected by Eunhye’s party starting with rude comments, obscene photo-shopping of her photos, to death threat letters, which not only anger Neri – Eunhye’s official fanclub, pinning them against Cassies and even DBSK boys, but also split up Cassiopeia fandom itself into several sub-groups. The serious threat happens when DBSK V. are on their way to the stage to perform at a theme park, an unknown audience throws a water bottle at Eunhye while her friend also tries to use another empty bottle to hit her despite a handful of bodyguards over there. The half-full plastic bottle hits Eunhye hard right at the head and Yoochun furiously grabs the other empty bottle from the fan. Fortunately, this doesn’t injure Eunhye and she decides not to take any charges against them.

The incidents, however, severely hurt Eunhye’s feeling. Though somehow bring Yunho and Eunhye closer to each other. Both hide their feeling towards each other with Yunho knowing his nuna still not fully get ever her ex-boyfriend yet and Eunhye thinking she doesn’t have a chance with him.

Later DBSK V. was appointed as ambassadors of South Korea’s Tourism Authority. They traveled to the famous Jeju Island to film a special show promoting Jeju traveling. They were divided in 2 groups to visit several places at once. First group consists of Eunhye, Changmin and Junsu, the other group being Jaejoong, Yunho and Yoochun.

While walking on a pathway talking to the camera, Eunhye suddenly darts out as she sees a boy chasing after his soccer ball into the road with speedy approaching car. Both are safe but Eunhye hits her head to the edge of the pathway and also deeply-scratch her leg. The filming is halted and the fainting Eunhye is sent straight to the hospital. The whole scene, apparently, was captured by the camera crew and immediately goes viral.

Yunho is raged and blames the two boys for Eunhye’s injuries. He has shown his obvious romantic feeling when she is still unconscious. Turn out the injury at the head isn’t serious besides causing a headache now and then, the real problem is the deep scratch on her leg which could be infected and it’s highly and most likely would leave a big ugly scar on her leg. Eunhye received high praises for her bravery act, but on a flip side, she is put on hiatus to recover. And DBSK has to continue their promotion without her.

Coincidentally, Se7en is also in the very same hospital recovering from swine flu. He is almost back to good health when she is admitted. So he again tries to woo her back, it’s also helpful that DBSK are very busy with their promotion. But every time Yunho visits, it always causes tension between the 3 of them… 4 actually, if counted the public girlfriend Park Han Byul. Se7en acts very clingy of Eunhye, doesn’t care about Hanbyul or the public interest at all. Finally, when being released from the hospital, Se7en comes to see her off with hundreds of fans around them, Eunhye asked him to let her go before she hates him and for the sake of all good time they had together, she doesn’t want to.

From then on, Eunhye and Yunho start acting as a couple though neither admit nor deny it. And Eunhye eventually gain acceptance from Cassiopeia.  

SM Entertainment reveals its own house production for a Korean adaptaion of Nana, the Japanese popular manga-based movie, which will be renamed as “Mi Mi”. Yoon Eunhye will be the lead as Osaki Nana or the Korean name – Jang Mi Mi.

[This adaptation actually meant to be another spin-off from One Step at a Time, but I guess I’ll just mash it up here >_<]

The casting goes as following…

Yoon Eunhye as Osaki Nana (Jang Mi Mi)

Lee Ayumi as Komatsu “Hachi” Nana (Yoon Mi Mi)

Jung Yunho as Honjo Ren (Yon Hwa)

Kim Junsu as Yasu

Park Yoochun as Takumi

Kim Jaejoong as Nobu

Shim Changmin as Shin

For their album promotion, Eunhye mostly sports mature yet boyish image, but for this drama she changes her appearance once again by straighten her shoulder-length hair, wears extension, and dye her hair with silver red highlight, making her look perfectly like a punk rock star.

Xiah Junsu is also another person who dramatically transforms his look. To harmonize the role of Yasu, Junsu decides to shave his head and wears shade all the time. It is even said that he always looks “annoyed”.

 The film also stars other artists such as BoA, Kim Ki Bum, and Jeon Hye Bin… continuing their never-ending bitch fights. At the wrap-up party, Hyebin cooperates with kidnappers to capture Eunhye for her family’s ransom. But thanks to the GPS in her new iPhone, Yunho, Jaejoong and Banseok manage to save Eunhye from the attempt rape in time. The kidnappers implicate Hyebin, so she also got arrested. It is revealed that Hyebin’s luxury lifestyle is at risk since she’s not doing well on her career. As she goes in debt and has to offer herself to some influential people in the business, Hyebin was contacted and conspires with a group of gangsters to kidnap Eunhye as she comes from wealthy family.

The movie turns out to be a moderate success in box office but receives a lot of positive critical comments. Surprisingly, it also becomes Junsu’s breakthrough performance and won him Best Supporting Actor Award. Yoon Eunhye is also applauded for her acting as this is her first time portraying the role of someone so dark and so cold. She also won Best Actress Award for the role.

Another sub-plot revolves around DBSK and their struggles to leave SM Ent. while maintain as a group. Yunho’s contract with them is about to due and he doesn’t wish to renew it. The others still have 5-7 more years with SM, making Yunho refuses to leave without his members. Eunhye tries to offer her help, but the worried Yunho tries to keep her out of harm. This, however, causes tension between the lovebirds and the group itself.

The other contract that will soon be expire is Eunhye’s. She too doesn’t have intention to renew it.

Though his prior purpose is to keep her away from the mess and scandals, Yunho unknowingly hurt Eunhye’s feeling by blocking her out of DBSK’s internal issues, thus making her feel like an outsider despite their 2 years together. Eventually Eunhye accepts an opportunity to set up her own company with her long-time manager and a few influential figures in the show business. She also takes the chance to make a Hollywood debut in an American drama series. Eunhye is set to spend at least 2 years in Los Angeles and would likely be on hiatus another 2 years on settling things with her company “The House”. She briefly informs Yunho about everything and he doesn’t try to oppose her decisions. The unofficial couple unofficially breaks up and Eunhye prepares to leave.

Almost at the last minute, Yunho got sat down and lectured by Ayumi. He ultimately realizes that he has hurt Eunhye’s feeling by not letting her share his pain. Eunhye feels like he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t see her as a companion, and also feel like her value of friendship is being underestimated by all of them. And that’s the main reason why she takes the leave is to hide from him. On the way driving to her place, Yunho calls Eunhye while she is leaving to airport but she ends up cutting him mid-way. So he races to the airport just in time to catch her. They make up, fess up, and formally go out as an official couple. Eunhye is half-forced by Yunho to cancel her plan for Hollywood. The couple goes back to their dorm to find a whole celebration party waiting.

Later, Eunhye gets her attorney to look into the other DBSK boys’ contracts while letting Yunho’s contract due without renewal. It turns out Changmin’s one is actually null and void as it was made when he was still a minor and the person signed the main contract for him, though is a relative, but wasn’t his parents or legal guardians. That only leaves 3 people left to compensate if they are to call it off. As filthy rich as she is, Eunhye offers to pay the penalty compensation for them with the condition for DBSK to sign under her newly-established company instead.

The news has gone public and varied criticisms come up. In the end, Yoon Eunhye or rather The House Company pays 2/3 of the penalty fee while the families of the boys pay the other 1/3. They are signed upon new label – The House. DBSK remains as a group while Eunhye continues paving her own path as an actress.

Do I need to say they live happily ever after? 😀



4 years later, The House becomes home for a handful of high-quality stars with its alliance with YG. Walking through fire and water together for 4 years, Yunho and Eunhye finally announce their engagement to the public and receive warm welcome.

At this point, though stand strong as group, DBSK members start to branch out to their respective field of interest. After his performance in the K-adaptation of Nana, Junsu displayed great interest in musical and he has done incredibly well. The others have had their feet on acting with a role or two but only Yunho and Yoochun focus on the field. Only Jaejoong and Changmin remain strongly in their original field of music.

7 years later, after many great years together, DBSK officially break up. Junsu announces his long-time relationship with the non-celebrity girlfriend. While Yunho and Eunhye got married. Members pave their each own ways. Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu team up as JYJ and make it to America. Changmin is still a singer but he also shows interest in managing a business.

The End 🙂




Note : I wrote the whole thing in paper but was soooo lazy to type it down… have been pending all this time >_< But it’s still April! So I didn’t break this promise xD

To compensate for all my readers, there are some excerpts I already wrote for this fanfic and I’ll post it later when I’m not too lazy to type 😛 And the first part of this summary should be up anytime in May… I think. In the mean time, just read whole 14 chapter then this! LOL


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