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I Miss You: Episode 1 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 1 Summary

The Story Build-up

(Note: From Ep1-Ep4 I’ll do episode summary and not a full recap coz I have to fast-forward it before ep7 airs next Wednesday.)

I Miss You premiered with stunning child cast from The Moon Embraces The Sun – Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun… and they did live up to the expectations.

The story starts with Lee Soo Yeon (played by Kim So Yeon) walking in an alley with her head hung low. The first scene strikes me as a scene that could be from horror movie… with Sooyeon having long hair and all. Sooyeon entered her house and heard a noise. She called out, thinking it was her mother but it turned out to be her father, an abusive man who proceeded to beat her up for pure pleasure. Sooyeon’s mom wasn’t far away, peaking through a window and quietly crawled out in fear.

It seemed someone had tipped the police coz they came running to capture the dad whom we realized now that was accused of murder. Here we are introduced another important character, Detective Kim Sung Ho, an upright man who captured Sooyeon’s dad. After they caught the father, Detective Kim noticed the beat-up Sooyeon under the blanket and carried her on his back but her mother just said it’s ok… she would survive that. And here we are fully introduced to The Mother of The Year, Kim Min Hee.

The scene cut to Han Jung Woo (played by Yeo Jin Goo), a lively boy who lives in America. He was playing football when someone told him his father arrived. We can see how much this means to him and he ran happily to his room only to find that it’s his father’s secretary, not the father himself. But Jungwoo is not an obedient boy; he followed the secretary to Korea where he met his stepmother. We learned here that they don’t get along though keep the formal level. They went to pick up Jungwoo’s dad, Han Tae Joon, who served sentence in prison for money fraud and just got released.

Next we saw them, Han Tae Joon was threatening a woman who kept calling “President”. The President was Han Tae Joon’s father and the woman was his new wife. Apparently on his death bed, President Han left his new wife – whom from now I’ll refer to as Madam Kang – and their son, Kang Hyung Joon, a considerable amount of inheritance fortune. But Han Tae Joon believed the money is his. This money issue started what will become a tragic faith for many other innocent people who suffer both directly and indirectly because of it.

Taejoon kidnapped Kang Hyung Joon to force Madam Kang to give him the money. But Hyungjoon broke free. He ran away with limping leg resulted from crawling out of broken window. President Han’s nursing assistant,   found him and locked him up in a safe house.

When we saw Sooyeon again, she and her mother were throwing her father’s ashes into the river. He was a convicted murderer who was just executed. Though now Sooyeon would finally be free from the domestic violent but one thing stuck with her… the label.

Everyone in the neighborhood and the school knew she was a daughter of a murderer and no one wants to have nothing to do with her. And she became an outcast for something she didn’t do.

When Jungwoo first met Sooyeon, he was reciting the multiplication table backwards while walking in a small street. Jungwoo heard a noise from the park and there he saw Sooyeon. Not knowing her reputation, Jungwoo talked to her and even called out her name, something nobody ever did before and this touched Sooyeon. So when it started to rain, she gave him a yellow umbrella. Jungwoo promised to meet her tomorrow at the same park to return the umbrella. However, due to his grandfather’s funeral, Jungwoo wasn’t able to keep his promise and Sooyeon, after waited for him all day, returned home, disappointed.

The next day, Jungwoo enrolled into the same school as Sooyeon and he found out about her reputation as a daughter of a killer, the kids outcasted her and only called her by No.27 and not by her real name. Scared to be seen with her, Jungwoo hid the umbrella and refuse to acknowledge her. The worst part was, Sooyeon wasn’t even angry with him, it’s as if she expected it from him.

Jungwoo was later picked on by a group of bullies and Sooyeon aided him. He left the umbrella in her locker, but as it rained again that evening, Sooyeon once again offered the umbrella to him. But Jungwoo kept the distance. He said he already ignored her, why can’t she notice and left him alone. That’s when Sooyeon started to cry, saying it wasn’t her. She wasn’t a murderer and she won’t kill anyone. And she continued to say that she wasn’t crying, it’s just the wind blow. The signature line that we’d hear again multiple times.

Jungwoo, drenched in the rain, went to the park they first met and sat on the swing, contemplating about his actions and Sooyeon’s words. And eventually, he just thought what the heck, I liked that girl and I’d be best buds with her! He jumped off the wing running to her… only to witness her being beat up again.

Apparently, the victim’s family came to Sooyeon’s house. Even though Sooyeon’s father, the convicted murderer was already put to death, the victim’s mother was not yet pleased. She demanded Sooyeon’s mom she couldn’t be at peace when knowing Sooyeon, the murderer’s daughter, is still alive. That’s when her mom threw her to them, saying they could take her, kill her, and they’d be even. Sooyeon pleaded to them using the same line she kept saying every time these kinds of things happened “I’m sorry. I was bad. I’m sorry.” Even though she did absolutely nothing wrong. Sooyeon crawled out of the crowd on 4 limbs and saw Jungwoo standing there, watching her at her most embarrassing moment. And she took a run.

Jungwoo grabbed the shoe she left and ran after her. He found her at the park, under the slide and proposed to her. “Lee Soo Yeon, the murderer’s daughter. Let’s be friend”



First off, I must say I’m really not a fan of melo-drama. My life is already dramatic as it is so I never really want to burden my heart with melo. I’d go for rom-com any day. But you know, as a YEH warrior, I just have to support her. It’d be great for Eunhye, too, to expand her range of dramas.

Let’s admit something first, her past few dramas weren’t really up to par with her triple home-run success. And both My Fair Lady and Lie to Me didn’t really appeal to me, that’s why I didn’t connect with the fandom for quite a while.

When I have heard of the casting of Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye, I was right back in. those who knew me must have known I’m not just an avid fan of YEH but also a big fan of Yoochun. And it really brought me back to the fandom and K-drama in general.

With that being said, let’s get back to the story. I immediately fell in love with the filmography, it felt movie-like and quite realistic. The plot was something I don’t fully understand even until now. It’s full of twists and unpredictable things.

I like how realistic they portray each and every character. No one is truly white or black in this drama. No one. They are like 50 shades of grey, and I don’t mean the smut book xD

It’s pretty realistic though. These are the types of people we see every day but might not want to acknowledge their existence. The issues like domestic violence and bullying that should be addressed but continued to be neglected.  I have had a fair share of experience with abuses. And it’s accurate of how there’d be a bystander, in this case, Sooyeon’s mother, who didn’t join in with the abuser but they also didn’t really do anything to stop the abuse. They just watch.

I also like the way they portray both Jungwoo and Sooyeon. They are real teenagers and not those in the bubble dramas normally show us. Jungwoo, as a boy, was someone who has never experienced suffering. And it’s understandable how he got taken aback when he knew about Sooyeon’s label. Don’t we all experience that in school? No one would really step up for you because they don’t want to become the target as well. It’s normal really. Now switching to Sooyeon, she also obviously has a self-esteem issue and also shows signs of an abused victim – not only physical but also mental.

Acting-wise, I knew everyone was so gaga about the child cast from The Moon Embracing The Sun, but I have never watched the drama so I have no idea about their performance. However, from the preview, that boy Yeo Jin Goo got to me. Just from that short preview, I can feel this is someone who can really act even at the tender age of 15 he is. Kim So Hyun made me happy initially because her similarity to Eunhye coz I hated it when young cast don’t look a bit like their adult counterpart in dramas, but after seeing her performance. Wow. That’s all I need to say.

Wait a few more hours for Ep2 Recap and Review tonight.


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  1. fary

    Thanks, I love Missing You is a great story, all the actors are doing great and the love triangle is spectacular.

    November 25, 2012 at 10:45 pm

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