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I Miss You: Episode 2 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 2 Summary

The Temporary Delight

While episode 1 was loaded heavily with tragic and malevolent stuff, episode 2 gave us a short breath of fresh air. Breathe it in people; take a deep breath before you have to suffocate later on.

We started off where we have left; Jungwoo offered a friendship to Sooyeon whose first statement to his friendship proposal was “Why?” I told you this girl has a self-esteem issue. Jungwoo asked if she didn’t want it and she quickly said she did. After all, a friend was all she ever needed. Sooyeon trailed behind Jungwoo like a lost puppy. Jungwoo picked up his speed to make her instead of following behind him, walking besides him, and he ended up running just to make her chased after him. I love the character of this boy already.

Jungwoo grabbed a clothespin from a neighbor’s cloth line and hair clip it on Sooyeon’s hair. He promised he wouldn’t pretend to not know her again and she started to tear up. And comes my favorite scene of the night, seeing her crying, Jungwoo spread out him arms to block the wind and told her not to cry.

Cut back to Sooyeon’s omma. Detective Kim paid her a visit to apologize; her husband was convicted for the crime he didn’t commit. So he’s just an abuser, but not a murderer? The police caught the real culprit but they didn’t want to admit about their mistake, so just like what’s most likely to happen in today’s society, they made it go away.

Another important character we didn’t get to explore much in the earlier recap was little Joonie aka. Kang Hyung Joon. After Nurse Jang put him in the safehouse, Sooyeon showed him kindness and he kept taking a peek at her every time she walked past the house to her small home. His mom ordered Nurse Jang to kidnap Jungwoo to provide leverage for them and advise her to take the money hidden under the piano. And though Han Tae Joon showed up at her house, he didn’t suspect the bag full of money she brought home.

Next morning at school, Jungwoo saw the bullies messed up with Sooyeon’s seat and was ready to step up for his friend. But Sooyeon darted in and hugged the bully. This gave everyone a shock. The teacher scolded them for dating in class while Jungwoo seemed to be staring in confusion and jealousy. The whole morning, he tried to get her to make eye contact with him but failed. He later cornered her and she said she didn’t want to make him an outcast too, and proposed they be secret friends. Jungwoo brushed it off.

Later, Sooyeon was bullied again when the kids started throwing milk cartons at her and bet on who could make it to the trashcan behind her. Jungwoo was ready to stand up but Sooyeon beat him to it. She grabbed the trashcan and delivered the milk boxes back to their owners. She put the trashcan on the table in front of the class; as if she’s saying throw it if you dare. Jungwoo was obviously impressed that she could stand up for herself. He picked up his carton and threw. It fell right into the trash and he picked up the money, then dragging Sooyeon to come along for snacks.

Sooyeon was still worried she’d make him an outcast too. Jungwoo tried to ease her worry by saying if it really gets too scary, he’d pretend he didn’t know her again. As they sat together with a snack, the kids threw garbage at them. Now he really is an outcast.

On their way home, Joonie’s house was on fire. This scene was the first one that made me think Kang Hyung Joon was a heck of a kid, being able to break free from his place earlier and now trying to get out by creating some fire. Sooyeon and Jungwoo helped him out and carried him to the doctor. His leg was badly hurt.

At the clinic, we got to see some bonding time between Sooyeon and Little Joonie before the Nurse interrupted them and took him away. We also got to see another secret revealed; the necklace Joonie has been wearing actually contained the key to his Swiss bank account which will be all his once he turned 18.

Back at Sooyeon’s house, her omma thinks they have had enough and decided to move in with Detective Kim and his daughter Eunjoo. Eunjoo thought his dad brought home new girlfriend and threw a fit. Eunjoo is almost the opposite of Sooyeon, a bright tough character full of guts.

Jungwoo came to visit her house but found it empty. He was panic for a second before he found her at the park. They chatted and she said she’s gonna give him a present on a rainy day since he gave her the first ever gift she ever received – the clothespin. Jungwoo walked Sooyeon to her new house and they talked about the scars they have. Sooyeon have a big scar on her foot as a result from running away from her dad on a snow day, and Jungwoo showed her his scars. Then he waved his hand at her face saying something like bad memories be gone, now you can make all the good memories.

Eunjoo took that moment to interrupted them and once she saw his face, she was lovestruck lol.

Next day while Jungwoo accompanying Sooyeon to her house on the bus, he kept pestering her about the present she supposed to give him on a rainy day, not noticing she was asleep. He moved his face closer to her, the bus jerked, and landed them on first kiss.

Jungwoo’s eyes widened while Sooyeon was still asleep. After she woke up, Jungwoo was really fluttered by what had happened and Sooyeon had no idea. As they talked, Jungwoo kept spinning her around so he won’t have to face her. As they passed a lamp pole, Sooyeon mentioned to him it’s broken but no one did anything about it and she couldn’t reach it herself. Jungwoo thought he can reach it, he put his hand on her shoulder for leverage and that’s when Sooyeon was finally aware of him. Their eyes met and now both got fluttered.

Sooyeon’s new acting daddy, Detective Kim saw them and came drag Jungwoo by the ear. As they ran into the house, we saw another stalker watching from afar.

At dining table, Detective Kim presented Eunjoo and Sooyeon wearing twin sweater and they proceeded to have a meal. Jungwoo kept taking a peek at Sooyeon, smiling and vice versa. This didn’t go unnoticed and he got dragged out by the ear again.

Outside, Detective Kim taught Jungwoo how to fight while Sooyeon and Eunjoo watched. Eunjoo liked Jungwoo but she also noticed Sooyeon liked him too. She complained how come a guy like Jungwoo would always like a nobody like Sooyeon. Once again, Sooyeon admitted of being pathetic, Jungwoo just felt sorry for her, only she truly liked him. Eunjoo was after all not a mean girl, she comforted Sooyeon. And they then joined in the playful fight.

The episode ended with Sooyeon wrote “I miss you” on the wall of her house, someone called her name and when she turned around it’s the adult Jungwoo (played by Park Yoochun). He asked if she’s smiling while he’s about to go crazy. He’s gonna wait for her today, just today.

I have a feeling this is the Sooyeon Jungwoo ever remembered before they parted. And I was worried before that Yoochun might have a problem fitting in as Yeo Jin Goo is almost a man himself, but this scene really fit. And might I say, Park Yoochun is one hot guy in leather jacket.



The cuteness of this episode made my heart danced with joy. It’s such a relief seeing they have their fair share of happiness, though we all could predict it won’t last long. It’s a melo-drama after all.

I think this episode still fell on the category of building up stories for more drama yet to come. The first ep was laying foundation of what made up of a person; Sooyeon was made up of pain after pain while Jungwoo was made up well-fed, well-lived, well-raised, though neglected at times.

The second episode is laying foundation for relationships, how each and every character linked with one another.

Nothing much to say here. But one thing is certain, no lines or scenes of this drama should go unnoticed. Every single aspect, every little bit of it has a meaning. And it’s the reason why I’m so hooked on it. Come to think of it, if not counting sageuks, this is actually the first modern K-drama since Coffee Prince in 2007 that I’m this hooked. The writing is just really really great.

Sorry for the short comment, I nearly fell asleep here xD

I’ll continue Ep3-4 tomorrow.


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