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I Miss You: Episode 3 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 3 Summary

The Incident

At the beginning of the last episode recap, I told you readers to breathe in the air of joy because in this episode, we are thrown back into the harsh world again and for me, personally, I was nearly suffocated.

I don’t know about others, but when I watch the re-run of my favorite drama/series, there always be a certain scene or episode I’d skip. Sometimes it’s because it’s embarrassing, sometimes because it’s too harsh. Sometimes because I don’t like someone 😛

This episode would go down as one that I would never re-watch again EVER. Not because it is bad. On the contrary, it is too well-acted and too painful to watch. So let’s get it over and done with, shall we?


After the playful fight from last episode, Detective Kim gave Jungwoo a ride home. Han Tae Joon came home at the same time and refused to acknowledge Detective. And once Jungwoo was inside, he immediately prohibited Jungwoo from seeing him again, went as far as threaten to send his son back to the US if he refused to obey.

Sooyeon was sitting on the stair in front of her house, drawing on the wall when Jungwoo called. I laughed out loud how she carried a big cordless home phone inside her sweater, I have a feeling Jungwoo must have called her a lot. They talked about the presents again. Sooyeon would give him a present on a rainy day, and Jungwoo would give her something on the first snow.

We get to see the last delightful scene as Jungwoo playing with Little Ah Reum, the baby girl was so sooo adorable. And Sooyeon wrote in her diary, confessing she likes Jungwoo.

And it rained! Cheers to Jungwoo, he darted out of the house with yellow raincoat and all smileys, he’s finally going to get his long-await present from Sooyeon. Sooyeon too was eager for the rain, and after snatching the umbrella from her mother, she ran out to meet her crush. (Noted the last words of her mother as she drenched in the rain “Today is my birthday” and as she knew Sooyeon went to see Jungwoo “Don’t come back!”)

Jungwoo ran passed the broken lamp pole and it sparked. He was looking at it curiously when a pair of hands grabbed him from behind. Nurse Jang’s kidnappers finally took action. Jungwoo soon passed out and the last thing he saw was Sooyeon yelling his name. Sooyeon saw what happened and ran after the van. And for a while, and then the van stopped. Kidnapper#1 knew Sooyeon saw his face and he couldn’t just let her go. Sooyeon stopped dead on her track. This was the decisive moment for her; runaway and get help or follow her friend and try to save him. She chose the latter as she willingly went to the van.

When they woke up, Jungwoo asked Sooyeon what she’s doing here. (The same question I kept asking myself again and again after this episode.) And she said “To save you.” My feels T^T

Jungwoo found a glass and tried to cut his ties with it. His hand bled from the cuts but he didn’t stop. And the Kidnapper#2 came in, he’s doing some drug before he came to Sooyeon. The kids locked their fingers but he just grabbed Sooyeon and dragged her by the leg. Once Jungwoo started yelling, he gave him the beating too and put a tape over his mouth. As the Kidnapper#2 turned, Sooyeon whacked him with a stick. And for the first time, she admitted and used her hateful label as a defense “Do you know who my father is? He’s a killer. I’m capable of killing too.” But all these were in vain, she was soon knocked into the ground and he crawled over her body.

Due to it being violence towards a minor, we didn’t really see what happened to Sooyeon, but her franatic scream and the shocked look in Jungwoo’s eyes were enough for us to know what was going on. That animal raped her. And next we saw her, Sooyeon was lying and staring lifelessly on the floor while Jungwoo was finally able to break his ties… though it’s already too late.

The Kidnapper#1 came in and once he realized what his partner has done, he started throwing punches. The door was wide open and after a short hesitance glancing at Sooyeon, Jungwoo took a run for his life.

I get it. I totally do. The boy was scared and he probably had no chance against 2 strong men. But the way he left as she stared at him, calling out his name… that’s just too painful. And the look he gave when he was about to leave… I felt it’s as if he’s looking at her for the last time. And I have to cover my mouth in disgust as I watched the whole scene played out.



Now we cut to Little Joonie and the nurse. She’s going to take him to see his mom. If their plan of Jungwoo’s abduction worked, she’d soon be released. If not, they had to flee. Another painful scene as Joonie and his mom could only watch each other from afar. Han Tae Joon came in to Madam Kang’s room and she made him known of the threat. She had his son who would be killed unless she was set free. But Taejoon called it a bluff and ordered her dragged off, never to see a light again. The plan failed and as the light in her room went off, Joonie screamed while Nurse Hye Mi told him his mother is dead.

Back to Jungwoo who ran off from the warehouse. Earlier it rained, now it snowed. Oh! The irony! Jungwoo called his father from a payphone and was about to make another call to the police but the kidnappers showed up first. Jungwoo got a few good beat-up before his father arrived. Kidnapper#1 was caught immediately as the other one ran off. Jungwoo begged his father to save Sooyeon. Taejoon sent his secretary instead and didn’t allow Jungwoo to go along; he even scolded Jungwoo for being kidnapped. Are there any good parents in this drama?

Secretary Yoon didn’t find Sooyeon there, and he took care of it by setting it on fire. I know it’s a bit inappropriate but I keep thinking of Adele’s song xD

After both nappers chased after Jungwoo, Sooyeon also took a run… more of a limping. She limped to the street and was almost ran over by Nurse Hye Mi’s car. Hyungjoon remembered his noona and shouted “NO!” as Hye Mi stepped on the car to get rid of Sooyeon.

Back to Detective Kim, Eunjoo found Sooyeon’s umbrella and she stood guarded until her father arrived. Det. Kim went to Jungwoo’s house but was turned down. He later got the trace his own way anyway and followed up to the warehouse. Other police didn’t even care to inspect anything. Det. Kim found Sooyeon’s clothespin and traced both Jungwoo’s and Sooyeon’s escape path and later found Sooyeon’s blood-stained shoe (another twist in my stomach).

At home, Sooyeon’s mom was worried but Eunjoo still didn’t tell her anything. Mom was going nuts, worrying the victim’s family might have taken Sooyeon. She begged Det. Kim to tell everyone that Sooyeon’s dad was innocent. This came as a shock to Eunjoo who viewed her father highly. She demanded to know if Sooyeon’s aware that she’s after all not a murderer’s daughter.

At Jungwoo’s home, he got scolded for being weak and for being kidnapped. He kneeled down and begged for them to save Sooyeon, of course, no one really listened. And came the line of the night from Han Tae Joon, “She went to save you and you left her behind? If something happened to her, it’s YOU that killed her.” Jungwoo even begged to the stepmother he disliked, and got another cold shoulder. I have a feeling the stepmom has been waiting to see his defeat ever since Taejoon said he only trust his son, Jungwoo, and not her.

Jungwoo was sleeping and mumbling Sooyeon’s name. When he woke up, he came down running, demanding to know where Sooyeon is. He was screaming that his father promised him he’d find Sooyeon and ended up on the ground, crying his heart out.



Big round of applause to the child cast. They exceeded any expectations ever given on their shoulders and beyond. Another round for Kim So Hyun who initially was a bit overshadowed by her partner Yeo Jin Goo, she nailed it here and I can feel the pain through her acting. They were so so good that I would even continue watching it if it really was just a teen drama.

To be honest, unlike others who have watched it streaming and had no idea that scene was coming up. I was prepared for it. I have read the recaps and others’ comment and knew what to expect when I watched it but that didn’t make it any easier. It was still painful to watch and it took me a big while to finally watch the whole scene after multiple times pausing it before the story went there. I was in denial a bit… if I didn’t watch it, then it didn’t happen right?

I few days earlier before ep3 came out, I was talking to Yodya onni about their 14-year separation. Nothing we guess made senses, why would Sooyeon wanted to forget her past? What about her mom? And why can’t Jungwoo or someone else find her?

I was dread that they were gonna go with amnesia. The plot was heavily used and doesn’t seem realistic to me. Imagine my surprise when I finally knew the true reason. First I really hate it, but the more I think of it, and the more we talk about it, it makes a lot of senses. Sexual assault is not something new and is a lot more likely to happen than amnesia. I mean, come on, anyone ever knew anyone in their life who has amnesia? But I bet you guys would know at least one person who is directly or indirectly assaulted. And it’s definitely something the victim would have a hard time conquering. They maybe in denial, convincing themselves it never happened or just thought of it as “not that bad”. They need someone to care for them too. I believe that’s where Hyungjoon came in.

Writing-wise, I felt in love with this writer. I don’t care what others said, I love all the metaphors, symbolism, and foreshadows. There are no scenes you can miss, there are no meaningless lines, nothing is accidental in this drama and I think we’re just seeing the iceberg of it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been this hooked and I would appreciate all thoughts and discussions. Feel free to do so.

Episode 4 will most likely be posted tonight in a few hours, if not tomorrow’s morning.


2 responses

  1. Thank you for the recaps. I read all 3 episodes straight.

    I, too, initially watched this drama for the sake of YEH (as I’m a melo-hater and bittersweet-anti) but after the 1st epi I’m definitely watching this for my OWN sake. lol.

    Agreed, you can’t even miss a single tiny detail in this drama, everything is meaningful and linked and that’s another reason that hooks me bad.

    Looking forwards to the next epi.

    November 27, 2012 at 10:14 am

  2. Ditto, I also love the writing no matter how some people hate it. I even save some lines for my own collections.

    November 27, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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