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I Miss You: Episode 6 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 6 Recap

Everyone is in action.

(PS. The comments I made are episode-by-episode, it’s what I thought at the specific moment as I watch the show. I know there’s a lot happened that changed the view but I just wanted to go with it one-by-one ^^ )

When we left off, Han Jung Woo was trying to get to Joy/Lee Soo Yeon on the other side of the gate. (Didn’t he come out of the car to open the gate? How come he can’t open it now? Loser =_=) He tried to find a way under or over it and the gate finally opened. Jungwoo ran after her and grabbed her by the arm. Joy got shocked and by the way they looked at one another, they at least found each other familiar. But Jungwoo let go of her while his Detective hyung apologized. (Anyone knows the name of his hyung?)

Harry was visibly upset that Joy didn’t listen to him. He told her not to surprise him like this again. Most people said Harry is a control freak and he’s dominant over Joy, but my bias thinks he just didn’t want her to get in touch with her old life, especially Han Jung Woo.

After seeing Joy, Jungwoo went into the shower fully-clothed. He thought she looked and sound like Sooyeon but I guess his logic can’t comprehend yet. I’m loving his partner hyung, so caring for his hoobae.

Sooyeon’s mom bought Jungwoo an expensive jacket but she put it in plastic bag so he won’t know. She went to the station to give it to him. They were all loving and hugging again. She told him to find her a daughter-in-law and he teased her, calling her “Lover.”

Jungwoo got a call from Harry. He told him that if the police want to investigate at the house. They should call him first. Harry didn’t want Jungwoo to meet Joy after all. His detective hyung heard the call and they playfully fight. Bromance!

That night, Joy couldn’t sleep. She’s reciting the multiplication table backwards. With this and the hand thing make me believe she still kept Jungwoo inside her heart and didn’t hate him after all. Harry came in and… Bed scene!

They were just lying and talking though xD Joy seemed to still be insecure. She’s afraid of being abandoned. She said she could find Harry by his birthmark of he’s going to leave her. He told her he can’t run away with this leg so she’s the one who shouldn’t leave him. These lines actually say a lot. Joy saying she’d look for him if he leave her, it shows that she wouldn’t just wait for the other to find her like she did with Jungwoo. So that’s one change in character for Sooyeon. And Harry is using his leg as an excuse for Joy to cling on him. I think he’s playing a pitiful card here. It worked before when they were kids, so he used it to keep her by his side. They hold hands and fell asleep. I like their relationship though, it looked comfortable. You wouldn’t let just anyone to your bed, would you? She must have trusted him a lot and he’s very caring for her. I think Yoon Eunhye might get a little fluttered filming the scene though, coz she used to say she wants her husband to hold her hands when they sleep xD

Looks like Jungwoo is every ajumma’s sweetheart. The cleaning lady at the police station talked to Jungwoo about match-making him with her daughter while he’s putting a bandage on her wrist. I have a feeling she might be another key character coz her role here seems somewhat unrelated. And as I said earlier, in this drama, nothing is accidental. So she might hold an important card later on. Jungwoo checked the CCTV of Harry’s house the night Michelle Kim (Nurse Jung) died and saw his father’s secretary at the gate.

So he went to his dad’s company to question the man. The secretary is now Director Nam. It’s irony how Jungwoo went there to fetch some info. but Director Nam was the one who gained some info instead. He never met Michelle Kim before but Jungwoo showed him her photo and he found out she’s Nurse Jung Hye Mi and realized her nephew must be Kang Hyung Joon.

Jungwoo went on to investigate his stepmom whom Director Nam claimed has contacted Michelle Kim for business reason. He’s trolling again lol. She still hated the boy and told him to stay away. His sister came running to him and we get to see the siblings interaction. It’s obvious Jungwoo is Ahreun’s hero. Jungwoo told her he’s already had a girl, she’s in his heart and in his head. But Ah Reum said even if he found Sooyeon, she won’t love him coz he changed too much. The scene was really cute. I don’t find Ah Reum’s crush on her oppa weird or creepy. It’s just like how some daughters hold their father as their hero and wanted to find a man like their father to be their lover. It’s Freudian, people! Hahaha.

Jungwoo got a call. (Seriously, what is it with Magic Castle? Someone enlighten me please?) His partner hyung was at Harry’s house to investigate. Joy was also home, she called Harry and asked about the police investigation. Harry was worried and he said he’s on the way home, so Sooyeon went to prepare food for him.

Jungwoo came but Sooyeon wasn’t happy that the police were looking around while Harry wasn’t home. She asked the maid to ask them to leave. But when detective hyung called Jungwoo by his name, she was taken aback. She called out his name and Jungwoo heard that. Finally they meet. Jungwoo remembered her voice and demanded to know who she is. He almost went crazy before Harry showed up and stopped him.

His partner questioned Harry who kept looking at Jungwoo who kept looking at Joy who was cooking. Jungwoo wanted to talk to Joy who Harry said is his fiance. He asked if Jungwoo liked her but Joy came semi-hugged him from the back saying she liked Harry best. Jungwoo seemed a bit sad about it but he wanted to talk to her nonetheless. He noticed Joy placed her hand on Harry’s shoulder. She actually did this a lot, I think it’s her way of finding strength. He imitated Sooyeon’s “will rain, won’t rain” game and asked how she knew about it. Joy brushed it off and though Jungwoo didn’t want to give up, Harry stopped him. Personally, I think Jungwoo knew deep inside that she is indeed Sooyeon, he just didn’t have any proof to convince himself yet.

Next we see the detectives at a restaurant. Jungwoo kept drinking Soju. He was sad and drunk and blabbing about Sooyeon. He wanted to go to karaoke so his hyungs brought him back to the restaurant, pretending it’s norahbang. He gave him a spoon as the microphone and even sang background music for him. He apologized others in the restaurant while the tone-deaf Jungwoo sang off-tuned. Once he finished, the hyung told him he got 100 score and Jungwoo finally passed out. (Again with The Magic Castle song, what is the meaning behind this song? Ideas anyone?). Jungwoo went to the burned down warehouse by taxi and thought about Sooyeon. I have a feeling he must come here often. It didn’t look like the first time he came back here.

The next day, Kang Sang Deuk, the rapist was released. I’m a bit confused here and wonder if anyone noticed it. Sooyeon’s father was convicted of murder and he was executed. KSD was not only convicted of kidnapping and drug using, he also admitted that he raped and killed Sooyeon, how come he only got 14 years in prison?

Anyway, look like Jungwoo planned to jump him once he got out but his hyung handcuffed Jungwoo to himself and Jungwoo was yelling as he watched the man who took Sooyeon’s innocence walked away.

After his release, the rapist was bumped by Harry’s car. I squealed a little seeing Harry put his arm out to protect Joy. Harry came down to check KSD and made a call. Joy immediately recognized the rapist and started panicking as he approached the car. She tried to call out for Harry but found no voice. The rapist seemed to recognize her as well. Harry eventually noticed what’s going on and threw him off. He gave the guy his namecard but not before KSD stole Joy’s mobile. Joy was traumatized and nearly fainted in the car. She ten locked herself in the shower as she relived the traumatic experience. Her screams killed me and I cried along with her. Harry broke into the room and hold her tightly from behind.

Jungwoo got a call from the rapist. He was at his house and saw Eunjoo. Jungwoo came running and they had a fight. Jungwoo soon got an upper-hand but the rapist knew Jungwoo’s weakness too well. He told Jungwoo that Sooyeon is alive and if he’s killed, Jungwoo would never find Sooyeon. This was music to his ears. And Jungwoo let the rapist beat him up without fighting back. There’s even a smile on his face though he was beaten up real bad. Eunjoo came out of the house to stop him.

Detective hyung came to visit Jungwoo and promised Sooyeon’s mom he’s gonna help Jungwoo find Sooyeon. But Sooyeon’s mom couldn’t stand seeing Jungwoo whom she loves like a son in pain. She told them she doesn’t want Sooyeon back anymore. Ok, I know she cared about Jungwoo but I’m really mad with this. But let’s continue with it on the comment section below.

Cut back to Joy, she calmed down now and fell asleep as Harry watched over her. Harry got a phonecall from Secretary/Director Nam and he went out to meet the guy.

Sooyeon woke up and got a call from the rapist. She panicked again. He tried to lure her to come see him, using Harry as an excuse. He said he’s in pain from the hit-and-run and if she didn’t come he’d go to the police. Though scared, Joy said she’s going to meet him. KSD sure knew how to use people’s weakness for his gain. He remembered how young Sooyeon went after the car to help her important friend, and now he’s using Harry who is important to Joy as a bait. Did I mention how much I hate him?

Harry met up with Director Nam. Something told me he’s going to be quite a threat for everyone in this show. It doesn’t seem like he’s loyal to any specific side. Director Nam is blackmailing Hyungjoon for his money. The amount he wanted? How much Sooyeon worth to Hyungjoon… that’s the amount. Harry instead asked how much he got from killing his mother. Though Harry seemed a bit like a victim here, my guts tell me this is not a man you should play with and I’d want to warn Director Nam to run the opposite way. No one knew what could happen after you cross this man.

There’s a bell ring on the rapist’s door. He got a package with Sooyeon’s news. Another ring, this time a visitor. At first glance, we assumed it was Sooyeon with a black jacket, black gloves, and long hair. He opened the door and got electric shocked. And later when Jungwoo’s partner came knocking on his door, KSD was seen in the bathtub, scare to death… or he would be really dead very soon. Yay!

Jungwoo went to the park and thought about Sooyeon. He jumped off the swing the very same way young Jungwoo used to and ran to Joy. She also wore black gloves. Could it be her that killed the rapist or the director wanted us to think like that?

Joy was about to go inside the house when Jungwoo stopped her car. He asked her to call his name. He turned around and blocked his vision in order to fully recognize her voice. After the first few times, Sooyeon finally called him the same way she used to.

There’s a smile on his face as he turned around.

And the whole scene was watched by Harry through CCTV. Stalker!



What should I talk about first?

I like the fast-paced of the drama. It’s never dragging. And I also invested so much emotion with it. The writing is still wonderful.

But there’s just so many things I love and hate about it.

First, Sooyeon’s mom. I think Sooyeon’s mom found redemption through raising Jungwoo and Eunjoo. And I’m not happy at all with the way she said she didn’t miss Sooyeon anymore even just to protect Jungwoo… especially after the rapist and killer of her daughter was just released. I’d expect a mother to be the one who is in most pain and wanted to exact revenge for their kid. So I’m just hurt and disappointed by her.

I’d like to quote a comment I really like and I hope the owner would be ok that I use her comment. Post-owner, if you’d like me to put credit for you, please say so ❤

It would seem that some people are blaming LSY for not coming home, but forget that the LSY’s mom is now is a totally different person with HJW than she was with LSY. LSY mom did not protect LSY and tried to sell her off. Even though LSY wanted to run away, it could also be argued that she did not return home, because she did not feel like her home was a safe place. I mean whose mother would say “I don’t even miss LSY,” even if they are just trying to protect the other children from pain. So to me, it goes back to her mother’s inability to be understand the consequences of her actions, even when she tries to do her best, it is twisted. Thus, I can’t quantify why HJW- and LSY’s mom’s relationship would help him with LSY. HJW was looking for a good parent and LSY’s mom finally had a chance to be good parent. ( I think this is similar to when your parents divorce and one parent starts a whole new family and becomes a brand new person. Yeah it is great for the new kids, but old kids hold the parent with the new family in a different esteem)

This is my thought exactly.

Regarding other characters’ development. This episode also showed a little bit of a darkside of Harry. How long has he been watching Sooyeon through these monitors? No matter how much I love their chemistry, their relationship is not very healthy to me. There are things they kept from each other and they are both very insecure about each other as well. Remember Joy saying she could find him if he ran away and she hung on to him, following him to Korea and even say she’s gonna stay with him while they’re here. Though Harry didn’t act out the same way she did, by keeping a close eye at her pretty much told us he’s also afraid he’s gonna lose sight of her.

When I watched Jungwoo scenes, I find myself thinking I want more from Yoochun. Overall, he did quite a good job but it came a bit short when he’s alongside Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho who nailed every single scene effortlessly. To me, he’s amazing in light-heart scenes like ones with his hyung, his sister or Sooyeon’s mom. And also the sad scenes. But like in the scene when his partner handcuffed him and he went crazy wanting to pursue the rapist, I find his acting lacking there. It came off as a little bit like whining instead of being mad. So far, I think his best scenes are all with Eunhye; from the scene he chased after at the gate to the tense meeting at the mansion till the last scene when he covered his eyes. Those are the best moments from Yoochun that I felt like he’s really Han Jung Woo and not Park Yoochun acting as Han Jung Woo.

I still don’t give up on Yoochun though… coz I’m also biased for him. I think he needs to work on angry scenes. Remember Detective Kim taught about 90% of the threat comes from your eyes? Exactly.

I find Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho’s acting very spot on. I think YEH finally find a good match-up in Seungho. Don’t forget that although he’s 8-9 years younger, he’s actually been in acting business for over 12 years. That’s longer than YEH’s and YC’s combined. YSH captured the coldness and expressionless side of Kang Hyung Joon very well. And he is just brilliant with his eyes, very expressive and detailed. He didn’t have to act out, the story could be told just from his eyes. And he’s amazing portraying a character much older than him, I don’t feel the childish charm I often feel watching him anywhere here. It’s a grown man charm now.

Eunhye also broke my heart with her acting. I feel like rather than acting, she’s channeling Sooyeon. And it came through. Especially the scenes when she faced the rapist, the tension and her fearful screams made me cringed. It’s close to be another scene I’m too painful to watch next to the rape scene. I got goosebumps all over when I watched her scenes. Again with the expressive round eyes, you can feel her emotions.

All in all, I think partners definitely matter in acting. If your partner deliver, you’d deliver as well. So I’m looking forward to next episodes and I’m sure all of them are going to be brilliant.

Special Thanks to Chicchocs for the screencaps. I’m going to use her screencaps for future recaps, so thank you!

Episode 7 Full Recap is coming up tonight. Stay tuned and share your thoughts ^^


5 responses

  1. Luo Yi Chen

    Thanks again Viola, your recaps are really insightful and your comments fair. I love it.

    To answer your question, The song ‘Magic Castle’ was the song LSY was calmly singing while sitting in the swing in the playground in episode 2 while she was waiting for HJW. HJW was looking for LSY frantically at that time because he just found out the LSY and her Mom left their house in the middle of the night and nobody knew where they went. I guess you can say that it is their ‘theme song’ as a couple. (Besides DBSK released a vdrsion and MV of this song previously).

    Hope this helps.

    November 29, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    • Hi hi ^^

      Thank you for the answer! Now the song and Jungwoo’s obsession over it make a lot more sense to me. Thank you 😀

      November 29, 2012 at 5:06 pm

  2. chibi

    Hey! first i’d like to thank you for your awesome job with the recaps! 😀

    I love SooYeon’s mom from episode one and I always wondered why xD when she was so mean and selfish letting her daughter take the beating…but I have a theory for her way of thinking.

    I think when SY was still alive and they were trying to live when everyone told them they had to die for being linked to a murderer, MH just gave up. I think she feels very guilty for putting SY through all this (being a murderer daughter and being a wangta and all) and felt as if she would never be able to pay for this debt ever so she just survived, lezving her daughter behinf because well she had already wronged her so many times. Which is why I think she took the decision on a whim to move to Det’s place, because she was accepting that other people had things to give to her daughter and she asked here “you too don’t want to live this life, right ?”

    When SY disappeared, and MH cried in EJ’s arms, she said “this girl lived a so miserable life, who was ever as pitiful as her ?” and I think it was a way to accept her death because SY had only seen the worst in life and she thought maybe it was better off this way. I think this is why she says that she doesn’t even miss SY when JW gets beaten and doesn’t want to be involved with the rapist again; she raised EJ et JW as her own children and now loves them even, and doesn’t want the to live a crappy life beacuse of the weight of the deads and the past, lilke she forced SY to go through, and I think she is also relieved that SY i not here because her life has become even more pitiful and it must be so difficult for az mother to look at her child and see how life did her wrong. All in all I find the character so well-written and realistic!

    Magic Castle is the song SY was singing when they met at the swing 🙂

    I found everyone’s acting just perfect, but unlike you I find Yoochun to be the most impressive in the bunch. He makes me feel like I really haven’t exprerienced enough in life when portraying HJG’s despair and retlessness. The scene in the car was particularly telling to me, when he said that he has to catche the rapist and make him talk because if he doesn’t he’s going to lose it soon, and even this woman (Zoe) sounds and looks like SY now..

    This line is so heartbreaking becaus here he’s admitting that he doesn’t even know what to believe. He’s been living with both hope and resignation for 14yrs already and when he sees Zoe and her way of looking like his SY, he thinks he has gone crazy from waiting without knowing if there’s even a tiny chance that he might see her again one day. He’s actually really lost, and I even think it is fair to assume he’s afraid to find her. Just like what he sais when he’s drunk in the restaurant ” If you have to speak do it like a human, is Lee Soo Yeon dead?”, I think he wants someone to tell him something about it, if she is or not, fot him to know what to do. I think that’s why he is so stuck in life, because he hasn’t accepted either of these fact and lives in the waiting of someone who will know what really ahppened after he left her in the warehouse..

    Also, the computer-made photos are super heartbreaking and a nice touch in the story. It would have been awkward that he thinks of finding SY with a picture of her when she was 15. This detail is brilliant because it ads to the realistical aspects of the drama, how people actually DO change when separated for a long time (big discovery in k-drama land) and JW is in the police so he has access to this kind of things.

    Haha wrote too much (love Miss You too much xD)! thanks again for the recaps 🙂

    November 29, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    • Haha I don’t mind long comment. I love Missing You too ^^

      I like your idea about SY’s mom. Yeah, one can look at the same topic on different light. That’s why I wish my readers would comment more. hehehe.
      (This blog normally got around 200 views per day but you can see not many people comment on it >.< Not even my 40+ subscribers)

      The realistic touch of the drama is one of the things I feel for. From the characters to small touches like SY's pics that you point out. I'm tired of seeing black or white in drama land. So seeing everyone grey in this story is what really got me. No one is really white here, not even the leads.

      November 29, 2012 at 5:30 pm

  3. The cuteness of this episode made my heart danced with joy. It’s such a relief seeing they have their fair share of happiness, though we all could predict it won’t last long. It’s a melo-drama after all.

    December 14, 2012 at 3:52 pm

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