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I Miss You: Episode 8 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 8 Full Recap


Up till now, Episode 8 of I Miss You is the most impressive one for me, from the acting, the writing, to the details. I indulged myself into every bit of it.

If you have read my last recaps of this drama, you might notice that I really love the details and often make crazy observation regarding those. Some turn out pretty accurate, while others just simply my imagination gone wild.

With episode 8, it marked I Miss You journey to over 1/3 of its way. The main plots are evolving into their paths. The characters are falling into their places. And there are just many things yet to be revealed.

Let’s get started!

(As usual, my comments regarding each and every scene are simply for that specific moment and not to the drama or the episode as a whole.)


After finding out Joy is actually Sooyeon, Jungwoo determined to win her over once again. He went to see her with the yellow umbrella. It was clear he was trying to impress her. Noticing how he’s joggling the umbrella in his hand to get her attention? It’s like Jungwoo was trying to say “Look! Look! I still keep it!”

It was now Jungwoo’s turn to troll. He used Joy’s earlier teases against her. He told her that instead of being secret friends, they should become secret lovers and pulled her closer. I think he’s trying to hug her here but Joy pushed him off, telling him to cut off his prank. But to Jungwoo, isn’t she’s the one pranking him? Pretending she’s not Sooyeon to hurt him. He said she sounded like Sooyeon, so she shouldn’t say no more and grabbed her by her shoulders to his car.

Harry was watching from his car, flabbergasted. He got out of his car to follow them but his leg suddenly pierced through. Harry, darling, didn’t you have a car? >_>


On a side note, did he hurt his leg when he almost hit Han Tae Joon with his bike?

Since their first promise was to go to Han River Café, they have to be together until night fall. Jungwoo said it’s his first date so he didn’t know where to go. Even though desperate to make her admit she’s Lee Sooyeon, Jungwoo still didn’t want to push her too hard. He’s been waiting for Sooyeon for 14 years, so there are just so many things he always wanted to do on their dates. Hearing him describing all these was a bit too much for Joy, so she turned aside. And here comes my favorite line from Episode 1.

“You think hiding your face is everything? You think getting mad is everything?” but instead of calling Lee Soo Yeon, he called “Joy.”

[Quick note: For those confusing soul, Sooyeon’s new name is indeed “Joy” but with Korean pronunciation, it sounds more like “Zoe” and so was romanized that way.]

Jungwoo brought Joy to Myung Hee’s restaurant. It’s the place he wanted to have first date. (More like he’s wanting her to meet her mom to me.) Joy was visibly uneasy but she put on poker face and told him she got another place in mind. They drove off.

Back at Harry in the car, he saw Director Nam pulled off at Belluz to meet Mi Ran. There’s a smirk on his lips. You’re thinking of something mischievous, don’t you, Harry?

Joy tried to troll Jungwoo by bringing him to an expensive restaurant and ordered $700 wine. She said this wine is called “Crazy Head”. Luckily, Jungwoo is not easily disrupted, he’s glad he has such a great secret lover picking wine specially for him. Joy then said she wanted to go shopping in Hong Kong. And Jungwoo countered this by grabbing her hand.

“I’m ok with going anywhere. Just don’t let go of my hand. So I wouldn’t lose sight of you.”

Tomorrow, he’d go to Hong Kong with her. But today, she must go to the playground with him. He wanted to play seesaw coz it’s something you can’t play by yourself.


Up to this point, I’m a bit taken aback by Jungwoo’s continuous think-skinned-ness and I’m not sure if I’d like it if I were Joy. He’s trying to shove everything back to her face when she obviously didn’t want to. And he keeps saying “I might really lose it” which is a big turn-off for me. Why is this all about him? It’s kind like a tough love here.

Joy eventually pulled her hand back and Jungwoo got angry, remembering how their hands were parted during the kidnap and Joy gave him what he deserved… a slap. Jungwoo thought he deserved that too and admitted he felt better that she hit him. So it’s better that she still has feelings for him even though it’s anger than ignoring him at all? Joy said what I feel like something she kept to herself for a long time.

“I should have never involved myself with you.”

Did she say it as Sooyeon or as Joy? Maybe both. And she looked somewhat regret doing and saying what she just did. Jungwoo then drove her back to her car.

The parting wasn’t very nice.

Jungwoo then confronted his stepmom and warned her to not bother Joy again. Mi Ran seemed surprised, she thought Joy would go to a lawyer instead of a police. But then she noticed the way Jungwoo regarded Joy, it’s clear to her Jungwoo knew this woman. Actually the way he said it, it’s like he’s saying “Stay away from my woman.”

In her car, Joy called Harry and realized he’s injured his leg. It’s a calling game now. Joy called Harry. Jungwoo called Joy. Harry called Jungwoo. Harry once again put Jungwoo down by telling him Joy was with him when he called Joy earlier and she didn’t pick up. Jungwoo asked to meet Harry.

Looks like Ah Reum spent the money she got from her mom buying Jungwoo stuff. I find it a bit effy she called Eunjoo “sunbae” instead of “onni”. Anyway, Jungwoo and Myunghee came back home. It’s the happy family scene again. It’s light-hearted for sure but it’s not my favorite scene. Omma and Jungwoo were dancing, Ah Reum laughed her head off while Eunjoo covering her eyes in embarrassment.

The next scene where Harry introduced Joy to Dr. Choi was also disturbing to me. He’s so cocky here and immature like a boy. He said Joy is not pretty anymore coz she didn’t listen to him lately. Doesn’t it strike you as a sugar daddy godfather telling his woman to behave? Dr. Choi prohibited him from riding the bike. Harry is not allowed to make his muscles tense. So this means his leg is really crippled and he’s not just pretending to be hobble. Another mystery solved!


Harry asked Joy about her confrontation with Hwang Mi Ran. One thing I really like is Harry always tries to please her by acting like an idiot. It’s respect in a form. He knew she didn’t see Mi Ran coz Jungwoo got in the way but he’s willing to let her lie to him if she wants. But Joy doesn’t want to. She bluntly told Harry she went with Jungwoo instead.

Joy thinks she made a mistake, getting herself involved with Jungwoo who still remember ever detail about Lee Soo Yeon. Though she believed it was guilt. (I believe so too.) She wanted to torture Jungwoo, but in the end, she still suffers. And after coming back to Seoul and seeing everyone moved on, she wished Sooyeon, who has been through nothing but suffer, stayed dead forever. It’s the part of her life that she didn’t want to remember or even acknowledge as a part of her. To Sooyeon, if it’s not because of Hyungjoon, she’d have been dead since 14 years ago since no one was looking for her.

After coming clean with Harry, Joy told him that after their party, she’d leave to France first. Harry must be so delighted to hear this. But I doubt if it’s possible.

Back to Jungwoo, late at night, he picked up his laundry and got into his room. There are clothespins in his hair. Can I just jay Yoochun is super cute? xD  Ah Reum waited for him in the room. She’s sleeping here tonight. Ahreum told him that Taejoon’s illegitimate son appeared and her mom is going to divorce her dad. Ahreum pretended to cry. I thought Jungwoo would console her but he already saw through it and ignored her tantrum. He proceeded to ask Ahreum for a woman’s point of view. Sooyeon must have hated him and talked to him rudely, right? Ah Ruem looked upset with the questions, but when Jungwoo asked if it’s her, she immediately said she’d want revenge. This somehow made Jungwoo happy. Jungwoo-ah, are you turning into a masochist? I guess anger or hatred is better than nonchalance after all.

Eunjoo butted in and told Ah Reum to leave. She told Jungwoo that she also knew Sooyeon and Joy is definitely not Sooyeon. She added that it’s ok for him to date other women but he shouldn’t mistake them for Sooyeon. It’s unfair to both sides. Eunjoo! You just regain my respect!

The next morning, Jungwoo tried to squeeze some information from his co-worker. The number Kang Sang Deuk used to call Jungwoo earlier was from France. Detective Joon talked about the names – Michelle, Harry, Joy – they all come from France. And Jungwoo remembered that Joy told him she lost her phone.

The cleaning lady showed up again. She pulled Jungwoo aside to give him some information. These two are great partners hahaha. She heard that the rapist used tetrodotoxin. So this is the name of the white dust in Sang Deuk’s room.

Speaking of the devil! Kidnapper#1 Kang Sang Chul came to the station to testify. Once he saw Jungwoo, he’s yelling and screaming that Jungwoo is his brother’s murderer. Jungwoo almost lost his temper but his hyung and the cleaning ajumma console him. They told him to hold it in.

“Words coming from an inhuman kind, don’t even listen to it.”

This further confirmed my suspicion that the cleaning lady may have something to do with these Kang brothers.


But Jungwoo lost it when the kidnapper said that if it’s not Jungwoo who killed his brother, then it must be Sooyeon. Jungwoo threatened him to never call Sooyeon name again. In the earlier episode, while beating up Jungwoo, Sang Deuk admitted that someone made him confessed of killing Sooyeon even though she’s alive. And Jungwoo now told Sang Chul that he most definitely would find that person. Just wait for him.

From the confrontation in episode 5, the confrontation between Jungwoo and the kidnapper in this episode was a lot better acted. I’m glad to see Park Yoochun picked up his game. But the actor who played Sang Chul distracted me. His facial expression was just… bleh.

The man Jungwoo is looking for is no one but his own father. Han Tae Joon is still as frigid as ever. Mi Ran tried to talk to him about Ah Reum but he just gave her a cold shoulder. And when his new Secretary Yoon came in, he told her to leave. Mi Ran eavesdropped their conversation. Looks like Chairman Han is trying to get investment from Boutique H, a renowned investment company in Europe and US. And they just found out that the head director of Boutique H is none other than Harry Borrison, the VIP at their bank. Chairman immediately asked for Director Nam whom he sent to negotiate with Harry earlier.

Director Nam did what all the blackmailers do. He asked Harry for more money. However, besides Sooyeon/Joy, nothing can ruffle Harry. Nam has mistaken a grown man for a scared young boy of 14 years ago. He forgot that he is now dealing with a shrewd head director of a billions-dollar company. Harry already expected this and refused to just give Nam the money.

“If you feed the dog too much, it will only get fatter. You need to have the dog exercised.”

Harry told Nam to get the record of Han Tae Joon’s fund for him. Just that moment, Tae Joon called him and told him to arrange a meeting for him and Harry. So Director Nam is still useful after all. One more thing, Hwang Mi Ran is also looking for him. And Harry found this interesting as it’s not part of his plan. I really like this character. You gotta play the game in order to win the game. Can I have him?

Cut to Sooyeon shopping for Harry. I want to make a confession. I thought the pink sweater from Ep6 wasn’t very complimenting to Yoon Eun Hye but damn, she looks so fine in this blue sweater.


Joy is buying a suit for Harry. Jungwoo showed up again and offered to be a model for her. He put on the suit but she just ignored him. Jungwoo’s expression was hurtful. Told ya, any feelings is better than being completely ignored. Joy found the suit she liked and took a picture of it for Harry. Seeing her talking happily over the phone with another guy while he’s standing right in front of her must be a bit too much for Jungwoo, he eventually left the shop. And Joy looked left and right for him.

Turn out he wasn’t going very far, waiting for her in front of the shop. Jung woo wanted to ask her about her phone but Joy just ignored him and drove off. He followed her and even texted her but she still ignored him. Eventually, Jungwoo caught her for speed driving. He asked her about her lost phone. I’m not sure if Joy aware that her phone was stolen by the rapist. When Jungwoo got distracted by a text in his phone, she then drove off again.

As she reached home and got into the elevator, Jungwoo caught up with her again. Joy thought he followed her home but Jungwoo showed her the text Harry sent. Harry told Joy he only wanted to talk to Jungwoo and the two men confronted. It’s a showdown!

I don’t know why but I just love it when men banter over a girl xD

Jungwoo asked Harry what he’d like to get to first, public or private issue. Harry told him he’d prefer the shorter one first. And Jungwoo asked him about the accident which was caught by the CCTV. A cunning man he is, Harry knew Jungwoo must have seen Joy freaked out at the scene, so he made up the story that they were in a car accident when they were kids. And he perfectly recited what Joy told Jungwoo earlier how they were both adopted when they were very young. I don’t know what I should think about the scene and I’m not sure what the writer wanted us to think. Should it be suspicious that they said the exact same thing? Or is it creepy? Maybe it’s a sign of deep bond between Joy and Harry? I’m not sure what to think and I’m also not sure what is Jungwoo’s take on it. But Harry thinks it’s a proof that they share many things in common.


And let’s talk about the acting for a moment. Doesn’t it creep you out how Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho sound EXACTLY the same when they say those lines? I got a little goose bump when I heard their perfect sync.

Jungwoo moved on to the personal issue. He frankly told Harry that Joy and Sooyeon must be the same person coz they too share many things in common. Even though she denied it, he knew she’s Sooyeon. Harry was pushed to the edge by Jungwoo’s persistence and he suggested they go for DNA test. Joy showed up behind the boys and said that if Harry wanted her to do, she would. She can do anything for Harry.

This is my most favorite scene of the episode. What Joy said was what Sooyeon wanted to say. It also revealed that she hold Harry as her savior. Because when Jungwoo abandoned her in the life-and-death situation, leaving her with her rapist, Harry hold on to her. People said that Jungwoo was just a 15-year-old kid, there’s nothing he can do. I agree. But let’s not forget that Hyungjoon, too, was a kid. He was just 10-11 years old at that time. And when Nurse Jung threatened to leave them, he wittingly told her off. And he did show that he would never leave without Sooyeon.

She told Jungwoo that there was a car accident when they were young. She was totally out of her senses, not even knew that she’s hurt. Harry held her hand and shouted to wake her up, telling her that if she didn’t go, he wouldn’t go either. And his voice is what she can vividly remember. She then repeated what Hyungjoon used to tell Sooyeon when they were kids.

“If she doesn’t come even if you wait, that means she abandons you.”

Harry and Joy tried to bluff Jungwoo. And it’s clear to the viewers that Jungwoo would lose either way. If he didn’t go for DNA test, he wouldn’t have a substantial proof that Joy is Sooyeon. But if he agreed for it, he’d lose Joy/Sooyeon’s respect. And Jungwoo saw through it. He’s willing to take a step back and honour her decision. And this. This is where I have a new-found respect for Jungwoo and finally got caught between two ships instead of solidly rooting for Harry from the start.

He reminded her that he’s a detective who has access to this kind of scientific test. So if he wanted to test her DNA, he could have already done it with or without her consent. He has been waiting for 14 years, so it’s ok to just wait some more. And he countered her earlier quote with…

“If she doesn’t come even if I wait, that doesn’t mean she abandons me. It means she is on her way.”

I think he said this for Sooyeon too. He didn’t abandon her back then, he was just on his way back to her.

This scene left everyone hurt in the process. Jungwoo was hurt because Sooyeon was so assertive to not acknowledge him. Sooyeon was hurt because of the past and the confusion with her own feelings. And Hyungjoon was hurt because he also knew she still has feelings for Jungwoo and could lose the love of his life.

On a lighter note, I’m in love with Yoon Eunhye’s lipstick in this scene. Anyone knew the code number of this colour? xD

In the parking lot, Jungwoo listened to his co-workers’ talk about the CCTV of KSD’s apartment. They should have the face of the culprit caught on the black box. Detective Joon joked about Sooyeon being the murderer since according to Jungwoo, Sooyeon is still alive. He made fun of their will-won’t game. “The culprit. It’s Sooyeon. It’s not Sooyeon. It’s Sooyeon. It’s not Sooyeon”

Jungwoo decided to make his presence known and the other two detectives quickly fled, leaving Joon-hyung behind. And once Joon saw Jungwoo, he cowardly ran to hide behind a pillar. Is it weird that I find Detective Joon hot? I have a soft spot for a guy with humor. Hehehe.

Jungwoo asked Joon to help him get into the investigation team.

Next day, Joon begged their team leader to accept Jungwoo to the team. But he sternly denied. However, when he saw Jungwoo sadly walked in, he gave in, yelling them to follow him. It was all an act from Jungwoo and Joon. And it worked! Their celebratory dance made me lol-ed.

The investigation so far has the assumption that the culprit is female because she used electric taser and poison to subdue the rapist instead of overpowering him like a man would do. Also Jungwoo added that the footprint appears dragging because the culprit wore the shoes bigger than her feet. The shoes that the killer wore were actually Sang Deuk’s. So you made Sooyeon’s omma wore your shoes for a reason after all. Good job, Detective Han.

Joon must be a fan of mystery comics. He made an observation that the culprit must held grudges against KSD to kill him with dry ice.

Now take another peak at Chairman Han who has arranged a meeting with Harry. He’s waiting at a restaurant for Harry who hasn’t shown up. How come only the boys got to troll in this episode? Harry called the waiting party to cancel the meeting as his leg got injured. Well, his leg is really injured but he’s actually not going because he’s playing pool. I love how cold Harry is regarding the man who presumably killed his mother. He left Han Tae Joon hanging, waiting for him, and then invited him for a party. The sound of pool balls can be heard over the phone. Tae Joon agreed to go to the party to see the face of the man who dare challenge him.


Now back to Jungwoo, the Police Inspector wasn’t very happy that Jungwoo joined the investigation of KSD. Media eyes are on this case, and Chairman Han’s eyes also. Their team leader said he’d take responsibility if anything should happen. After the Inspect left, another detective came in. they found out that dry ice was ordered online and delivered to Kang Sang Deuk as the receiver by… Kim Myung Hee, Sooyeon’s mom.

Jungwoo got mad and Joon was sent to their home to question Myung Hee. She sarcastically said she did kill KSD coz she hated that man so much. She killed him thousand, ten-thousand times. She then asked about Jungwoo, worried that he might be doing something stupid when he knew her name came up. Myunghee wanted to go to Jungwoo but Joon held her back. Myunghee screamed that Jungwoo is her son. He is her son now. And if anything should happen to him, she won’t be able to live anymore. She survived losing her daughter, but she couldn’t bear losing another child.

Jungwoo went back to KSD’s apartment to get the black box. And he saw Joy in the CCTV footage. Jungwoo hurriedly closed his laptop in shock. So Joy went to see KSD, but is she the culprit?


There is a secret room behind the wall in Harry’s room. Hooray to Yodya onni! You have a keen eye! Harry was looking at his mom’s necklace which holds the key to their fortune. If one looks carefully, you can see a newspaper report on the wall… about Sooyeon’s death.

Joy called him from the outside. He locked the door so she won’t know when he’s in the secret room. After the wall slid shut, he let Joy in. she wanted him to pick the shoes for her. (Red ones!) Since this will be the last day in Seoul for Joy, Harry wanted to give her a present. He gave her the key necklace and attempted to kiss her. It looks like Joy tried to reciprocate the feelings but she backed out in the last minute. Awkward. Harry seemed hurt but he still said it’s okay. He can wait for her.


In the party, Harry is rocking a James Bond look. Han Tae Joon arrived at the party and realized he was played. Harry Borrison was the boy who almost hit him with the bicycle earlier. They officially introduced themselves. I noticed Harry has the habit of stomping his cane to get attention. He’s been doing that since Ep5.

Next we see Joy putting on a sock for Harry. He glanced over the key necklace she’s wearing. (Or is he glancing at her cleavage? XDDD Pervert Harry!) Looks like Harry is using Joy, he told her to turn her head to Chairman Han’s direction and he’s enjoying himself when Han Tae Joon quickly avert his eyes. Joy asked who he is. And Harry asked her if she wanted him to give Taejoon a hard time for staring at Joy. Joy said it’s okay, she’s not scared of Taejoon. But if she got really scared, she’d tell him. Ahhh it’s foreshadowing all over again. Jungwoo used to say if he got really scared, he’d pretend he didn’t know Sooyeon. And he did. What’s gonna happen now?

Back to the police station, they finally got the name of the owner of the phone KSD used. It’s Joy Lou. Joon recognized the name and immediately called Jungwoo.


Take note! The officer said the last outgoing call made from Joy’s stolen phone was at Harry’s house. So unless Joy went into the rapist’s room and got her phone back before disposing it, my suspect of the murder is back to Harry now.

The police are a bit too late. Jungwoo is already crashing Harry and Joy’s party. There’s a voice flashback where Sooyeon said she’s not a murderer and she would kill no one. And Jungwoo replied that he knew. He really knew.

End of Episode 8.




Confession: I didn’t want to admit this at first, but I think Han Jung Woo is quite a self-ish character. Maybe it’s because the story is mainly told from his point of view who is the least of the victim among all 3 leads. So I can see why audiences can relate to him the most, but that doesn’t make his character any less selfish. Sooyeon was abused and sexually assaulted, Hyungjoon was hunted to death and now he’s crippled because of that, Jungwoo was kidnapped and was later drowned in his guilt. But still, Hyunjoong and Sooyeon only have one another while Jungwoo has many people who love and care for him. However, with Jungwoo, it’s always about finding Sooyeon and get rid of his feeling of guilt instead of honoring and trying to redeem himself with her. That part is where I feel off with him and start rooting for Harry who has always been there for Joy/Sooyeon through thick and thin.

Anyway, with this episode, I was so glad I have a new-found respect for Jungwoo. At the beginning, I was torn coz he’s not only trying to get her to admit she’s Sooyeon without her consent, he’s also trying to shove himself to her face. But the conversation he has with Harry really makes me fall for him. It’s obvious Harry and Joy were trying to bluff him or at least make him feel guilty enough to back off. But Jungwoo, instead of grabbing the chance to get scientific proof of her identity, he stepped back and waited for her to be ready.

“If I wait and she didn’t come, it doesn’t mean she abandon me. It means she’s on her way.”

This is the line of the day for me.


There are a lot of revealing moments in this episode. One major issue is the relationships between the 3 leads.

First, Joy and Harry. The dynamic between is not very healthy here. Though I think Joy does love Harry, her feeling for him is not romantic love, it’s more like companionship. She saw herself in him. They only have each other in this cruel world. And her living condition is significantly improved after she met him. The most important thing is Joy thinks of Harry as her hero. He reached out for her in the darkest of time, when her life was on the line. So I don’t blame her that she’s so dependent on him now. The only thing is… she looked up to him instead of looking at him as equal. For Joy, it’s her who depends on him while Harry might not need her. So the balance if their relationship is a bit off.

I think Harry might have something to do with that. He obviously spoiled her, allowing her to do and say what she wanted to. Remember he’s willing to turn his blindside to Joy when she went out with Jungwoo, but it’s Joy who admitted it herself. However, he didn’t quite let Joy know that he, too, needs her and depends on her. She’s also the only light in his darkness. The only one who showed kindness to him even when she didn’t know who he is. If he lets her a little bit looser, it might be better for both of them.

But talking about the actors, isn’t the chemistry between Eunhye and Seungho just blowing your mind? Props to both actors for making the age gap seems like nothing.

The almost kiss scene was a big bummer to me. I got butterfly in my stomach as Seungho bent in and when Eunhye turned away, I was like… 


Now move on to Jungwoo and Sooyeon, I also think the relationship is not any healthier. Harry has the habit of stomping his cane. Joy has the habit of touching Harry’s shoulder. Jungwoo has inherited the habit of Sooyeon’s – feet-fidget, riding swing, wearing clothespin, etc. His feelings for Sooyeon may start from mutual attraction and was strengthened by guilt, but now it becomes what I couldn’t call anything but obsession. I think if Jungwoo is the main protagonist, the writer has to work hard to make him more heroic, make him redeem himself to Sooyeon, and also make Harry really evil. Because as of now, Harry is an anti-hero that everyone still loves.

Speaking of which, I think Sooyeon is the most complex character and Yoon Eunhye did an amazing job acting as Joy and Sooyeon. It’s like there are 2 different persons in one body. It also seems like she did her homework pretty well in portraying rape victim. I wish they wouldn’t belittle her problem though. I feel like domestic violence, bullying, and sexual assault are issues that society always buries under the ground when it’s actually supposed to be addressed. I hope they find a way to raise awareness for this.

Back to Jungwoo and Sooyeon, there is definitely some romantic tension between them. Joy is always bubbly and comfortable around Harry while Sooyeon is always frustrated and explosive with Jungwoo. And Jungwoo obviously has feelings for her. He always looked upset when Harry and Joy are together. So I think we don’t need to worry that they might not be attracted to each other. It’s how they’re going to maintain their relationship is the part I’m anxious about.

So now we’re marking the milestone of I Miss You as it reached one third of its way. There are mysteries yet to be uncovered.

  • The main plot thus far – Who killed Kang Sang Deuk? The suspects are Harry, Joy, Sooyeon’s mom, Eunjoo, Han Tae Joon, the cleaning lady? I’m putting my money on Harry as of now.
  • How did Nurse Jung Hye Mi aka. Michelle Kim die?
  • Is Hyung Joon’s mom really dead?
  • Harry’s ongoing revenge on Han Tae Joon
  • The relationship between Sooyeon, Jungwoo, and her mom

Feel free to shout out your thoughts in the comment box below.


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    • Hehehe thanks. I’m just too absorbed into this drama. And I actually got a little help from another IMY fan who also has great eyes for details. She’s the one who speculated there’s a secret room in Harry’s room and it turned out to be true.

      Thanks for reading and commenting ^_^
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  8. Luo Yi Chen

    Hi Viola, during Harry & Jungwoo confrontation, when Harry said the exact same thing to JW regarding their supposed adoption and not knowing their age, I think JW got confirmation that Joy and Harry’s account of their past is concocted and affirmed his belief that Joy is Sooyeon. Two people can have the shared experiences but when telling the story there will be certain differences in the story telling, unless it is memorized or contrived.

    December 5, 2012 at 8:56 am

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