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I Miss You: Episode 9 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 9 Full Recap

The New Era

Before we’re going to dive in, I’d like to make some acknowledgements 🙂

Special Thanks to Yodya onni for the beautiful header banners. As you readers browse through my blog, you might notice different banner on different pages.

And thanks to Santaiah, Vegaspink, JuliengWanzhaf and vzmeiin for the advertisement. I really appreciated that.

Before the English subs came out, I took a tour at other places to fetch some information and read other ideas. One of my favorite places to visit is Koala’s Playground. I may disagree with her sentiments for the most parts regarding I Miss You, I nonetheless appreciate them. She provided different take on the drama… take that sometimes I disagree wholeheartedly. But as the drama reached half-way, I can’t help but agree with her points more and more. Koala was heavily criticized for being bias, but personally, I also think I’m quite bias. All the writers are bias! We approach the topic as subjective, not objective.

Anyway, Koala has her Playground, and Viola has her Castle, so let’s get started.

For such an emotional roller-coaster melodrama, Episode 9 of I Miss You took quite a slow pace compared to its previous ones. The story primarily revolved around only one place which is the police station.


It started with Jungwoo saw Joy in the parking lot through CCTV black box. He was shocked and the tear started running down. He wouldn’t be able to protect her again? But as Jungwoo thought back of what young Sooyeon used to say to him.

“It’s not me. I won’t kill anyone.”

He believed her. But he has to find proof to convince others too.

Jungwoo drove off to a desolate place to collect Joy’s fingerprint from his car. After that, he crashed Harry and Joy’s party. They noticed his arrival and he intentionally walked towards Joy only to walk pass her and greet his dad. Harry followed up and Jungwoo requested to talk to him but Han Tae Joon has had enough, he wanted to talk to Mr. Borrison now.


And so they left. Harry was obviously worried that he left Joy with Jungwoo. He kept looking through the door and couldn’t focus on business. But that’s okay since Harry is always one step ahead of everyone. He just said what Taejoon wanted; he’d withdraw the money slowly and talk to his superior first, then he took off.

Joy greeted the guests around the room while Jungwoo was staring at her. And strangely every time he called “Sooyeon” in his head, she always turned around. Joy, too, kept looking his way as she could feel his stare. Alas when she couldn’t see him, he popped up right in front of her with his arms wide-spread… just like when they were kids. And he asked her if he looked cool. I’m not sure who has thicker skin – Han Jung Woo or Park Yoochun?

Just then, Jungwoo got a text from Detective Joon saying they’re on their way to arrest Joy. Joy also used the distraction to her advantage. She walked off and called Harry but Jungwoo caught up with her and took the phone away. He told her that she’s the prime suspect in Kang Sang Deuk’s murder. This came as a shock to Joy; she almost lost her footing if it’s not for Jungwoo who grabbed her by her shoulder. She mumbled that she didn’t do it and Jungwoo said he knew, but she had to come with him, she has to trust him. And that’s when Jungwoo lost her.


To Sooyeon, Han Jung Woo cannot be trusted. He was never able to keep their promises as they were kids. Their first ever promise was him saying he’d come back to the playground to return her umbrella, and he didn’t. He promised to never pretend he didn’t know her again, and he did. He promised he would give her a present on the first snow, and he didn’t. So to Sooyeon, trusting Jungwoo is impossible. She’s immediately screaming for Harry. And once he showed up, Joy threw herself into his protective arms.



At that moment, Harry’s glare could kill. Harry demanded to know what was going on. The rest of the police station arrived and Jungwoo needed to act. He told Harry that Joy’s phone was used by the rapist prior to his death, so now she’s the main suspect. And Harry asked Joy something that broke Jungwoo’s heart into million pieces.

“Joy, endure it for a while. You trust me, right?”


“I’ll come to get you.”


Jungwoo’s witnessing the bond of 14 years. Harry has built up trust much more concrete than Jungwoo has ever done. It’s clear that Joy can trust Harry with her life but not so with Jungwoo. And I personally think this is the beginning of where Jungwoo finally understand Sooyeon/Joy’s point of view.

But Jungwoo didn’t want other officers to handcuff Sooyeon or see her get hurt, so he dragged her out as she’s still screaming for Harry. The way he snatched her hand off of Harry’s and said “I won’t let you go this time.” made me wonder if it’s jealousy?




When Joy was arrested, Chairman Han witnessed the incident and he must be worried since he’s also involved with Kang Sang Deuk in a way. So back at home, he demanded Director Nam to look into it. Han Tae Joon told Nam straight up to not mess up again. I’m thinking Nam’s end wouldn’t be so nice, he could be cut off from both Harry’s and Han’s sides.

Out of the room, Mi Ran was waiting for him. This man is kinda popular lol. She asked him about the arrangement to meet Harry Borrison. And at this point, I’m starting to wonder what does this subplot have to do with the whole story? It’s a little bugging if it turned out to be nothing.

Anyway, Ah Reum was listening to their conversation on the stair. She’s holding a huge teddy bear Jungwoo gave her. After Nam left, she asked if her mother is too nice or too stupid to trust a two-faced like Nam. (She’s stupid, Ah Reum.) Mi Ran in turn told Ah Reum to get rid of the bear. So it all came down to this. She was afraid Jungwoo is going to take everything away from them. So it’s money all along, huh?

Ah Reum mocked her mom, saying Jungwoo would come back once she divorced their father. Of course, Mi Ran would never divorce a wealthy man. At least, not before she gets a hold of his money. The baby sister was sad because while Sooyeon’s mom is so nice to Jungwoo, her mom treated him like crap.

Talking about Sooyeon’s omma, she’s having a heartburn and asked Eunjoo to call Jungwoo, make sure he’s okay. Is this scene just added so Eunjoo would have another unnecessary random scene? Her role becomes too little, it’s laughable. Anyway, Myunghee called Detective Joon instead, but he said they were a bit busy at that moment.

Back to Jungwoo and Joy, she’s still asking for Harry and wanting to call him but Jungwoo seized her phone. He gave her his coat, saying it has invisible spell on it so if she put it on, she won’t be seen as there were reporters everywhere. Even just for a second, Joy was swayed. Sooyeon used to write in her diary that her dream is to become invisible but she’d only be visible in front of Jungwoo. At first, Joy didn’t want to wear it, but when she heard there were reporters, she gave in.


The cleaning lady showed up and Jungwoo asked her to escort Joy into the station. The reporters won’t care anyone who didn’t come it with police in handcuffs.

The scene inside the station, she didn’t look like Joy anymore, she looked like Sooyeon, fragile and helpless. I love how Yoon Eun Hye can reflect two personalities inside one body so effortless like that. The cleaning ajumma told Joy not to get nervous. People are going to think she’s guilty even if she’s not. She then asked if Joy did kill him but she didn’t wait for her reply. She said if Han Jung Woo said she’s not the killer, then she’s not. Though killing Kang Sang Deuk wouldn’t even be considered a sin in her book. If she’s the mother of the victim, she’d find his killer and treat him with home-cooked meal. After that, she complimented Joy for her beauty. She said it’s the first time she has seen anyone prettier than her daughter.

The monologue made me certain this ajumma must have something to do with the rapist. She said the exact same line as Sooyeon’s mom in the earlier episode. Does this mean she’s also the mother of a victim? And the way she complimented Joy’s beauty, it made me feel like she does know who Joy/Sooyeon is and it’s her beauty of survivor growing up so strong that she complimented.

In the interrogation room, Joy was still so nervous she couldn’t say a thing. I’m guessing she truly didn’t know what she can or cannot say as Joy Lou. She doesn’t want to be recognized as Lee Sooyeon and has all the labels tagged on her again. But it’s one thing to lie to Jungwoo, it’s a whole different thing to lie to the police in recorded investigation. So silence is her best way out.

Jungwoo ran up the stairs and found Harry already waiting for him. Their exchange was a bit awkward since Jungwoo knew that Joy is Sooyeon and knew that she knew the rapist when their car hit him earlier and Harry also knew that Jungwoo knew but he must pretend that he doesn’t know. Oi! Headache!

Anyway, Jungwoo told Harry to call their lawyer (He’s on the way from Hong Kong.) and fill him in on the issue. Harry told Jungwoo that he’s the one responsible for hitting the rapist with his car, Joy didn’t even know him. Of course, we know that’s not true. It’s the first time Harry seemed out of his character. He was really concerned for Joy.

Back in the interrogation, Joy still couldn’t say a thing as the team captain tried to press her. Jungwoo broke into the room and once he saw how scared Sooyeon was, he shouted at his superior that he’d handle it himself. Sooyeon revisited her past and finally found her voice. She asked them why they’re so worried to find the killer. Didn’t they think Kang Sang Deuk deserve to die? (Yes, and I too would treat the killer a meal.) I feel like she’s saying this to Jungwoo personally. Jungwoo hurriedly told her their conversation was being recorded so she shouldn’t say anything like that. But Joy continued to talk. She read in the newspaper that he raped and murdered a young girl. So this rapist was better off death anyway.


Just then Detective Joon called Captain to tell him that Sooyeon’s and Joy’s fingerprint do not match. (I saw “CSI” in that scene! xD)

Cut to worried Harry, he’s leaning his head on his cane. There’s a French carve on it “sauvez-nous, Seigneur Dieu” = “Save us, God”. Foreshadowing. Foreshadowing!


I have always wondered though, is it just a cane?

Back to Joy, Jungwoo told her to write her statement down so she could leave. Sooyeon thought back when he proposed their friendship. Suddenly when Jungwoo asked her if she’s okay, she put down her pen, finally ready to talk to him though he repeated that everything she said was being recorded. Joy asked him that the reason he wanted her to be Sooyeon is because she’d be the culprit he’s looking for and they wouldn’t have to go through troublesome process or even find other evidences, right? That was honestly my impression with the captain and others. They released her after knowing her fingerprint didn’t match with young Sooyeon even though they have all other evidences.

But Jungwoo showed his faith in her. He said that not all the murderer’s daughter or all the people who were assaulted or hurt would kill others. His Sooyeon won’t kill anyone. And here comes the line of the night…

“If I were Lee Soo Yeon, I’d have killed you first.”

“Even if you kill me, I’d still want you to be Soo Yeon.”

Sooyeon was then released as Harry contacted French Embassy and they confirmed that she won’t flee the country. She came out to meet Harry who has been waiting worriedly, Jungwoo trailed close by, watching them. Harry told her “Let’s go home.” And she replied him gladly. The past echoed in Jungwoo’s ears as he remembered their saying the same words but in the end, he was the only one who got to go home.


Both this scene and the earlier scene where Harry asked Joy if she trust him, Joy didn’t look any older than him or any more independent. She looked like a scared kid who needs someone’s support and Harry was there for her all along.

As Harry got up, he noticed Jungwoo watching. But Jungwoo hurriedly looked away. While Joy noticed Myung Hee who brought food to Jungwoo at the station. Joy immediately turned her face aside with her head bowed down, the same way she used to always do as a kid, and Myung Hee seemed to recognize her daughter at once. Their lawyer eventually showed up (You’re late! =_=) and this gave Myung Hee a few more seconds to look at her long-lost child.

After they left, Jungwoo ran after them as Myung Hee fell to the ground.


But Jungwoo didn’t use the in-your-face approach as before. He just watched her from afar and did the erasing memory hand. I’m glad he finally honored and respected her decision that she didn’t want to be Sooyeon. It’s the first time Jungwoo acknowledge “what Joy/Sooyeon wants” and not “what I want”. With their exchange in the interrogation, he came to realization that seeing him also hurt her in a way, so now he’s going to wait for her to come to him. Just like what he said in Episode 8, it didn’t mean she abandoned him, she’s just on her way.

Harry and Joy came back to a mess that is their home. The police were searching for her phone and practically tore up the house. Harry said it’s his entire fault. He should have sent her on the plane to France so she wouldn’t have to be involved in this crap. Joy told Harry she wanted to rest and he called her by her real name.

“Sooyeon-ah… Good night, Joy”

In her room, Joy finally broke down and cried her heart out. She crawled to her bed and covered her head in blanket to suppress the sound cry. Harry was still standing outside her room, listening to her cry helplessly. I think it’s the moment where you just need to let her cry and calm herself down. There’s nothing you can do.

Harry might have done something with Joy’s fingerprint earlier so it didn’t match with young Sooyeon’s, but little did he know, Jungwoo also had Joy’s fingerprint from his car and it was a perfect match with ones he got from Sooyeon’s diary.

He then looked into her hand phone when Myung Hee entered the room and gave him food. She was so out of space after seeing her daughter after 14 years. Jungwoo was eating and all of a sudden pulled Sooyeon’s diary in his coat.

“It’s mine. It’s evidence.”

Jungwoo told omma that if he finds Sooyeon and she pretends she doesn’t know him, he’s going to show her this diary. Then he started to talk about how Sooyeon used to walk backwards so she wouldn’t lose sight of his handsome face (It’s confirmed! Park Yoochun got thicking skin xD) and how during dinner, she kept looking his way. So Sooyeon would definitely come back because she misses him.




This scene is kinda hard for me to recap because it’s such an emotional and tricky scene. Obviously, Jungwoo already found Sooyeon and she already pretended to not know him, but what he said at that moment was his comforting himself. And maybe comforting omma as well.

Next, in his den, Harry was chatting with “a friend.” Look like this friend also knows Joy. Harry said Joy is strong and she’d be okay. They talked about changing fingerprint in advance to lure both the police and Han Jung Woo. Though it’s a bit too late with the latter as Jungwoo already got her fingerprint from his car. Harry was hoping Jungwoo would give up once he knew Joy and Sooyeon’s fingerprint don’t match because he’s getting a little angry. That friend told him not to because Harry is pretty scary when he’s angry. And they also talked about feeding Han Tae Joon to death. Look like someone has a spy!


And of course, Harry carefully deleted their chat history. He later watched CCTV monitors during the time the police searched their house.

Sooyeon’s omma has so many new children. Detective Joon just joined her list. He came to her house to get homemade kimchi. And Kim Myung Hee tactfully extracted information about Joy from him. Once she knew about her address, she quickly left.

Now let’s get back at the main studio of this episode which is the police station. I don’t quite understand about the money wiring maybe I missed something or maybe it’s the lack of translation in certain parts. But anyway, the detectives were having a meeting and Jungwoo got the CCTV footage of the culprit receiving money. The culprit was totally covered with black clothes so we could figure out his/her look but in a picture, we could see a bandage on one wrist… the cleaning lady?

Their team captain started yelling out orders and Jungwoo just wanted to get involved in every process. Well, he’s worried about Sooyeon obviously. But his boss yelled at him to cut it off since Joy is not Sooyeon. So Jungwoo didn’t tell anyone about the fingerprint on his car, huh? He’s probably aware there’s a mole inside as well. He replied to the captain that he’s in love with Joy anyway since she’s so pretty. LOL playah!

Harry paid a visit. Jungwoo brought him to the interrogation room. The opposition between two men is more and more fully-blown. Harry told Jungwoo that Sooyeon went home last night and cried a river, Jungwoo, of course, felt guilty. And Harry admitted he said it to make him felt bad. Did I mention how much I like Harry’s character? But then, Harry reversed and proposed that all three of them become friends. If you do not know, this is actually a basic strategy of making someone do what you want them to do. First, you scare them, showing them you have the upper-hand and they’d lose to you anyway. After successfully proposing the threat, you turn around, giving them leisure opportunity. Your prey would most likely be relieved and take the bait as they don’t want to antagonize you.


Too bad Jungwoo wasn’t quite a prey, he said their being friends is impossible because he is now in love with Joy, even though it’s just one-sided coz she doesn’t like him. Harry was visibly upset. He asked if Jungwoo still thinks Joy is Lee Sooyeon and Jungwoo replied that besides the face, there is nothing else that convinced him otherwise. He also asked Harry to tell him if he found other differences. Harry’s gaze is no longer a friendly one but quite a scary one.

Jungwoo-ah, I have a new nickname for you. You are no longer “Crazy Rabbit” but you are now “Thick-skinned Jungwoo” lol.

Sooyeon’s ommo eventually found her way to Joy’s house and she’s peeking through the mighty metal gate. Joy was on the phone, she’s going outside to find something to eat. As her car reached the gate, she saw her omma.

Myung Hee got to the car, trying to get a good look at Joy as her daughter struggled to hide her face. But once she turned to face her mom, Myunghee recognized her long-lost daughter immediately.



Next episode: Mother-Daughter Reunion!



This episode marked the best acting from all 4 leads thus far. And by the 4 leads, I mean Sooyeon, Jungwoo, Harry, and Sooyeon’s omma.

This is their best performance to date and though the story was a bit slower, I’m glad to see their acting shine. I can’t decide who impressed me more between Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho. Eunhye channeled two characters in one. Joy and Sooyeon are two very different personalities but she can reflect both of them and switched back and forth in different scene. That is remarkable and definitely marked her huge progress as an actress. I’m so proud to be a warrior.

And Yoo Seung Ho! Where do I start? Before the adult cast came out, I was worried sick. I have watched him in his previous drama and he exudes boyish charm, kinda like young teen. And this is not only his first adult role, but also his first evil role, and not to mention the age-gap between him and Eunhye. I was really worried that it might not work out and it’d look like big sister-little brother awkwardly making out. I wouldn’t have to tell you how relieve I am to see the explosive chemistry between them. And all I can say is… Seungho is a man now 😀

Now come to nuna, Seungho-ah!

I love love how he can act through his eyes. Eunhye has that niche ability too but well, I have seen her expressive eyes already, Seungho’s are the new ones xD

I can always tell his expression to his eyes. They are very detailed and not just the simple – fun, sad, happy, angry. They are more detailed – longing, passionate, concerned, amused, love, etc. etc.

Now back to the plot, I mentioned earlier that I started to agree with Miss Koala’s point. It’s about how the writer seemed to drop off what she has started. In the beginning of IMY, there were some sensitive issues I expect to be addressed or at least raised awareness of. So you can see why I’m quite frustrated it didn’t live up to my expectation. I’d be really pissed if the issues like sexual assault or domestic violence are not more properly approached.

I think the story focused too much on Jungwoo. And I’m not saying I don’t understand his pain. I have learned long ago that every pain, big or small, is still hurtful. A friend used to teach me this. Think about a person whose finger got cut and a person who got shot. Though one’s pain is bigger than the other, it doesn’t mean that finger is not bleeding or it doesn’t hurt. So I know Jungwoo is also suffering with his own wounds. But the focus on his character comes with the expenses of other characters. We spent so many scenes and episodes watching him drown in his guilt while not knowing more or learning more about Sooyeon or Hyungjoon. Let’s not talk about Eunjoo coz she’s not a lead in my book as of now.

It’s laughable that people sympathize more with Jungwoo and can easily forgive his sin of leaving Sooyeon with her kidnapper/rapist but they hate Sooyeon when she toyed with Jungwoo’s feeling even to the point that they belittle the pain she went through.

Because in all honesty, the whole story started because of the chain of actions of Jungwoo’s father and Hyungjoon’s mother. Sooyeon is just there in the wrong place at the wrong time. She has nothing to do with their money fraud and is just simply an accidental collateral damage of the whole situation. Yet no one seems to be able to relate to her or just care enough. That’s just failure.

I hope I’d be wrong and the future episodes can restore my faith in this drama.

Episode 10 Recap is coming out tomorrow. Thank you for reading.


12 responses

  1. Ouw, there’s no need to thank me.. sharing is loving 🙂 Please be well soon. Recap can wait but your health cant. Take care. Will wait patiently..

    December 8, 2012 at 6:07 am

  2. get well soon! waiting for the rest of the episode (and ep.10 too).

    December 8, 2012 at 9:26 am

  3. I forget to comment:

    I’m not sure who has thicker skin – Han Jung Woo or Park Yoochun?

    There was this one scene in RTP where Pak Ha comment that Lee Gak is beginning to look a bit more handsome and he reply, its not that he look a bit more handsome but he is handsome.

    Kekekeke.. until i see any of BTS saying that he adlib these, i am going to close my eyes and believe that they are all scripted 🙂

    December 8, 2012 at 10:20 am

  4. Okay so you get YSH, then I can have…
    YEH to myself!

    Back to the story, I agreed that the writer need to develop more on LSY, KHJ and even EJ characters. And I hope the writer(s) will make amend to it before I lost complete interest in this drama (which I don’t want to).

    December 11, 2012 at 10:58 am

    • LOL Well, based on the expectation pre-drama, YSH did impress me the most. (Mianhe Eunhye-ah, Yoochun-ah!) We can share kekeke

      and exactly my sentiment. I hope I’d be wrong about it and the writer can punch me in the face with awesome episodes and outcomes and I’d gladly be beaten up coz I hate to lose interest in the drama that consisted of so many of my favorite actors and actresses.

      December 11, 2012 at 1:04 pm

  5. syer_87

    you got YSH… i want Yoochun..haha..i really impress with his acting at.the crying bento scene…huwaaaaa..n YEH when she crying crawling at the bed..really heartbreaking.. And about ur opinion about how this drama kind of from HJW pov, for me I think its fresh..i apploud what the writer want to deliver..i know this is heavy subject..rape, we know how much hurt n painfull this experience to SY especially. But i think i get what the writer want to show..there is a lot muvie n i think also drama(from my country especially) show the perspective from the victims,how they endure it..how they live their life after the tragedy..never for once people write how about the people beside the victims..the family n friends that also terribly effected by it..we always read the news about family that lose their child from this kind of event, than after that we just go on with our life..we just pity them at that time cause nothing we can do.. i think this drama is fit with whatever the writer want to deliver..its not about how much screen time each actor n actress got..all fit perfectly and detail..they show how painfull HJW live his life with the guilt and sorry to SY..and even the writer do not show in detail what SY have experience in this 14 years, i think everyone who watch this drama can felt it only with the look,the vulberability n fear in SY eyes even the anger..I think all the has been show beautifully by YEH.. for Harry character even if it not fully show yet..i can feel the love n anger he got to the people surround him..he can lost in his revenge if he keep it..he truly love at the momment SY save n give attention to him..he need to be matured way before his age..i think he still have tgat childishside and can thriw tantrum when something not going on his plan..but we akso cannot blame him 100%··he lost his mother in a very cruel event.. I think all character are very deep in hurt since their childhood..even they all grown up actually they still stuck in the heart of14 years before..nobody is truly let go of the past.. For this i really2 aploud all our 3main actor that act n immersed themself in their respectative role..

    December 11, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    • syer_87

      sorry for a lot of word error..so hard type using phone..huhu

      December 11, 2012 at 12:32 pm

      • It’s totally fine, I appreciate your comment a lot 🙂
        It’s good to hear opinions from different point of views, so don’t worry about the error typing.

        December 11, 2012 at 12:58 pm

  6. syer_87

    hehe..i love this drama..wholeheartedly..its long time i had watch this kind of story n drama..this drama really show honest n true character personality..there is no farytale hero n heroin..all have flaws..from the supportive characrer till the main..all the evillness have the reason..example SY mum,she looks irresponsible mother at first n not really love her daughter but as the story go on i think we can understood her character..she actually is really pitiful lady..she been abuse by her husband so much until she become like that..she love her daughter but she doesn know way to show it n i felt her regret for not treat SY properly before lost her..from this even, she learnt to love JW n EJ wholeheartedly..I really love how the lady potray her character..daebak!! And lastly i hope you can continue to recap this drama n give ur insight thought..i love the recapper that dont shove their personnal interest so brutally without any thought for the reader feeling..cause its really affected our feeling as the drama watcher that really invest ourself for each character n story..hehe..peace yo!!

    December 11, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    • I understand where you’re coming from. I also dislike certain bloggers that just try to reinforce their opinion on their readers and the sad part is some brainless zombie readers did exactly what they want. I’d prefer peaceful discussion as civilized human beings.

      I think a few recaps back, someone commented similar to you about Sooyeon’s mom while I was pissed at her action as a mother. But in the end, we just looked at it from different aspects. I look at it through SY’s eyes who have never experienced parental love while she and you look from Omma’s pov.

      It’s better to expand your horizon and try on other shoes. So I really don’t mind at all that my readers would have different opinions/perceptions as long as they’re logical. As I said, this kind of things is pretty subjective and everyone can be biased. So peace! 🙂

      December 11, 2012 at 1:49 pm

  7. Luo Yi Chen

    Hi Viola, actually the CCTV was showing the culprit/murderer paying for the purchase of the dry ice used to kill Kang Sang Deuk (the rapist) at the bank and not receiving money.

    December 11, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    • Ahh I see. I see.
      Thank you! You always clear out my confusion 😀

      December 11, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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