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I Miss You: Episode 10 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 10 Full Recap

The Crack

In the last episode, it’s the beginning of a new era meaning there are things that were settled and there are new mysteries… which I’d list down at the end of this recap. In this episode, we see more cracks which would lead us to the more intense second half of this drama. Since we don’t have much time till the next episode come out, let’s get started.

Kim Myung Hee went to find her daughter in the posh Gangnam area, and as she made it to the metal gate, Lee Sooyeon was driving out to meet a friend. Her mother approached the car and immediately recognized her own blood. Tears are running down from both ladies.

Joy eventually came out of her car and invited her mother into the house. She shed tears as her past finally caught up with her.

Cut to Harry and Jungwoo who were laying threats on each other by the end of last episode in the interrogation room. Detective Joon interrupted them to inform that Joy cannot leave the country in 10 days because she’s still the person of interest. Harry then said he’d talk to his lawyer.

When they walked out of the room, their captain sent Joon to do other works in order to talk to Jungwoo alone. They looked into Kang Sand Deuk’s calling history. The first person he called after he was released wasn’t Harry or Jungwoo, but Chairman Han, Jungwoo’s daddy. But Joon overheard them and he was shocked to realize that his partner is the son of Sangil Bank owner. His boss warned him not to say anything about it.

Harry talked to Craig, their hottie lawyer. (I know I’m superficial so I find every man on this show hot.) Harry wanted to know why Joy can’t leave the country. He’s so desperate to get her out of Jungwoo’s grasp. Then he realized that Joy wasn’t with Craig though they had an appointment. Harry immediately looked into his CCTV monitors and he saw Joy walked into the house with an ajumma.

Normally in Asian country, we take off our shoes before entering the house while the western would just walk with their shoes in the house. So omma got uncomfortable with the luxurious mansion and took off her shoes. They awkwardly sat in silence and Joy eventually asked her mom to say something.


Myung Hee complimented her daughter’s polished fingernails and fair skin. It means Sooyeon didn’t have to do labor work. She wear nice clothes, she is rich and lives in a fancy house which means she must have high education. This is a relief to her mother.

But Sooyeon out of the blue said “I’m so sorry.” Just like when she was young even when she did absolutely nothing wrong. This broke her mother’s heart. She has done so wrong to her own daughter. Myunghee cried that she’s the one who should say sorry. And Joy ultimately confessed to her mother that she doesn’t want to be Lee Sooyeon. She hated being Lee Sooyeon. And her mother understood it very well.

She said that if Sooyeon is in hardships, she’d have taken her back. But seeing her daughter well-being, it’s already enough for her. It’s okay if Sooyeon doesn’t want to come back.

“No one knows what kind of person your father is, right?” So she’s no longer a murderer’s daughter.

Sooyeon nodded.

“No one knows what you have been through, right?” So she’s no longer an abused victim.

Sooyeon nodded again.

Myunghee then said that her daughter is dead so Joy doesn’t need to come back and then hurriedly left, leaving her shoes behind. She ran barefoot on the snow-frozen road. Then she stopped as she thought of Jungwoo who’s still waiting for Sooyeon. Now that she knew Sooyeon didn’t want to come back, how could she tell Jungwoo about this?


Joy was still crying when her phone rang. But before picking up the phone, she saw her mother’s shoes and ran out following her. I love how Eunhye grabbed the shoes with both hands like that. Even with my own shoes, I normally just pick it with only 2 fingers. It shows such dedication to the role.

I don’t know why Joy ran out like that when she should have driven her car. That’d be a lot faster coz once she ran to the front gate, her mother was nowhere to be seen. Harry reached home at that moment. But before he could get out of the car to her, Joy hopped on a cab.

Han Tae Joon did exactly what Harry expected him to do. He told his new secretary to look into the issue with KSD’s death and about Harry & Joy’s background. The young secretary got a police report about KSD’s case. New information! The rapist has an aunt. Could that also be the cleaning lady? Or maybe it’s the late Nurse Jung? Or in bewilderment, it could possibly be Hyungjoon’s mom. They are the Kangs after all.

But the issue about Joy, Director Nam said he’d look into it himself. Well, he doesn’t want anyone to cut off his lifeline with Harry. But Tae Joon deserved to be Harry’s opponent, he didn’t trust Nam anymore. He told his secretary to check their background prior to the adoption and bring the documents to his house.

Jungwoo was waiting for his dad at the company. Han Tae Joon is such a stiff person, no feelings towards his wife or kids. He said his son is dead and practically told Jungwoo to get lost. Jungwoo retorted saying his dad was on the phone with his abductor for 5 minutes but couldn’t spare a minute for his own son. Jungwoo’s assumption was that KSD was trying to extort some money from Chairman Han. He said he had the report, so daddy better spelled it. Han Tae Joon got angry and slapped his son with the police report he got earlier. Jungwoo noticed it but kept his mouth shut. So Jungwoo does know there’s a mole in the police department. Angry, Chairman Han slipped out that Jungwoo wouldn’t find Sooyeon even if she dies. That obviously means he knows she’s still alive. This also doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungwoo but he nonetheless retreated, saying he’d send another cop tomorrow.


However, look like Jungwoo doesn’t like to be called crazy. Because once his father did that, he turned around and started saying about the events in the past. He showed his father that he wasn’t even crazy yet or he’d have asked his dad about all those mysteries happened when they were kidnapped. Congratulations Jungwoo! Being a detective makes him no longer naïve or gullible.

After the confrontation with his estranged father, Jungwoo received a call from Eunjoo. Myunghee hurt her feet and was drinking soju. When Jungwoo tried to take care of her, she pushed him off and started throwing Jungwoo’s clothes at him. Now that she knew Sooyeon won’t come back, she wanted Jungwoo to go back to his family. Eunjoo tried to stop the old lady while explaining to Jungwoo that Myung Hee found out that Joy was absolutely not Sooyeon so she went crazy.

Jungwoo threw Eunjoo out of the room. Was that a record? How long was that? Eunjoo’s screen time 2 minutes? Okay, sorry, no more mockery.

I really love the way Jungwoo used humour to ease the pain of the situation. And again, it’s not something that is easy for me to recap. He told Sooyeon’s mom to hit him instead coz he failed to find Sooyeon for her. And he became thick-skinned Jungwoo again, telling Myunghee she’d like him and would be looking for him coz she couldn’t live without him anymore. Myunghee strated hitting him lightly and Jungwoo grabbed her hand to hit himself harder. Omma eventually broke down and fell to the ground as Jungwoo hold her and told her that they should wait some more. He was there for her when she wanted to cry, so when he wants to cry, she must be there for him too.


A few moments later, he went out to buy some medicines. Before leaving the house, he said he liked Sooyeon the most to her old writing on the wall.

It’s around the same time Joy reached her old neighborhood. She saw the flickering light pole and then Jungwoo came running. Passing the pole, Jungwoo then had an idiotic bickering with it. He scolded at it for flickering the light coz it made Sooyeon too scared and she won’t come back. Joy found this hilarious and giggled as she’s hiding in the corner. Look like she’s softened after meeting her omma.

She followed him to the playground. Jungwoo stood on the seesaw and rocked it back and forth. There were a few times that he almost fell off and Joy looked like she’d rush to his side if he did fall. When Jungwoo found the balance, she also imitated him, spreading her arms wide and rocking herself side-to-side. They both looked incredibly young in thisscene it brought me back to their BabyVOX and TVXQ days.


After the seesaw, Jungwoo went to sway the empty swing and climbed up the slide. Joy’s phone rang; her ringtone is also Magic Castle. Jungwoo thought it was his phone and sang along with it. Joy was swayed again, Jungwoo remembered so much about her. But it’s time for her to leave.

On top of the slide, Jungwoo caught sight of Joy and ran down, following her. I’m glad he didn’t try to catch her but just trailed behind her. When Joy got into the cab, he called her name with sheepish grin. She’s starting to come back to him.

Joy’s next stop is the street vendor. She was drinking soju and trying to fix her omma’s shoes with glue. Both Jungwoo and Harry stalked her. Harry was watching her from his car. He called her and said he’d pick her up but Joy rejected his offer coz she knew he doesn’t like street vendor. And Harry was content to simply watch over her.


There was a wind blow and Joy ran after her plastic bag. Jungwoo, who has also been hiding around, picked up the shoes for her. He quickly disappeared when she returned. Jungwoo was also content to just see her smile from afar and he did the erasing bad memory hand. This, of course, was all in the sight of Harry’s and now that he knew the origin of her erasing memory gesture, he’s not happy at all.

Harry was already at home when Joy came back. He was sleeping on the couch with his headphone on again. Joy again put the blanket on him, blessing him goodnight and doing the erasing bad memory hand move but Harry caught her hand mid-way.

He told her she reeked of alcohol. Harry said that next time he’s gonna go with her to the street vendor since she liked it so much. He’s the only one Joy has after all. After that, he asked her what she has been doing today. Remember he’s asking the same thing in the past even though he already knew the answer. It’s a way for him to test Joy’s honesty. And this is the first time she lied to him.

She told him she’s just walking around coz if she’s leaving tomorrow, she won’t come back again. That’s when Harry told her she got an exclusion order to not leave the country within 10 days. He back-hugged her, asking her if that’d be okay. And she said yes. He then asked her to accompany him to meet a new client and tell him if he’s a good or bad guy.


In her room, Joy hid her mother’s shoes in the same closet she kept Jungwoo’s coat. Her feelings regard Seoul was no longer fear, but more of longing. She’s determined to make the last 10 days good days.

At the police station, Jungwoo was browsing through his cellphone. So Sooyeon is his “girlfriend”, Joy is his “secret lover”, Sooyeon’s mom is his “lover”, and detective hyung is his “wife”? LOL Playah!

Captain is looking for Detective Joon and Jungwoo said he’d call him before walking off. I was a bit confused as why Jungwoo was looking nervous like that but the answer came a second later. Joon was questioning Joy at her house. I guess Jungwoo didn’t tag along because he kept his promises to not shove himself to her and made her felt sad but he would patiently wait for her.

Joon was showing Joy the pictures of the culprit via CCTV footage when Jungwoo called. Jungwoo warned his partner to not make Joy scared and not to be too harsh on her. Joon sighed deeply and groped his heart as if Jungwoo hurt him, he turned to ask Joy “Am I being too harsh on you now?” LOL!

Jungwoo was alarmed and hurriedly told Joon to not tell Joy it is him calling. And of course, Joon turned to ask her again “Did I perhaps tell you that it’s a call from Jungwoo?” LMAO!


Now Jungwoo was panicking. Joon gave the phone to Joy and asked her to say something to Jungwoo. Hahaha I’m loving Detective Joon, the match-maker. Joy politely told him to catch the criminal and Jungwoo said he would definitely catch the criminal but he knew she’s going to go back to France at once and wanted to ask her not to leave but he couldn’t. So he just said that she could tell him if Joon is irritating her. After they hung up, he had that foolish grin again.

The cleaning lady showed up again, seems like she knew everything in the station.

Joy was sorry she couldn’t be of help. But Joon said he could actually reduce the culprit by 1 person. He was sure that Joy wasn’t the criminal. Joy wondered how he could be so sure. (Yeah! How do you know that?) And he told her that she’s too glamorous compared to the small-built woman they saw in the CCTV. There was an awkward silence after the compliment. Joon said sorry and was preparing to leave as Joy cracked up. She told him that although she’s not certain, as a designer, she could tell by the clothing and the movement that the person they saw was not only female, but also an old lady.

Side note: If I’m not mistaken, “Glamorous” is the word Korean use to call ladies with curvy figure. XD That’s why Joon said sorry kekeke.

Before he left, Joy asked him to wait as she went to get something.

Jungwoo was looking at the picture of culprit wiring money, in the pic, one of her wrist has white bandage wrapped around. He was very concentrated when Joon put his hand over the picture and called him “Banker’s son.” Hehehe I think Detective Joon is my new favorite character. He’s so cute and funny.

Joon said if Jungwoo lends him some money (coz his dad is a banker), Joon would give him back his coat. Excited, Jungwoo quickly grabbed his coat back. And Joon imitated Joy’s voice “Since I can’t thank him myself, please tell him it was warm.” ROFL. However, Jungwoo was not amused, he asked his hyung what exactly did Joy say. And it was “Here.” That’s all. xD

Jungwoo-ah, I’d choose Joon-hyung’s version if I were you.


He was disappointed but didn’t want his partner to mock him more, so he quickly put it on. And he found the button he tore off his coat in one of the pockets. Joy didn’t throw it away but has kept it all along. Joon also told him that Joy said the culprit is an older woman.

A few detectives ran in, they found the IP address used to order the murder weapon (dry ice), and it was from Jungwoo’s computer. Wow, this culprit really has guts. So they went to check the CCTV at the time, but the criminal is one step ahead of them. The CCTV connection was cut off during that time. One thing they can be sure, this is an insider’s job. Jungwoo suggested they checked before and after the cut-off to see who entered or left during that time.

Harry and Joy went to Han Tae Joon’s house for dinner. Though Harry was already aware, Joy didn’t know Mi Ran, the one who sent blackmail threat to her, is the wife of Harry’s new client. Harry asked Joy if she wanted to leave. He pressured her till she agreed to stay to be polite. Harry greeted Chairman Han who showed condolence regarding his leg. And Harry/Hyung Joon said

“That’s why it took me a while to get here. I’m a little late, right?” Game on.

During their meal, Mi Ran tried to keep friendly conversation going but Joy and Chairman Han were obviously not in the mood. Harry joking poked fun at Tae Joon to be gentler with his wife. He crossed the line and he knew it. Even Joy was shocked and nudged him. This is actually the first scene that I felt Joy is more mature than Harry.

Ah Reum came back just in time.


Chairman Han was very displeased. Harry was rude and disrespectful to him. But does Harry care? Nope. He bluntly said people told him that all the time. He’s still immature; he doesn’t know how to live in this world or how to deal with people. All he knows is how to make money which is why he becomes a successful head director of Trillion Dollar Company at such a young age.

If you want to befriend a dog, you throw a bone at it. If you want to befriend Han Tae Joon, you just throw him money. Suddenly, Chairman Han wanted to be friends too.

They later went into Han’s office to discuss business. Harry offered that Tae Joon combined investment with other companies. Chairman Han is a seasoned player, he didn’t take bait easily. So Harry told him that the reason he was hurry to gather investment is because to him, his fiancée Joy is the most important. He wanted to hurry and go back to Paris with her. It bugs me a little. Why does Harry plain out telling his opponent about his only weak spot? It’s as if he wanted Tae Joon to use Joy against him. But a calculated guy like Harry, most likely he has already planned something out.

Han Tae Joon also asked about his injured leg and Harry said Chairman Han caused it himself. Notice how Director Nam was very uncomfortable in his position. Harry was playing fearlessly with fire. Harry answered that it’s because of the bicycle on that day. I knew it! Like I said a hundred times before, in this drama, everything has a meaning.


Chairman Han observed that Harry was too natural with the cane. And Harry told him that Joy is such a talented designer, she even designed this cane for him.

Next we see Joy socializing with Mi Ran… well, Mi Ran was trying to befriend Joy while Joy just looked… bored. Ah Reum was also sitting there with her big teddy bear. Joy made Mi Ran apologized to her and also told her to remove her clothes from the store. Mi Ran said sorry and asked Joy to pretend it didn’t happen. Ah Reum couldn’t stand her mother but she complimented Joy for her poise. I think Ah Reum was impressed. She then told the maid to prepare food for Jungwoo. The name caught Joy’s attention and Mi Ran noticed that. She remembered Jungwoo also used to tell her to stay away from Joy and he said it like he personally knows Joy. Mi Ran tried to squeeze Joy about it but thankfully Harry finished talking business and came to pick her. My antenna is alerted. I have a feeling Mi Ran would play bigger role later on.

Back at the police station, Jungwoo printed out the pictures of people entering/leaving the department during the time of CCTV disconnection. The cleaning lady was standing at the printer and snatched the pictures. What the hell was she doing there? That’s a bit unorganized for a police station. Jungwoo took the pics from her and she asked him why she’s on one of the pictures. So Jungwoo told her she must wait for the team captain to question her. But ajumma said her daughter, Bora, would be home early today. She has to prepare meals for her child. So Jungwoo asked her what she did on that day. Apparently, it was the episode we first ever saw this lady. That day Joon was sleeping while Jungwoo was checking CCTV of Harry’s house and wrapped the bandage on ajumma’s wrist.


Jungwoo had a hunch but he brushed it off. No!! Always listen to your instinct! It’s usually always right!

On their way back, Harry and Joy gave Ah Reum a ride. While he was driving, they hold hands, and Ah Reum teased that she was wrecking their date. She should have taken a cab instead. Joy said it’s ok because she shouldn’t go alone during late time at night and Harry said if he didn’t give her a ride, he would get in trouble with Joy later. Ah Reum was swayed. She said Harry is exactly her style and asked Harry to consider her if they’re not getting married. Err… hate to break the news, but he’s your uncle, Ah Reum.

Harry seemed proud nonetheless, he told Joy she should be careful now coz he’s popular. It is subtle but I believe the reason Ah Reum likes Joy and Harry is because they schooled her parents the way she and Jungwoo couldn’t. To Ah Reum, they are fearless people. Harry told her he and Joy are already living together. Awww Ah Reum was disappointed. She told Harry to drop her off at the police station.

Jungwoo was following the cleaning lady while calling his hyung to do background-check on ajumma.

In the car, Joy’s phone rang. It’s Magic Castle again. Harry said she should change her ringtone but Ah Reum said it’s her oppa’s favorite song. Before getting off the car, she told them her oppa Han Jungwoo is the best detective and they can ask for their help. Joy was shocked when she heard that.

Joy asked Harry if he knew about this. She asked him why he brought her to Jungwoo’s house without telling her first. Harry told her that she forgot again that she’s Joy, not Lee Sooyeon. Then he forbid her from going back to France, she must stay by his side until all is done. Joy didn’t look too shocked, more like disappointed and speechless. She may either have seen him going crazy like this before or she knew he wouldn’t hurt her anyway. And I won’t lie; Harry was pretty scary in these scenes, especially his eyes. That was a crazy pair of eyes. It creeps me out. But wouldn’t that backfired on him? If he won’t let Joy go back to France, he’d be more prone to the risk of losing her to Jungwoo. Maybe he’s sadistic? Or he just wanted to punish her for lying to him earlier.

And in one line, Joy asked Harry if he’s Jungwoo’s cousin and he sort of admit it by saying he’s handsome because he looked like her oppa. So I’m guessing she must know more or less about his past.

At their home, Joy locked Harry out. It’s the first time we get to see Harry’s so furious at her like this. He’s yelling at her to open the door and banging hard on it. Yeah, she’s not scared of him at all.

Jungwoo followed the ajumma to her house. She was aware of it and invited him in. She said she’d cook rice for Bora and then went back to the station with him. Her place was quite a wreck, reminded me of Sooyeon’s old shack.

After she cooked the rice, ajumma wanted to fix the wallpaper. She told Jungwoo to get the tape from the drawer for her. Jungwoo pulled out a basket, there’s a school uniform. Jungwoo was all alert now, he’s pulling out his handcuffs. He pulled the drawer and saw the same type of duct tape and the rope used to kill KSD. Jungwoo turned around and got shocked by a stun gun.




This is actually the first episode since the adult cast appeared that I can sympathize with Sooyeon’s mom. I was pretty pissed off when she said she didn’t want Sooyeon back in Episode 6. How could a mother say that even just to protect another child?

But I’m quite satisfied to see her love for Sooyeon when she finally got to meet her long-lost daughter. Now that she knew her daughter is well-lived, well-educated, well-fed, she no longer has any worries. I’m glad she let her daughter continues to live as Joy as she knew this is the best for her. If Sooyeon came back, she’d have all the labels tagged back on her, not to mention that everyone seems to know what happened to her which would only make her situation worse. I honestly it is best if she stayed as Joy.

I love the way Kim Myung Hee takes note of Sooyeon’s fingernails, skin, and hair to make sure she didn’t go through hardships. You know, there are millions of children missing every year and most of them end up in human trafficking where unspeakable things happened to them. The main reason that Myunghee would never know what happened to Sooyeon and still told the detective they don’t need to look for Sooyeon was the part that pissed me off the most. So now seeing her concern, I’m delighted.

As I said earlier that it’d be best if Sooyeon stays as Joy. It also makes me wonder why Jungwoo can’t respect her decision and pursue her as Joy. I actually love it that he could remember every little detail about Sooyeon, but I wonder if it’s the best thing to keep reminding her of the past she wants to forget so bad. Why can’t he create new memories with her like he always says? Erasing bad memories and now create good ones.

I wanted Jungwoo to win her heart with Jungwoo and Sooyeon/Joy of today, not the tender love of yesterday. Of course, it is hard to forget your first love, but I think Jungwoo also needs to start moving on. If he really loves her, he can now pursue her all over again. They can start over.

Move on to Harry/Hyung Joon. I’m glad to see his ark finally on set. I really like Kang Hyung Joon character. Actually, if this is an American series, I think his character make a great show-runner as he’s very cut-throat and such a badass.

Now I look at I Miss You and see plot arks sailing on their ways. One is obviously about the love triangle between Jungwoo – Sooyeon – Hyungjoon. Number two is the current main plot of finding the killer; this is like Jungwoo’s detective ark. And the third one is about the money issue which features mainly Hyung Joon and Han Tae Joon. I think we spent quite a lot of time laying the foundations for the first two plots that it took quite a while for Hyung Joon’s story to be on its way. But I have to say it’s all worth the wait.

Yoo Seung Ho is, once again, amazing. When I thought he couldn’t make me love him more, he impresses me again. He plays the creepy insanity role very well, it was so spot on. Even I, who become so infatuated with him, can’t help but feel scared by him. I’d never antagonize this type of guy. Too scary.

I actually think it’s quite a compliment that audiences are finding Harry creepy. Because the more he’s spooky, the more credits to Seung Ho. I’m not sure how this subplot is heading though. But after watching this episode, I’m starting to think that Chairman Han’s young secretary might be Harry’s spy.

Talking about the triangle, I think we started to see the crack in every character at the moment. There’s definitely a crack in Sooyeon’s frozen heart. She’s warming up to Jungwoo more. And there’s also a crack in her relationship with Harry as his dark side is coming out. We saw her lied to him for the first time and we saw how angry Harry became because of that. So the dynamic is changing. But still, 14 years is quite a long time, Joy is going to have a hard time leaving Harry’s side unless he did something outrageous even if she loves Jungwoo more. My prediction is Harry’s plan is going to backfire on him, he might succeed in avenging his parents’ death but he might lose the love of his life in the process. While Jungwoo, on the other hand, also needs bigger redemption in order to make Sooyeon forgives his past crime and opens up to him. I hope the writer and PD could produce the drama in the way that it would actually make sense and can be justified and not just to please the fans or something like that. Because up until this point, I can not see how Jungwoo and Sooyeon are going to maintain their relationship IF she eventually choose him over Hyung Joon. I don’t think love is the only factor in any relationships. A healthy relationship also requires respect, trust, compromise, understanding, and companionship which I think Jungwoo and Sooyeon haven’t built them up.

Last but not least, let’s list down the mysteries and the revealing at this point.

  • Sooyeon met her omma after 14 years – checked!
  • Sooyeon realized Detective Kim died trying to find her – pending
  • Joy confessed she didn’t want to go back to be Lee Soo Yeon
  • The rapist’s killer revealed – The cleaning lady
  • But did Joy know/witness something else when she went to his apartment that night?
  • Still didn’t know how Nurse Jung aka. Michelle Kim died
  • Still didn’t know if Hyung Joon’s mom is still alive
  • Hwang Mi Ran’s plan involving Harry, Joy, and Director Nam
  • Who are Harry’s mole(s) in police department and in Han’s company?
  • The kidnapping mess, will it be brought up again? Jungwoo made it clear he knew there were something going on back then but he didn’t dig it up because Chairman Han is after all his father
  • When Han Tae Joon would realize who Harry and Joy really are
  • When will Eunjoo get more than 5 minutes screen time 😛

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  2. PBJ

    “And in one line, Joy asked Harry if he’s Jungwoo’s cousin and he sort of admit it by saying he’s handsome because he looked like her oppa. ”
    I thought this was a mistranslation (Did you use Viki?) and was later corrected.

    and what she actually asked was whether Ahreum was JW’s dongsaeng?

    I need to go back and watch 😦

    December 12, 2012 at 12:17 am

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      So much eye candy in I miss you.

      December 12, 2012 at 12:24 am

    • I’m not sure about the translation either. It was a bit off at that part.
      Maybe what Joy meant was Ah Reum is Jungwoo’s sis and she said Harry was her style because he looked like her oppa.

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