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I Miss You: Episode 11 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 11 Recap


Because we still live in the society that tells girls “Don’t get raped.” Instead of teaching men “Don’t rape.”

The belittlement and injustice are what drive many victims to take matters to their own hands whether it be ending their attackers’ life or their own life.

This is yet another realistic approach from the writer. Though I know it’s a melodrama but I’m starting to feel weary with the heaviness of it.

We opened up with the unconscious Jungwoo lying on the floor as the cleaning lady grabbed his phone. There were text messages from his partner warning him about the ajumma… but it’s a little bit too late now. The texts revealed that her daughter, Choi Bora, was raped and later committed suicide.

The police station was also chaotic. Everybody was running around, searching for Jungwoo. Ah Reum was crying like a lost baby for her oppa. The team leader also sent police to Eunjoo’s house for investigation.

The police followed the track from Jungwoo’s phone to the dumpster and they heard his Magic Castle ringtone. The team leader finally found the phone with “My daughter is dead.” written on it in red. Detective Joo searched for his partner hysterically

Jungwoo woke up to find himself all tied up with the familiar red rope and black duct tape. The cleaning lady came in and told him he should have waited a few more days so she can finish her job and disappear. She told Jungwoo that he is luckier than her coz Sooyeon is still alive while her little girl is dead. She had a bottle of pills with her… it appeared that she’s going to overdose him with drugs. When she pulled the tape of his mouth, Jungwoo begged to hear Sooyeon’s voice one more time and the lady agreed.


Cut to Harry who’s still standing in front of Joy’s room. Joy was covering her ears to block the angry voice of him. Her phone rang (Why is her ringtone no longer Magic Castle? Isn’t it just last episode that it is?) at first there was only heavy breathing and Joy obviously thought it was a prank call but then Jungwoo talked. The intoxicated Jungwoo was still clever enough to hint Sooyeon of his whereabout using their flickering light to indicate and he also told her he missed her. I was surprised he didn’t use this opportunity to apologize or confess to her considering he might have died regardless of Joy admitted she’s Sooyeon or not. He passed out after the call. She tried to call back but no vian. So she called his number and of course Joo picked it up.

Joy told him she got a call from Jungwoo and he told her that Jungwoo was following Kang Sang Deuk’s murderer. Harry burst in (He has a key?) and tried to snatch the phone from her but she won’t let him. She told Joo about what Jungwoo said with an unlit street lamp and 15 steps. So the searching began.


Harry was upset with Joy’s reaction. She remembered her past and was worried sick for Jungwoo and this made him jealous. Seeing her distress, he eventually told her they should go together. He ended up saying she’s no longer a helpless 15-year-old anymore. This is what I like about Harry. The subtleness.

Next, Director Nam was reporting to Han Tae Joon about Harry’s bio. Since he’s a double agent, Nam claimed he found nothing suspicious about Harry. But the young Secretary Yoon showed up with more detailed information. Now I wonder… did Nurse Jung and Hyung Joon come up with fake background details just in case or is this trusted secretary also a spy of Harry’s? Chairman Han was not pleased with Nam and told him to GTFO. But before he left, he saw Yoon gave Chairman an electronic drive of Company’s financial records.

We heard Ah Reum’s cry outside the office. She asked her dad to look for Jungwoo but was rejected and scolded at. Though appearing to be unaffected, Taejoon seemed to worry about his disowned son nonetheless.

The police were flocking in the neighborhood, they found the unconscious Jungwoo. So the lady didn’t kill him (Or maybe he was fortunately found before he’s dead.) she also left Bo Ra’s suicide note with him. Harry and Joy arrived as Jungwoo was carried into the ambulance.

Harry stopped Joy from going out and told her to hold back. He’s also holding back himself. Harry looked both pissed off and fed up at this point. I feel you, bro. but you’re still scary Harry.

Though he told her not to, Joy came out of the car anyway and you could see Harry was very very furious to see her worry over another guy.


At the hospital, Joy was waiting in front of Jungwoo’s room. She hesitated to go in but eventually did. At first she was confused to see the empty bed but Jungwoo came out of the bathroom with his shirt up, showing off his toned body. Joy gasped in shock and was going to leave but Joo Jung Myung opened the door and he also cried like a girl when he saw Jungwoo semi-naked. And he asked the question all audiences would probably said yes.

“Should I not come in just now?”

Yes, Detective Joo. Yes, you came in too early.

Cutest Scene Ever

Cutest Scene Ever

When Jungwoo nudged him, Joo hugged Jungwoo tightly. The bromance made Joy laugh and a faint smile crept up on his face. And of course, Harry had to come in at that moment. He wanted to have a word with Jungwoo.

Harry must realize Joy is slipping away and he decided to go threatening Jungwoo instead. He told Jungwoo that instead of giving him reasons why Joy is not Sooyeon, he’s going to find Sooyeon for him. But what if Sooyeon doesn’t want to come back because she doesn’t want to see Jungwoo? Jungwoo said he still wanted to see her nonetheless. He wanted to ask Sooyeon if she didn’t want to come back herself or if it’s because of Harry. Oh, I love when men banter.

Harry pressed him more by saying that he’s unlike Jungwoo who throws something away when he doesn’t want it and pick it back up when he wants to. Harry would never run away and leave Joy behind. Ouch. He said that his mom also abandoned him and he would never forgive her even if she came back. So Jungwoo should also ask Sooyeon if she can forgive him. Jungwoo countered this by saying that he planned to stay by her side till she forgive him anyway. Harry baby, he’s not doing things your way eh?

Outside of the room, Joo was teasing Joy about how she likes men based on their looks since both Harry and Jungwoo are gorgeous-looking. (Let me take a second off to wipe my drool xD) Eunjoo showed up and interrupted them. I’m a bit surprised to see Sooyeon being so cold towards Eunjoo since they were quite close during their youth and technically she didn’t do anything to her but I guess Sooyeon wasn’t too happy that Eunjoo is now her mother’s “daughter” instead of her.

Jungwoo came out and the detectives left to do their job. Eunjoo yelled after him saying their mom was having nervous breakdown instead of him so he better go see her before he’s kicked out of the house. This is new to Joy. She didn’t know they were all living under the same roof.

When they were in an elevator, Joy tried to initiate a conversation but Harry asked her not to say anything. He said it’d be the first time they fight in 14 years together. And he called her Sooyeon again. It seems like he calls her by the state of mind and personality she is at each specific moment.

In his secret room, the frustrated Harry called Nam and told him to bring the finance records to him. He’s losing his temper. He later talked to his chat friend about leaving to France with Joy because she’s starting to waver. She’s the most important to him after all. And his friend told him to think of the day when Jungwoo handcuffed his own father to cool himself down. And indeed, Harry was cooling down.

Detective Joo and Jungwoo were in the car, they’re chasing after the ajumma. There were 2 rapists in Bora’s case. One was still in prison; the other was released and just came back to Korea.

Though Joo told him to step on it, the cleaning lady beat them anyway. She picked her daughter’s rapist up in the taxi. And once she declared that she’s Bora’s mom, the rapist went panic. Ajumma brought out a taser and the police cars caught up with them. She tried to get rid of them but the rapist knocked her head to the wheel and the car stopped. She stunned him with the taser and stabbed him in front of Jungwoo who was yelling madly at her.

Obviously, she’s immediately arrested. We heard Bo Ra’s voice from her suicide note, telling her mother she’s sorry. She’s sorry that she didn’t listen to her mom and come home late. She’s sorry that she got all the bruises. She’s sorry that she messed up her clothes. Bo Ra was struggling through her nightmare but the monsters who assaulted her would get out only in 5 years. The cleaning lady took off her mask in front of the media and told them that her daughter is dead. Those men didn’t just rape her, they also killed her. Sooyeon was also watching her from the TV.


This is a perfect example of a rape case and how each victim reacted differently and healed differently. However, it reflected the same social norms in today’s society. As a girl, a woman, we are told to not go out when it’s dark, what to wear or not to wear, who to hang out with, and so on. And when something bad happens, it’s because we didn’t listen to what we were told. I’m a self-admitted feminist. And I don’t think this is okay. Don’t tell me what to do or what to wear, but teach your sons better.

Sooyeon received a text from Jungwoo saying Thank You. He thanked her for making it possible for him to wait because she chose to live. Harry came in and there was this unfamiliar awkward silence between them. Harry confessed that he’s jealous and asked her to erase the bad memory of his getting mad at her. He sharply told her he couldn’t live without her, making it harder for Joy to leave him. As they sat in silence, she got a phonecall.


Hwang Mi Ran showed up at their house. Harry left the women together and they chitchatted. While he wasn’t around, Mi Ran told Joy that Jungwoo was disowned by his father and left house 14 years ago. Joy added it up and realized Jungwoo did it for her. She told Miran she had an appointment and hurriedly left.

Craig and Harry were talking in the car. Joy is now able to leave the country. Craig also asked Harry what he’s going to do with 20 million won. Harry said he’s using money to resolve annoying issue.

Cut to that annoying issue, Nam’s finally ready to go against Han Tae Joon. He’s stealing the flash drive from his office but ran into Ah Reum on his way out. And she immediately called her appa. He came back home and found out that the drive containing their company’s account records is missing. Nam can’t go back now. Han Tae Joon is out for his head. Interesting though… if the young secretary is Harry’s spy as I predicted, Harry could easily have him made a copy of it right? But on a second thought, this would actually benefit Harry on a long run. With Nam outwardly betrayed Chairman Han like this; he can’t really blackmail Harry anymore. So Harry just paid him off in one go.

They met at a river’s bank. Harry came on a bike again. Harry gave him the money and Nam gave Harry the drive. Nam mockingly asked if Joy, who is more important to Harry than his money, knew that she’s put in that unfortunate situation because of Hyung Joon’s mother. And Harry told him to not say anything about it. Nam better run away now before he died in either Taejoon or Harry’s hands.

After Harry left, Nam made a reservation message for Jungwoo in case he flees the country.

At the police station, Bora’s omma was interrogated. She made suspicion remark about the red towel used to cover the nose and mouth of the dead rapist. Maybe there’s another accomplice? She then asked to talk to Jungwoo.

But Jungwoo was waiting for Kim Myung Hee. She packed his clothes and a few belongings in a box and brought it to him. Jungwoo tried to make her laugh and get her attention but Sooyeon’s omma ignored him. Sooyeon was watching as they walked into the station.

Myunghee told Jungwoo to move out of their house but he refused to. Sooyeon eavesdropped their conversation and realized he’s been looking for her for the past 14 years and her mother was also waiting for her return. She was never forgotten as she always thought.

Jungwoo tried to do aegyo but he got serious once he noticed she really meant it this time. She asked him to leave because seeing him reminded her of so many things she wanted to forget. He firmly denied her request, saying he would wait for Sooyeon as a crazy bastard, a detective, and a man. Myunghee finally told him Joy doesn’t want to live as Lee Sooyeon. It’s better for her if no one knows who she was. Jungwoo was shocked and they both cried hysterically. Joy also cried a river as she covered her mouth to prevent any screams.


Harry came home and found out that Joy wasn’t there. He thought she went to the street vendor again and lamented she should have gone together with him.

Myunghee later went into the interrogation room to offer food for Bora’s mother. She treated KSD’s killer with a big meal as she promised. She then thanked the cleaning lady for killing her daughter’s rapist and apologized as she should have been the one killing that man. The two moms sympathized with each other and they cried, holding their hands.


Jungwoo opened the box Myunghee packed for him and found the yellow umbrella and their name tags. He kept reading the name tags.

“Lee Soo Yeon. Han Jung Woo.”


Their cell phones rang at the same time. Is it alarm clock? Since Joy’s ringtone is a different one. This made Jungwoo realized Sooyeon was there. He saw her foot and asked her if she hates being Sooyeon that much. And Joy ran away. He followed her out of the station and repeated the questions.

“Do you hate Lee Soo Yeon that much? Should I not wait for you?”


Joy can’t answer him and he pulled her into a hug. She tried to break free but he hugged her even tighter since he knew that seeing his face made her sad.

And of course, the troll PD and writer just had to end it here.


Overall, I’m content that the writer has raised more awareness regarding sexual assault and its penalty. In many countries, the law is just ridiculous. Those who attacked or killed others could walk free in a few years’ time while those put in jail were mostly convicted of minor theft or drug.

But I’m still not ever pleased that they didn’t explore more about Sooyeon. Right now, it’s as if the worst thing had happened to her was abandoned by Jungwoo and her family (which arguable is) but nothing had been mentioned further about her being assaulted as a child.

I like the episode in general despite its heavy theme but I just don’t think the graph is accelerating.


PS. Sorry for the very late recap. I have been very busy for the past couple weeks. I’ll try to finish Ep12-13 before the new episodes come out.


I Miss You: Episode 10 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 10 Full Recap

The Crack

In the last episode, it’s the beginning of a new era meaning there are things that were settled and there are new mysteries… which I’d list down at the end of this recap. In this episode, we see more cracks which would lead us to the more intense second half of this drama. Since we don’t have much time till the next episode come out, let’s get started.

Kim Myung Hee went to find her daughter in the posh Gangnam area, and as she made it to the metal gate, Lee Sooyeon was driving out to meet a friend. Her mother approached the car and immediately recognized her own blood. Tears are running down from both ladies.

Joy eventually came out of her car and invited her mother into the house. She shed tears as her past finally caught up with her.

Cut to Harry and Jungwoo who were laying threats on each other by the end of last episode in the interrogation room. Detective Joon interrupted them to inform that Joy cannot leave the country in 10 days because she’s still the person of interest. Harry then said he’d talk to his lawyer.

When they walked out of the room, their captain sent Joon to do other works in order to talk to Jungwoo alone. They looked into Kang Sand Deuk’s calling history. The first person he called after he was released wasn’t Harry or Jungwoo, but Chairman Han, Jungwoo’s daddy. But Joon overheard them and he was shocked to realize that his partner is the son of Sangil Bank owner. His boss warned him not to say anything about it.

Harry talked to Craig, their hottie lawyer. (I know I’m superficial so I find every man on this show hot.) Harry wanted to know why Joy can’t leave the country. He’s so desperate to get her out of Jungwoo’s grasp. Then he realized that Joy wasn’t with Craig though they had an appointment. Harry immediately looked into his CCTV monitors and he saw Joy walked into the house with an ajumma.

Normally in Asian country, we take off our shoes before entering the house while the western would just walk with their shoes in the house. So omma got uncomfortable with the luxurious mansion and took off her shoes. They awkwardly sat in silence and Joy eventually asked her mom to say something.


Myung Hee complimented her daughter’s polished fingernails and fair skin. It means Sooyeon didn’t have to do labor work. She wear nice clothes, she is rich and lives in a fancy house which means she must have high education. This is a relief to her mother.

But Sooyeon out of the blue said “I’m so sorry.” Just like when she was young even when she did absolutely nothing wrong. This broke her mother’s heart. She has done so wrong to her own daughter. Myunghee cried that she’s the one who should say sorry. And Joy ultimately confessed to her mother that she doesn’t want to be Lee Sooyeon. She hated being Lee Sooyeon. And her mother understood it very well.

She said that if Sooyeon is in hardships, she’d have taken her back. But seeing her daughter well-being, it’s already enough for her. It’s okay if Sooyeon doesn’t want to come back.

“No one knows what kind of person your father is, right?” So she’s no longer a murderer’s daughter.

Sooyeon nodded.

“No one knows what you have been through, right?” So she’s no longer an abused victim.

Sooyeon nodded again.

Myunghee then said that her daughter is dead so Joy doesn’t need to come back and then hurriedly left, leaving her shoes behind. She ran barefoot on the snow-frozen road. Then she stopped as she thought of Jungwoo who’s still waiting for Sooyeon. Now that she knew Sooyeon didn’t want to come back, how could she tell Jungwoo about this?


Joy was still crying when her phone rang. But before picking up the phone, she saw her mother’s shoes and ran out following her. I love how Eunhye grabbed the shoes with both hands like that. Even with my own shoes, I normally just pick it with only 2 fingers. It shows such dedication to the role.

I don’t know why Joy ran out like that when she should have driven her car. That’d be a lot faster coz once she ran to the front gate, her mother was nowhere to be seen. Harry reached home at that moment. But before he could get out of the car to her, Joy hopped on a cab.

Han Tae Joon did exactly what Harry expected him to do. He told his new secretary to look into the issue with KSD’s death and about Harry & Joy’s background. The young secretary got a police report about KSD’s case. New information! The rapist has an aunt. Could that also be the cleaning lady? Or maybe it’s the late Nurse Jung? Or in bewilderment, it could possibly be Hyungjoon’s mom. They are the Kangs after all.

But the issue about Joy, Director Nam said he’d look into it himself. Well, he doesn’t want anyone to cut off his lifeline with Harry. But Tae Joon deserved to be Harry’s opponent, he didn’t trust Nam anymore. He told his secretary to check their background prior to the adoption and bring the documents to his house.

Jungwoo was waiting for his dad at the company. Han Tae Joon is such a stiff person, no feelings towards his wife or kids. He said his son is dead and practically told Jungwoo to get lost. Jungwoo retorted saying his dad was on the phone with his abductor for 5 minutes but couldn’t spare a minute for his own son. Jungwoo’s assumption was that KSD was trying to extort some money from Chairman Han. He said he had the report, so daddy better spelled it. Han Tae Joon got angry and slapped his son with the police report he got earlier. Jungwoo noticed it but kept his mouth shut. So Jungwoo does know there’s a mole in the police department. Angry, Chairman Han slipped out that Jungwoo wouldn’t find Sooyeon even if she dies. That obviously means he knows she’s still alive. This also doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungwoo but he nonetheless retreated, saying he’d send another cop tomorrow.


However, look like Jungwoo doesn’t like to be called crazy. Because once his father did that, he turned around and started saying about the events in the past. He showed his father that he wasn’t even crazy yet or he’d have asked his dad about all those mysteries happened when they were kidnapped. Congratulations Jungwoo! Being a detective makes him no longer naïve or gullible.

After the confrontation with his estranged father, Jungwoo received a call from Eunjoo. Myunghee hurt her feet and was drinking soju. When Jungwoo tried to take care of her, she pushed him off and started throwing Jungwoo’s clothes at him. Now that she knew Sooyeon won’t come back, she wanted Jungwoo to go back to his family. Eunjoo tried to stop the old lady while explaining to Jungwoo that Myung Hee found out that Joy was absolutely not Sooyeon so she went crazy.

Jungwoo threw Eunjoo out of the room. Was that a record? How long was that? Eunjoo’s screen time 2 minutes? Okay, sorry, no more mockery.

I really love the way Jungwoo used humour to ease the pain of the situation. And again, it’s not something that is easy for me to recap. He told Sooyeon’s mom to hit him instead coz he failed to find Sooyeon for her. And he became thick-skinned Jungwoo again, telling Myunghee she’d like him and would be looking for him coz she couldn’t live without him anymore. Myunghee strated hitting him lightly and Jungwoo grabbed her hand to hit himself harder. Omma eventually broke down and fell to the ground as Jungwoo hold her and told her that they should wait some more. He was there for her when she wanted to cry, so when he wants to cry, she must be there for him too.


A few moments later, he went out to buy some medicines. Before leaving the house, he said he liked Sooyeon the most to her old writing on the wall.

It’s around the same time Joy reached her old neighborhood. She saw the flickering light pole and then Jungwoo came running. Passing the pole, Jungwoo then had an idiotic bickering with it. He scolded at it for flickering the light coz it made Sooyeon too scared and she won’t come back. Joy found this hilarious and giggled as she’s hiding in the corner. Look like she’s softened after meeting her omma.

She followed him to the playground. Jungwoo stood on the seesaw and rocked it back and forth. There were a few times that he almost fell off and Joy looked like she’d rush to his side if he did fall. When Jungwoo found the balance, she also imitated him, spreading her arms wide and rocking herself side-to-side. They both looked incredibly young in thisscene it brought me back to their BabyVOX and TVXQ days.


After the seesaw, Jungwoo went to sway the empty swing and climbed up the slide. Joy’s phone rang; her ringtone is also Magic Castle. Jungwoo thought it was his phone and sang along with it. Joy was swayed again, Jungwoo remembered so much about her. But it’s time for her to leave.

On top of the slide, Jungwoo caught sight of Joy and ran down, following her. I’m glad he didn’t try to catch her but just trailed behind her. When Joy got into the cab, he called her name with sheepish grin. She’s starting to come back to him.

Joy’s next stop is the street vendor. She was drinking soju and trying to fix her omma’s shoes with glue. Both Jungwoo and Harry stalked her. Harry was watching her from his car. He called her and said he’d pick her up but Joy rejected his offer coz she knew he doesn’t like street vendor. And Harry was content to simply watch over her.


There was a wind blow and Joy ran after her plastic bag. Jungwoo, who has also been hiding around, picked up the shoes for her. He quickly disappeared when she returned. Jungwoo was also content to just see her smile from afar and he did the erasing bad memory hand. This, of course, was all in the sight of Harry’s and now that he knew the origin of her erasing memory gesture, he’s not happy at all.

Harry was already at home when Joy came back. He was sleeping on the couch with his headphone on again. Joy again put the blanket on him, blessing him goodnight and doing the erasing bad memory hand move but Harry caught her hand mid-way.

He told her she reeked of alcohol. Harry said that next time he’s gonna go with her to the street vendor since she liked it so much. He’s the only one Joy has after all. After that, he asked her what she has been doing today. Remember he’s asking the same thing in the past even though he already knew the answer. It’s a way for him to test Joy’s honesty. And this is the first time she lied to him.

She told him she’s just walking around coz if she’s leaving tomorrow, she won’t come back again. That’s when Harry told her she got an exclusion order to not leave the country within 10 days. He back-hugged her, asking her if that’d be okay. And she said yes. He then asked her to accompany him to meet a new client and tell him if he’s a good or bad guy.


In her room, Joy hid her mother’s shoes in the same closet she kept Jungwoo’s coat. Her feelings regard Seoul was no longer fear, but more of longing. She’s determined to make the last 10 days good days.

At the police station, Jungwoo was browsing through his cellphone. So Sooyeon is his “girlfriend”, Joy is his “secret lover”, Sooyeon’s mom is his “lover”, and detective hyung is his “wife”? LOL Playah!

Captain is looking for Detective Joon and Jungwoo said he’d call him before walking off. I was a bit confused as why Jungwoo was looking nervous like that but the answer came a second later. Joon was questioning Joy at her house. I guess Jungwoo didn’t tag along because he kept his promises to not shove himself to her and made her felt sad but he would patiently wait for her.

Joon was showing Joy the pictures of the culprit via CCTV footage when Jungwoo called. Jungwoo warned his partner to not make Joy scared and not to be too harsh on her. Joon sighed deeply and groped his heart as if Jungwoo hurt him, he turned to ask Joy “Am I being too harsh on you now?” LOL!

Jungwoo was alarmed and hurriedly told Joon to not tell Joy it is him calling. And of course, Joon turned to ask her again “Did I perhaps tell you that it’s a call from Jungwoo?” LMAO!


Now Jungwoo was panicking. Joon gave the phone to Joy and asked her to say something to Jungwoo. Hahaha I’m loving Detective Joon, the match-maker. Joy politely told him to catch the criminal and Jungwoo said he would definitely catch the criminal but he knew she’s going to go back to France at once and wanted to ask her not to leave but he couldn’t. So he just said that she could tell him if Joon is irritating her. After they hung up, he had that foolish grin again.

The cleaning lady showed up again, seems like she knew everything in the station.

Joy was sorry she couldn’t be of help. But Joon said he could actually reduce the culprit by 1 person. He was sure that Joy wasn’t the criminal. Joy wondered how he could be so sure. (Yeah! How do you know that?) And he told her that she’s too glamorous compared to the small-built woman they saw in the CCTV. There was an awkward silence after the compliment. Joon said sorry and was preparing to leave as Joy cracked up. She told him that although she’s not certain, as a designer, she could tell by the clothing and the movement that the person they saw was not only female, but also an old lady.

Side note: If I’m not mistaken, “Glamorous” is the word Korean use to call ladies with curvy figure. XD That’s why Joon said sorry kekeke.

Before he left, Joy asked him to wait as she went to get something.

Jungwoo was looking at the picture of culprit wiring money, in the pic, one of her wrist has white bandage wrapped around. He was very concentrated when Joon put his hand over the picture and called him “Banker’s son.” Hehehe I think Detective Joon is my new favorite character. He’s so cute and funny.

Joon said if Jungwoo lends him some money (coz his dad is a banker), Joon would give him back his coat. Excited, Jungwoo quickly grabbed his coat back. And Joon imitated Joy’s voice “Since I can’t thank him myself, please tell him it was warm.” ROFL. However, Jungwoo was not amused, he asked his hyung what exactly did Joy say. And it was “Here.” That’s all. xD

Jungwoo-ah, I’d choose Joon-hyung’s version if I were you.


He was disappointed but didn’t want his partner to mock him more, so he quickly put it on. And he found the button he tore off his coat in one of the pockets. Joy didn’t throw it away but has kept it all along. Joon also told him that Joy said the culprit is an older woman.

A few detectives ran in, they found the IP address used to order the murder weapon (dry ice), and it was from Jungwoo’s computer. Wow, this culprit really has guts. So they went to check the CCTV at the time, but the criminal is one step ahead of them. The CCTV connection was cut off during that time. One thing they can be sure, this is an insider’s job. Jungwoo suggested they checked before and after the cut-off to see who entered or left during that time.

Harry and Joy went to Han Tae Joon’s house for dinner. Though Harry was already aware, Joy didn’t know Mi Ran, the one who sent blackmail threat to her, is the wife of Harry’s new client. Harry asked Joy if she wanted to leave. He pressured her till she agreed to stay to be polite. Harry greeted Chairman Han who showed condolence regarding his leg. And Harry/Hyung Joon said

“That’s why it took me a while to get here. I’m a little late, right?” Game on.

During their meal, Mi Ran tried to keep friendly conversation going but Joy and Chairman Han were obviously not in the mood. Harry joking poked fun at Tae Joon to be gentler with his wife. He crossed the line and he knew it. Even Joy was shocked and nudged him. This is actually the first scene that I felt Joy is more mature than Harry.

Ah Reum came back just in time.


Chairman Han was very displeased. Harry was rude and disrespectful to him. But does Harry care? Nope. He bluntly said people told him that all the time. He’s still immature; he doesn’t know how to live in this world or how to deal with people. All he knows is how to make money which is why he becomes a successful head director of Trillion Dollar Company at such a young age.

If you want to befriend a dog, you throw a bone at it. If you want to befriend Han Tae Joon, you just throw him money. Suddenly, Chairman Han wanted to be friends too.

They later went into Han’s office to discuss business. Harry offered that Tae Joon combined investment with other companies. Chairman Han is a seasoned player, he didn’t take bait easily. So Harry told him that the reason he was hurry to gather investment is because to him, his fiancée Joy is the most important. He wanted to hurry and go back to Paris with her. It bugs me a little. Why does Harry plain out telling his opponent about his only weak spot? It’s as if he wanted Tae Joon to use Joy against him. But a calculated guy like Harry, most likely he has already planned something out.

Han Tae Joon also asked about his injured leg and Harry said Chairman Han caused it himself. Notice how Director Nam was very uncomfortable in his position. Harry was playing fearlessly with fire. Harry answered that it’s because of the bicycle on that day. I knew it! Like I said a hundred times before, in this drama, everything has a meaning.


Chairman Han observed that Harry was too natural with the cane. And Harry told him that Joy is such a talented designer, she even designed this cane for him.

Next we see Joy socializing with Mi Ran… well, Mi Ran was trying to befriend Joy while Joy just looked… bored. Ah Reum was also sitting there with her big teddy bear. Joy made Mi Ran apologized to her and also told her to remove her clothes from the store. Mi Ran said sorry and asked Joy to pretend it didn’t happen. Ah Reum couldn’t stand her mother but she complimented Joy for her poise. I think Ah Reum was impressed. She then told the maid to prepare food for Jungwoo. The name caught Joy’s attention and Mi Ran noticed that. She remembered Jungwoo also used to tell her to stay away from Joy and he said it like he personally knows Joy. Mi Ran tried to squeeze Joy about it but thankfully Harry finished talking business and came to pick her. My antenna is alerted. I have a feeling Mi Ran would play bigger role later on.

Back at the police station, Jungwoo printed out the pictures of people entering/leaving the department during the time of CCTV disconnection. The cleaning lady was standing at the printer and snatched the pictures. What the hell was she doing there? That’s a bit unorganized for a police station. Jungwoo took the pics from her and she asked him why she’s on one of the pictures. So Jungwoo told her she must wait for the team captain to question her. But ajumma said her daughter, Bora, would be home early today. She has to prepare meals for her child. So Jungwoo asked her what she did on that day. Apparently, it was the episode we first ever saw this lady. That day Joon was sleeping while Jungwoo was checking CCTV of Harry’s house and wrapped the bandage on ajumma’s wrist.


Jungwoo had a hunch but he brushed it off. No!! Always listen to your instinct! It’s usually always right!

On their way back, Harry and Joy gave Ah Reum a ride. While he was driving, they hold hands, and Ah Reum teased that she was wrecking their date. She should have taken a cab instead. Joy said it’s ok because she shouldn’t go alone during late time at night and Harry said if he didn’t give her a ride, he would get in trouble with Joy later. Ah Reum was swayed. She said Harry is exactly her style and asked Harry to consider her if they’re not getting married. Err… hate to break the news, but he’s your uncle, Ah Reum.

Harry seemed proud nonetheless, he told Joy she should be careful now coz he’s popular. It is subtle but I believe the reason Ah Reum likes Joy and Harry is because they schooled her parents the way she and Jungwoo couldn’t. To Ah Reum, they are fearless people. Harry told her he and Joy are already living together. Awww Ah Reum was disappointed. She told Harry to drop her off at the police station.

Jungwoo was following the cleaning lady while calling his hyung to do background-check on ajumma.

In the car, Joy’s phone rang. It’s Magic Castle again. Harry said she should change her ringtone but Ah Reum said it’s her oppa’s favorite song. Before getting off the car, she told them her oppa Han Jungwoo is the best detective and they can ask for their help. Joy was shocked when she heard that.

Joy asked Harry if he knew about this. She asked him why he brought her to Jungwoo’s house without telling her first. Harry told her that she forgot again that she’s Joy, not Lee Sooyeon. Then he forbid her from going back to France, she must stay by his side until all is done. Joy didn’t look too shocked, more like disappointed and speechless. She may either have seen him going crazy like this before or she knew he wouldn’t hurt her anyway. And I won’t lie; Harry was pretty scary in these scenes, especially his eyes. That was a crazy pair of eyes. It creeps me out. But wouldn’t that backfired on him? If he won’t let Joy go back to France, he’d be more prone to the risk of losing her to Jungwoo. Maybe he’s sadistic? Or he just wanted to punish her for lying to him earlier.

And in one line, Joy asked Harry if he’s Jungwoo’s cousin and he sort of admit it by saying he’s handsome because he looked like her oppa. So I’m guessing she must know more or less about his past.

At their home, Joy locked Harry out. It’s the first time we get to see Harry’s so furious at her like this. He’s yelling at her to open the door and banging hard on it. Yeah, she’s not scared of him at all.

Jungwoo followed the ajumma to her house. She was aware of it and invited him in. She said she’d cook rice for Bora and then went back to the station with him. Her place was quite a wreck, reminded me of Sooyeon’s old shack.

After she cooked the rice, ajumma wanted to fix the wallpaper. She told Jungwoo to get the tape from the drawer for her. Jungwoo pulled out a basket, there’s a school uniform. Jungwoo was all alert now, he’s pulling out his handcuffs. He pulled the drawer and saw the same type of duct tape and the rope used to kill KSD. Jungwoo turned around and got shocked by a stun gun.




This is actually the first episode since the adult cast appeared that I can sympathize with Sooyeon’s mom. I was pretty pissed off when she said she didn’t want Sooyeon back in Episode 6. How could a mother say that even just to protect another child?

But I’m quite satisfied to see her love for Sooyeon when she finally got to meet her long-lost daughter. Now that she knew her daughter is well-lived, well-educated, well-fed, she no longer has any worries. I’m glad she let her daughter continues to live as Joy as she knew this is the best for her. If Sooyeon came back, she’d have all the labels tagged back on her, not to mention that everyone seems to know what happened to her which would only make her situation worse. I honestly it is best if she stayed as Joy.

I love the way Kim Myung Hee takes note of Sooyeon’s fingernails, skin, and hair to make sure she didn’t go through hardships. You know, there are millions of children missing every year and most of them end up in human trafficking where unspeakable things happened to them. The main reason that Myunghee would never know what happened to Sooyeon and still told the detective they don’t need to look for Sooyeon was the part that pissed me off the most. So now seeing her concern, I’m delighted.

As I said earlier that it’d be best if Sooyeon stays as Joy. It also makes me wonder why Jungwoo can’t respect her decision and pursue her as Joy. I actually love it that he could remember every little detail about Sooyeon, but I wonder if it’s the best thing to keep reminding her of the past she wants to forget so bad. Why can’t he create new memories with her like he always says? Erasing bad memories and now create good ones.

I wanted Jungwoo to win her heart with Jungwoo and Sooyeon/Joy of today, not the tender love of yesterday. Of course, it is hard to forget your first love, but I think Jungwoo also needs to start moving on. If he really loves her, he can now pursue her all over again. They can start over.

Move on to Harry/Hyung Joon. I’m glad to see his ark finally on set. I really like Kang Hyung Joon character. Actually, if this is an American series, I think his character make a great show-runner as he’s very cut-throat and such a badass.

Now I look at I Miss You and see plot arks sailing on their ways. One is obviously about the love triangle between Jungwoo – Sooyeon – Hyungjoon. Number two is the current main plot of finding the killer; this is like Jungwoo’s detective ark. And the third one is about the money issue which features mainly Hyung Joon and Han Tae Joon. I think we spent quite a lot of time laying the foundations for the first two plots that it took quite a while for Hyung Joon’s story to be on its way. But I have to say it’s all worth the wait.

Yoo Seung Ho is, once again, amazing. When I thought he couldn’t make me love him more, he impresses me again. He plays the creepy insanity role very well, it was so spot on. Even I, who become so infatuated with him, can’t help but feel scared by him. I’d never antagonize this type of guy. Too scary.

I actually think it’s quite a compliment that audiences are finding Harry creepy. Because the more he’s spooky, the more credits to Seung Ho. I’m not sure how this subplot is heading though. But after watching this episode, I’m starting to think that Chairman Han’s young secretary might be Harry’s spy.

Talking about the triangle, I think we started to see the crack in every character at the moment. There’s definitely a crack in Sooyeon’s frozen heart. She’s warming up to Jungwoo more. And there’s also a crack in her relationship with Harry as his dark side is coming out. We saw her lied to him for the first time and we saw how angry Harry became because of that. So the dynamic is changing. But still, 14 years is quite a long time, Joy is going to have a hard time leaving Harry’s side unless he did something outrageous even if she loves Jungwoo more. My prediction is Harry’s plan is going to backfire on him, he might succeed in avenging his parents’ death but he might lose the love of his life in the process. While Jungwoo, on the other hand, also needs bigger redemption in order to make Sooyeon forgives his past crime and opens up to him. I hope the writer and PD could produce the drama in the way that it would actually make sense and can be justified and not just to please the fans or something like that. Because up until this point, I can not see how Jungwoo and Sooyeon are going to maintain their relationship IF she eventually choose him over Hyung Joon. I don’t think love is the only factor in any relationships. A healthy relationship also requires respect, trust, compromise, understanding, and companionship which I think Jungwoo and Sooyeon haven’t built them up.

Last but not least, let’s list down the mysteries and the revealing at this point.

  • Sooyeon met her omma after 14 years – checked!
  • Sooyeon realized Detective Kim died trying to find her – pending
  • Joy confessed she didn’t want to go back to be Lee Soo Yeon
  • The rapist’s killer revealed – The cleaning lady
  • But did Joy know/witness something else when she went to his apartment that night?
  • Still didn’t know how Nurse Jung aka. Michelle Kim died
  • Still didn’t know if Hyung Joon’s mom is still alive
  • Hwang Mi Ran’s plan involving Harry, Joy, and Director Nam
  • Who are Harry’s mole(s) in police department and in Han’s company?
  • The kidnapping mess, will it be brought up again? Jungwoo made it clear he knew there were something going on back then but he didn’t dig it up because Chairman Han is after all his father
  • When Han Tae Joon would realize who Harry and Joy really are
  • When will Eunjoo get more than 5 minutes screen time 😛

One Step At A Time : Plot Summary


One Step At A Time : Plot Summary

(Part 2 : Chapter 15 – Ending)


Chapter 14 ended with Yoon Eun Hye ran off after a talk on the cell phone with her now celebrity ex-boyfriend, Se7en.


After a heating argument with Big Bang, Yunho and the boys come back to their dorm and he went to console Eunhye which cheer her up a little. Se7en still tries endlessly to make up with Eunhye to no avail. Big Bang helps him, DBSK despises him. Eventually, Eunhye’s younger brother Bansuk help Big Bang reunite the couple at YG building. This time, however, they finally formally break up.

Life goes on. Se7en and Park Han Byul announced their public dating in order to revise his earlier public scandal with BoA as requested by SM Ent. While DBSK V. launch their 11-track full-length album all consisted of songs they personally wrote and continue their promotions on various variety shows and stations. One time, they encounter Jeon Hye Bin, who is later revealed to be the person who almost break DBSK apart and also Eunhye’s arch-enemy.

At that time, Hyebin’s popularity and career has been on decline. So once she starred in a mini-drama with DBSK, she decided to use them as a tool to gain publicity by spreading rumors of her and 2 DBSK members – Yunho and Yoochun. To add more fuel to the fire, an incident with the two of them boiling at each other (actually over a trivial) just solidified the rumor. These, however, went on without the realization of Jaejoong as he was shooting another drama in Japan, so once asked about the incident and possible break up on live television, the outcome went havoc. But in the end, they found out the whole truth when Hyebin spilled the beans in an interview that has never been aired.

With Eunhye, she too tried to gain some publicity by trying to coattail the popularity of the X-man couple – Eunhye and Kim Jong Kook. Though seeing him only as a caring brother, Eunhye can’t help but feel irritated by Hyebin’s actions despite Jongkook’s obvious ignorance at her. So they had numerous confrontations and verbal catfights.

As a fire back from her previous misdeeds, Hyebin hasn’t been doing well on her career recently. Therefore, after another humiliating confrontation with DBSK V. she appears to hold grudges against them, especially towards Eunhye, and vow to get revenge.

A series of anti-fan incidents happen as initially expected by Eunhye’s party starting with rude comments, obscene photo-shopping of her photos, to death threat letters, which not only anger Neri – Eunhye’s official fanclub, pinning them against Cassies and even DBSK boys, but also split up Cassiopeia fandom itself into several sub-groups. The serious threat happens when DBSK V. are on their way to the stage to perform at a theme park, an unknown audience throws a water bottle at Eunhye while her friend also tries to use another empty bottle to hit her despite a handful of bodyguards over there. The half-full plastic bottle hits Eunhye hard right at the head and Yoochun furiously grabs the other empty bottle from the fan. Fortunately, this doesn’t injure Eunhye and she decides not to take any charges against them.

The incidents, however, severely hurt Eunhye’s feeling. Though somehow bring Yunho and Eunhye closer to each other. Both hide their feeling towards each other with Yunho knowing his nuna still not fully get ever her ex-boyfriend yet and Eunhye thinking she doesn’t have a chance with him.

Later DBSK V. was appointed as ambassadors of South Korea’s Tourism Authority. They traveled to the famous Jeju Island to film a special show promoting Jeju traveling. They were divided in 2 groups to visit several places at once. First group consists of Eunhye, Changmin and Junsu, the other group being Jaejoong, Yunho and Yoochun.

While walking on a pathway talking to the camera, Eunhye suddenly darts out as she sees a boy chasing after his soccer ball into the road with speedy approaching car. Both are safe but Eunhye hits her head to the edge of the pathway and also deeply-scratch her leg. The filming is halted and the fainting Eunhye is sent straight to the hospital. The whole scene, apparently, was captured by the camera crew and immediately goes viral.

Yunho is raged and blames the two boys for Eunhye’s injuries. He has shown his obvious romantic feeling when she is still unconscious. Turn out the injury at the head isn’t serious besides causing a headache now and then, the real problem is the deep scratch on her leg which could be infected and it’s highly and most likely would leave a big ugly scar on her leg. Eunhye received high praises for her bravery act, but on a flip side, she is put on hiatus to recover. And DBSK has to continue their promotion without her.

Coincidentally, Se7en is also in the very same hospital recovering from swine flu. He is almost back to good health when she is admitted. So he again tries to woo her back, it’s also helpful that DBSK are very busy with their promotion. But every time Yunho visits, it always causes tension between the 3 of them… 4 actually, if counted the public girlfriend Park Han Byul. Se7en acts very clingy of Eunhye, doesn’t care about Hanbyul or the public interest at all. Finally, when being released from the hospital, Se7en comes to see her off with hundreds of fans around them, Eunhye asked him to let her go before she hates him and for the sake of all good time they had together, she doesn’t want to.

From then on, Eunhye and Yunho start acting as a couple though neither admit nor deny it. And Eunhye eventually gain acceptance from Cassiopeia.  

SM Entertainment reveals its own house production for a Korean adaptaion of Nana, the Japanese popular manga-based movie, which will be renamed as “Mi Mi”. Yoon Eunhye will be the lead as Osaki Nana or the Korean name – Jang Mi Mi.

[This adaptation actually meant to be another spin-off from One Step at a Time, but I guess I’ll just mash it up here >_<]

The casting goes as following…

Yoon Eunhye as Osaki Nana (Jang Mi Mi)

Lee Ayumi as Komatsu “Hachi” Nana (Yoon Mi Mi)

Jung Yunho as Honjo Ren (Yon Hwa)

Kim Junsu as Yasu

Park Yoochun as Takumi

Kim Jaejoong as Nobu

Shim Changmin as Shin

For their album promotion, Eunhye mostly sports mature yet boyish image, but for this drama she changes her appearance once again by straighten her shoulder-length hair, wears extension, and dye her hair with silver red highlight, making her look perfectly like a punk rock star.

Xiah Junsu is also another person who dramatically transforms his look. To harmonize the role of Yasu, Junsu decides to shave his head and wears shade all the time. It is even said that he always looks “annoyed”.

 The film also stars other artists such as BoA, Kim Ki Bum, and Jeon Hye Bin… continuing their never-ending bitch fights. At the wrap-up party, Hyebin cooperates with kidnappers to capture Eunhye for her family’s ransom. But thanks to the GPS in her new iPhone, Yunho, Jaejoong and Banseok manage to save Eunhye from the attempt rape in time. The kidnappers implicate Hyebin, so she also got arrested. It is revealed that Hyebin’s luxury lifestyle is at risk since she’s not doing well on her career. As she goes in debt and has to offer herself to some influential people in the business, Hyebin was contacted and conspires with a group of gangsters to kidnap Eunhye as she comes from wealthy family.

The movie turns out to be a moderate success in box office but receives a lot of positive critical comments. Surprisingly, it also becomes Junsu’s breakthrough performance and won him Best Supporting Actor Award. Yoon Eunhye is also applauded for her acting as this is her first time portraying the role of someone so dark and so cold. She also won Best Actress Award for the role.

Another sub-plot revolves around DBSK and their struggles to leave SM Ent. while maintain as a group. Yunho’s contract with them is about to due and he doesn’t wish to renew it. The others still have 5-7 more years with SM, making Yunho refuses to leave without his members. Eunhye tries to offer her help, but the worried Yunho tries to keep her out of harm. This, however, causes tension between the lovebirds and the group itself.

The other contract that will soon be expire is Eunhye’s. She too doesn’t have intention to renew it.

Though his prior purpose is to keep her away from the mess and scandals, Yunho unknowingly hurt Eunhye’s feeling by blocking her out of DBSK’s internal issues, thus making her feel like an outsider despite their 2 years together. Eventually Eunhye accepts an opportunity to set up her own company with her long-time manager and a few influential figures in the show business. She also takes the chance to make a Hollywood debut in an American drama series. Eunhye is set to spend at least 2 years in Los Angeles and would likely be on hiatus another 2 years on settling things with her company “The House”. She briefly informs Yunho about everything and he doesn’t try to oppose her decisions. The unofficial couple unofficially breaks up and Eunhye prepares to leave.

Almost at the last minute, Yunho got sat down and lectured by Ayumi. He ultimately realizes that he has hurt Eunhye’s feeling by not letting her share his pain. Eunhye feels like he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t see her as a companion, and also feel like her value of friendship is being underestimated by all of them. And that’s the main reason why she takes the leave is to hide from him. On the way driving to her place, Yunho calls Eunhye while she is leaving to airport but she ends up cutting him mid-way. So he races to the airport just in time to catch her. They make up, fess up, and formally go out as an official couple. Eunhye is half-forced by Yunho to cancel her plan for Hollywood. The couple goes back to their dorm to find a whole celebration party waiting.

Later, Eunhye gets her attorney to look into the other DBSK boys’ contracts while letting Yunho’s contract due without renewal. It turns out Changmin’s one is actually null and void as it was made when he was still a minor and the person signed the main contract for him, though is a relative, but wasn’t his parents or legal guardians. That only leaves 3 people left to compensate if they are to call it off. As filthy rich as she is, Eunhye offers to pay the penalty compensation for them with the condition for DBSK to sign under her newly-established company instead.

The news has gone public and varied criticisms come up. In the end, Yoon Eunhye or rather The House Company pays 2/3 of the penalty fee while the families of the boys pay the other 1/3. They are signed upon new label – The House. DBSK remains as a group while Eunhye continues paving her own path as an actress.

Do I need to say they live happily ever after? 😀



4 years later, The House becomes home for a handful of high-quality stars with its alliance with YG. Walking through fire and water together for 4 years, Yunho and Eunhye finally announce their engagement to the public and receive warm welcome.

At this point, though stand strong as group, DBSK members start to branch out to their respective field of interest. After his performance in the K-adaptation of Nana, Junsu displayed great interest in musical and he has done incredibly well. The others have had their feet on acting with a role or two but only Yunho and Yoochun focus on the field. Only Jaejoong and Changmin remain strongly in their original field of music.

7 years later, after many great years together, DBSK officially break up. Junsu announces his long-time relationship with the non-celebrity girlfriend. While Yunho and Eunhye got married. Members pave their each own ways. Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu team up as JYJ and make it to America. Changmin is still a singer but he also shows interest in managing a business.

The End 🙂




Note : I wrote the whole thing in paper but was soooo lazy to type it down… have been pending all this time >_< But it’s still April! So I didn’t break this promise xD

To compensate for all my readers, there are some excerpts I already wrote for this fanfic and I’ll post it later when I’m not too lazy to type 😛 And the first part of this summary should be up anytime in May… I think. In the mean time, just read whole 14 chapter then this! LOL

Kpop Group Idols – Best Member

They say in each boy/girl group, there would be relatively 1 best entertainer. The ones that shine the most, no matter where they stand, they would always be eyes-catching. The ones those are best-rounded and most well-built on every aspect.

Looks is the first thing that comes to public eyes. They don’t have to be beautiful, but they should be good-looking. Yes, these 2 words are different. For example, I would say Big Bang’s Daesung has the looks, not because he’s handsome, but he has the face that you can look at and still find nice.

Personality, for me is the most important aspect. When I choose whom I would be a fan of, I look at their personality. And as entertainers, it’s not just your personality as a person, but also TV personality that entertains people. Like I would say SNSD’s YoonA has good personality according to what almost everyone said, but the girl doesn’t have TV persona. She can’t really entertain people.

Natural Leadership/Team Player not everybody can be leader, but if you’re not a leader, then you must be team player. If you can’t be either, you better go kill yourself off. Not all Kpop idol leaders have good leadership, but at least they must be great team player to support the group. And since they tend to give the leader role to the eldest, it can’t be helped that sometimes true leaders are pushed to the background.

Other aspects are Wit, Talents, Skills and Experiences.

Many may wonder what the differences between Talents, Skills and Experiences are.

Easiest way to put it, you are born with talents, you develop your skills and you learn from your experiences. I know fans always say this or that person is so talented, most of them are NOT. They are just skillful as they are trained for long years. SNSD’s best vocal, Taeyeon, she is not talented, but she is very skillful that she knows how to use her “ordinary” voice to show “extraordinary” singing skill.

And some artists do learn from their experiences, you would rarely see them make silly mistakes again and again. But there are also those who make me annoyed by their immaturity. Good entertainers should show obvious improvement after years pass.

Following is my personal list on which member of their respective group is arguably considered to be the best member. You may disagree with me, and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can reasonably argue with me, but as I stated in the guideline I will not tolerate any bitchy childish acts.

I’ll only list the group that I observe them long enough to be able to judge. I also can guarantee that I have left my bias behind while writing this editorial, so this came purely from the Musician Viola, not a Kpop fan Viola.


[Randomly Arranged]

1. DBSK – U-know Yunho

It was actually a close tie between Jung Yunho and Kim Junsu. But I gotta give the title to Yunho as he is more mature and wittier and he is a true leader by nature. Even those who never know DBSK before can easily point out that Yunho is their leader.

He passes all the aspects of looks, personality, talents, skills, and experiences. And all of above, I have to hand it to Jung Yunho. He may not be the most talented one, but he is the most multi-talented one.

2. Big Bang – Dae Sung

I have a hard time deciding who should be the best member within Big Bang. I would have handed it to Taeyang if he isn’t too quiet of an entertainer. Taeyang said it himself that there is a reason why he cannot be on shows like Daesung. Though he has the better image of a romanicer, other than that I think both of them are up to par with each other. But Daesung won by his personality and quick wit.

I know too little about TOP to judge, and although G-Dragon used to be my favorite, I don’t think he is the best member overall. But maybe I was wrong. I don’t know.

3. Brown Eyed Girls – Narsha

Narsha. I love her adult idol image that cannot be found in young girls. They say women are at their hottest in their thirties, that’s because the 30s women know who they are and what they want. They have the confidence and charm that is totally different from the young teenagers.

I chose Narsha because while I observe this group of talented women, Narsha stands out to me almost all the time. Jea and Miryo lack TV personality, and Ga-in lacks… something I cannot really point out… but it’s something I find in Narsha. So! For BEG, I’ll crown Narsha the best member.

4. Super Junior – Kyu Hyun

I used to say it in my rant before that same as their female counterpart, SNSD, I feel like they need to stick together to shine. My first choice for best member is actually Sung Min. but Sungmin is too much of a middle man. You know? He is mediocre in everything – singing, dancing, looks, and persona. Not that great, but not that bad either. Then I look at Kyuhyun, his vocal is the best, no questions about that. But other than that Kyu is still too quiet. Some say he has good personality, but still…

Then I came to Han Geng, but as he will soon no longer be a SuJu, I tick him off as well as Jae Bum from 2PM. Deciding between Sungmin and Kyuhyun, I think Kyu has the better potential to grow bigger than Sungmin. Therefore, the title goes to maknae Kyuhyun.

5. Wonder Girls – Min Sunye

With Wonder Girls, it was also a close tie between Sunye and Ye Eun. Both I think are very well-rounded. But Sunye is more skillful and more caring for the team which I find greater than Ye-eun’s great sense of humors and wit, even though I love her to death.

Like many, including me, notice, Wonder Girls tend to lean towards Sunye a lot as she is more well-built than them. We wouldn’t even have to talk about her looks as she was chosen by the plastic surgeons to be the most beautiful idol. Though I always question Wonder Girls talent, I still have to agree Sunye can easily go solo if the time has come.

6. SNSD – Kwon Yuri

While deciding on the best member from SNSD, I have 3 people in mind – Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun. I used to like Seohyun a lot because of her persona. But after seeing her in WGM, Seohyun started to die on me. Sooyoung, though is still able to keep her dorkiness and not let the fame gets to her, is too quiet. So the title goes to Kkap Yuri.

At first glance, Yuri is more of a plain Jane. She is not an eye-catching member. But the more you see her, the more she grows on you. Yuri’s vocal is not that great but she’s still better than most of her band mates and next to Hyoyeon, Yuri is the best dancer of the band. Not to mention that she seems to be more of a leader than Taeyeon and also very capable on shows. So even though Yuri is not on my top 3 fave list, I still think Kwon Yuri is the best member of SNSD.

7. 2PM – Jang Woo Young

Since Jay is out, I have no choice left but Wooyoung. Of course, if it’s vocal, Junsu is the best. But ever since Heartbeat single, I started to see Wooyoung’s potential, not only in singing, but also in acrobatic area. And he is also very good at MCing. So I think Wooyoung would have really good potential to go further. Junsu, though best vocalist, is too shy and too distant. TaecYeon is neither talented nor skillful enough, he also has no wit for variety shows, FO2 prove it. Nichkhun lacks vocal skill and language skill though I think he could make it very very big.

But as of now, I think Woo Young is the best member out of the six-member 2PM.

8. 2AM – Jo Kwon

Actually, the only thing that put Jo Kwon in this position is his personality. He has such a big persona. While other members are relatively more collective.

When I first know 2AM, I have a big question mark for Jo kwon as I’m not sure if he’s… erm… straight or not. But from what I see, he has the manly side of himself. And being trained with Beastly idols help a lot too. One good thing about 2AM is all of the members are capable of singing. I love that they focus more on their music, not just their looks. And Jo Kwon also execute that part, so I have nothing more to say, let’s just give the man the title of 2AM best member.

9. 4minute – Ji Yoon

Right now, 4minute is my favorite girl group. I still can’t decide on my favorite member though. All of them are really great in my eyes. But if I have to choose the one with best potential, I would have to choose Ji Yoon. In the singing area, of course she still can’t compete with Ga Yoon, and in dancing area, HyunA is also more experienced than her. But over-all, Jiyoon is still the best-rounded member. She can sing, rap, dance and the members say it themselves that while leader Ji Hyun is assigned the mother role for them, Jiyoon is their father figure. Obviously imply that she has leader nature.

On stage, I also feel that Jiyoon has the strongest presence. So Jiyoon will be crowned the best member of 4minute.

10. KARA – Han Seung Yeon

You know what? I actually cannot choose the best member from KARA as I can’t see any of them going solo and be successful. None are talented or funny or skillful enough. I chose Seungyeon because out of the 5, I think she has best potential. And she is also the most ambitious.

Personally, I also think Seungyeon has more leadership skill than Park Gyuri, but she is a great team player nonetheless. Goo Hara might be KARA’s Mascot, but I think Seungyeon would be the one who takes these girls to the top. Not the “Goddess” Gyuri, not the “Cutie” Nicole and not the “Ant-waist” Hara. I leave out Kang Ji Young here as I have a feeling that she is a hidden card. I want to believe she has good potential, but we would never know until she gets the full spotlight.

11. 2NE1 – Sandara Park

I know many would question my decision of choosing Sandara Park as 2ne1’s best member. But from my perspective, besides her lacks of vocal ability, Dara has everything needed to go solo. She has the looks, the wit, the experiences and the persona (obviously). If we’re talking about stage talent only, I would say Gong Minzi is the best. But as we talk about entertainer, I gotta hand it to Dara. She knows how to communicate with fans, she knows how to use the cameras, and she is also the most professional performer on stage.

12. After School – Park Gahee

Even though she’s often considered too old for teeny idol world, Gahee is still the best of After School. What would they do without her? Gahee has the longest experience in this business. She is undeniably the best female dancer in Kpop nowadays. And although she doesn’t have the voice, Gahee’s rap is good enough to pass off.

13. SS501 – Kim Hyun Joong

I’m actually not in the position to judge SS501 as all I see is… Kim Hyun Joong. He overshadowed all of his members. Though he is the most popular, I gotta say Hyunjoong still lacks in many parts. His singing is probably the weakest in his group. And compare to other successful idol group, Hyunjoong still lacks leadership skill as he’s not helping his members to gain more limelight at all.

However, I still have to say he’s the best member of SS501 as an entertainer; he has the best potential in his group. With the popularity he has, Kim Hyun Joong can easily go solo. But if DSP want his No.1 boy group to be successful, they and Hyunjoong gotta gear things up a lot.

14. SHINee – Key

It’s been a while since I last checked up news about Shining SHINee. So I based my judgment on not so many times I have watched them in shows and on stage, which might be wrong.

Initially, Key is more of a hidden member to me. Both Taemin and Minho got more limelight though only thing they both have is the looks. Jonghyun has the best vocal but lacks good TV persona. And Onew… what can I say… I still don’t find Onew attractive in any ways.

Key started to stand out when watching him on shows. He has good wit and good TV personality. His performance skill is also slightly better than the others. So for now, I’ll say Key is the best member of SHINee.


Well, that’s my thought. Tell me yours.

To My Readers II – DBSK & YEH

3 days ago, I’ve finished writing my short story ‘Snow Falling’ and was about to continue my fan-fiction ‘One Step at a Time’ when I heard the bad news.

DBSK/TVfXQ/THSK to STOP Their Group Activity.


As one avid fan of the group, I felt like my worst nightmare has come true. I see it coming though, but I tried to always keep the faith.

After knowing that from my Angelic Twin, I’ve been searching through my folders about them. There are so many pics, so many articles, so many times they show how much they care and love one another. And it broke my heart.

There are many pics showing their dorky side. When I saw it, I laughed. But when it popped in my head that I’d probably never see them being adorkable around one another anymore, I cried. For the first time since being their fan, I cried. I cried for them, I cried for Cassiopeian and Big East and I cried for myself.

Just because they don’t agree on this one issue, though apparently a big issue, it’s going to terminate all the things they have done together?

I’m not even sure if I could be supporting them as soloists. Sure enough, they are all great entertainers. They have it all – looks, wits, personalities, experiences and talents. But The Gods of The East would shine best only when they are together, that’s what I believe.

On the other hand, Yoon Eun Hye.

I left Soompi partially because of her. I actually have written a post telling the story behind my decision but as it contains so much of my personal anger and disappointment, and might as well defaming people I referred to, I don’t think it would be a good idea to publish it.

I can only reveal that it’s the same incident and similar reasons that made Eirallina deleted her fan-fiction Strung Across


With my heart being so heavy and my head being so dizzy. I have no idea what I should do with this fiction ‘One Step at a Time’, so I need to ask YOU, my readers, what do you want me to do?

I personally couldn’t stand reading any more fictions about them. It’s too hurtful for me. But that could just be me. Maybe other fans would be more faithful than I am and they would want to read stories of these artists to lighten up their days.

So, May I ask you? Do you want me to…

1. Continue writing this story and finish it the way it was originally planned and supposed to be. OR

2. Abandon it. Just give up on it OR

3. End it in a single post. I actually planned that if there’s anything traumatic happen to either DBSK or Yoon Eun Hye or BOTH, I’d summarize the story in one post and publish it to me readers. As I don’t want to keep you guys hanging.

Please, VOTE, please.


And I just want to ask… Are you still keeping the faith?

Ideal Facial Beauty

originally written 23 Nov, 2009


First of all, I’m just playing around coz I have too many free time.

I have no mean to offend anyone and if I do, then sorry, I really didn’t mean to

Anyway, I was scrolling around to see some interesting websites, playing some games and then I found this site : http://www.anaface.com/


Instruction :

First, you’ve got to upload your photo and specify gender

And… For the most accurate results, please provide a frontal face photo with minimal rotation that has a clear view of the ears, face, chin and forehead.


So I did what almost all the fangirls would do. I put my idols faces and see the outcome.

The only problem I have is that I can’t find good clear-cut straight-face photo of them. So it’s very limited and I can only really analyse with only some.

and here it is


U-know Yunho : 8.02 / 10

(but he’s frowning)



Max Changmin : 8.65 / 10

(but this pic was ages ago)



SuJu KiBum : 8.61 / 10


Ourboys are all perfect eh?


And I move on to my most beloved idol, Yoon Eun Hye

too bad I can not find a better quality pic of her straight face.


Whao! Yoon Eun Hye : 9.04 / 10 ?!?!?!

and this is just LQ pic! >o<

Just out of curiosity, I try putting her gender as Male


still 9.03 / 10!!!!

No wonder Coffee Prince was such a hugh success LOL~

I’ve been trying with other beautiful actresses frontal pic but so far, none can beat Eunhye

Kim Tae Hee : 7.08

Han Ye Seul : 8.23

Han Ga In : 8.95


However, this doesn’t mean Eunhye out-beauty them. Because it also depends on the photo you upload and since I’m too lazy, I only scrolled about 10 pages for each star to find best pic.

If you have better pic of them with better quality, Please try it out and tell me your result ^_^



Author : Viola AKA. Pa
Started : April 6, 2009

Finished : ____

Last Updated : 30th January, 2010 (Chapter 13)

Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy



  1. Silent reader are very welcome!  But I would be much more happy if you don’t stay silent. All comments (no matter positive or negative) are welcomed and appreciated smile.gif
  2. Ask if you want to be PMed.
  3. No bashing! (neither with my couple nor with my POV with each celebrity)
  4. If you want to be on VIP list, please help me advertise my fanfic and/or help me with the Graphic works


He is a famous star of Asia.

He is the leader of the most popular boy band of South Korea.

He is her secret admirer.

He is her biggest fan.

He is so thrilled to work with her.

He hopes that they can create a love line together.

There is only one little tiny problem…

He is 1 year and 4 months younger than her.

She is a famous star of Asia.

She is the ex-member of the popular legendary girl group of South Korea.

She is a notable all-around/versatile star.

She is also a lovable and caring human being.

She is their big fan.

She hopes to get support with her choices of working with them.

But there is one little tiny problem that makes the fans upset…

She is a couple of years older than them.


Starring :

  • Yoon Eunhye
  • Jung Yunho
  • Kim Jaejoong
  • Kim Junsu
  • Park Yoochun
  • Shim Changmin
  • SM Family
  • and many many more~
  • ****************************************************************

    Prologue : The Petition

    During 2008 winter, SM Entertainment opens for fans’ petitions for their choices on the theme “Who do you want to couple your favorite star(s) the most”. Millions of petitions and letters were sent to the company to support their beloved couples.

    After arranging all the petitions in to poll, they have a very shocking outcome.

    Over 60% of the fans who sent their petition or letters to SM Town want to see the collaboration of the DBSK and Yoon Eun Hye, even though she is older than them by 1-2 years, isn’t a part of SM family and never have any big projects, any love interests, nor rumors together with them.

    This result, however, didn’t surprise the Netizens, since there’s already a poll on famous K-pop forum on “Who is the best man for Yoon Eun Hye” which DBSK’s U-know Yunho is leading with 52% of thousands of voters; followed by DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong with 21%.

    The 2 DBSK boys unbelievably beat many strong competitors like Kim Jong Kook, Joo Jihoon, Eric Mun and Gong Yoo.

    Many YEHshippers are disappointed with the outcome, while the rest are extremely happy.

    On the other hand, a large number of Cassiopeia are averse about the outcome since there are also many shippers inside such as Yunho-Suelki and Hero-BoA. They also argued over Eunhye’s age, but this issue was nonsensical, considering other Nuna-Dongsaeng pairings like We Got Married JoongBo couple or BOF Goo Hye Sun who all her co-stars in the F4 are younger than her, became very successful and likable.

    Coincidentally, Yoon Eunhye’s contract with the Kraze Company was over and she was once again left with no agency. Several big companies are competing for her including SM Entertainment.

    Lee Soo Man, the chairman, offers her 2 billions won and 10% shares of SM Entertainment for 2-year contract (beating over Lee Hyori’s 1.5 billions won for 3-year contract with M-net Media) and even state that she may have her own choices of work. If Eunhye accept his offer, the fans’ wishes of seeing her and DBSK’s collarboration won’t be too far to dream of.


    Author Note: I have this story plot im my mind since late 2008 but didn’t get the right chance to post it til now. So just pretend there’s no Secret Code album yet and Eunhye onni hasn’t settle the House company yet ^^


    All events and characters here in this story are purely fictional. The celebrity names or images are merely borrowed and do not in any way represent the celebrity nor their views or opinions in real life.
    No offense is intended towards them, their families or friendsThis story is purely fictional and the events within do not relate to the real life of thestars unless otherwise indicated.
    Various information mentioning here are made-up
    So I cannot guarantee the relevance or accuracy of it.
    I do not, in any way, profit from the story.
    And lastly, I’ve spent time and effort writing this story.
    So please do not plagiarize without my permission!