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I Miss You: Episode 12 Recap


I Miss You: Episode 12 Recap

Love or Selfish?


If there’s a message the writer wanted to get across in this episode, it is that human is a selfish being. We want everything to go as we expected it to and we get upset if it didn’t. This episode once again emphasized that no one in this drama is black or white. Everyone is 50 shades of grey.


When we left off, Jungwoo was hugging Zoe, asking her if she hates Sooyeon and if he should stop waiting for her. Since he knew that seeing his face makes her sad, he kept hugging her so she wouldn’t have to see him. But when he remembered omma saying she doesn’t want to be Sooyeon, he let her go. Sooyeon did the erasing memory hand gesture towards him as she realized he, too, has been hurting.

This is something that I never understand with Jungwoo. Why does he want Zoe to become Sooyeon so much? With all the painful memories and hurtful labels, it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to be recognized as Lee Soo Yeon. Can’t he just honor her decision and love her as who she is today? Zoe is no longer a 15-year-old of his first love anymore. Sure, there’s a part of her in Zoe but there’s also other parts that contribute to the woman she is today.

In a bad mood, Jungwoo went to interrogate the cleaning ajumma. He slammed the door shut and was cold with her though she was caring to him.


Zoe came back at home and found Harry sick with cold in his bed. He told her to go to bed but she’s nursing him anyway. Harry told her he’s in pain and wanted her to erase his bad memory so he could sleep well. Zoe admitted that the magic hand actually belongs to Jungwoo and she already returned it to him.

Harry grabbed her hand and started crying. He thought she’d never come back and he’s scared. Zoe told him she couldn’t go anywhere and he hugged her while still crying. At that moment, he was not older than 11-year-old crybaby Hyung Joon who held on to Sooyeon as he has nobody else in this world. When she was going to get him ice pack, he hold her tighter, saying she can’t go anywhere.


Back into the interrogation, ajumma confessed of killing 3 rapists including Kang Sang Deuk. She didn’t regret it. She said she’s simply cleaning the world of trash and if she wasn’t arrested, she’d have killed more. Apparently the guy she stabbed earlier also survived, so she asked Jungwoo to go in her place and kill Bora’s rapists for her. But Jungwoo refused. If these bastards died, they would never know what they have done wrong. He’s going to make them regret what they did, that’s why he didn’t let them die. He’s been waiting to do that to KSD for 14 years but ajumma ruined it. And not to mention KSD also knew the reason behind Jungwoo’s kidnap and such. Err… don’t you also have Kang Sang Chul?

I can actually relate to both characters and I think it’s how writer tried to show the rightful and lawful way of dealing with criminals. Jungwoo’s method is an ideal one that is difficult to accomplish while ajumma’s is a quick and easy one. Honestly, I think we need both methods in the world though if it was up to me, I’d definitely kill those pucks like she did…

Jungwoo then formally asked how she killed KSD. Ajumma recalled the memory of the day. She sent him the dry ice package with Sooyeon news cover, and then showed up dressing as a young girl. She stunned him with the taser when he opened the door. Take note at how she came in bare feet and wore his shoes instead. She also carefully locked the door after she came in. ajumma dragged KSD to the bathroom and cooked rice. It’s her tradition to eat rice every time she killed.

Jungwoo asked about the wet towel and she recalled that after she put dry ice in the tub, she heard footsteps, so she quickly hid in the closet. Then she remembered the sound of Sooyeon’s footstep was exactly the same. Since she knew Jungwoo loves Sooyeon and also knew Sooyeon is also a victim just like her daughter, ajumma decided to take the blame.

But she slipped when Jungwoo asked about Zoe’s mobile phone which was missing from the scene. She obviously had no idea about it but tried to cover up saying she threw it away. She then tried to divert the conversation by sarcastically saying she should not have killed and bla bla bla.



The next morning, Harry woke up and stared at sleeping Zoe. He caressed her face as he’s wishing she’d never falter again. While in his secret den, a chat box popped up. His friend would like to move forward with their vengeance plan.

There was a chaos at Han Tae Joon’s bank. There were reporters and complaining customers crowded in the place. What was happening?

At Han’s house, money-lover Mi Ran was waiting anxiously in front of her husband’s office and tried to fetch some information from Secretary Yoon but the young man just ignored her. Ah Reum said it’s because he’s the Chairman’s favorite so why he had to care about the neglected lady. Ah Reum got a new hair. Pretty… but I still prefer the old one. She’s cuter with short hair.

So what happened was the information about secret account used for defraud was leaked to the public. Everyone believed it’s from the missing Director Nam but we all knew it’s actually Harry’s doing. Harry even used the money Taejoon prepared for his investment to pay for Nam’s reward. Harry… you badass mother*cker.


Detective Joo hopped cheerfully into the station only to be scolded by his boss. He saw a box on Jungwoo’s table which contains a few of his belongings. The rest was still being packed by Myunghee. Joo called Eunjoo and she just knew what was going on. Yeah, Eunjoo was really just an insignificant minor character that nobody bothers telling her what’s going on =.=

Myunghee told Eunjoo she’s sending Jungwoo back home. She said it was selfish of her to keep Jungwoo here to find her daughter who’s never coming back. Did we forget something? Not only Myunghee had lost her daughter, Eunjoo also lost her dad and she threw a tantrum immediately. What about her? What about her dead father? But for omma, Jungwoo is her priority, she promised Eunjoo she’d do better so they should let Jungwoo go.

Joo found Jungwoo in the interrogation room. He’s wrapping up questioning ajumma and they both shed tears after as they tried to let go of and forget about their loved ones. Ajumma said she didn’t kill Jungwoo earlier because of his graceful heart. He waited and loved Sooyeon who went through such painful past and she’s appreciated the person he is.


Jungwoo later went to have a drink with Joo sunbae. Not only Ah Reum, Jungwoo also got a new hairstyle. Yoochun looks cuter with this hair but again I prefer the old style coz he looked more mature with it… and this current one made me think of turtle somehow >_<

Jungwoo tried to increase his alcohol tolerance by having one more drink every day. If you kept practicing, you’d eventually become good at it right? Same thing goes with trying to forget. He’s going to practice forgetting about Sooyeon because she told him to not wait for her. After his hyung passed out, the drunken Jungwoo talked to the soju of how he missed Sooyeon even more after drinking it. A call came in, it’s Harry asking Jungwoo to stop by at his house.


When he came in, Jungwoo bumped into Zoe. She could smell alcohol from him and was wondering since he’s not good at drinking. He said he’s becoming stronger and suggested they have a drink together some time.

Jungwoo went to talk to Harry in the bedroom. Harry’s still sick on his bed. He jokingly said he also knew about 280 steps from home so Jungwoo should have called him instead. They then moved to living room to have a drink. While Jungwoo was preparing the ice, Zoe was about to go out and offer to do it. Jungwoo refused but asked her for some napkins. He noticed Myunghee’s shoes while Zoe handing the napkins to him and wished her good luck.

Back to business, Harry asked Jungwoo about his father before handing a document to him. It’s about Michelle Kim lending out money to someone from Sangil Bank. Harry was hoping Jungwoo could resolve the problem since he knew all the names in the document. Jungwoo replied that the only name he’s concerned is Harry Borrison coz if there should be anything happened to Harry, it’d trouble Zoe.


Honestly, the battle between Harry and Jungwoo has always been ‘Who loves Zoe/Sooyeon more’ with then always saying ‘what Sooyeon wants’ and stuff…


Zoe went to her mother’s restaurant with the shoes she repaired. They sat down to talk. Myunghee can’t even look at her daughter in the eyes. This scene just made me hate Sooyeon’s mother again. I know and perfectly understand her point of view but I just don’t agree or sympathize with her. In my opinion, there are certain things parents should never say to their children whatever reason behind it is. And saying their child is not wanted is certainly on top of the list. But what Myunghee said was even worse; she said she loves another kid more than her own.

First, omma tried to shoo Sooyeon away. Zoe said she missed her omma. At first it’s hate and resentment of how she didn’t look for her, then it becomes a motivation for Zoe to be a successful designer she’s become. So Myunghee told her daughter to hit her and then go back to her life. But once Sooyeon said she’s not at peace with where she was, her omma hopefully asked if this means she’s coming back to her. However, Zoe has Harry and her designer career in France to consider, so she suggested them to meet up in secret during the time she’s still in Korea. But Myunghee wasn’t fond of the idea. She blatantly said she loves Jungwoo more now and if Sooyeon wasn’t to come back, then she shouldn’t appear in front of them.


Like I said, I understand where she’s coming from, but I still hate her for saying that nonetheless. After being alone for 14 years, the girl just wants her mother love but the person who should love her unconditionally said to her face that she doesn’t want her because she loves the boy who caused the pain and abandoned her daughter more. Thank you, omma.

I have a feeling that if omma said she loves Eunjoo more, Sooyeon would have flipped off. But since it’s Jungwoo, she was obviously hurt but still okay with it even saying she should have bought her mother a nice pair of shoes. I respect her for having such a good nature.

Harry called Zoe and you could see Jungwoo’s ears perked up when he mentioned Zoe had been crying. Harry told her to come home but she said she has another issue to take care of before coming home.

On his way out, Jungwoo got a text from Director Nam. He must have a liking towards Jungwoo so he warned him to stop searching for Sooyeon coz he’d end up getting hurt. Harry also gave Jungwoo Michelle’s bank account to investigate.

Jungwoo immediately called his Joo sunbae who was shopping for some snacks to look into it. He also saw his father’s car reaching the house. Chairman Han also had an appointment with Harry who was watching from CCTV monitors in his secret room and whispered “Welcome to Heaven”.

Taejoon asked Harry to buy some time for him but Harry said he couldn’t. But he offered to cover up the money in Taejoon’s place before he could find it. For this, Chairman Han said he’s in debt with Harry (I guess this is what Harry was aiming for?) and he’s do Harry a favor for whatever he asks for. Harry said he doesn’t have one right now but if he has one in the future, he hopes Chairman wouldn’t forget it.

When Harry asked Han Tae Joon to hand him his cane, he looked a little pissed off. Harry always plays him around as if he’s not a chairman of a bank. The cane was purposely placed in order to let Han Tae Joon see the carving written on it (Please save us, God). Harry has mentioned Zoe designed this cane for him, I wonder if there’s deeper meaning behind it.


At the police station, it turned out the snack Joo shopped earlier was for Jungwoo. Joo tried to cheer his hoobar up. He told everyone to help Jungwoo forget about Lee Soo Yeon so every word related to her name is also forbidden. I think I change my mind, forget about Jungwoo or Harry, I want Detective Joo now. He’s such a cool and caring person >_<

Jungwoo’s next stop was at Belluz, his stepmom’s boutique. He requested to meet her but the employee said she’s having a meeting with an important guest so she told Jungwoo to go wait in a room coz they had a lot of customers at the moment.

The guest was none other than Zoe who demanded Mi Ran to stop using Zoe’s clothes for her shop. Mi Ran asked for Zoe’s kindness since she’s having a problem at her house with Nam (actually, Harry) taking away their money. For the record, it was totally unrelated and couldn’t be used as an excuse whatsoever but since it’s about Jungwoo, Zoe listened.


Jungwoo went to the said room and took a notice upon a wedding dress. He gazed at it rather extensively. Thinking about someone inside the dress? xD


Han Tae Joon received a package from Kang Sang Cheol. It contains a toy similar to what Hyungjoon’s mom used to make and a letter saying “Even God cannot save you.” This, of course, actually came from Harry and Chairman Han knew it very well. In his secret room, there are multiple toys like that on a table.


Mi Ran led Zoe into the same room Jungwoo was in and left her there to deal with a customer. The wedding dress caught Zoe’s attention and she wondered where Mi Ran got it. It was Zoe’s first designing costume. When Zoe turned around, she noticed a man lying on the other side of the curtain. It was the exhausted Jungwoo. She watched him sleeping with the button she gave back in his hand. Jungwoo twitched and the button almost fell off his hand. Zoe reached out to catch it but he fisted his hand and caught the button and then opened his eyes.


When she saw him awake, Zoe was going to leave but Jungwoo grabbed her skirt and asked why she’s here. Before she could answer him (she missed him) Miran came back. She went out and pulled the curtain close to block Jungwoo from chasing her.


Taejoon went to a hospital… where Madam Kang was kept… alive. She was out of her mind (is it an act though?). Her son was also about to lose his conscion to the vendetta. Harry stared at the only thing left from his mother – the pendant from the necklace.




So! More revelation and more mysteries, huh?

One major question is clear. Hyung Joon/Harry’s mom is still alive but the question came after is whether she’s really lost her mind or it was just an act to toy with Taejoon.

As mentioned at the beginning of the recap, in this episode, the theme is selfishness… from Jungwoo to Sooyeon to her mother to Harry and even for minors like Eunjoo, Han Taejoon and Miran. The only one who hasn’t shown his selfishness tonight is probably Detective Joo. Can I have him? >_<


Let’s start with Jungwoo. I always said I find Jungwoo a selfish character and I still feel so, though it’s lesser and lesser by episode. I don’t like it that Jungwoo always forces Zoe to admit that she’s Sooyeon. It’s just the names! Both of them know who they are anyway, so I don’t get it why he can’t understand that she doesn’t want to be Sooyeon. And also how he always uses the lines, the experiences, and everything from their childhood to remind her even though he of all people should have known how painful her past memories are. Jungwoo-ah, sometimes people want a restart, allow Sooyeon to have it.

Move on to Sooyeon and her mother. I think both also want things to go their way. Zoe wants to be able to meet her mother in secret until she leave the country with Harry while her mom wants to either have all of her or none at all. Do these people ever heard of compromising?

In this case, Zoe was selfish. If things go her way, she’ll be the only one benefit from it while her mom would still be chattered after she leaves. But her mother was also selfish to want Sooyeon to come back to her without considering her daughter’s situation and career. In few episodes back, I thought her mother understood why Zoe doesn’t want to be Sooyeon, but in this scene, she nevertheless pushed Zoe back to where she doesn’t want to.

Harry Harry… what should I say about Harry? Everyone wants the best of both worlds for themselves but Harry took it to the next level. The one he wants the most is definitely Zoe, but he also couldn’t let go of his revenge. He wanted to destroy Han’s family, get away with all the wrong doings in the process before living a happily ever after with Zoe in France. I’m afraid that while others may get a part of what they want, Harry wouldn’t get none at all.

Eunjoo was also selfish for wanting to keep Jungwoo to herself… well, at least at her house. And Myunghee has to beg her to let Jungwoo go.

No need to go for how selfish Han Tae Joon and Mi Ran are, though. I think you all got the idea since they’re the greediest of all the characters.

Overall, I think the episode was a bit all over the place. It’s once again a setting episode before everything goes wild. At the moment, I’m worried whether everything can be wrapped up convincingly and beautifully within these few more episodes. We’re inching closer to the ending of 20 episodes series now.



I Miss You: Episode 11 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 11 Recap


Because we still live in the society that tells girls “Don’t get raped.” Instead of teaching men “Don’t rape.”

The belittlement and injustice are what drive many victims to take matters to their own hands whether it be ending their attackers’ life or their own life.

This is yet another realistic approach from the writer. Though I know it’s a melodrama but I’m starting to feel weary with the heaviness of it.

We opened up with the unconscious Jungwoo lying on the floor as the cleaning lady grabbed his phone. There were text messages from his partner warning him about the ajumma… but it’s a little bit too late now. The texts revealed that her daughter, Choi Bora, was raped and later committed suicide.

The police station was also chaotic. Everybody was running around, searching for Jungwoo. Ah Reum was crying like a lost baby for her oppa. The team leader also sent police to Eunjoo’s house for investigation.

The police followed the track from Jungwoo’s phone to the dumpster and they heard his Magic Castle ringtone. The team leader finally found the phone with “My daughter is dead.” written on it in red. Detective Joo searched for his partner hysterically

Jungwoo woke up to find himself all tied up with the familiar red rope and black duct tape. The cleaning lady came in and told him he should have waited a few more days so she can finish her job and disappear. She told Jungwoo that he is luckier than her coz Sooyeon is still alive while her little girl is dead. She had a bottle of pills with her… it appeared that she’s going to overdose him with drugs. When she pulled the tape of his mouth, Jungwoo begged to hear Sooyeon’s voice one more time and the lady agreed.


Cut to Harry who’s still standing in front of Joy’s room. Joy was covering her ears to block the angry voice of him. Her phone rang (Why is her ringtone no longer Magic Castle? Isn’t it just last episode that it is?) at first there was only heavy breathing and Joy obviously thought it was a prank call but then Jungwoo talked. The intoxicated Jungwoo was still clever enough to hint Sooyeon of his whereabout using their flickering light to indicate and he also told her he missed her. I was surprised he didn’t use this opportunity to apologize or confess to her considering he might have died regardless of Joy admitted she’s Sooyeon or not. He passed out after the call. She tried to call back but no vian. So she called his number and of course Joo picked it up.

Joy told him she got a call from Jungwoo and he told her that Jungwoo was following Kang Sang Deuk’s murderer. Harry burst in (He has a key?) and tried to snatch the phone from her but she won’t let him. She told Joo about what Jungwoo said with an unlit street lamp and 15 steps. So the searching began.


Harry was upset with Joy’s reaction. She remembered her past and was worried sick for Jungwoo and this made him jealous. Seeing her distress, he eventually told her they should go together. He ended up saying she’s no longer a helpless 15-year-old anymore. This is what I like about Harry. The subtleness.

Next, Director Nam was reporting to Han Tae Joon about Harry’s bio. Since he’s a double agent, Nam claimed he found nothing suspicious about Harry. But the young Secretary Yoon showed up with more detailed information. Now I wonder… did Nurse Jung and Hyung Joon come up with fake background details just in case or is this trusted secretary also a spy of Harry’s? Chairman Han was not pleased with Nam and told him to GTFO. But before he left, he saw Yoon gave Chairman an electronic drive of Company’s financial records.

We heard Ah Reum’s cry outside the office. She asked her dad to look for Jungwoo but was rejected and scolded at. Though appearing to be unaffected, Taejoon seemed to worry about his disowned son nonetheless.

The police were flocking in the neighborhood, they found the unconscious Jungwoo. So the lady didn’t kill him (Or maybe he was fortunately found before he’s dead.) she also left Bo Ra’s suicide note with him. Harry and Joy arrived as Jungwoo was carried into the ambulance.

Harry stopped Joy from going out and told her to hold back. He’s also holding back himself. Harry looked both pissed off and fed up at this point. I feel you, bro. but you’re still scary Harry.

Though he told her not to, Joy came out of the car anyway and you could see Harry was very very furious to see her worry over another guy.


At the hospital, Joy was waiting in front of Jungwoo’s room. She hesitated to go in but eventually did. At first she was confused to see the empty bed but Jungwoo came out of the bathroom with his shirt up, showing off his toned body. Joy gasped in shock and was going to leave but Joo Jung Myung opened the door and he also cried like a girl when he saw Jungwoo semi-naked. And he asked the question all audiences would probably said yes.

“Should I not come in just now?”

Yes, Detective Joo. Yes, you came in too early.

Cutest Scene Ever

Cutest Scene Ever

When Jungwoo nudged him, Joo hugged Jungwoo tightly. The bromance made Joy laugh and a faint smile crept up on his face. And of course, Harry had to come in at that moment. He wanted to have a word with Jungwoo.

Harry must realize Joy is slipping away and he decided to go threatening Jungwoo instead. He told Jungwoo that instead of giving him reasons why Joy is not Sooyeon, he’s going to find Sooyeon for him. But what if Sooyeon doesn’t want to come back because she doesn’t want to see Jungwoo? Jungwoo said he still wanted to see her nonetheless. He wanted to ask Sooyeon if she didn’t want to come back herself or if it’s because of Harry. Oh, I love when men banter.

Harry pressed him more by saying that he’s unlike Jungwoo who throws something away when he doesn’t want it and pick it back up when he wants to. Harry would never run away and leave Joy behind. Ouch. He said that his mom also abandoned him and he would never forgive her even if she came back. So Jungwoo should also ask Sooyeon if she can forgive him. Jungwoo countered this by saying that he planned to stay by her side till she forgive him anyway. Harry baby, he’s not doing things your way eh?

Outside of the room, Joo was teasing Joy about how she likes men based on their looks since both Harry and Jungwoo are gorgeous-looking. (Let me take a second off to wipe my drool xD) Eunjoo showed up and interrupted them. I’m a bit surprised to see Sooyeon being so cold towards Eunjoo since they were quite close during their youth and technically she didn’t do anything to her but I guess Sooyeon wasn’t too happy that Eunjoo is now her mother’s “daughter” instead of her.

Jungwoo came out and the detectives left to do their job. Eunjoo yelled after him saying their mom was having nervous breakdown instead of him so he better go see her before he’s kicked out of the house. This is new to Joy. She didn’t know they were all living under the same roof.

When they were in an elevator, Joy tried to initiate a conversation but Harry asked her not to say anything. He said it’d be the first time they fight in 14 years together. And he called her Sooyeon again. It seems like he calls her by the state of mind and personality she is at each specific moment.

In his secret room, the frustrated Harry called Nam and told him to bring the finance records to him. He’s losing his temper. He later talked to his chat friend about leaving to France with Joy because she’s starting to waver. She’s the most important to him after all. And his friend told him to think of the day when Jungwoo handcuffed his own father to cool himself down. And indeed, Harry was cooling down.

Detective Joo and Jungwoo were in the car, they’re chasing after the ajumma. There were 2 rapists in Bora’s case. One was still in prison; the other was released and just came back to Korea.

Though Joo told him to step on it, the cleaning lady beat them anyway. She picked her daughter’s rapist up in the taxi. And once she declared that she’s Bora’s mom, the rapist went panic. Ajumma brought out a taser and the police cars caught up with them. She tried to get rid of them but the rapist knocked her head to the wheel and the car stopped. She stunned him with the taser and stabbed him in front of Jungwoo who was yelling madly at her.

Obviously, she’s immediately arrested. We heard Bo Ra’s voice from her suicide note, telling her mother she’s sorry. She’s sorry that she didn’t listen to her mom and come home late. She’s sorry that she got all the bruises. She’s sorry that she messed up her clothes. Bo Ra was struggling through her nightmare but the monsters who assaulted her would get out only in 5 years. The cleaning lady took off her mask in front of the media and told them that her daughter is dead. Those men didn’t just rape her, they also killed her. Sooyeon was also watching her from the TV.


This is a perfect example of a rape case and how each victim reacted differently and healed differently. However, it reflected the same social norms in today’s society. As a girl, a woman, we are told to not go out when it’s dark, what to wear or not to wear, who to hang out with, and so on. And when something bad happens, it’s because we didn’t listen to what we were told. I’m a self-admitted feminist. And I don’t think this is okay. Don’t tell me what to do or what to wear, but teach your sons better.

Sooyeon received a text from Jungwoo saying Thank You. He thanked her for making it possible for him to wait because she chose to live. Harry came in and there was this unfamiliar awkward silence between them. Harry confessed that he’s jealous and asked her to erase the bad memory of his getting mad at her. He sharply told her he couldn’t live without her, making it harder for Joy to leave him. As they sat in silence, she got a phonecall.


Hwang Mi Ran showed up at their house. Harry left the women together and they chitchatted. While he wasn’t around, Mi Ran told Joy that Jungwoo was disowned by his father and left house 14 years ago. Joy added it up and realized Jungwoo did it for her. She told Miran she had an appointment and hurriedly left.

Craig and Harry were talking in the car. Joy is now able to leave the country. Craig also asked Harry what he’s going to do with 20 million won. Harry said he’s using money to resolve annoying issue.

Cut to that annoying issue, Nam’s finally ready to go against Han Tae Joon. He’s stealing the flash drive from his office but ran into Ah Reum on his way out. And she immediately called her appa. He came back home and found out that the drive containing their company’s account records is missing. Nam can’t go back now. Han Tae Joon is out for his head. Interesting though… if the young secretary is Harry’s spy as I predicted, Harry could easily have him made a copy of it right? But on a second thought, this would actually benefit Harry on a long run. With Nam outwardly betrayed Chairman Han like this; he can’t really blackmail Harry anymore. So Harry just paid him off in one go.

They met at a river’s bank. Harry came on a bike again. Harry gave him the money and Nam gave Harry the drive. Nam mockingly asked if Joy, who is more important to Harry than his money, knew that she’s put in that unfortunate situation because of Hyung Joon’s mother. And Harry told him to not say anything about it. Nam better run away now before he died in either Taejoon or Harry’s hands.

After Harry left, Nam made a reservation message for Jungwoo in case he flees the country.

At the police station, Bora’s omma was interrogated. She made suspicion remark about the red towel used to cover the nose and mouth of the dead rapist. Maybe there’s another accomplice? She then asked to talk to Jungwoo.

But Jungwoo was waiting for Kim Myung Hee. She packed his clothes and a few belongings in a box and brought it to him. Jungwoo tried to make her laugh and get her attention but Sooyeon’s omma ignored him. Sooyeon was watching as they walked into the station.

Myunghee told Jungwoo to move out of their house but he refused to. Sooyeon eavesdropped their conversation and realized he’s been looking for her for the past 14 years and her mother was also waiting for her return. She was never forgotten as she always thought.

Jungwoo tried to do aegyo but he got serious once he noticed she really meant it this time. She asked him to leave because seeing him reminded her of so many things she wanted to forget. He firmly denied her request, saying he would wait for Sooyeon as a crazy bastard, a detective, and a man. Myunghee finally told him Joy doesn’t want to live as Lee Sooyeon. It’s better for her if no one knows who she was. Jungwoo was shocked and they both cried hysterically. Joy also cried a river as she covered her mouth to prevent any screams.


Harry came home and found out that Joy wasn’t there. He thought she went to the street vendor again and lamented she should have gone together with him.

Myunghee later went into the interrogation room to offer food for Bora’s mother. She treated KSD’s killer with a big meal as she promised. She then thanked the cleaning lady for killing her daughter’s rapist and apologized as she should have been the one killing that man. The two moms sympathized with each other and they cried, holding their hands.


Jungwoo opened the box Myunghee packed for him and found the yellow umbrella and their name tags. He kept reading the name tags.

“Lee Soo Yeon. Han Jung Woo.”


Their cell phones rang at the same time. Is it alarm clock? Since Joy’s ringtone is a different one. This made Jungwoo realized Sooyeon was there. He saw her foot and asked her if she hates being Sooyeon that much. And Joy ran away. He followed her out of the station and repeated the questions.

“Do you hate Lee Soo Yeon that much? Should I not wait for you?”


Joy can’t answer him and he pulled her into a hug. She tried to break free but he hugged her even tighter since he knew that seeing his face made her sad.

And of course, the troll PD and writer just had to end it here.


Overall, I’m content that the writer has raised more awareness regarding sexual assault and its penalty. In many countries, the law is just ridiculous. Those who attacked or killed others could walk free in a few years’ time while those put in jail were mostly convicted of minor theft or drug.

But I’m still not ever pleased that they didn’t explore more about Sooyeon. Right now, it’s as if the worst thing had happened to her was abandoned by Jungwoo and her family (which arguable is) but nothing had been mentioned further about her being assaulted as a child.

I like the episode in general despite its heavy theme but I just don’t think the graph is accelerating.


PS. Sorry for the very late recap. I have been very busy for the past couple weeks. I’ll try to finish Ep12-13 before the new episodes come out.

I Miss You: Episode 10 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 10 Full Recap

The Crack

In the last episode, it’s the beginning of a new era meaning there are things that were settled and there are new mysteries… which I’d list down at the end of this recap. In this episode, we see more cracks which would lead us to the more intense second half of this drama. Since we don’t have much time till the next episode come out, let’s get started.

Kim Myung Hee went to find her daughter in the posh Gangnam area, and as she made it to the metal gate, Lee Sooyeon was driving out to meet a friend. Her mother approached the car and immediately recognized her own blood. Tears are running down from both ladies.

Joy eventually came out of her car and invited her mother into the house. She shed tears as her past finally caught up with her.

Cut to Harry and Jungwoo who were laying threats on each other by the end of last episode in the interrogation room. Detective Joon interrupted them to inform that Joy cannot leave the country in 10 days because she’s still the person of interest. Harry then said he’d talk to his lawyer.

When they walked out of the room, their captain sent Joon to do other works in order to talk to Jungwoo alone. They looked into Kang Sand Deuk’s calling history. The first person he called after he was released wasn’t Harry or Jungwoo, but Chairman Han, Jungwoo’s daddy. But Joon overheard them and he was shocked to realize that his partner is the son of Sangil Bank owner. His boss warned him not to say anything about it.

Harry talked to Craig, their hottie lawyer. (I know I’m superficial so I find every man on this show hot.) Harry wanted to know why Joy can’t leave the country. He’s so desperate to get her out of Jungwoo’s grasp. Then he realized that Joy wasn’t with Craig though they had an appointment. Harry immediately looked into his CCTV monitors and he saw Joy walked into the house with an ajumma.

Normally in Asian country, we take off our shoes before entering the house while the western would just walk with their shoes in the house. So omma got uncomfortable with the luxurious mansion and took off her shoes. They awkwardly sat in silence and Joy eventually asked her mom to say something.


Myung Hee complimented her daughter’s polished fingernails and fair skin. It means Sooyeon didn’t have to do labor work. She wear nice clothes, she is rich and lives in a fancy house which means she must have high education. This is a relief to her mother.

But Sooyeon out of the blue said “I’m so sorry.” Just like when she was young even when she did absolutely nothing wrong. This broke her mother’s heart. She has done so wrong to her own daughter. Myunghee cried that she’s the one who should say sorry. And Joy ultimately confessed to her mother that she doesn’t want to be Lee Sooyeon. She hated being Lee Sooyeon. And her mother understood it very well.

She said that if Sooyeon is in hardships, she’d have taken her back. But seeing her daughter well-being, it’s already enough for her. It’s okay if Sooyeon doesn’t want to come back.

“No one knows what kind of person your father is, right?” So she’s no longer a murderer’s daughter.

Sooyeon nodded.

“No one knows what you have been through, right?” So she’s no longer an abused victim.

Sooyeon nodded again.

Myunghee then said that her daughter is dead so Joy doesn’t need to come back and then hurriedly left, leaving her shoes behind. She ran barefoot on the snow-frozen road. Then she stopped as she thought of Jungwoo who’s still waiting for Sooyeon. Now that she knew Sooyeon didn’t want to come back, how could she tell Jungwoo about this?


Joy was still crying when her phone rang. But before picking up the phone, she saw her mother’s shoes and ran out following her. I love how Eunhye grabbed the shoes with both hands like that. Even with my own shoes, I normally just pick it with only 2 fingers. It shows such dedication to the role.

I don’t know why Joy ran out like that when she should have driven her car. That’d be a lot faster coz once she ran to the front gate, her mother was nowhere to be seen. Harry reached home at that moment. But before he could get out of the car to her, Joy hopped on a cab.

Han Tae Joon did exactly what Harry expected him to do. He told his new secretary to look into the issue with KSD’s death and about Harry & Joy’s background. The young secretary got a police report about KSD’s case. New information! The rapist has an aunt. Could that also be the cleaning lady? Or maybe it’s the late Nurse Jung? Or in bewilderment, it could possibly be Hyungjoon’s mom. They are the Kangs after all.

But the issue about Joy, Director Nam said he’d look into it himself. Well, he doesn’t want anyone to cut off his lifeline with Harry. But Tae Joon deserved to be Harry’s opponent, he didn’t trust Nam anymore. He told his secretary to check their background prior to the adoption and bring the documents to his house.

Jungwoo was waiting for his dad at the company. Han Tae Joon is such a stiff person, no feelings towards his wife or kids. He said his son is dead and practically told Jungwoo to get lost. Jungwoo retorted saying his dad was on the phone with his abductor for 5 minutes but couldn’t spare a minute for his own son. Jungwoo’s assumption was that KSD was trying to extort some money from Chairman Han. He said he had the report, so daddy better spelled it. Han Tae Joon got angry and slapped his son with the police report he got earlier. Jungwoo noticed it but kept his mouth shut. So Jungwoo does know there’s a mole in the police department. Angry, Chairman Han slipped out that Jungwoo wouldn’t find Sooyeon even if she dies. That obviously means he knows she’s still alive. This also doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungwoo but he nonetheless retreated, saying he’d send another cop tomorrow.


However, look like Jungwoo doesn’t like to be called crazy. Because once his father did that, he turned around and started saying about the events in the past. He showed his father that he wasn’t even crazy yet or he’d have asked his dad about all those mysteries happened when they were kidnapped. Congratulations Jungwoo! Being a detective makes him no longer naïve or gullible.

After the confrontation with his estranged father, Jungwoo received a call from Eunjoo. Myunghee hurt her feet and was drinking soju. When Jungwoo tried to take care of her, she pushed him off and started throwing Jungwoo’s clothes at him. Now that she knew Sooyeon won’t come back, she wanted Jungwoo to go back to his family. Eunjoo tried to stop the old lady while explaining to Jungwoo that Myung Hee found out that Joy was absolutely not Sooyeon so she went crazy.

Jungwoo threw Eunjoo out of the room. Was that a record? How long was that? Eunjoo’s screen time 2 minutes? Okay, sorry, no more mockery.

I really love the way Jungwoo used humour to ease the pain of the situation. And again, it’s not something that is easy for me to recap. He told Sooyeon’s mom to hit him instead coz he failed to find Sooyeon for her. And he became thick-skinned Jungwoo again, telling Myunghee she’d like him and would be looking for him coz she couldn’t live without him anymore. Myunghee strated hitting him lightly and Jungwoo grabbed her hand to hit himself harder. Omma eventually broke down and fell to the ground as Jungwoo hold her and told her that they should wait some more. He was there for her when she wanted to cry, so when he wants to cry, she must be there for him too.


A few moments later, he went out to buy some medicines. Before leaving the house, he said he liked Sooyeon the most to her old writing on the wall.

It’s around the same time Joy reached her old neighborhood. She saw the flickering light pole and then Jungwoo came running. Passing the pole, Jungwoo then had an idiotic bickering with it. He scolded at it for flickering the light coz it made Sooyeon too scared and she won’t come back. Joy found this hilarious and giggled as she’s hiding in the corner. Look like she’s softened after meeting her omma.

She followed him to the playground. Jungwoo stood on the seesaw and rocked it back and forth. There were a few times that he almost fell off and Joy looked like she’d rush to his side if he did fall. When Jungwoo found the balance, she also imitated him, spreading her arms wide and rocking herself side-to-side. They both looked incredibly young in thisscene it brought me back to their BabyVOX and TVXQ days.


After the seesaw, Jungwoo went to sway the empty swing and climbed up the slide. Joy’s phone rang; her ringtone is also Magic Castle. Jungwoo thought it was his phone and sang along with it. Joy was swayed again, Jungwoo remembered so much about her. But it’s time for her to leave.

On top of the slide, Jungwoo caught sight of Joy and ran down, following her. I’m glad he didn’t try to catch her but just trailed behind her. When Joy got into the cab, he called her name with sheepish grin. She’s starting to come back to him.

Joy’s next stop is the street vendor. She was drinking soju and trying to fix her omma’s shoes with glue. Both Jungwoo and Harry stalked her. Harry was watching her from his car. He called her and said he’d pick her up but Joy rejected his offer coz she knew he doesn’t like street vendor. And Harry was content to simply watch over her.


There was a wind blow and Joy ran after her plastic bag. Jungwoo, who has also been hiding around, picked up the shoes for her. He quickly disappeared when she returned. Jungwoo was also content to just see her smile from afar and he did the erasing bad memory hand. This, of course, was all in the sight of Harry’s and now that he knew the origin of her erasing memory gesture, he’s not happy at all.

Harry was already at home when Joy came back. He was sleeping on the couch with his headphone on again. Joy again put the blanket on him, blessing him goodnight and doing the erasing bad memory hand move but Harry caught her hand mid-way.

He told her she reeked of alcohol. Harry said that next time he’s gonna go with her to the street vendor since she liked it so much. He’s the only one Joy has after all. After that, he asked her what she has been doing today. Remember he’s asking the same thing in the past even though he already knew the answer. It’s a way for him to test Joy’s honesty. And this is the first time she lied to him.

She told him she’s just walking around coz if she’s leaving tomorrow, she won’t come back again. That’s when Harry told her she got an exclusion order to not leave the country within 10 days. He back-hugged her, asking her if that’d be okay. And she said yes. He then asked her to accompany him to meet a new client and tell him if he’s a good or bad guy.


In her room, Joy hid her mother’s shoes in the same closet she kept Jungwoo’s coat. Her feelings regard Seoul was no longer fear, but more of longing. She’s determined to make the last 10 days good days.

At the police station, Jungwoo was browsing through his cellphone. So Sooyeon is his “girlfriend”, Joy is his “secret lover”, Sooyeon’s mom is his “lover”, and detective hyung is his “wife”? LOL Playah!

Captain is looking for Detective Joon and Jungwoo said he’d call him before walking off. I was a bit confused as why Jungwoo was looking nervous like that but the answer came a second later. Joon was questioning Joy at her house. I guess Jungwoo didn’t tag along because he kept his promises to not shove himself to her and made her felt sad but he would patiently wait for her.

Joon was showing Joy the pictures of the culprit via CCTV footage when Jungwoo called. Jungwoo warned his partner to not make Joy scared and not to be too harsh on her. Joon sighed deeply and groped his heart as if Jungwoo hurt him, he turned to ask Joy “Am I being too harsh on you now?” LOL!

Jungwoo was alarmed and hurriedly told Joon to not tell Joy it is him calling. And of course, Joon turned to ask her again “Did I perhaps tell you that it’s a call from Jungwoo?” LMAO!


Now Jungwoo was panicking. Joon gave the phone to Joy and asked her to say something to Jungwoo. Hahaha I’m loving Detective Joon, the match-maker. Joy politely told him to catch the criminal and Jungwoo said he would definitely catch the criminal but he knew she’s going to go back to France at once and wanted to ask her not to leave but he couldn’t. So he just said that she could tell him if Joon is irritating her. After they hung up, he had that foolish grin again.

The cleaning lady showed up again, seems like she knew everything in the station.

Joy was sorry she couldn’t be of help. But Joon said he could actually reduce the culprit by 1 person. He was sure that Joy wasn’t the criminal. Joy wondered how he could be so sure. (Yeah! How do you know that?) And he told her that she’s too glamorous compared to the small-built woman they saw in the CCTV. There was an awkward silence after the compliment. Joon said sorry and was preparing to leave as Joy cracked up. She told him that although she’s not certain, as a designer, she could tell by the clothing and the movement that the person they saw was not only female, but also an old lady.

Side note: If I’m not mistaken, “Glamorous” is the word Korean use to call ladies with curvy figure. XD That’s why Joon said sorry kekeke.

Before he left, Joy asked him to wait as she went to get something.

Jungwoo was looking at the picture of culprit wiring money, in the pic, one of her wrist has white bandage wrapped around. He was very concentrated when Joon put his hand over the picture and called him “Banker’s son.” Hehehe I think Detective Joon is my new favorite character. He’s so cute and funny.

Joon said if Jungwoo lends him some money (coz his dad is a banker), Joon would give him back his coat. Excited, Jungwoo quickly grabbed his coat back. And Joon imitated Joy’s voice “Since I can’t thank him myself, please tell him it was warm.” ROFL. However, Jungwoo was not amused, he asked his hyung what exactly did Joy say. And it was “Here.” That’s all. xD

Jungwoo-ah, I’d choose Joon-hyung’s version if I were you.


He was disappointed but didn’t want his partner to mock him more, so he quickly put it on. And he found the button he tore off his coat in one of the pockets. Joy didn’t throw it away but has kept it all along. Joon also told him that Joy said the culprit is an older woman.

A few detectives ran in, they found the IP address used to order the murder weapon (dry ice), and it was from Jungwoo’s computer. Wow, this culprit really has guts. So they went to check the CCTV at the time, but the criminal is one step ahead of them. The CCTV connection was cut off during that time. One thing they can be sure, this is an insider’s job. Jungwoo suggested they checked before and after the cut-off to see who entered or left during that time.

Harry and Joy went to Han Tae Joon’s house for dinner. Though Harry was already aware, Joy didn’t know Mi Ran, the one who sent blackmail threat to her, is the wife of Harry’s new client. Harry asked Joy if she wanted to leave. He pressured her till she agreed to stay to be polite. Harry greeted Chairman Han who showed condolence regarding his leg. And Harry/Hyung Joon said

“That’s why it took me a while to get here. I’m a little late, right?” Game on.

During their meal, Mi Ran tried to keep friendly conversation going but Joy and Chairman Han were obviously not in the mood. Harry joking poked fun at Tae Joon to be gentler with his wife. He crossed the line and he knew it. Even Joy was shocked and nudged him. This is actually the first scene that I felt Joy is more mature than Harry.

Ah Reum came back just in time.


Chairman Han was very displeased. Harry was rude and disrespectful to him. But does Harry care? Nope. He bluntly said people told him that all the time. He’s still immature; he doesn’t know how to live in this world or how to deal with people. All he knows is how to make money which is why he becomes a successful head director of Trillion Dollar Company at such a young age.

If you want to befriend a dog, you throw a bone at it. If you want to befriend Han Tae Joon, you just throw him money. Suddenly, Chairman Han wanted to be friends too.

They later went into Han’s office to discuss business. Harry offered that Tae Joon combined investment with other companies. Chairman Han is a seasoned player, he didn’t take bait easily. So Harry told him that the reason he was hurry to gather investment is because to him, his fiancée Joy is the most important. He wanted to hurry and go back to Paris with her. It bugs me a little. Why does Harry plain out telling his opponent about his only weak spot? It’s as if he wanted Tae Joon to use Joy against him. But a calculated guy like Harry, most likely he has already planned something out.

Han Tae Joon also asked about his injured leg and Harry said Chairman Han caused it himself. Notice how Director Nam was very uncomfortable in his position. Harry was playing fearlessly with fire. Harry answered that it’s because of the bicycle on that day. I knew it! Like I said a hundred times before, in this drama, everything has a meaning.


Chairman Han observed that Harry was too natural with the cane. And Harry told him that Joy is such a talented designer, she even designed this cane for him.

Next we see Joy socializing with Mi Ran… well, Mi Ran was trying to befriend Joy while Joy just looked… bored. Ah Reum was also sitting there with her big teddy bear. Joy made Mi Ran apologized to her and also told her to remove her clothes from the store. Mi Ran said sorry and asked Joy to pretend it didn’t happen. Ah Reum couldn’t stand her mother but she complimented Joy for her poise. I think Ah Reum was impressed. She then told the maid to prepare food for Jungwoo. The name caught Joy’s attention and Mi Ran noticed that. She remembered Jungwoo also used to tell her to stay away from Joy and he said it like he personally knows Joy. Mi Ran tried to squeeze Joy about it but thankfully Harry finished talking business and came to pick her. My antenna is alerted. I have a feeling Mi Ran would play bigger role later on.

Back at the police station, Jungwoo printed out the pictures of people entering/leaving the department during the time of CCTV disconnection. The cleaning lady was standing at the printer and snatched the pictures. What the hell was she doing there? That’s a bit unorganized for a police station. Jungwoo took the pics from her and she asked him why she’s on one of the pictures. So Jungwoo told her she must wait for the team captain to question her. But ajumma said her daughter, Bora, would be home early today. She has to prepare meals for her child. So Jungwoo asked her what she did on that day. Apparently, it was the episode we first ever saw this lady. That day Joon was sleeping while Jungwoo was checking CCTV of Harry’s house and wrapped the bandage on ajumma’s wrist.


Jungwoo had a hunch but he brushed it off. No!! Always listen to your instinct! It’s usually always right!

On their way back, Harry and Joy gave Ah Reum a ride. While he was driving, they hold hands, and Ah Reum teased that she was wrecking their date. She should have taken a cab instead. Joy said it’s ok because she shouldn’t go alone during late time at night and Harry said if he didn’t give her a ride, he would get in trouble with Joy later. Ah Reum was swayed. She said Harry is exactly her style and asked Harry to consider her if they’re not getting married. Err… hate to break the news, but he’s your uncle, Ah Reum.

Harry seemed proud nonetheless, he told Joy she should be careful now coz he’s popular. It is subtle but I believe the reason Ah Reum likes Joy and Harry is because they schooled her parents the way she and Jungwoo couldn’t. To Ah Reum, they are fearless people. Harry told her he and Joy are already living together. Awww Ah Reum was disappointed. She told Harry to drop her off at the police station.

Jungwoo was following the cleaning lady while calling his hyung to do background-check on ajumma.

In the car, Joy’s phone rang. It’s Magic Castle again. Harry said she should change her ringtone but Ah Reum said it’s her oppa’s favorite song. Before getting off the car, she told them her oppa Han Jungwoo is the best detective and they can ask for their help. Joy was shocked when she heard that.

Joy asked Harry if he knew about this. She asked him why he brought her to Jungwoo’s house without telling her first. Harry told her that she forgot again that she’s Joy, not Lee Sooyeon. Then he forbid her from going back to France, she must stay by his side until all is done. Joy didn’t look too shocked, more like disappointed and speechless. She may either have seen him going crazy like this before or she knew he wouldn’t hurt her anyway. And I won’t lie; Harry was pretty scary in these scenes, especially his eyes. That was a crazy pair of eyes. It creeps me out. But wouldn’t that backfired on him? If he won’t let Joy go back to France, he’d be more prone to the risk of losing her to Jungwoo. Maybe he’s sadistic? Or he just wanted to punish her for lying to him earlier.

And in one line, Joy asked Harry if he’s Jungwoo’s cousin and he sort of admit it by saying he’s handsome because he looked like her oppa. So I’m guessing she must know more or less about his past.

At their home, Joy locked Harry out. It’s the first time we get to see Harry’s so furious at her like this. He’s yelling at her to open the door and banging hard on it. Yeah, she’s not scared of him at all.

Jungwoo followed the ajumma to her house. She was aware of it and invited him in. She said she’d cook rice for Bora and then went back to the station with him. Her place was quite a wreck, reminded me of Sooyeon’s old shack.

After she cooked the rice, ajumma wanted to fix the wallpaper. She told Jungwoo to get the tape from the drawer for her. Jungwoo pulled out a basket, there’s a school uniform. Jungwoo was all alert now, he’s pulling out his handcuffs. He pulled the drawer and saw the same type of duct tape and the rope used to kill KSD. Jungwoo turned around and got shocked by a stun gun.




This is actually the first episode since the adult cast appeared that I can sympathize with Sooyeon’s mom. I was pretty pissed off when she said she didn’t want Sooyeon back in Episode 6. How could a mother say that even just to protect another child?

But I’m quite satisfied to see her love for Sooyeon when she finally got to meet her long-lost daughter. Now that she knew her daughter is well-lived, well-educated, well-fed, she no longer has any worries. I’m glad she let her daughter continues to live as Joy as she knew this is the best for her. If Sooyeon came back, she’d have all the labels tagged back on her, not to mention that everyone seems to know what happened to her which would only make her situation worse. I honestly it is best if she stayed as Joy.

I love the way Kim Myung Hee takes note of Sooyeon’s fingernails, skin, and hair to make sure she didn’t go through hardships. You know, there are millions of children missing every year and most of them end up in human trafficking where unspeakable things happened to them. The main reason that Myunghee would never know what happened to Sooyeon and still told the detective they don’t need to look for Sooyeon was the part that pissed me off the most. So now seeing her concern, I’m delighted.

As I said earlier that it’d be best if Sooyeon stays as Joy. It also makes me wonder why Jungwoo can’t respect her decision and pursue her as Joy. I actually love it that he could remember every little detail about Sooyeon, but I wonder if it’s the best thing to keep reminding her of the past she wants to forget so bad. Why can’t he create new memories with her like he always says? Erasing bad memories and now create good ones.

I wanted Jungwoo to win her heart with Jungwoo and Sooyeon/Joy of today, not the tender love of yesterday. Of course, it is hard to forget your first love, but I think Jungwoo also needs to start moving on. If he really loves her, he can now pursue her all over again. They can start over.

Move on to Harry/Hyung Joon. I’m glad to see his ark finally on set. I really like Kang Hyung Joon character. Actually, if this is an American series, I think his character make a great show-runner as he’s very cut-throat and such a badass.

Now I look at I Miss You and see plot arks sailing on their ways. One is obviously about the love triangle between Jungwoo – Sooyeon – Hyungjoon. Number two is the current main plot of finding the killer; this is like Jungwoo’s detective ark. And the third one is about the money issue which features mainly Hyung Joon and Han Tae Joon. I think we spent quite a lot of time laying the foundations for the first two plots that it took quite a while for Hyung Joon’s story to be on its way. But I have to say it’s all worth the wait.

Yoo Seung Ho is, once again, amazing. When I thought he couldn’t make me love him more, he impresses me again. He plays the creepy insanity role very well, it was so spot on. Even I, who become so infatuated with him, can’t help but feel scared by him. I’d never antagonize this type of guy. Too scary.

I actually think it’s quite a compliment that audiences are finding Harry creepy. Because the more he’s spooky, the more credits to Seung Ho. I’m not sure how this subplot is heading though. But after watching this episode, I’m starting to think that Chairman Han’s young secretary might be Harry’s spy.

Talking about the triangle, I think we started to see the crack in every character at the moment. There’s definitely a crack in Sooyeon’s frozen heart. She’s warming up to Jungwoo more. And there’s also a crack in her relationship with Harry as his dark side is coming out. We saw her lied to him for the first time and we saw how angry Harry became because of that. So the dynamic is changing. But still, 14 years is quite a long time, Joy is going to have a hard time leaving Harry’s side unless he did something outrageous even if she loves Jungwoo more. My prediction is Harry’s plan is going to backfire on him, he might succeed in avenging his parents’ death but he might lose the love of his life in the process. While Jungwoo, on the other hand, also needs bigger redemption in order to make Sooyeon forgives his past crime and opens up to him. I hope the writer and PD could produce the drama in the way that it would actually make sense and can be justified and not just to please the fans or something like that. Because up until this point, I can not see how Jungwoo and Sooyeon are going to maintain their relationship IF she eventually choose him over Hyung Joon. I don’t think love is the only factor in any relationships. A healthy relationship also requires respect, trust, compromise, understanding, and companionship which I think Jungwoo and Sooyeon haven’t built them up.

Last but not least, let’s list down the mysteries and the revealing at this point.

  • Sooyeon met her omma after 14 years – checked!
  • Sooyeon realized Detective Kim died trying to find her – pending
  • Joy confessed she didn’t want to go back to be Lee Soo Yeon
  • The rapist’s killer revealed – The cleaning lady
  • But did Joy know/witness something else when she went to his apartment that night?
  • Still didn’t know how Nurse Jung aka. Michelle Kim died
  • Still didn’t know if Hyung Joon’s mom is still alive
  • Hwang Mi Ran’s plan involving Harry, Joy, and Director Nam
  • Who are Harry’s mole(s) in police department and in Han’s company?
  • The kidnapping mess, will it be brought up again? Jungwoo made it clear he knew there were something going on back then but he didn’t dig it up because Chairman Han is after all his father
  • When Han Tae Joon would realize who Harry and Joy really are
  • When will Eunjoo get more than 5 minutes screen time 😛

I Miss You Ep1-9 Recap by Sam Times

A Youtuber, Sam Times, reviews K-drama and J-drama on his youtube channel. He also did a recap on I Miss You/Missing You from Episode 1-9. It was just a short review and didn’t contain much spoinler. So enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to his channel 🙂



Thank you Sam! We appreciate it ^^

BTW, at 2:43 “Yoon Eun Hye, Please Marry Me!” LOL

It’s ok, Sam. We get it. Everyone is in love with Eunhye at least once in their lifetime 😀

I Miss You: Episode 9 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 9 Full Recap

The New Era

Before we’re going to dive in, I’d like to make some acknowledgements 🙂

Special Thanks to Yodya onni for the beautiful header banners. As you readers browse through my blog, you might notice different banner on different pages.

And thanks to Santaiah, Vegaspink, JuliengWanzhaf and vzmeiin for the advertisement. I really appreciated that.

Before the English subs came out, I took a tour at other places to fetch some information and read other ideas. One of my favorite places to visit is Koala’s Playground. I may disagree with her sentiments for the most parts regarding I Miss You, I nonetheless appreciate them. She provided different take on the drama… take that sometimes I disagree wholeheartedly. But as the drama reached half-way, I can’t help but agree with her points more and more. Koala was heavily criticized for being bias, but personally, I also think I’m quite bias. All the writers are bias! We approach the topic as subjective, not objective.

Anyway, Koala has her Playground, and Viola has her Castle, so let’s get started.

For such an emotional roller-coaster melodrama, Episode 9 of I Miss You took quite a slow pace compared to its previous ones. The story primarily revolved around only one place which is the police station.


It started with Jungwoo saw Joy in the parking lot through CCTV black box. He was shocked and the tear started running down. He wouldn’t be able to protect her again? But as Jungwoo thought back of what young Sooyeon used to say to him.

“It’s not me. I won’t kill anyone.”

He believed her. But he has to find proof to convince others too.

Jungwoo drove off to a desolate place to collect Joy’s fingerprint from his car. After that, he crashed Harry and Joy’s party. They noticed his arrival and he intentionally walked towards Joy only to walk pass her and greet his dad. Harry followed up and Jungwoo requested to talk to him but Han Tae Joon has had enough, he wanted to talk to Mr. Borrison now.


And so they left. Harry was obviously worried that he left Joy with Jungwoo. He kept looking through the door and couldn’t focus on business. But that’s okay since Harry is always one step ahead of everyone. He just said what Taejoon wanted; he’d withdraw the money slowly and talk to his superior first, then he took off.

Joy greeted the guests around the room while Jungwoo was staring at her. And strangely every time he called “Sooyeon” in his head, she always turned around. Joy, too, kept looking his way as she could feel his stare. Alas when she couldn’t see him, he popped up right in front of her with his arms wide-spread… just like when they were kids. And he asked her if he looked cool. I’m not sure who has thicker skin – Han Jung Woo or Park Yoochun?

Just then, Jungwoo got a text from Detective Joon saying they’re on their way to arrest Joy. Joy also used the distraction to her advantage. She walked off and called Harry but Jungwoo caught up with her and took the phone away. He told her that she’s the prime suspect in Kang Sang Deuk’s murder. This came as a shock to Joy; she almost lost her footing if it’s not for Jungwoo who grabbed her by her shoulder. She mumbled that she didn’t do it and Jungwoo said he knew, but she had to come with him, she has to trust him. And that’s when Jungwoo lost her.


To Sooyeon, Han Jung Woo cannot be trusted. He was never able to keep their promises as they were kids. Their first ever promise was him saying he’d come back to the playground to return her umbrella, and he didn’t. He promised to never pretend he didn’t know her again, and he did. He promised he would give her a present on the first snow, and he didn’t. So to Sooyeon, trusting Jungwoo is impossible. She’s immediately screaming for Harry. And once he showed up, Joy threw herself into his protective arms.



At that moment, Harry’s glare could kill. Harry demanded to know what was going on. The rest of the police station arrived and Jungwoo needed to act. He told Harry that Joy’s phone was used by the rapist prior to his death, so now she’s the main suspect. And Harry asked Joy something that broke Jungwoo’s heart into million pieces.

“Joy, endure it for a while. You trust me, right?”


“I’ll come to get you.”


Jungwoo’s witnessing the bond of 14 years. Harry has built up trust much more concrete than Jungwoo has ever done. It’s clear that Joy can trust Harry with her life but not so with Jungwoo. And I personally think this is the beginning of where Jungwoo finally understand Sooyeon/Joy’s point of view.

But Jungwoo didn’t want other officers to handcuff Sooyeon or see her get hurt, so he dragged her out as she’s still screaming for Harry. The way he snatched her hand off of Harry’s and said “I won’t let you go this time.” made me wonder if it’s jealousy?




When Joy was arrested, Chairman Han witnessed the incident and he must be worried since he’s also involved with Kang Sang Deuk in a way. So back at home, he demanded Director Nam to look into it. Han Tae Joon told Nam straight up to not mess up again. I’m thinking Nam’s end wouldn’t be so nice, he could be cut off from both Harry’s and Han’s sides.

Out of the room, Mi Ran was waiting for him. This man is kinda popular lol. She asked him about the arrangement to meet Harry Borrison. And at this point, I’m starting to wonder what does this subplot have to do with the whole story? It’s a little bugging if it turned out to be nothing.

Anyway, Ah Reum was listening to their conversation on the stair. She’s holding a huge teddy bear Jungwoo gave her. After Nam left, she asked if her mother is too nice or too stupid to trust a two-faced like Nam. (She’s stupid, Ah Reum.) Mi Ran in turn told Ah Reum to get rid of the bear. So it all came down to this. She was afraid Jungwoo is going to take everything away from them. So it’s money all along, huh?

Ah Reum mocked her mom, saying Jungwoo would come back once she divorced their father. Of course, Mi Ran would never divorce a wealthy man. At least, not before she gets a hold of his money. The baby sister was sad because while Sooyeon’s mom is so nice to Jungwoo, her mom treated him like crap.

Talking about Sooyeon’s omma, she’s having a heartburn and asked Eunjoo to call Jungwoo, make sure he’s okay. Is this scene just added so Eunjoo would have another unnecessary random scene? Her role becomes too little, it’s laughable. Anyway, Myunghee called Detective Joon instead, but he said they were a bit busy at that moment.

Back to Jungwoo and Joy, she’s still asking for Harry and wanting to call him but Jungwoo seized her phone. He gave her his coat, saying it has invisible spell on it so if she put it on, she won’t be seen as there were reporters everywhere. Even just for a second, Joy was swayed. Sooyeon used to write in her diary that her dream is to become invisible but she’d only be visible in front of Jungwoo. At first, Joy didn’t want to wear it, but when she heard there were reporters, she gave in.


The cleaning lady showed up and Jungwoo asked her to escort Joy into the station. The reporters won’t care anyone who didn’t come it with police in handcuffs.

The scene inside the station, she didn’t look like Joy anymore, she looked like Sooyeon, fragile and helpless. I love how Yoon Eun Hye can reflect two personalities inside one body so effortless like that. The cleaning ajumma told Joy not to get nervous. People are going to think she’s guilty even if she’s not. She then asked if Joy did kill him but she didn’t wait for her reply. She said if Han Jung Woo said she’s not the killer, then she’s not. Though killing Kang Sang Deuk wouldn’t even be considered a sin in her book. If she’s the mother of the victim, she’d find his killer and treat him with home-cooked meal. After that, she complimented Joy for her beauty. She said it’s the first time she has seen anyone prettier than her daughter.

The monologue made me certain this ajumma must have something to do with the rapist. She said the exact same line as Sooyeon’s mom in the earlier episode. Does this mean she’s also the mother of a victim? And the way she complimented Joy’s beauty, it made me feel like she does know who Joy/Sooyeon is and it’s her beauty of survivor growing up so strong that she complimented.

In the interrogation room, Joy was still so nervous she couldn’t say a thing. I’m guessing she truly didn’t know what she can or cannot say as Joy Lou. She doesn’t want to be recognized as Lee Sooyeon and has all the labels tagged on her again. But it’s one thing to lie to Jungwoo, it’s a whole different thing to lie to the police in recorded investigation. So silence is her best way out.

Jungwoo ran up the stairs and found Harry already waiting for him. Their exchange was a bit awkward since Jungwoo knew that Joy is Sooyeon and knew that she knew the rapist when their car hit him earlier and Harry also knew that Jungwoo knew but he must pretend that he doesn’t know. Oi! Headache!

Anyway, Jungwoo told Harry to call their lawyer (He’s on the way from Hong Kong.) and fill him in on the issue. Harry told Jungwoo that he’s the one responsible for hitting the rapist with his car, Joy didn’t even know him. Of course, we know that’s not true. It’s the first time Harry seemed out of his character. He was really concerned for Joy.

Back in the interrogation, Joy still couldn’t say a thing as the team captain tried to press her. Jungwoo broke into the room and once he saw how scared Sooyeon was, he shouted at his superior that he’d handle it himself. Sooyeon revisited her past and finally found her voice. She asked them why they’re so worried to find the killer. Didn’t they think Kang Sang Deuk deserve to die? (Yes, and I too would treat the killer a meal.) I feel like she’s saying this to Jungwoo personally. Jungwoo hurriedly told her their conversation was being recorded so she shouldn’t say anything like that. But Joy continued to talk. She read in the newspaper that he raped and murdered a young girl. So this rapist was better off death anyway.


Just then Detective Joon called Captain to tell him that Sooyeon’s and Joy’s fingerprint do not match. (I saw “CSI” in that scene! xD)

Cut to worried Harry, he’s leaning his head on his cane. There’s a French carve on it “sauvez-nous, Seigneur Dieu” = “Save us, God”. Foreshadowing. Foreshadowing!


I have always wondered though, is it just a cane?

Back to Joy, Jungwoo told her to write her statement down so she could leave. Sooyeon thought back when he proposed their friendship. Suddenly when Jungwoo asked her if she’s okay, she put down her pen, finally ready to talk to him though he repeated that everything she said was being recorded. Joy asked him that the reason he wanted her to be Sooyeon is because she’d be the culprit he’s looking for and they wouldn’t have to go through troublesome process or even find other evidences, right? That was honestly my impression with the captain and others. They released her after knowing her fingerprint didn’t match with young Sooyeon even though they have all other evidences.

But Jungwoo showed his faith in her. He said that not all the murderer’s daughter or all the people who were assaulted or hurt would kill others. His Sooyeon won’t kill anyone. And here comes the line of the night…

“If I were Lee Soo Yeon, I’d have killed you first.”

“Even if you kill me, I’d still want you to be Soo Yeon.”

Sooyeon was then released as Harry contacted French Embassy and they confirmed that she won’t flee the country. She came out to meet Harry who has been waiting worriedly, Jungwoo trailed close by, watching them. Harry told her “Let’s go home.” And she replied him gladly. The past echoed in Jungwoo’s ears as he remembered their saying the same words but in the end, he was the only one who got to go home.


Both this scene and the earlier scene where Harry asked Joy if she trust him, Joy didn’t look any older than him or any more independent. She looked like a scared kid who needs someone’s support and Harry was there for her all along.

As Harry got up, he noticed Jungwoo watching. But Jungwoo hurriedly looked away. While Joy noticed Myung Hee who brought food to Jungwoo at the station. Joy immediately turned her face aside with her head bowed down, the same way she used to always do as a kid, and Myung Hee seemed to recognize her daughter at once. Their lawyer eventually showed up (You’re late! =_=) and this gave Myung Hee a few more seconds to look at her long-lost child.

After they left, Jungwoo ran after them as Myung Hee fell to the ground.


But Jungwoo didn’t use the in-your-face approach as before. He just watched her from afar and did the erasing memory hand. I’m glad he finally honored and respected her decision that she didn’t want to be Sooyeon. It’s the first time Jungwoo acknowledge “what Joy/Sooyeon wants” and not “what I want”. With their exchange in the interrogation, he came to realization that seeing him also hurt her in a way, so now he’s going to wait for her to come to him. Just like what he said in Episode 8, it didn’t mean she abandoned him, she’s just on her way.

Harry and Joy came back to a mess that is their home. The police were searching for her phone and practically tore up the house. Harry said it’s his entire fault. He should have sent her on the plane to France so she wouldn’t have to be involved in this crap. Joy told Harry she wanted to rest and he called her by her real name.

“Sooyeon-ah… Good night, Joy”

In her room, Joy finally broke down and cried her heart out. She crawled to her bed and covered her head in blanket to suppress the sound cry. Harry was still standing outside her room, listening to her cry helplessly. I think it’s the moment where you just need to let her cry and calm herself down. There’s nothing you can do.

Harry might have done something with Joy’s fingerprint earlier so it didn’t match with young Sooyeon’s, but little did he know, Jungwoo also had Joy’s fingerprint from his car and it was a perfect match with ones he got from Sooyeon’s diary.

He then looked into her hand phone when Myung Hee entered the room and gave him food. She was so out of space after seeing her daughter after 14 years. Jungwoo was eating and all of a sudden pulled Sooyeon’s diary in his coat.

“It’s mine. It’s evidence.”

Jungwoo told omma that if he finds Sooyeon and she pretends she doesn’t know him, he’s going to show her this diary. Then he started to talk about how Sooyeon used to walk backwards so she wouldn’t lose sight of his handsome face (It’s confirmed! Park Yoochun got thicking skin xD) and how during dinner, she kept looking his way. So Sooyeon would definitely come back because she misses him.




This scene is kinda hard for me to recap because it’s such an emotional and tricky scene. Obviously, Jungwoo already found Sooyeon and she already pretended to not know him, but what he said at that moment was his comforting himself. And maybe comforting omma as well.

Next, in his den, Harry was chatting with “a friend.” Look like this friend also knows Joy. Harry said Joy is strong and she’d be okay. They talked about changing fingerprint in advance to lure both the police and Han Jung Woo. Though it’s a bit too late with the latter as Jungwoo already got her fingerprint from his car. Harry was hoping Jungwoo would give up once he knew Joy and Sooyeon’s fingerprint don’t match because he’s getting a little angry. That friend told him not to because Harry is pretty scary when he’s angry. And they also talked about feeding Han Tae Joon to death. Look like someone has a spy!


And of course, Harry carefully deleted their chat history. He later watched CCTV monitors during the time the police searched their house.

Sooyeon’s omma has so many new children. Detective Joon just joined her list. He came to her house to get homemade kimchi. And Kim Myung Hee tactfully extracted information about Joy from him. Once she knew about her address, she quickly left.

Now let’s get back at the main studio of this episode which is the police station. I don’t quite understand about the money wiring maybe I missed something or maybe it’s the lack of translation in certain parts. But anyway, the detectives were having a meeting and Jungwoo got the CCTV footage of the culprit receiving money. The culprit was totally covered with black clothes so we could figure out his/her look but in a picture, we could see a bandage on one wrist… the cleaning lady?

Their team captain started yelling out orders and Jungwoo just wanted to get involved in every process. Well, he’s worried about Sooyeon obviously. But his boss yelled at him to cut it off since Joy is not Sooyeon. So Jungwoo didn’t tell anyone about the fingerprint on his car, huh? He’s probably aware there’s a mole inside as well. He replied to the captain that he’s in love with Joy anyway since she’s so pretty. LOL playah!

Harry paid a visit. Jungwoo brought him to the interrogation room. The opposition between two men is more and more fully-blown. Harry told Jungwoo that Sooyeon went home last night and cried a river, Jungwoo, of course, felt guilty. And Harry admitted he said it to make him felt bad. Did I mention how much I like Harry’s character? But then, Harry reversed and proposed that all three of them become friends. If you do not know, this is actually a basic strategy of making someone do what you want them to do. First, you scare them, showing them you have the upper-hand and they’d lose to you anyway. After successfully proposing the threat, you turn around, giving them leisure opportunity. Your prey would most likely be relieved and take the bait as they don’t want to antagonize you.


Too bad Jungwoo wasn’t quite a prey, he said their being friends is impossible because he is now in love with Joy, even though it’s just one-sided coz she doesn’t like him. Harry was visibly upset. He asked if Jungwoo still thinks Joy is Lee Sooyeon and Jungwoo replied that besides the face, there is nothing else that convinced him otherwise. He also asked Harry to tell him if he found other differences. Harry’s gaze is no longer a friendly one but quite a scary one.

Jungwoo-ah, I have a new nickname for you. You are no longer “Crazy Rabbit” but you are now “Thick-skinned Jungwoo” lol.

Sooyeon’s ommo eventually found her way to Joy’s house and she’s peeking through the mighty metal gate. Joy was on the phone, she’s going outside to find something to eat. As her car reached the gate, she saw her omma.

Myung Hee got to the car, trying to get a good look at Joy as her daughter struggled to hide her face. But once she turned to face her mom, Myunghee recognized her long-lost daughter immediately.



Next episode: Mother-Daughter Reunion!



This episode marked the best acting from all 4 leads thus far. And by the 4 leads, I mean Sooyeon, Jungwoo, Harry, and Sooyeon’s omma.

This is their best performance to date and though the story was a bit slower, I’m glad to see their acting shine. I can’t decide who impressed me more between Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho. Eunhye channeled two characters in one. Joy and Sooyeon are two very different personalities but she can reflect both of them and switched back and forth in different scene. That is remarkable and definitely marked her huge progress as an actress. I’m so proud to be a warrior.

And Yoo Seung Ho! Where do I start? Before the adult cast came out, I was worried sick. I have watched him in his previous drama and he exudes boyish charm, kinda like young teen. And this is not only his first adult role, but also his first evil role, and not to mention the age-gap between him and Eunhye. I was really worried that it might not work out and it’d look like big sister-little brother awkwardly making out. I wouldn’t have to tell you how relieve I am to see the explosive chemistry between them. And all I can say is… Seungho is a man now 😀

Now come to nuna, Seungho-ah!

I love love how he can act through his eyes. Eunhye has that niche ability too but well, I have seen her expressive eyes already, Seungho’s are the new ones xD

I can always tell his expression to his eyes. They are very detailed and not just the simple – fun, sad, happy, angry. They are more detailed – longing, passionate, concerned, amused, love, etc. etc.

Now back to the plot, I mentioned earlier that I started to agree with Miss Koala’s point. It’s about how the writer seemed to drop off what she has started. In the beginning of IMY, there were some sensitive issues I expect to be addressed or at least raised awareness of. So you can see why I’m quite frustrated it didn’t live up to my expectation. I’d be really pissed if the issues like sexual assault or domestic violence are not more properly approached.

I think the story focused too much on Jungwoo. And I’m not saying I don’t understand his pain. I have learned long ago that every pain, big or small, is still hurtful. A friend used to teach me this. Think about a person whose finger got cut and a person who got shot. Though one’s pain is bigger than the other, it doesn’t mean that finger is not bleeding or it doesn’t hurt. So I know Jungwoo is also suffering with his own wounds. But the focus on his character comes with the expenses of other characters. We spent so many scenes and episodes watching him drown in his guilt while not knowing more or learning more about Sooyeon or Hyungjoon. Let’s not talk about Eunjoo coz she’s not a lead in my book as of now.

It’s laughable that people sympathize more with Jungwoo and can easily forgive his sin of leaving Sooyeon with her kidnapper/rapist but they hate Sooyeon when she toyed with Jungwoo’s feeling even to the point that they belittle the pain she went through.

Because in all honesty, the whole story started because of the chain of actions of Jungwoo’s father and Hyungjoon’s mother. Sooyeon is just there in the wrong place at the wrong time. She has nothing to do with their money fraud and is just simply an accidental collateral damage of the whole situation. Yet no one seems to be able to relate to her or just care enough. That’s just failure.

I hope I’d be wrong and the future episodes can restore my faith in this drama.

Episode 10 Recap is coming out tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

I Miss You: Episode 8 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 8 Full Recap


Up till now, Episode 8 of I Miss You is the most impressive one for me, from the acting, the writing, to the details. I indulged myself into every bit of it.

If you have read my last recaps of this drama, you might notice that I really love the details and often make crazy observation regarding those. Some turn out pretty accurate, while others just simply my imagination gone wild.

With episode 8, it marked I Miss You journey to over 1/3 of its way. The main plots are evolving into their paths. The characters are falling into their places. And there are just many things yet to be revealed.

Let’s get started!

(As usual, my comments regarding each and every scene are simply for that specific moment and not to the drama or the episode as a whole.)


After finding out Joy is actually Sooyeon, Jungwoo determined to win her over once again. He went to see her with the yellow umbrella. It was clear he was trying to impress her. Noticing how he’s joggling the umbrella in his hand to get her attention? It’s like Jungwoo was trying to say “Look! Look! I still keep it!”

It was now Jungwoo’s turn to troll. He used Joy’s earlier teases against her. He told her that instead of being secret friends, they should become secret lovers and pulled her closer. I think he’s trying to hug her here but Joy pushed him off, telling him to cut off his prank. But to Jungwoo, isn’t she’s the one pranking him? Pretending she’s not Sooyeon to hurt him. He said she sounded like Sooyeon, so she shouldn’t say no more and grabbed her by her shoulders to his car.

Harry was watching from his car, flabbergasted. He got out of his car to follow them but his leg suddenly pierced through. Harry, darling, didn’t you have a car? >_>


On a side note, did he hurt his leg when he almost hit Han Tae Joon with his bike?

Since their first promise was to go to Han River Café, they have to be together until night fall. Jungwoo said it’s his first date so he didn’t know where to go. Even though desperate to make her admit she’s Lee Sooyeon, Jungwoo still didn’t want to push her too hard. He’s been waiting for Sooyeon for 14 years, so there are just so many things he always wanted to do on their dates. Hearing him describing all these was a bit too much for Joy, so she turned aside. And here comes my favorite line from Episode 1.

“You think hiding your face is everything? You think getting mad is everything?” but instead of calling Lee Soo Yeon, he called “Joy.”

[Quick note: For those confusing soul, Sooyeon’s new name is indeed “Joy” but with Korean pronunciation, it sounds more like “Zoe” and so was romanized that way.]

Jungwoo brought Joy to Myung Hee’s restaurant. It’s the place he wanted to have first date. (More like he’s wanting her to meet her mom to me.) Joy was visibly uneasy but she put on poker face and told him she got another place in mind. They drove off.

Back at Harry in the car, he saw Director Nam pulled off at Belluz to meet Mi Ran. There’s a smirk on his lips. You’re thinking of something mischievous, don’t you, Harry?

Joy tried to troll Jungwoo by bringing him to an expensive restaurant and ordered $700 wine. She said this wine is called “Crazy Head”. Luckily, Jungwoo is not easily disrupted, he’s glad he has such a great secret lover picking wine specially for him. Joy then said she wanted to go shopping in Hong Kong. And Jungwoo countered this by grabbing her hand.

“I’m ok with going anywhere. Just don’t let go of my hand. So I wouldn’t lose sight of you.”

Tomorrow, he’d go to Hong Kong with her. But today, she must go to the playground with him. He wanted to play seesaw coz it’s something you can’t play by yourself.


Up to this point, I’m a bit taken aback by Jungwoo’s continuous think-skinned-ness and I’m not sure if I’d like it if I were Joy. He’s trying to shove everything back to her face when she obviously didn’t want to. And he keeps saying “I might really lose it” which is a big turn-off for me. Why is this all about him? It’s kind like a tough love here.

Joy eventually pulled her hand back and Jungwoo got angry, remembering how their hands were parted during the kidnap and Joy gave him what he deserved… a slap. Jungwoo thought he deserved that too and admitted he felt better that she hit him. So it’s better that she still has feelings for him even though it’s anger than ignoring him at all? Joy said what I feel like something she kept to herself for a long time.

“I should have never involved myself with you.”

Did she say it as Sooyeon or as Joy? Maybe both. And she looked somewhat regret doing and saying what she just did. Jungwoo then drove her back to her car.

The parting wasn’t very nice.

Jungwoo then confronted his stepmom and warned her to not bother Joy again. Mi Ran seemed surprised, she thought Joy would go to a lawyer instead of a police. But then she noticed the way Jungwoo regarded Joy, it’s clear to her Jungwoo knew this woman. Actually the way he said it, it’s like he’s saying “Stay away from my woman.”

In her car, Joy called Harry and realized he’s injured his leg. It’s a calling game now. Joy called Harry. Jungwoo called Joy. Harry called Jungwoo. Harry once again put Jungwoo down by telling him Joy was with him when he called Joy earlier and she didn’t pick up. Jungwoo asked to meet Harry.

Looks like Ah Reum spent the money she got from her mom buying Jungwoo stuff. I find it a bit effy she called Eunjoo “sunbae” instead of “onni”. Anyway, Jungwoo and Myunghee came back home. It’s the happy family scene again. It’s light-hearted for sure but it’s not my favorite scene. Omma and Jungwoo were dancing, Ah Reum laughed her head off while Eunjoo covering her eyes in embarrassment.

The next scene where Harry introduced Joy to Dr. Choi was also disturbing to me. He’s so cocky here and immature like a boy. He said Joy is not pretty anymore coz she didn’t listen to him lately. Doesn’t it strike you as a sugar daddy godfather telling his woman to behave? Dr. Choi prohibited him from riding the bike. Harry is not allowed to make his muscles tense. So this means his leg is really crippled and he’s not just pretending to be hobble. Another mystery solved!


Harry asked Joy about her confrontation with Hwang Mi Ran. One thing I really like is Harry always tries to please her by acting like an idiot. It’s respect in a form. He knew she didn’t see Mi Ran coz Jungwoo got in the way but he’s willing to let her lie to him if she wants. But Joy doesn’t want to. She bluntly told Harry she went with Jungwoo instead.

Joy thinks she made a mistake, getting herself involved with Jungwoo who still remember ever detail about Lee Soo Yeon. Though she believed it was guilt. (I believe so too.) She wanted to torture Jungwoo, but in the end, she still suffers. And after coming back to Seoul and seeing everyone moved on, she wished Sooyeon, who has been through nothing but suffer, stayed dead forever. It’s the part of her life that she didn’t want to remember or even acknowledge as a part of her. To Sooyeon, if it’s not because of Hyungjoon, she’d have been dead since 14 years ago since no one was looking for her.

After coming clean with Harry, Joy told him that after their party, she’d leave to France first. Harry must be so delighted to hear this. But I doubt if it’s possible.

Back to Jungwoo, late at night, he picked up his laundry and got into his room. There are clothespins in his hair. Can I just jay Yoochun is super cute? xD  Ah Reum waited for him in the room. She’s sleeping here tonight. Ahreum told him that Taejoon’s illegitimate son appeared and her mom is going to divorce her dad. Ahreum pretended to cry. I thought Jungwoo would console her but he already saw through it and ignored her tantrum. He proceeded to ask Ahreum for a woman’s point of view. Sooyeon must have hated him and talked to him rudely, right? Ah Ruem looked upset with the questions, but when Jungwoo asked if it’s her, she immediately said she’d want revenge. This somehow made Jungwoo happy. Jungwoo-ah, are you turning into a masochist? I guess anger or hatred is better than nonchalance after all.

Eunjoo butted in and told Ah Reum to leave. She told Jungwoo that she also knew Sooyeon and Joy is definitely not Sooyeon. She added that it’s ok for him to date other women but he shouldn’t mistake them for Sooyeon. It’s unfair to both sides. Eunjoo! You just regain my respect!

The next morning, Jungwoo tried to squeeze some information from his co-worker. The number Kang Sang Deuk used to call Jungwoo earlier was from France. Detective Joon talked about the names – Michelle, Harry, Joy – they all come from France. And Jungwoo remembered that Joy told him she lost her phone.

The cleaning lady showed up again. She pulled Jungwoo aside to give him some information. These two are great partners hahaha. She heard that the rapist used tetrodotoxin. So this is the name of the white dust in Sang Deuk’s room.

Speaking of the devil! Kidnapper#1 Kang Sang Chul came to the station to testify. Once he saw Jungwoo, he’s yelling and screaming that Jungwoo is his brother’s murderer. Jungwoo almost lost his temper but his hyung and the cleaning ajumma console him. They told him to hold it in.

“Words coming from an inhuman kind, don’t even listen to it.”

This further confirmed my suspicion that the cleaning lady may have something to do with these Kang brothers.


But Jungwoo lost it when the kidnapper said that if it’s not Jungwoo who killed his brother, then it must be Sooyeon. Jungwoo threatened him to never call Sooyeon name again. In the earlier episode, while beating up Jungwoo, Sang Deuk admitted that someone made him confessed of killing Sooyeon even though she’s alive. And Jungwoo now told Sang Chul that he most definitely would find that person. Just wait for him.

From the confrontation in episode 5, the confrontation between Jungwoo and the kidnapper in this episode was a lot better acted. I’m glad to see Park Yoochun picked up his game. But the actor who played Sang Chul distracted me. His facial expression was just… bleh.

The man Jungwoo is looking for is no one but his own father. Han Tae Joon is still as frigid as ever. Mi Ran tried to talk to him about Ah Reum but he just gave her a cold shoulder. And when his new Secretary Yoon came in, he told her to leave. Mi Ran eavesdropped their conversation. Looks like Chairman Han is trying to get investment from Boutique H, a renowned investment company in Europe and US. And they just found out that the head director of Boutique H is none other than Harry Borrison, the VIP at their bank. Chairman immediately asked for Director Nam whom he sent to negotiate with Harry earlier.

Director Nam did what all the blackmailers do. He asked Harry for more money. However, besides Sooyeon/Joy, nothing can ruffle Harry. Nam has mistaken a grown man for a scared young boy of 14 years ago. He forgot that he is now dealing with a shrewd head director of a billions-dollar company. Harry already expected this and refused to just give Nam the money.

“If you feed the dog too much, it will only get fatter. You need to have the dog exercised.”

Harry told Nam to get the record of Han Tae Joon’s fund for him. Just that moment, Tae Joon called him and told him to arrange a meeting for him and Harry. So Director Nam is still useful after all. One more thing, Hwang Mi Ran is also looking for him. And Harry found this interesting as it’s not part of his plan. I really like this character. You gotta play the game in order to win the game. Can I have him?

Cut to Sooyeon shopping for Harry. I want to make a confession. I thought the pink sweater from Ep6 wasn’t very complimenting to Yoon Eun Hye but damn, she looks so fine in this blue sweater.


Joy is buying a suit for Harry. Jungwoo showed up again and offered to be a model for her. He put on the suit but she just ignored him. Jungwoo’s expression was hurtful. Told ya, any feelings is better than being completely ignored. Joy found the suit she liked and took a picture of it for Harry. Seeing her talking happily over the phone with another guy while he’s standing right in front of her must be a bit too much for Jungwoo, he eventually left the shop. And Joy looked left and right for him.

Turn out he wasn’t going very far, waiting for her in front of the shop. Jung woo wanted to ask her about her phone but Joy just ignored him and drove off. He followed her and even texted her but she still ignored him. Eventually, Jungwoo caught her for speed driving. He asked her about her lost phone. I’m not sure if Joy aware that her phone was stolen by the rapist. When Jungwoo got distracted by a text in his phone, she then drove off again.

As she reached home and got into the elevator, Jungwoo caught up with her again. Joy thought he followed her home but Jungwoo showed her the text Harry sent. Harry told Joy he only wanted to talk to Jungwoo and the two men confronted. It’s a showdown!

I don’t know why but I just love it when men banter over a girl xD

Jungwoo asked Harry what he’d like to get to first, public or private issue. Harry told him he’d prefer the shorter one first. And Jungwoo asked him about the accident which was caught by the CCTV. A cunning man he is, Harry knew Jungwoo must have seen Joy freaked out at the scene, so he made up the story that they were in a car accident when they were kids. And he perfectly recited what Joy told Jungwoo earlier how they were both adopted when they were very young. I don’t know what I should think about the scene and I’m not sure what the writer wanted us to think. Should it be suspicious that they said the exact same thing? Or is it creepy? Maybe it’s a sign of deep bond between Joy and Harry? I’m not sure what to think and I’m also not sure what is Jungwoo’s take on it. But Harry thinks it’s a proof that they share many things in common.


And let’s talk about the acting for a moment. Doesn’t it creep you out how Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho sound EXACTLY the same when they say those lines? I got a little goose bump when I heard their perfect sync.

Jungwoo moved on to the personal issue. He frankly told Harry that Joy and Sooyeon must be the same person coz they too share many things in common. Even though she denied it, he knew she’s Sooyeon. Harry was pushed to the edge by Jungwoo’s persistence and he suggested they go for DNA test. Joy showed up behind the boys and said that if Harry wanted her to do, she would. She can do anything for Harry.

This is my most favorite scene of the episode. What Joy said was what Sooyeon wanted to say. It also revealed that she hold Harry as her savior. Because when Jungwoo abandoned her in the life-and-death situation, leaving her with her rapist, Harry hold on to her. People said that Jungwoo was just a 15-year-old kid, there’s nothing he can do. I agree. But let’s not forget that Hyungjoon, too, was a kid. He was just 10-11 years old at that time. And when Nurse Jung threatened to leave them, he wittingly told her off. And he did show that he would never leave without Sooyeon.

She told Jungwoo that there was a car accident when they were young. She was totally out of her senses, not even knew that she’s hurt. Harry held her hand and shouted to wake her up, telling her that if she didn’t go, he wouldn’t go either. And his voice is what she can vividly remember. She then repeated what Hyungjoon used to tell Sooyeon when they were kids.

“If she doesn’t come even if you wait, that means she abandons you.”

Harry and Joy tried to bluff Jungwoo. And it’s clear to the viewers that Jungwoo would lose either way. If he didn’t go for DNA test, he wouldn’t have a substantial proof that Joy is Sooyeon. But if he agreed for it, he’d lose Joy/Sooyeon’s respect. And Jungwoo saw through it. He’s willing to take a step back and honour her decision. And this. This is where I have a new-found respect for Jungwoo and finally got caught between two ships instead of solidly rooting for Harry from the start.

He reminded her that he’s a detective who has access to this kind of scientific test. So if he wanted to test her DNA, he could have already done it with or without her consent. He has been waiting for 14 years, so it’s ok to just wait some more. And he countered her earlier quote with…

“If she doesn’t come even if I wait, that doesn’t mean she abandons me. It means she is on her way.”

I think he said this for Sooyeon too. He didn’t abandon her back then, he was just on his way back to her.

This scene left everyone hurt in the process. Jungwoo was hurt because Sooyeon was so assertive to not acknowledge him. Sooyeon was hurt because of the past and the confusion with her own feelings. And Hyungjoon was hurt because he also knew she still has feelings for Jungwoo and could lose the love of his life.

On a lighter note, I’m in love with Yoon Eunhye’s lipstick in this scene. Anyone knew the code number of this colour? xD

In the parking lot, Jungwoo listened to his co-workers’ talk about the CCTV of KSD’s apartment. They should have the face of the culprit caught on the black box. Detective Joon joked about Sooyeon being the murderer since according to Jungwoo, Sooyeon is still alive. He made fun of their will-won’t game. “The culprit. It’s Sooyeon. It’s not Sooyeon. It’s Sooyeon. It’s not Sooyeon”

Jungwoo decided to make his presence known and the other two detectives quickly fled, leaving Joon-hyung behind. And once Joon saw Jungwoo, he cowardly ran to hide behind a pillar. Is it weird that I find Detective Joon hot? I have a soft spot for a guy with humor. Hehehe.

Jungwoo asked Joon to help him get into the investigation team.

Next day, Joon begged their team leader to accept Jungwoo to the team. But he sternly denied. However, when he saw Jungwoo sadly walked in, he gave in, yelling them to follow him. It was all an act from Jungwoo and Joon. And it worked! Their celebratory dance made me lol-ed.

The investigation so far has the assumption that the culprit is female because she used electric taser and poison to subdue the rapist instead of overpowering him like a man would do. Also Jungwoo added that the footprint appears dragging because the culprit wore the shoes bigger than her feet. The shoes that the killer wore were actually Sang Deuk’s. So you made Sooyeon’s omma wore your shoes for a reason after all. Good job, Detective Han.

Joon must be a fan of mystery comics. He made an observation that the culprit must held grudges against KSD to kill him with dry ice.

Now take another peak at Chairman Han who has arranged a meeting with Harry. He’s waiting at a restaurant for Harry who hasn’t shown up. How come only the boys got to troll in this episode? Harry called the waiting party to cancel the meeting as his leg got injured. Well, his leg is really injured but he’s actually not going because he’s playing pool. I love how cold Harry is regarding the man who presumably killed his mother. He left Han Tae Joon hanging, waiting for him, and then invited him for a party. The sound of pool balls can be heard over the phone. Tae Joon agreed to go to the party to see the face of the man who dare challenge him.


Now back to Jungwoo, the Police Inspector wasn’t very happy that Jungwoo joined the investigation of KSD. Media eyes are on this case, and Chairman Han’s eyes also. Their team leader said he’d take responsibility if anything should happen. After the Inspect left, another detective came in. they found out that dry ice was ordered online and delivered to Kang Sang Deuk as the receiver by… Kim Myung Hee, Sooyeon’s mom.

Jungwoo got mad and Joon was sent to their home to question Myung Hee. She sarcastically said she did kill KSD coz she hated that man so much. She killed him thousand, ten-thousand times. She then asked about Jungwoo, worried that he might be doing something stupid when he knew her name came up. Myunghee wanted to go to Jungwoo but Joon held her back. Myunghee screamed that Jungwoo is her son. He is her son now. And if anything should happen to him, she won’t be able to live anymore. She survived losing her daughter, but she couldn’t bear losing another child.

Jungwoo went back to KSD’s apartment to get the black box. And he saw Joy in the CCTV footage. Jungwoo hurriedly closed his laptop in shock. So Joy went to see KSD, but is she the culprit?


There is a secret room behind the wall in Harry’s room. Hooray to Yodya onni! You have a keen eye! Harry was looking at his mom’s necklace which holds the key to their fortune. If one looks carefully, you can see a newspaper report on the wall… about Sooyeon’s death.

Joy called him from the outside. He locked the door so she won’t know when he’s in the secret room. After the wall slid shut, he let Joy in. she wanted him to pick the shoes for her. (Red ones!) Since this will be the last day in Seoul for Joy, Harry wanted to give her a present. He gave her the key necklace and attempted to kiss her. It looks like Joy tried to reciprocate the feelings but she backed out in the last minute. Awkward. Harry seemed hurt but he still said it’s okay. He can wait for her.


In the party, Harry is rocking a James Bond look. Han Tae Joon arrived at the party and realized he was played. Harry Borrison was the boy who almost hit him with the bicycle earlier. They officially introduced themselves. I noticed Harry has the habit of stomping his cane to get attention. He’s been doing that since Ep5.

Next we see Joy putting on a sock for Harry. He glanced over the key necklace she’s wearing. (Or is he glancing at her cleavage? XDDD Pervert Harry!) Looks like Harry is using Joy, he told her to turn her head to Chairman Han’s direction and he’s enjoying himself when Han Tae Joon quickly avert his eyes. Joy asked who he is. And Harry asked her if she wanted him to give Taejoon a hard time for staring at Joy. Joy said it’s okay, she’s not scared of Taejoon. But if she got really scared, she’d tell him. Ahhh it’s foreshadowing all over again. Jungwoo used to say if he got really scared, he’d pretend he didn’t know Sooyeon. And he did. What’s gonna happen now?

Back to the police station, they finally got the name of the owner of the phone KSD used. It’s Joy Lou. Joon recognized the name and immediately called Jungwoo.


Take note! The officer said the last outgoing call made from Joy’s stolen phone was at Harry’s house. So unless Joy went into the rapist’s room and got her phone back before disposing it, my suspect of the murder is back to Harry now.

The police are a bit too late. Jungwoo is already crashing Harry and Joy’s party. There’s a voice flashback where Sooyeon said she’s not a murderer and she would kill no one. And Jungwoo replied that he knew. He really knew.

End of Episode 8.




Confession: I didn’t want to admit this at first, but I think Han Jung Woo is quite a self-ish character. Maybe it’s because the story is mainly told from his point of view who is the least of the victim among all 3 leads. So I can see why audiences can relate to him the most, but that doesn’t make his character any less selfish. Sooyeon was abused and sexually assaulted, Hyungjoon was hunted to death and now he’s crippled because of that, Jungwoo was kidnapped and was later drowned in his guilt. But still, Hyunjoong and Sooyeon only have one another while Jungwoo has many people who love and care for him. However, with Jungwoo, it’s always about finding Sooyeon and get rid of his feeling of guilt instead of honoring and trying to redeem himself with her. That part is where I feel off with him and start rooting for Harry who has always been there for Joy/Sooyeon through thick and thin.

Anyway, with this episode, I was so glad I have a new-found respect for Jungwoo. At the beginning, I was torn coz he’s not only trying to get her to admit she’s Sooyeon without her consent, he’s also trying to shove himself to her face. But the conversation he has with Harry really makes me fall for him. It’s obvious Harry and Joy were trying to bluff him or at least make him feel guilty enough to back off. But Jungwoo, instead of grabbing the chance to get scientific proof of her identity, he stepped back and waited for her to be ready.

“If I wait and she didn’t come, it doesn’t mean she abandon me. It means she’s on her way.”

This is the line of the day for me.


There are a lot of revealing moments in this episode. One major issue is the relationships between the 3 leads.

First, Joy and Harry. The dynamic between is not very healthy here. Though I think Joy does love Harry, her feeling for him is not romantic love, it’s more like companionship. She saw herself in him. They only have each other in this cruel world. And her living condition is significantly improved after she met him. The most important thing is Joy thinks of Harry as her hero. He reached out for her in the darkest of time, when her life was on the line. So I don’t blame her that she’s so dependent on him now. The only thing is… she looked up to him instead of looking at him as equal. For Joy, it’s her who depends on him while Harry might not need her. So the balance if their relationship is a bit off.

I think Harry might have something to do with that. He obviously spoiled her, allowing her to do and say what she wanted to. Remember he’s willing to turn his blindside to Joy when she went out with Jungwoo, but it’s Joy who admitted it herself. However, he didn’t quite let Joy know that he, too, needs her and depends on her. She’s also the only light in his darkness. The only one who showed kindness to him even when she didn’t know who he is. If he lets her a little bit looser, it might be better for both of them.

But talking about the actors, isn’t the chemistry between Eunhye and Seungho just blowing your mind? Props to both actors for making the age gap seems like nothing.

The almost kiss scene was a big bummer to me. I got butterfly in my stomach as Seungho bent in and when Eunhye turned away, I was like… 


Now move on to Jungwoo and Sooyeon, I also think the relationship is not any healthier. Harry has the habit of stomping his cane. Joy has the habit of touching Harry’s shoulder. Jungwoo has inherited the habit of Sooyeon’s – feet-fidget, riding swing, wearing clothespin, etc. His feelings for Sooyeon may start from mutual attraction and was strengthened by guilt, but now it becomes what I couldn’t call anything but obsession. I think if Jungwoo is the main protagonist, the writer has to work hard to make him more heroic, make him redeem himself to Sooyeon, and also make Harry really evil. Because as of now, Harry is an anti-hero that everyone still loves.

Speaking of which, I think Sooyeon is the most complex character and Yoon Eunhye did an amazing job acting as Joy and Sooyeon. It’s like there are 2 different persons in one body. It also seems like she did her homework pretty well in portraying rape victim. I wish they wouldn’t belittle her problem though. I feel like domestic violence, bullying, and sexual assault are issues that society always buries under the ground when it’s actually supposed to be addressed. I hope they find a way to raise awareness for this.

Back to Jungwoo and Sooyeon, there is definitely some romantic tension between them. Joy is always bubbly and comfortable around Harry while Sooyeon is always frustrated and explosive with Jungwoo. And Jungwoo obviously has feelings for her. He always looked upset when Harry and Joy are together. So I think we don’t need to worry that they might not be attracted to each other. It’s how they’re going to maintain their relationship is the part I’m anxious about.

So now we’re marking the milestone of I Miss You as it reached one third of its way. There are mysteries yet to be uncovered.

  • The main plot thus far – Who killed Kang Sang Deuk? The suspects are Harry, Joy, Sooyeon’s mom, Eunjoo, Han Tae Joon, the cleaning lady? I’m putting my money on Harry as of now.
  • How did Nurse Jung Hye Mi aka. Michelle Kim die?
  • Is Hyung Joon’s mom really dead?
  • Harry’s ongoing revenge on Han Tae Joon
  • The relationship between Sooyeon, Jungwoo, and her mom

Feel free to shout out your thoughts in the comment box below.

I Miss You: Episode 7 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 7 Full Recap

What a Tease!

We started where we have left. Harry watched Jungwoo and Joy through his CCTV monitor. Jungwoo asked Joy to call his name while he turned around, covering his eyes. Joy looked at his back and called his name a few times. Finally, her longing prevailed and she called him the way she used to. A tear dropped from Jungwoo’s eye. But the longing disappeared as soon as it came. Joy remembered how Jungwoo left her with the kidnappers and ran for his life and also remembered what Hyungjoon told her that no one was looking for her. She snapped back and pretended she didn’t know Lee Soo Yeon.

“Detective Han, would that be enough?” a fake smile slapped on her mouth. Joy told him that since it’s the day he bid farewell to his friend. Just for today, she’s going to be his friend (Sooyeon) and invited him for a drink.

They went to a street vendor where Joy drank Soju and Jungwoo drank… water. Joy looked bright while Jungwoo looked grim. Since it’s Joy’s first time back to Korea, this is the first time she got to drink Soju. She said it’s sweet and asked Jungwoo to pour her another glass. She asked if he’s not going to drink with her. Jungwoo answered that if he drinks even one glass, they must go to norahbang. He proceeded to ask if she sings well, which songs she likes, what her favorite song is, why and since when she likes it. Even if he’s still in doubt, Jungwoo seems to treat Joy as Sooyeon nonetheless. He wanted to know more about her. Or maybe… he wanted to know if she still likes the song “Magic Castle”. (Thanks to LuoYiChen, I’m enlightened :D)

Joy asked if she looks like his Sooyeon. Jungwoo didn’t answer. Joy asked him to pour her another glass, telling him he won’t know if she’s drunk she might confess. She might be Sooyeon after all. The tease is killing me. Jungwoo went along. He said she looks like Sooyeon, sounds like Sooyeon, and even laughs like Sooyeon. The little details got to Joy. She asked why he split up with her if he liked her this much. This is not a question from Joy but rather Sooyeon subtly asking him why he left her.

We cut to see Kidnapper#1 came out of his dongsaeng’s room. The rapist is dead and police are investigating. Kidnapper told everyone it must be Jungwoo who killed him. Jungwoo’s partner tried to call him but he didn’t answer the phone, even Sooyeon’s mom and Eunjoo couldn’t reach him.

Back to the street vendor, Jungwoo still continued his questioning. Joy told him that she and Harry were adopted and she can’t remember anything or how old she is. After her answer, Joy pestered him about her earlier question. Jungwoo said he is always the fastest, whether it be chasing or running away. Joy asked if he’s good at fighting. She’s envious of his future girlfriend coz he’s going to protect her no matter what. The subtle context is back when they were young; he couldn’t protect her and chose to run away. But now that he’s capable of protecting someone, she’s no longer at his side. Joy thought about the coward Jungwoo who is now a homicide detective and laughed to herself. The scene felt like a high school reunion.

After their drink, Jungwoo drove her back home. Joy opened the window to feel the wind and Jungwoo took a glance at her. They drove past Han River Café. Joy wanted to go there but Jungwoo said it’s already late.

At home, Harry was cleaning the broken glass Joy left earlier. He saw from the CCTV monitor that Joy was back. Joy asked Jungwoo to go to Han Café with her later and she kept teasing him about Sooyeon. Jungwoo ignored her and started walking away. Trying to get his attention, she finally used the secret friends card. Back then Sooyeon asked them to be secret friends, so Jungwoo won’t get bullied with her. And Jungwoo’s answer is still the same. He doesn’t want to be anything secret. Her next card is “All I need is just one friend.” This got Jungwoo’s attention, he turned around she told him to not tell anyone about today. Yep, she’s definitely trolling. Jungwoo looked pissed, he shouted “Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?” But then he got a call… the rapist is dead.

In the house, Harry was riding a bike around the living room. Since Michelle Kim died in the swimming pool, he had to ride the bike instead to keep himself strong in order to protect Sooyeon. He feigned being nonchalant here, talking about this and that until Joy admitted she went to see Han Jung Woo. This distracted Harry and sent him landing on the floor. Joy rushed to his side and he proposed a marriage to her. Harry was threatened by Jungwoo and felt the urge to make a move. Joy said it’s too sudden but Harry said it’s not. He’s been feeling like this since he was 18. He asked if she has other man to marry besides him. Why do I find Seungho so hot when he’s jealous? >.<

Seeing her taken aback, he then changed it to an engagement proposal. It seems like Joy is aware that Harry was insecure about her meeting Jungwoo. She told him it’s not because she likes Jungwoo but because she wanted to torment him. Harry told her she is Joy, not Lee Sooyeon. And for the first time, he called her by her real name. Joy kept saying sorry as Harry placed his head on her shoulder. Joy told him she’s so angry and Harry shed tears. I felt so heartbroken for Hyungjoon, he’s been waiting for her all this time. Though I know Joy doesn’t love Harry the way he loves her, I don’t think she can really leave him even though she loves Jungwoo. They’ve been through too many things together and she would feel guilty to leave him. There must be something drastic happened in order for Joy to walked from him.

Jungwoo came running to the rapist’s room and tried to wake the dead man up, yelling “Where is Sooyeon?” He was dragged out. And later when his partner was briefing the case (the cause of death was exposure to dry ice, all his body’s fluids are frozen – what a cold way to die…), Jungwoo broke in just to be scolded and dragged out for the second time. Jungwoo was illegible to work on the case since he’s a person of interest.

Jungwoo was going crazy, his hyung tried to calm him down. Another cop came in, he’s their team manager and a hoobae of Detective Kim. He said he’s ashamed every time he sees Jungwoo, that’s why he couldn’t bring himself to scold Jungwoo. He asked Jungwoo to trust him. Maybe I’m a bitter bitch, but I felt it’s just unfair how Jungwoo has so many people who love and care for him while Sooyeon has only Hyungjoon. I still couldn’t forget how Jungwoo abandoned Sooyeon, so seeing this kinda make me think he hasn’t made enough redemption. He hasn’t suffered enough =.=  Bad me!

Jungwoo walked out of the station as his hyung trailed behind, trying to cheer him up. They walked past the cleaning lady. Again, I think she must be important. And her daughter that no one has ever seen. Does the girl even exist? Maybe her daughter was a victim of KSD? My imagination gone wild.

The maid was eating leftover food. Jungwoo stopped her, he said he’s gonna buy her whatever she wanted to eat. Her wrist still hurt, by the way. What has she been doing exactly? The maid noticed he’s down and told him she knew everything that is going on in the station. He could just ask her. You can almost see a light bulb popped up above Jungwoo’s head. They high-five.

You know, in Thailand, we have a saying that in Thai drama, the maids know everything. I guess it’s also true in K-drama LOL

It turns out that the Police Inspector is Han Taejoon’s spy. They rode on the same car and stopped at his company. As Chairman Han stepped out of the car, he was almost knocked down by a boy on his bike. It was Harry.

Harry is playing with fire here. Look like he’s trying to exact a revenge on Han Tae Joon.

Joy was using laptop browsing the news of Sooyeon’s death. Then she received an email from Mi Ran, the stepmom. She sent Joy the pictures of her and Harry in Jeju and threatened Joy to visit her store. It’s similar to how Director Nam tried to blackmail Harry, I also believe Joy is not someone who would fall victim. At least not after the incident. Remember how she slapped the whining designer? Once you cross her, I don’t think there’s a way to turn it back.

Jungwoo’s partner has a name! it’s Detective Joon. Jungwoo tried to hack into his computer. The password? “Luxury Detective Joon”. Lame. But his hyung changed his password after Jungwoo was dropped off the case. However, the new password wasn’t any better. It’s “Luxury Luxury Detective Joon”. Double lame. He’s copying files from Joon’s computer. The cleaning lady came in, they are tag team now ^o^  But she wasn’t very helpful, only telling him what he already knew. The only useful information she got is about the footprints at the scene.

Jungwoo looked further but a few cops came in, so he got up and walked out… to meet Sooyeon.

Can I just say Yoon Eun Hye is absolutely hot in this episode? I mean I think she’s already pretty in the drama but especially this episode, she’s stunning.

They went to talk as Joon watched from afar. Sooyeon still had the habit of fidgeting her feet. The habit Jungwoo inherited. I wonder if Joy got surgery on the scar on her foot as well. It’d be another tell-tale for Jungwoo to make sure she’s really Sooyeon.

They sat far apart on the bench. Joy told him to move closer but he told her to just say her business. But once she mentioned a threat mail, Jungwoo just fast-slide to her side. I’m loving this little moment xD

She showed him the pictures of her and Harry. It’s obvious she’s trying to make him jealous and it worked. Jungwoo was visibly upset by this. And a little smirk on her lips said Joy liked it. Jungwoo wanted to pass the case to other cop but Joy wanted him to settle it down. So she pulled out the printed email. Jungwoo realized it’s his stepmom. He told her he’s going to contact her later and Joy wrote her phone number on his hand. Jungwoo was fluttered seeing her up close. His reaction reminded me of when young Jungwoo got his first kiss from the sleeping Sooyeon.

As Detective Joon watched them, Eunjoo joined him. Joon asked if Joy looked like Sooyeon to Eunjoo. I think Eunjoo felt threatened here and she had to make her presence known. She stepped in. Eunjoo gave Jungwoo the food from the restaurant Sooyeon’s mom been working. The mention of her mom and the appearance of Eunjoo affected Joy. She looked disturbed knowing they all live together and both children refer to her mom as their own mother.

There is something that has been implied since episode 5 but I felt obvious here is how Eunjoo tried to imitate young Sooyeon. In episode 5, she used the clothespin to clip her hair. And here, she said Jungwoo is her only friend. I thought the young Eunjoo was adorable but the adult Eunjoo is too annoying to me. I expected she would want to find Sooyeon as well but instead, she felt threatened by the thought and didn’t want him to find Sooyeon.

Frustrated, Joy got up and left. She tried to get back at him again by saying Harry would be mad if she stayed too long here and mentioned that they went to the food stall the other day. Detective Joon was delighted to hear this coz it means Jungwoo has an alibi. Joy left and Jungwoo ran after her. He missed her but she texted him to meet her at Han River Café later.

It’s Hyungjoon’s turn to troll. He wanted to withdraw his money from Han Tae Joon’s bank for 5 billion won. The big amount exceeds the bank’s limit so they sent the issue to the Chairman’s office. Ah Reum was with her father. She’s trying to create a bond here with this heartless dad. After being informed of the problem, Director Nam was sent to negotiate.

He wanted to take Hyungjoon to a VIP room for some privacy, but as he’s trolling, Harry rejected. He said he’s doing what Director Nam wanted, giving him the money. The talk between them proved my point in last episode’s recap. Nam was loyal to no one, he simply wanted money. And Harry is not a man who would fall victim. He warned Director Nam that he might be the first one who gets caught by Han Tae Joon, not Harry. As they talked, Ah Reum saw them and recognized Harry.

Joy went to the restaurant her mother was working. Aww she missed her omma. Joy sat down at a table and just watched her mom worked. A customer asked her to turn on TV. News of the rapist’s death came on, together with Sooyeon’s supposed death. Joy was hurt by how unaffected and indifferent her mother seemed at the news of her death. And she felt betrayed even more hearing her mother referred to Eunjoo as “my daughter”. So she left without eating the food. It appears to her that everyone is doing well without her, even her own mother. Joy called Harry immediately. I guess she feels like he’s the only one who really waits for her, cares for her, and needs her.

However, Joy’s reaction to the news, along with her reaction by the end of last episode make me believe that she already knew he is dead. If you re-watch the end of last episode, Joy came back home with trembling hands. If she’s not the killer (and I’m pretty sure she’s not), she must have seen something at least. And now upon hearing the news, she didn’t seem surprised at all.

After she left, Jungwoo came. He saw what Joy missed. Her mother was crying.

They went to a park. Jungwoo swapped their shoes. And Myung Hee told him to catch the one who killed the rapist, bring him home, and she’ll treat him a big meal. But Jungwoo surprisingly said even though KSD deserved to die, a person should never kill another person… you should let them live and torment them. Is this foreshadowing?

Myunghee told him that since the rapist is dead, Jungwoo should return to his home and just come visit her now and then. But Jungwoo confessed that he found a girl who looked like Sooyeon. This got omma excited. She asked him about the girl but he made her chased him around the park. He mentioned about the footprints a lot, so I’m guessing maybe he thought Sooyeon’s mom might be the killer and wanted to see her footprint?

That night, he went to Han River Café to meet Joy. She told him to wait at the front while she and Harry was already inside, watching him from above.

Look like there’s a gamble going on. She looked very delighted to see him come. And Harry could see that too. I don’t blame Joy for wanting to test Jungwoo. Let’s now forget that she believed he abandoned her and made her wait in vain. I think it’s her way of trying to cope with her feeling, using revenge as an excuse. But after a while, Joy felt bad.

They bet on how long he’s going to wait for her in this cold weather. The winner gets their wish fulfilled. Joy bet on 1 hour, if she won, they must go back to France. Harry bet on 30 minutes. And his wish is her hand in engagement. But Harry cheated. He called Jungwoo to tell him that he’s having dinner with Joy. Joy called him out for foul play but he claimed she wanted to torture Jungwoo anyway.

Jungwoo fidget his feet the way Sooyeon did while waiting for Joy. My thought when I saw this scene was… Yoochun has thinner legs than mine >_<!! And right before 30 minutes were up, Jungwoo left. It’s a gamble for Sooyeon too, and to her, this cemented her belief that he abandoned her.

Jungwoo went to the rapist’s apartment for some investigation. I love how he’s wearing the plastic bag on his feet. He found some suspicious dust on the floor and a restaurant card in the washing machine. So that’s Jungwoo’s next stop. The restaurant owner told him that the rapist didn’t pay for his food but left a name card instead. But she already dumped it. She also told Jungwoo that he mentioned about an accident and made a call to a “President”.

Next we saw Ah Reum squeezing her mother for money, saying she got important information. After receiving payment, she told her mom that the man they saw in Jeju was Harry, Joy’s sponsor. But it was too late coz Mi Ran already mailed those pictures to Joy. Mi Ran freaked out for like… 2 seconds but she found an opportunity to recruit both Joy and her sponsor.

At the mansion, Joy was planning their engagement party while Harry’s browsing the laptop. I just love every little moment between the two. If the PD don’t give us a kiss scene, it’s unacceptable!

Joy was planning to serve wine for catering and then mentioned that Soju was good too. This upset Harry and she teased him. He acted like he didn’t care about the night she was out with Jungwoo, but he’s jealous after all. Cuteness Overload!! Joy then got an email. Mi Ran invited her to Belluz – her shop.

Jungwoo went to check the CCTV footage around the prison to look for the accident. He found the footage and watched as Joy went to trauma seeing her rapist. That’s just like 1+1 = 2 to Jungwoo. It’s confirmed! Joy = Sooyeon. Just by seeing the footage got Jungwoo tear up.

Joy went to Mi Ran’s shop. See? She’s not letting anyone cross her easily. Harry’s supposed to meet her there but Jungwoo showed up first with the yellow umbrella. He tried to impress her with the umbrella but she just took off. Still hurting that he left before 1 hour? But this Jungwoo is a thick-skinned Jungwoo, he followed her.

“Let’s go to Han River Café. Our promise was made first.”

“I’m going to be engaged soon.”

“You’re not engaged yet, but will be? You said you were already engaged. You said you were not good at lying but seems like you’re very good at it.”

Joy told him to move.

“Do you dislike it or just acting like you dislike? I need to know the truth in order to move.” – think-skinned XDDD

She told him to move again.

“It’s boring being secret friends. Let’s be secret lovers.” I died. >3<

He pulled her closer and the scene ended the same way Sooyeon used to draw on her diary with the umbrella blocking the view… from Harry.

Though I love the ending, isn’t it just like last episode where Harry watched them through CCTV? This time he also watched them from his car.



I’d like to add a comment that I really like from an onni I highly respect. This is her comment regarding Sooyeon, her mom, and other characters.


I dont think she will really understand how much her Mom loves her or misses her until she’s able to express those emotions infront of LSY. When LSY was younger, her mother didn’t do much to protect her from an abusive dad.  Mom was always drunk and even blamed her for their miserable plight at one point. The only time I saw her Mom say something nice to her was when they moved to Det. Kim’s place.  She said LSY looked better in the sweater than EJ…that was the night before her disappearance.

All those years after LSY’s disappearance and Det. Kim’s death, LSY’s Mom, took care of EJ and HJW as if she gave birth to them, she’s shown them both much more affection and love than she has ever given LSY. When LSY saw her Mom at the restaurant and saw the news, she didn’t look affected at all, so that added to the hurt and bitterness that LSY was feeling.  LSY never felt the love of her parents and as far as she knows, the guy who has given her the ray of hope, abandoned her as well.

I can’t wait to see how the writer will tackled these issues and give everyone closure. LSY is the character I pity the most because she’s never experienced being truly loved ( I don’t count Harry’s love for her cause it’s a twisted relationship).  Other characters have received it at one point except her.  KHJ’s mother loved him. EJ received lots of love from Det. Kim and now LSY’s mom. HJW didn’t receive love from his father but is now getting lots of it from LSY’s mother and his co-workers.

What was said here reflected my thought. To me, Sooyeon is the real victim that no one seems to care enough. They care… but not enough or care for the wrong reasons. I think Harry definitely knows what happened to her. That’s why he told her he can wait till they’re 40’s or 50’s then get married. But he doesn’t know how to help her overcome the past. By burying the bad memories doesn’t help you conquer your fear.

With Jungwoo, I admitted I still hold a little grudge against him. And with all the love he received, I felt that it’s a bit unfair to Sooyeon. Jungwoo received much love from Sooyeon’s mom the way Sooyeon has never experienced. So I think the writer must work really hard to make it justified for Joy to get back in touch with people she thought abandoned her.

Same as what many people believe that Sooyeon has moved on with her life and become Joy, Joy also believes others have moved on without her. She believes she’s not significant to them. And as Mari said, she has never really experienced true love.

I know Jungwoo also suffered from the incident everyday, but he has a lot of people to support her, Joy has no one but Harry. It’s easy to see why she’s so dependent on him. Unless Harry does something unforgivable, Joy would have a really hard time letting go of him even after she realizes the truth.

It’s getting really interesting. I’ve invested so much emotion and energy in this drama. It’s a love-hate relationship between me and this drama though >_<  Sometimes I hate it so much how it makes me cry and cringe in pain, but I’m also addicted to it so much I have to watch it and even make a recap for it! Woot!

On a side note, Yoochun improved leaps in this episode. Yoo Seung Ho still melts my heart every single time, but Yoon Eun Hye still impresses me the most. I think her acting here almost surpass the unforgettable Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince. I said it earlier, it’s like she’s channeling another person, not just acting..

I Miss You: Episode 6 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 6 Recap

Everyone is in action.

(PS. The comments I made are episode-by-episode, it’s what I thought at the specific moment as I watch the show. I know there’s a lot happened that changed the view but I just wanted to go with it one-by-one ^^ )

When we left off, Han Jung Woo was trying to get to Joy/Lee Soo Yeon on the other side of the gate. (Didn’t he come out of the car to open the gate? How come he can’t open it now? Loser =_=) He tried to find a way under or over it and the gate finally opened. Jungwoo ran after her and grabbed her by the arm. Joy got shocked and by the way they looked at one another, they at least found each other familiar. But Jungwoo let go of her while his Detective hyung apologized. (Anyone knows the name of his hyung?)

Harry was visibly upset that Joy didn’t listen to him. He told her not to surprise him like this again. Most people said Harry is a control freak and he’s dominant over Joy, but my bias thinks he just didn’t want her to get in touch with her old life, especially Han Jung Woo.

After seeing Joy, Jungwoo went into the shower fully-clothed. He thought she looked and sound like Sooyeon but I guess his logic can’t comprehend yet. I’m loving his partner hyung, so caring for his hoobae.

Sooyeon’s mom bought Jungwoo an expensive jacket but she put it in plastic bag so he won’t know. She went to the station to give it to him. They were all loving and hugging again. She told him to find her a daughter-in-law and he teased her, calling her “Lover.”

Jungwoo got a call from Harry. He told him that if the police want to investigate at the house. They should call him first. Harry didn’t want Jungwoo to meet Joy after all. His detective hyung heard the call and they playfully fight. Bromance!

That night, Joy couldn’t sleep. She’s reciting the multiplication table backwards. With this and the hand thing make me believe she still kept Jungwoo inside her heart and didn’t hate him after all. Harry came in and… Bed scene!

They were just lying and talking though xD Joy seemed to still be insecure. She’s afraid of being abandoned. She said she could find Harry by his birthmark of he’s going to leave her. He told her he can’t run away with this leg so she’s the one who shouldn’t leave him. These lines actually say a lot. Joy saying she’d look for him if he leave her, it shows that she wouldn’t just wait for the other to find her like she did with Jungwoo. So that’s one change in character for Sooyeon. And Harry is using his leg as an excuse for Joy to cling on him. I think he’s playing a pitiful card here. It worked before when they were kids, so he used it to keep her by his side. They hold hands and fell asleep. I like their relationship though, it looked comfortable. You wouldn’t let just anyone to your bed, would you? She must have trusted him a lot and he’s very caring for her. I think Yoon Eunhye might get a little fluttered filming the scene though, coz she used to say she wants her husband to hold her hands when they sleep xD

Looks like Jungwoo is every ajumma’s sweetheart. The cleaning lady at the police station talked to Jungwoo about match-making him with her daughter while he’s putting a bandage on her wrist. I have a feeling she might be another key character coz her role here seems somewhat unrelated. And as I said earlier, in this drama, nothing is accidental. So she might hold an important card later on. Jungwoo checked the CCTV of Harry’s house the night Michelle Kim (Nurse Jung) died and saw his father’s secretary at the gate.

So he went to his dad’s company to question the man. The secretary is now Director Nam. It’s irony how Jungwoo went there to fetch some info. but Director Nam was the one who gained some info instead. He never met Michelle Kim before but Jungwoo showed him her photo and he found out she’s Nurse Jung Hye Mi and realized her nephew must be Kang Hyung Joon.

Jungwoo went on to investigate his stepmom whom Director Nam claimed has contacted Michelle Kim for business reason. He’s trolling again lol. She still hated the boy and told him to stay away. His sister came running to him and we get to see the siblings interaction. It’s obvious Jungwoo is Ahreun’s hero. Jungwoo told her he’s already had a girl, she’s in his heart and in his head. But Ah Reum said even if he found Sooyeon, she won’t love him coz he changed too much. The scene was really cute. I don’t find Ah Reum’s crush on her oppa weird or creepy. It’s just like how some daughters hold their father as their hero and wanted to find a man like their father to be their lover. It’s Freudian, people! Hahaha.

Jungwoo got a call. (Seriously, what is it with Magic Castle? Someone enlighten me please?) His partner hyung was at Harry’s house to investigate. Joy was also home, she called Harry and asked about the police investigation. Harry was worried and he said he’s on the way home, so Sooyeon went to prepare food for him.

Jungwoo came but Sooyeon wasn’t happy that the police were looking around while Harry wasn’t home. She asked the maid to ask them to leave. But when detective hyung called Jungwoo by his name, she was taken aback. She called out his name and Jungwoo heard that. Finally they meet. Jungwoo remembered her voice and demanded to know who she is. He almost went crazy before Harry showed up and stopped him.

His partner questioned Harry who kept looking at Jungwoo who kept looking at Joy who was cooking. Jungwoo wanted to talk to Joy who Harry said is his fiance. He asked if Jungwoo liked her but Joy came semi-hugged him from the back saying she liked Harry best. Jungwoo seemed a bit sad about it but he wanted to talk to her nonetheless. He noticed Joy placed her hand on Harry’s shoulder. She actually did this a lot, I think it’s her way of finding strength. He imitated Sooyeon’s “will rain, won’t rain” game and asked how she knew about it. Joy brushed it off and though Jungwoo didn’t want to give up, Harry stopped him. Personally, I think Jungwoo knew deep inside that she is indeed Sooyeon, he just didn’t have any proof to convince himself yet.

Next we see the detectives at a restaurant. Jungwoo kept drinking Soju. He was sad and drunk and blabbing about Sooyeon. He wanted to go to karaoke so his hyungs brought him back to the restaurant, pretending it’s norahbang. He gave him a spoon as the microphone and even sang background music for him. He apologized others in the restaurant while the tone-deaf Jungwoo sang off-tuned. Once he finished, the hyung told him he got 100 score and Jungwoo finally passed out. (Again with The Magic Castle song, what is the meaning behind this song? Ideas anyone?). Jungwoo went to the burned down warehouse by taxi and thought about Sooyeon. I have a feeling he must come here often. It didn’t look like the first time he came back here.

The next day, Kang Sang Deuk, the rapist was released. I’m a bit confused here and wonder if anyone noticed it. Sooyeon’s father was convicted of murder and he was executed. KSD was not only convicted of kidnapping and drug using, he also admitted that he raped and killed Sooyeon, how come he only got 14 years in prison?

Anyway, look like Jungwoo planned to jump him once he got out but his hyung handcuffed Jungwoo to himself and Jungwoo was yelling as he watched the man who took Sooyeon’s innocence walked away.

After his release, the rapist was bumped by Harry’s car. I squealed a little seeing Harry put his arm out to protect Joy. Harry came down to check KSD and made a call. Joy immediately recognized the rapist and started panicking as he approached the car. She tried to call out for Harry but found no voice. The rapist seemed to recognize her as well. Harry eventually noticed what’s going on and threw him off. He gave the guy his namecard but not before KSD stole Joy’s mobile. Joy was traumatized and nearly fainted in the car. She ten locked herself in the shower as she relived the traumatic experience. Her screams killed me and I cried along with her. Harry broke into the room and hold her tightly from behind.

Jungwoo got a call from the rapist. He was at his house and saw Eunjoo. Jungwoo came running and they had a fight. Jungwoo soon got an upper-hand but the rapist knew Jungwoo’s weakness too well. He told Jungwoo that Sooyeon is alive and if he’s killed, Jungwoo would never find Sooyeon. This was music to his ears. And Jungwoo let the rapist beat him up without fighting back. There’s even a smile on his face though he was beaten up real bad. Eunjoo came out of the house to stop him.

Detective hyung came to visit Jungwoo and promised Sooyeon’s mom he’s gonna help Jungwoo find Sooyeon. But Sooyeon’s mom couldn’t stand seeing Jungwoo whom she loves like a son in pain. She told them she doesn’t want Sooyeon back anymore. Ok, I know she cared about Jungwoo but I’m really mad with this. But let’s continue with it on the comment section below.

Cut back to Joy, she calmed down now and fell asleep as Harry watched over her. Harry got a phonecall from Secretary/Director Nam and he went out to meet the guy.

Sooyeon woke up and got a call from the rapist. She panicked again. He tried to lure her to come see him, using Harry as an excuse. He said he’s in pain from the hit-and-run and if she didn’t come he’d go to the police. Though scared, Joy said she’s going to meet him. KSD sure knew how to use people’s weakness for his gain. He remembered how young Sooyeon went after the car to help her important friend, and now he’s using Harry who is important to Joy as a bait. Did I mention how much I hate him?

Harry met up with Director Nam. Something told me he’s going to be quite a threat for everyone in this show. It doesn’t seem like he’s loyal to any specific side. Director Nam is blackmailing Hyungjoon for his money. The amount he wanted? How much Sooyeon worth to Hyungjoon… that’s the amount. Harry instead asked how much he got from killing his mother. Though Harry seemed a bit like a victim here, my guts tell me this is not a man you should play with and I’d want to warn Director Nam to run the opposite way. No one knew what could happen after you cross this man.

There’s a bell ring on the rapist’s door. He got a package with Sooyeon’s news. Another ring, this time a visitor. At first glance, we assumed it was Sooyeon with a black jacket, black gloves, and long hair. He opened the door and got electric shocked. And later when Jungwoo’s partner came knocking on his door, KSD was seen in the bathtub, scare to death… or he would be really dead very soon. Yay!

Jungwoo went to the park and thought about Sooyeon. He jumped off the swing the very same way young Jungwoo used to and ran to Joy. She also wore black gloves. Could it be her that killed the rapist or the director wanted us to think like that?

Joy was about to go inside the house when Jungwoo stopped her car. He asked her to call his name. He turned around and blocked his vision in order to fully recognize her voice. After the first few times, Sooyeon finally called him the same way she used to.

There’s a smile on his face as he turned around.

And the whole scene was watched by Harry through CCTV. Stalker!



What should I talk about first?

I like the fast-paced of the drama. It’s never dragging. And I also invested so much emotion with it. The writing is still wonderful.

But there’s just so many things I love and hate about it.

First, Sooyeon’s mom. I think Sooyeon’s mom found redemption through raising Jungwoo and Eunjoo. And I’m not happy at all with the way she said she didn’t miss Sooyeon anymore even just to protect Jungwoo… especially after the rapist and killer of her daughter was just released. I’d expect a mother to be the one who is in most pain and wanted to exact revenge for their kid. So I’m just hurt and disappointed by her.

I’d like to quote a comment I really like and I hope the owner would be ok that I use her comment. Post-owner, if you’d like me to put credit for you, please say so ❤

It would seem that some people are blaming LSY for not coming home, but forget that the LSY’s mom is now is a totally different person with HJW than she was with LSY. LSY mom did not protect LSY and tried to sell her off. Even though LSY wanted to run away, it could also be argued that she did not return home, because she did not feel like her home was a safe place. I mean whose mother would say “I don’t even miss LSY,” even if they are just trying to protect the other children from pain. So to me, it goes back to her mother’s inability to be understand the consequences of her actions, even when she tries to do her best, it is twisted. Thus, I can’t quantify why HJW- and LSY’s mom’s relationship would help him with LSY. HJW was looking for a good parent and LSY’s mom finally had a chance to be good parent. ( I think this is similar to when your parents divorce and one parent starts a whole new family and becomes a brand new person. Yeah it is great for the new kids, but old kids hold the parent with the new family in a different esteem)

This is my thought exactly.

Regarding other characters’ development. This episode also showed a little bit of a darkside of Harry. How long has he been watching Sooyeon through these monitors? No matter how much I love their chemistry, their relationship is not very healthy to me. There are things they kept from each other and they are both very insecure about each other as well. Remember Joy saying she could find him if he ran away and she hung on to him, following him to Korea and even say she’s gonna stay with him while they’re here. Though Harry didn’t act out the same way she did, by keeping a close eye at her pretty much told us he’s also afraid he’s gonna lose sight of her.

When I watched Jungwoo scenes, I find myself thinking I want more from Yoochun. Overall, he did quite a good job but it came a bit short when he’s alongside Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho who nailed every single scene effortlessly. To me, he’s amazing in light-heart scenes like ones with his hyung, his sister or Sooyeon’s mom. And also the sad scenes. But like in the scene when his partner handcuffed him and he went crazy wanting to pursue the rapist, I find his acting lacking there. It came off as a little bit like whining instead of being mad. So far, I think his best scenes are all with Eunhye; from the scene he chased after at the gate to the tense meeting at the mansion till the last scene when he covered his eyes. Those are the best moments from Yoochun that I felt like he’s really Han Jung Woo and not Park Yoochun acting as Han Jung Woo.

I still don’t give up on Yoochun though… coz I’m also biased for him. I think he needs to work on angry scenes. Remember Detective Kim taught about 90% of the threat comes from your eyes? Exactly.

I find Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho’s acting very spot on. I think YEH finally find a good match-up in Seungho. Don’t forget that although he’s 8-9 years younger, he’s actually been in acting business for over 12 years. That’s longer than YEH’s and YC’s combined. YSH captured the coldness and expressionless side of Kang Hyung Joon very well. And he is just brilliant with his eyes, very expressive and detailed. He didn’t have to act out, the story could be told just from his eyes. And he’s amazing portraying a character much older than him, I don’t feel the childish charm I often feel watching him anywhere here. It’s a grown man charm now.

Eunhye also broke my heart with her acting. I feel like rather than acting, she’s channeling Sooyeon. And it came through. Especially the scenes when she faced the rapist, the tension and her fearful screams made me cringed. It’s close to be another scene I’m too painful to watch next to the rape scene. I got goosebumps all over when I watched her scenes. Again with the expressive round eyes, you can feel her emotions.

All in all, I think partners definitely matter in acting. If your partner deliver, you’d deliver as well. So I’m looking forward to next episodes and I’m sure all of them are going to be brilliant.

Special Thanks to Chicchocs for the screencaps. I’m going to use her screencaps for future recaps, so thank you!

Episode 7 Full Recap is coming up tonight. Stay tuned and share your thoughts ^^

I Miss You: Episode 5 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 5 Summary

Adult Cast



The long wait is over. The adult cast finally appeared. But first, let’s get back to the kids.

Sooyeon thought about Jungwoo and their promises and her tears rolling. Hyungjoon asked her to not leave him or he’d have no one left. Sooyeon definitely saw herself in this kid and said they need only one person, just one is enough. This is the beginning of their interdependent relationship 14 years later.

Detective Kim and Jungwoo enlisted the help of a former Detective Director and some ex-thugs at a club. And they got a lead to a man who supplied fake passports to Nurse Jung.

Eunjoo found the ranaway Jungwoo at the club and brought him home. While waiting outside, he saw Sooyeon’s “I Miss You” writing on the wall. Sooyeon’s mom came out and threw the yellow umbrella at him and started hitting and yelling at him. She already accepted that Sooyeon is dead and she’s now in the grieving process. Jungwoo took the beating in silence, staring at the writing engraved. Eunjoo tried to stop ajumma, telling her Sooyeon is still alive and got a few hits herself. Mom eventually broke down and hugged Eunjoo. My feels T^T

Kim Sung Ho called Jungwoo that night and sang a song, pretty much teaching Jungwoo everyone should do what they’re supposed to do. A dog should bark, a cat should meow, and a man supposed to act like a man. Seriously, he’s the only good parent in the whole show. Later we saw him followed Nurse Jung after she picked up fake passport for Sooyeon.

Jungwoo’s dad, after telling his right-hand man that he didn’t want to see Jungwoo again, started looking for Nurse Jung more. They drove past a neighborhood and Han Tae Joon noticed some drawings on the wall, the ones similar to Hyungjoon’s drawings. He stopped his car to check but it’s only an old safehouse, they already moved. He called the nurse and told her to run away, all he needed was the kid. Joonie snatched the phone and listened to his threats and informed the gang that they need to move.

But Detective Kim found their hideout first. He peeked through a hole in the window and saw Sooyeon inside, suddenly something blocked his view. It’s Hyungjoon. He thought Kim Sung Ho was one of Taejoon’s men and urged everyone to leave. Jungwoo took the wrong moment to call Ajusshi, he informed the boy he already found Sooyeon and he’s bringing her back home. After the call, there’s a shattering sound, someone broke the window glass. Detective looked inside but no one was there anymore. And we saw Joonie looked at him with a Coke can in his hand. This is not going to end well.

Cut to the car chasing, Detective ajusshi tried to chase them and call Sooyeon, who gave zero response. The cars reached mountain area and he noticed his brake didn’t work, there’s a Coke can under his brake pedal. (Hyungjoonie! How could you!?) And his car launched off the cliff. Hyungjoon rested his head on Sooyeon’s shoulder in relief after making sure they’re finally safe.

Jungwoo, Eunjoo, and Sooyeon’s mom mourned his death at the cliff and Jungwoo vowed he’d continue the search for Sooyeon. And we cut to the adult Jungwoo standing on the very same cliff.


We get to know Jungwoo first. He is now a detective nicknamed Crazy Rabbit. He was at a norahbang (karaoke) where, I believe, the Kidnapper#1 owns. Look like he came out real fast and become quite wealthy too. Apparently, Jungwoo’s been trolling, coming to the norahbang and using the VIP room every day just to annoy the man. Kidnapper#1 tried to get Jungwoo out but he was grabbed by the neck. Jungwoo told the man to not cross him or he might be dead.

After Kidnapper#1, he went to troll the Kidnapper#2 aka the rapist too. This guy was still in jail. He’d be released in 3 days. Jungwoo started trolling; he blocked the CCTV so he can beat up the rapist. He said he became a detective so he can kill the rapist legally. He told the rapist to beware of him when it got to get out, and without his permission. The guy can’t die.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. Yoochun’s over-the-top singing was hilarious but when he threatened Kidnapper#1 and the rapist, it didn’t feel right to me. I believe the lines should be spoken either with coldness or wild craziness, but he lacked both. It wasn’t scary to me. I wish we could go back to the last episode and bring Detective Kim to show him how it’s supposed to be done. That calm but serious voice he used with the culprits can scare anyone opposing him.

Later, his boss scolded him for exercising his police privilege the wrong way. This adult Jungwoo is definitely a troll xD He didn’t even act guilty. And my heart swayed at the sight of him pouting and making fun. His partner hyung eventually stepped up to apologize on his behalf. Jungwoo got a call and ran out… to home. He’s living with Eunjoo and Sooyeon’s mom as a non-blood-related family. They seemed like one happy family. There’s a tinge of sadness when they picked up the clothes when it rained, Jungwoo pinned Mom’s hair with a clothespin just like he did to Sooyeon. But the sadness soon disappeared and they played around again.

After the rain stopped, Jungwoo engraved Sooyeon’s writing on the wall. From the writing, it is now carved deep and clear in the wall. I have a feeling he’s doing this anyway as the last thing linked him to Sooyeon.

Though disappointed by his lacking act earlier, Park Yoochun’s Han Jang Woo is still a ball of emotions for me. From trolling to beating people up to playing around to misery. Applause. Applause.

Cut to a random scene of Nurse Jung swimming and out of the blue, just drowned and died. Jungwoo investigated the death inside of a big house.

Little Ah Reum is also grown up now. She and her mom (Jungwoo’s step mom) were in Jeju to scout Joy. It appeared that she still faced a lot of inner hardship in this marriage and trying to find a way around to get some money.

Side note: Ah Ruem is as trolling as her brother =_=”



The next one on queue is Yoon Eun Hye’s Lee Soo Yeon who is now known as Joy/Zoe, a famous designer. She’s preparing for her fashion show when a staff came running, asking her to deal with someone. Another designer was throwing a fit, she’s angry that Joy got the spotlight. Joy walked in and gave the girl epic slaps, not once but twice! Everyone was in dead silence and then there’s a cane-stomping sound. Hyungjoon is also in the house. Joy looked around for him and even went on four limbs in order to spot the cane. But the man with the cane wasn’t Hyungjoon. He walked in from other direction and Joy leaped into his arms. Hyungjoon is now Harry Barrison, a successful businessman. Since they talked in French, I guess they fled to France earlier.

I was worried about the chemistry of this pairing before due to their age differences. But I shouldn’t have to. The chemistry just worked real nice.

They were walking and chatting. Harry asked her what would she do if that designer sued her, Joy said it’d be okay coz Harry’s gonna hire an expensive lawyer for her. Again, people, breathe it in! These kind of sweet scenes never last long; something bad is sure around the corner. Joy stopped walking and for a moment, it looked like Harry was gonna kiss her. But nope, he just bumped his head on hers. But why does this melt my heart even more >.<

Stepmom and Ah Reum saw the whole thing and the stepmom thought Joy is cheating on her sponsor with Harry. She took their photo by her phone.

Side note: For those who do not know… Sponsor normally means the one who supports artists financially and along the line, got into sexual/romantic relationship with the artist. Sponsor doesn’t mean the company or brand the artist endorses. Harry is indeed Joy’s sponsor but because he’s young, Mi Ran thought he’s just a lover.

At Nurse Jung’s death scene, Jungwoo was looking around the house. He found a locked door and was ready to break in but his hyung stopped him. Did anyone notice the wall behind the picture of Harry & Joy slid? Could there be a secret passage? They were finally able to get in, Jungwoo stared at the picture and it’s like he found Joy familiar.

Back at Joy & Harry, they were in the car and Joy did the hand thing Jungwoo used to do to erase bad memories. She said she’s skilled at erasing bad memories and will only create new ones with Harry. She continued to say she can’t even remember her face coz she’s gotten so pretty and Harry blurted out “What?”. He teased her saying they should have their nose done. His phone rang, it’s Jungwoo calling to inform him about Nurse Jung Hye Mi who was known as Michelle Kim now. Jungwoo heard Sooyeon’s voice over the phone and you can tell he found it familiar.

Sooyeon’s working and rehearsing at the runway. Harry came to support her and you can tell how his presence calmed her and she started to panic when she couldn’t find him. Stepmom shoed in and gave Joy her card but Joy brushed it off. The fashion show went down successfully but Joy wasn’t there for the finale, she already ran back to the hotel to find Harry. Bad boy, he slept on the couch with his headphone on, she took it off and stared at him asleep. When he woke up, it’s his turn to stare at the sleeping beauty, and I’m melted by Yoo Seung Ho’s glare again. Kyahhh xD


I’m quite surprised. I didn’t expect them to behave like a real couple. But they did look like real couple even referring to each other as the one I love. Not that I’m complaining though 😛

Joy was awoken by a phonecall. Harry was already in Seoul. He took care to order the room service and buy a plane ticket for her to go back to France. Joy demanded to know why he’s doing all he wished, and he told her aunt is dead. Joy asked if she should go too but he stopped her, saying he’d hurry back to her side. After they hung up, it’s the first meeting of the adult Hyungjoon and Jungwoo.

Sooyeon followed him to Seoul anyway. Though at first, it appeared she’s no longer everyone’s doormat and able to stand for herself. Seoul seemed to strike her the other way and she became scared and jumpy. She tried to call Harry who is the only contact in her phone but no use.

Both Jungwoo and Sooyeon still liked the rain. Jungwoo drove Harry back to his mansion after he identified the body. And on his way out, he saw a girl at the gate, playing the “It will rain, it won’t rain” game. The girl even played with her feet the very same way Sooyeon used to. Jungwoo could only stare in disbelief. Joy started to run off, with the steel gate separated them, Jungwoo called her to stop and tried to climb over it but fell down. And it ended there.



I’m just glad I’m back. I love every little bit of it. Full of mystery and misery. And they never stall. The story is always fast-paced.

Let’s talk about the plot first. I was bummed Detective Kim died. I love him and wish his part is longer T^T. but other than that, no complaints. Adult and Young Jungwoo definitely synched with one another. So good job, Yoochun. Jungwoo has always been a bit of a troll, he’s cheerful and loved making fun of others. But still, after seeing Sooyeon in so much pain, I just wish he’d suffer more.

I really like Joy’s character. She has a sign of both new and old person mixed inside her. We got to see her gave epic slaps to someone crossing her to show that she’s no longer a victim but we also saw her being quite dependent on Harry, at least emotion-wise. She’s afraid that he’d leave her and his presence means the world to her.

With Hyungjoon, I think he’s grown up to be very charismatic young man. We didn’t get to see the happy little Joonie coz he’s always hurt, always in hiding. So seeing him all happy with new life was a breath of fresh air. And I wonder if it’s other actors playing it, would I be so head-over-heels like this? Yoo Seung Ho already got my heart since his first appearance xD.

I like the dynamic of the story. Though many believed Joy is heavily dependent on Harry. I see it as more of an interdependent relationship. I don’t think one can live without another. There are also signs that Harry knew what happened to her in the past and he’s caring enough to make things easy and slow for her. And we also see a little of his overly protective side when he told her to go back to France.

All in all, there are a lot going on in this episode. And I’d love to continue discussing but my eyes are so heavy right now. I hope I can finish Ep6 tomorrow. And if the eng sub of Ep7 came out, I’d start the full recap of it immediately.

Thanks everyone for reading even though you’re not commenting xD

Special thanks to Yodya onni for the detailed specualtions, and Santaiah and Vegaspink for advertising my blog 🙂

I Miss You: Episode 4 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 4 Summary

My Uncle Crush

I think dramas are normally consisted of 2 types of episodes – the slow ones that set up the scene, lay the foundation and the ones that are explosive with a lot of roller coaster of mixed emotion. Episode 3 was the latter, but episode 4 is definitely the first.

Personally, I think there were not many things going on in this episode. The main idea that seems like an important message in this episode is the character Kim Sung Ho.

I think I have told some people before, but I’m going to say it again. Jun Kwang Ryoel is my all-time uncle crush! ❤ ❤ ❤  I really really love him and he’s always so committed in his dramas. I was in Lalala land when I heard of his participation… though a bit of a short one 😦

Now let’s get to the story.

The scene opened with Jungwoo lied on his bed with Little Ah Reum trying to cheer her oppa up. It didn’t work. Jungwoo gave no response to her at all. And he went panic when he heard Sooyeon’s mom calling his name. He pulled the blanket over his head and kept mumbling he was wrong.

This is the answer to the debate of last episode – did Jungwoo run away to save himself or did he ran to get help for Sooyeon? The answer is his survival instinct kicked in and he took a run for his own life. However, I think the conscious hit him later when he saw the snow. So I won’t go down to defend or offend any sides. I’m just gonna say this drama is really very realistic. In other dramas, we often see the male lead being exceptionally good or being too noble, these guys do not exist in real life, or maybe they are rare to find.

Eunjoo came too, it seems that she and Sooyeon’s mom had a plan. As the ajumma were yelling and distracting the gurads, Eunjoo sneaked in with Sooyeon’s diary in her hand. She quickly found Jungwoo and tried to get him to talk to her, to tell her the whereabouts of Sooyeon, but all her efforts were in vain. In the end, she was dragged off though leaving Sooyeon’s diary behind.

After reading her diary and realizing she also likes him, Jungwoo once again dropped down and cried. There were unseen scenes implied that their friendship lasted quite long. They were reciting multiplication table backwards, doing their homework, playing “coming, not coming” game, playing in the park. Remembering the good memories pained Jungwoo even more. I started to believe his reason of wanting to find Sooyeon is primarily and mainly driven by guilt and not really love.

Detective Kim and his men found the culprits’ car and they collected fingerprints. He later stopped by at the house to get Sooyeon’s belongings from Eunjoo. As father and daughter were talking, he received a call. The blood on the shoe was really Sooyeon’s but there was also evidence of sexual assault as well. Kim Sungho’s face went pale. He asked for Eunjoo’s permission to go crazy. He would do anything to catch the rapist, not as a police, but as a father. Eunjoo was obviously confused, but she encouraged him anyway.

On a side note, I was prepared to hate the character Eunjoo simply because I disliked the actress who played the role. I just couldn’t tolerate with the way she got the role. With this kind of drama with arguably A-listers packed from the leads to the veterans, I had no idea how a C-lister like her got the part if not for her agency’s political move. But the young Eunjoo swayed me. She is probably the only properly-raised kid in the whole show and it shows in her action and words.

Detective Kim went to Jungwoo’s house, this time with a warrant, and handcuffed Jungwoo who surprisingly was willing to be cuffed in silent… even asking what took them so long to arrest him. Though I immediately saw through that it’s simply a coy to get Jungwoo to tell them about what happened without his father’s eyes, Jungwoo seemed to believe he was really guilty and should be punished.

Kim Sung Ho brought him to the river and Jungwoo tried to recall the memories. He told the detective everything he could remember – the rapist was missing a joint in his finger and he was high on ice. He also revealed that his father reached them before the police and got one of the culprits.

I dislike Sooyeon’s mom character for various reasons but the scene when she caressed the uniform as if it’s Sooyeon got me teary. She didn’t even have a chance to be a good mother for her child yet.

A witness came forth about seeing a girl looking like Sooyeon. They investigated and found her sweater buried, most likely be put there by Han Tae Joon’s order. Jungwoo’s dad, after all, captured Kidnapper#1 and tortured him to reveal where Nurse Jung and Hyungjoon were. Kidnapper#1 led them to Kidnapper#2 whom I’d refer to as the rapist from now on. Later we saw them; it appeared Han Tae Joon let them go under some negotiation.

Back at the Han’s house, Jungwoo interrupted his dad’s meeting to ask about the kidnapper and the warehouse on fire. Papa was obviously upset Jungwoo disobeyed him earlier while the secretary took the blame, saying the warehouse was already on fire when they arrived. I can’t help but compare the differences between Jungwoo and Hyungjoon characters. Jungwoo was an optimistic kid to the point of being a little naïve and gullible, Hyungjoon on the other hand was a bit pessimistic, calculated and shrewd.

With the lead, Detective Kim eventually found the culprits and beat the crap out of them. While kidnapper#1 was yelling they were going to give themselves in, the rapist showed no remorse at all, even saying he’d only serve a few years for his crimes. I feel like smacking the grin out of that little thug’s face but I won’t have to. Kim Sung Ho gave him a good beating and stomping on his private part. And I found myself cheering “Yes!! More! More! Beat him! More!” … who says I’m not violent anymore =_=

I’d like to think with that kind of beating, the rapist would already lose his physical capability and won’t be able to rape no one ever again. Sung ho cooled down a minute to ask him where Sooyeon was. And the rapist said he already killed her and threw her into the river. I guess Jungwoo’s dad arranged for this. With Sooyeon’s out of the picture, and the culprits’ testifies, there’s be no links back to him. And I really enjoyed Jun Kwang Ryeol’s performance. He didn’t have to yell to look scary and crazy. It’s all in his eyes and it worked so well.

As the rapist, he has a name – Kang Sang Deuk, was doing a re-enactment with the police. Sooyeon’s mom broke into the crowd and reached the man who took her daughter’s innocence. She asked him why it must be Sooyeon and asked him to tell her she’s still alive. She would forgive him everything just for him to say she’s alive. Meanwhile, Jungwoo was watching the same scene on television, he ran out to the playground like he thought she was waiting for him there even though she’s declared death at the moment. He said he would come here today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and every day. And that’s when the swing gave a squeak and swung on its own. I swear, sometimes when I watch this drama, it seems like a ghost story.

But all of a sudden, Jungwoo’s detective instinct kicked in and he went over his memories to find out that his father and the secretary’s words were not added up with the evidences. He ran home and went through his dad’s office, hoping to find some clues. At the same time, his stepmom was scolding outside the room and little Ah Reum was standing there watching. I know it was not the time, but Jungwoo kept ignoring his little sis for a while now. Poor baby girl.

Jungwoo found his phone and you can see his hope lighted up. Since this is after all a drama, as soon as Jungwoo turned it on, it rang. And of course, who could it be if not Lee Soo Yeon.

They didn’t get to really say anything other than calling each other’s name coz Dad snatched the phone from Jungwoo while the Nurse pushed Sooyeon to the ground. Hye Mi wanted to get rid of her but Hyungjoon won’t let her. Sooyeon’s face was covered with bandage; I guess Hyemi ran over her after all.

Jungwoo and his dad finally came to the breaking point. He finally realized who his dad really is and repeated the word spoken by his father in the first episode that Jungwoo, as his son, would be the only one Taejoon can trust. Jungwoo snubbed him, telling his father to not trust him and he won’t trust him either. He walked out with only the cellphone and Sooyeon’s diary in his hands. He ran to detective ajusshi who was at that time doing a magnificent job destroying the police office. Kim Sungho quit being a detective and scolded them for being disgrace, not doing their job properly. Jungwoo ran in and told him Sooyeon was still alive and beg all of them to find her coz he missed her.

Back to Sooyeon, Hyemi thought she had had enough and was going to leave with Hyungjoon’s necklace only. But a shrewd kid he is, Joonie warned her that the money is out of reach until he turns 18 and he’d only go with Sooyeon. So far Hyungjoon is the one being protective of Sooyeon, he held her when she was pushed to the floor earlier and he grabbed her hand as if to say he won’t leave her. This swayed me.

Sooyeon was sitting catatonically while Hyungjoon showed her the newspaper. It said she’s already. He repeated that Jungwoo left her and no one is looking for her. They all believed she’s dead. And Sooyeon eventually found her voice “Not true!” as the first one came out, it snapped her back and she relived the painful memories again. She’s scratching and hitting herself like she wanted to get the feelings and the memories out of herself while screaming in sorrow.

Kim So Hyun deserves some awards for her heart-wrenching performance. That’s all I have to say. 13 and awesome.


Sorry, no comment for this episode. I’m kinda busy and in a hurry right now. I’m not sure if I can make recaps of ep5-6 in time before ep7 started. So I must apologize in advance.

BTW, can anyone help me with the names? I know who these people are, but I’m not sure or couldn’t find their names.

Kang Hyung Joon’s mom – I kept calling her Madam Kang xD

Sooyeon’s mom – is it Min Hee or Myung Hee?

The Secretary

The first kidnapper