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I Miss You: Episode 12 Recap


I Miss You: Episode 12 Recap

Love or Selfish?


If there’s a message the writer wanted to get across in this episode, it is that human is a selfish being. We want everything to go as we expected it to and we get upset if it didn’t. This episode once again emphasized that no one in this drama is black or white. Everyone is 50 shades of grey.


When we left off, Jungwoo was hugging Zoe, asking her if she hates Sooyeon and if he should stop waiting for her. Since he knew that seeing his face makes her sad, he kept hugging her so she wouldn’t have to see him. But when he remembered omma saying she doesn’t want to be Sooyeon, he let her go. Sooyeon did the erasing memory hand gesture towards him as she realized he, too, has been hurting.

This is something that I never understand with Jungwoo. Why does he want Zoe to become Sooyeon so much? With all the painful memories and hurtful labels, it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to be recognized as Lee Soo Yeon. Can’t he just honor her decision and love her as who she is today? Zoe is no longer a 15-year-old of his first love anymore. Sure, there’s a part of her in Zoe but there’s also other parts that contribute to the woman she is today.

In a bad mood, Jungwoo went to interrogate the cleaning ajumma. He slammed the door shut and was cold with her though she was caring to him.


Zoe came back at home and found Harry sick with cold in his bed. He told her to go to bed but she’s nursing him anyway. Harry told her he’s in pain and wanted her to erase his bad memory so he could sleep well. Zoe admitted that the magic hand actually belongs to Jungwoo and she already returned it to him.

Harry grabbed her hand and started crying. He thought she’d never come back and he’s scared. Zoe told him she couldn’t go anywhere and he hugged her while still crying. At that moment, he was not older than 11-year-old crybaby Hyung Joon who held on to Sooyeon as he has nobody else in this world. When she was going to get him ice pack, he hold her tighter, saying she can’t go anywhere.


Back into the interrogation, ajumma confessed of killing 3 rapists including Kang Sang Deuk. She didn’t regret it. She said she’s simply cleaning the world of trash and if she wasn’t arrested, she’d have killed more. Apparently the guy she stabbed earlier also survived, so she asked Jungwoo to go in her place and kill Bora’s rapists for her. But Jungwoo refused. If these bastards died, they would never know what they have done wrong. He’s going to make them regret what they did, that’s why he didn’t let them die. He’s been waiting to do that to KSD for 14 years but ajumma ruined it. And not to mention KSD also knew the reason behind Jungwoo’s kidnap and such. Err… don’t you also have Kang Sang Chul?

I can actually relate to both characters and I think it’s how writer tried to show the rightful and lawful way of dealing with criminals. Jungwoo’s method is an ideal one that is difficult to accomplish while ajumma’s is a quick and easy one. Honestly, I think we need both methods in the world though if it was up to me, I’d definitely kill those pucks like she did…

Jungwoo then formally asked how she killed KSD. Ajumma recalled the memory of the day. She sent him the dry ice package with Sooyeon news cover, and then showed up dressing as a young girl. She stunned him with the taser when he opened the door. Take note at how she came in bare feet and wore his shoes instead. She also carefully locked the door after she came in. ajumma dragged KSD to the bathroom and cooked rice. It’s her tradition to eat rice every time she killed.

Jungwoo asked about the wet towel and she recalled that after she put dry ice in the tub, she heard footsteps, so she quickly hid in the closet. Then she remembered the sound of Sooyeon’s footstep was exactly the same. Since she knew Jungwoo loves Sooyeon and also knew Sooyeon is also a victim just like her daughter, ajumma decided to take the blame.

But she slipped when Jungwoo asked about Zoe’s mobile phone which was missing from the scene. She obviously had no idea about it but tried to cover up saying she threw it away. She then tried to divert the conversation by sarcastically saying she should not have killed and bla bla bla.



The next morning, Harry woke up and stared at sleeping Zoe. He caressed her face as he’s wishing she’d never falter again. While in his secret den, a chat box popped up. His friend would like to move forward with their vengeance plan.

There was a chaos at Han Tae Joon’s bank. There were reporters and complaining customers crowded in the place. What was happening?

At Han’s house, money-lover Mi Ran was waiting anxiously in front of her husband’s office and tried to fetch some information from Secretary Yoon but the young man just ignored her. Ah Reum said it’s because he’s the Chairman’s favorite so why he had to care about the neglected lady. Ah Reum got a new hair. Pretty… but I still prefer the old one. She’s cuter with short hair.

So what happened was the information about secret account used for defraud was leaked to the public. Everyone believed it’s from the missing Director Nam but we all knew it’s actually Harry’s doing. Harry even used the money Taejoon prepared for his investment to pay for Nam’s reward. Harry… you badass mother*cker.


Detective Joo hopped cheerfully into the station only to be scolded by his boss. He saw a box on Jungwoo’s table which contains a few of his belongings. The rest was still being packed by Myunghee. Joo called Eunjoo and she just knew what was going on. Yeah, Eunjoo was really just an insignificant minor character that nobody bothers telling her what’s going on =.=

Myunghee told Eunjoo she’s sending Jungwoo back home. She said it was selfish of her to keep Jungwoo here to find her daughter who’s never coming back. Did we forget something? Not only Myunghee had lost her daughter, Eunjoo also lost her dad and she threw a tantrum immediately. What about her? What about her dead father? But for omma, Jungwoo is her priority, she promised Eunjoo she’d do better so they should let Jungwoo go.

Joo found Jungwoo in the interrogation room. He’s wrapping up questioning ajumma and they both shed tears after as they tried to let go of and forget about their loved ones. Ajumma said she didn’t kill Jungwoo earlier because of his graceful heart. He waited and loved Sooyeon who went through such painful past and she’s appreciated the person he is.


Jungwoo later went to have a drink with Joo sunbae. Not only Ah Reum, Jungwoo also got a new hairstyle. Yoochun looks cuter with this hair but again I prefer the old style coz he looked more mature with it… and this current one made me think of turtle somehow >_<

Jungwoo tried to increase his alcohol tolerance by having one more drink every day. If you kept practicing, you’d eventually become good at it right? Same thing goes with trying to forget. He’s going to practice forgetting about Sooyeon because she told him to not wait for her. After his hyung passed out, the drunken Jungwoo talked to the soju of how he missed Sooyeon even more after drinking it. A call came in, it’s Harry asking Jungwoo to stop by at his house.


When he came in, Jungwoo bumped into Zoe. She could smell alcohol from him and was wondering since he’s not good at drinking. He said he’s becoming stronger and suggested they have a drink together some time.

Jungwoo went to talk to Harry in the bedroom. Harry’s still sick on his bed. He jokingly said he also knew about 280 steps from home so Jungwoo should have called him instead. They then moved to living room to have a drink. While Jungwoo was preparing the ice, Zoe was about to go out and offer to do it. Jungwoo refused but asked her for some napkins. He noticed Myunghee’s shoes while Zoe handing the napkins to him and wished her good luck.

Back to business, Harry asked Jungwoo about his father before handing a document to him. It’s about Michelle Kim lending out money to someone from Sangil Bank. Harry was hoping Jungwoo could resolve the problem since he knew all the names in the document. Jungwoo replied that the only name he’s concerned is Harry Borrison coz if there should be anything happened to Harry, it’d trouble Zoe.


Honestly, the battle between Harry and Jungwoo has always been ‘Who loves Zoe/Sooyeon more’ with then always saying ‘what Sooyeon wants’ and stuff…


Zoe went to her mother’s restaurant with the shoes she repaired. They sat down to talk. Myunghee can’t even look at her daughter in the eyes. This scene just made me hate Sooyeon’s mother again. I know and perfectly understand her point of view but I just don’t agree or sympathize with her. In my opinion, there are certain things parents should never say to their children whatever reason behind it is. And saying their child is not wanted is certainly on top of the list. But what Myunghee said was even worse; she said she loves another kid more than her own.

First, omma tried to shoo Sooyeon away. Zoe said she missed her omma. At first it’s hate and resentment of how she didn’t look for her, then it becomes a motivation for Zoe to be a successful designer she’s become. So Myunghee told her daughter to hit her and then go back to her life. But once Sooyeon said she’s not at peace with where she was, her omma hopefully asked if this means she’s coming back to her. However, Zoe has Harry and her designer career in France to consider, so she suggested them to meet up in secret during the time she’s still in Korea. But Myunghee wasn’t fond of the idea. She blatantly said she loves Jungwoo more now and if Sooyeon wasn’t to come back, then she shouldn’t appear in front of them.


Like I said, I understand where she’s coming from, but I still hate her for saying that nonetheless. After being alone for 14 years, the girl just wants her mother love but the person who should love her unconditionally said to her face that she doesn’t want her because she loves the boy who caused the pain and abandoned her daughter more. Thank you, omma.

I have a feeling that if omma said she loves Eunjoo more, Sooyeon would have flipped off. But since it’s Jungwoo, she was obviously hurt but still okay with it even saying she should have bought her mother a nice pair of shoes. I respect her for having such a good nature.

Harry called Zoe and you could see Jungwoo’s ears perked up when he mentioned Zoe had been crying. Harry told her to come home but she said she has another issue to take care of before coming home.

On his way out, Jungwoo got a text from Director Nam. He must have a liking towards Jungwoo so he warned him to stop searching for Sooyeon coz he’d end up getting hurt. Harry also gave Jungwoo Michelle’s bank account to investigate.

Jungwoo immediately called his Joo sunbae who was shopping for some snacks to look into it. He also saw his father’s car reaching the house. Chairman Han also had an appointment with Harry who was watching from CCTV monitors in his secret room and whispered “Welcome to Heaven”.

Taejoon asked Harry to buy some time for him but Harry said he couldn’t. But he offered to cover up the money in Taejoon’s place before he could find it. For this, Chairman Han said he’s in debt with Harry (I guess this is what Harry was aiming for?) and he’s do Harry a favor for whatever he asks for. Harry said he doesn’t have one right now but if he has one in the future, he hopes Chairman wouldn’t forget it.

When Harry asked Han Tae Joon to hand him his cane, he looked a little pissed off. Harry always plays him around as if he’s not a chairman of a bank. The cane was purposely placed in order to let Han Tae Joon see the carving written on it (Please save us, God). Harry has mentioned Zoe designed this cane for him, I wonder if there’s deeper meaning behind it.


At the police station, it turned out the snack Joo shopped earlier was for Jungwoo. Joo tried to cheer his hoobar up. He told everyone to help Jungwoo forget about Lee Soo Yeon so every word related to her name is also forbidden. I think I change my mind, forget about Jungwoo or Harry, I want Detective Joo now. He’s such a cool and caring person >_<

Jungwoo’s next stop was at Belluz, his stepmom’s boutique. He requested to meet her but the employee said she’s having a meeting with an important guest so she told Jungwoo to go wait in a room coz they had a lot of customers at the moment.

The guest was none other than Zoe who demanded Mi Ran to stop using Zoe’s clothes for her shop. Mi Ran asked for Zoe’s kindness since she’s having a problem at her house with Nam (actually, Harry) taking away their money. For the record, it was totally unrelated and couldn’t be used as an excuse whatsoever but since it’s about Jungwoo, Zoe listened.


Jungwoo went to the said room and took a notice upon a wedding dress. He gazed at it rather extensively. Thinking about someone inside the dress? xD


Han Tae Joon received a package from Kang Sang Cheol. It contains a toy similar to what Hyungjoon’s mom used to make and a letter saying “Even God cannot save you.” This, of course, actually came from Harry and Chairman Han knew it very well. In his secret room, there are multiple toys like that on a table.


Mi Ran led Zoe into the same room Jungwoo was in and left her there to deal with a customer. The wedding dress caught Zoe’s attention and she wondered where Mi Ran got it. It was Zoe’s first designing costume. When Zoe turned around, she noticed a man lying on the other side of the curtain. It was the exhausted Jungwoo. She watched him sleeping with the button she gave back in his hand. Jungwoo twitched and the button almost fell off his hand. Zoe reached out to catch it but he fisted his hand and caught the button and then opened his eyes.


When she saw him awake, Zoe was going to leave but Jungwoo grabbed her skirt and asked why she’s here. Before she could answer him (she missed him) Miran came back. She went out and pulled the curtain close to block Jungwoo from chasing her.


Taejoon went to a hospital… where Madam Kang was kept… alive. She was out of her mind (is it an act though?). Her son was also about to lose his conscion to the vendetta. Harry stared at the only thing left from his mother – the pendant from the necklace.




So! More revelation and more mysteries, huh?

One major question is clear. Hyung Joon/Harry’s mom is still alive but the question came after is whether she’s really lost her mind or it was just an act to toy with Taejoon.

As mentioned at the beginning of the recap, in this episode, the theme is selfishness… from Jungwoo to Sooyeon to her mother to Harry and even for minors like Eunjoo, Han Taejoon and Miran. The only one who hasn’t shown his selfishness tonight is probably Detective Joo. Can I have him? >_<


Let’s start with Jungwoo. I always said I find Jungwoo a selfish character and I still feel so, though it’s lesser and lesser by episode. I don’t like it that Jungwoo always forces Zoe to admit that she’s Sooyeon. It’s just the names! Both of them know who they are anyway, so I don’t get it why he can’t understand that she doesn’t want to be Sooyeon. And also how he always uses the lines, the experiences, and everything from their childhood to remind her even though he of all people should have known how painful her past memories are. Jungwoo-ah, sometimes people want a restart, allow Sooyeon to have it.

Move on to Sooyeon and her mother. I think both also want things to go their way. Zoe wants to be able to meet her mother in secret until she leave the country with Harry while her mom wants to either have all of her or none at all. Do these people ever heard of compromising?

In this case, Zoe was selfish. If things go her way, she’ll be the only one benefit from it while her mom would still be chattered after she leaves. But her mother was also selfish to want Sooyeon to come back to her without considering her daughter’s situation and career. In few episodes back, I thought her mother understood why Zoe doesn’t want to be Sooyeon, but in this scene, she nevertheless pushed Zoe back to where she doesn’t want to.

Harry Harry… what should I say about Harry? Everyone wants the best of both worlds for themselves but Harry took it to the next level. The one he wants the most is definitely Zoe, but he also couldn’t let go of his revenge. He wanted to destroy Han’s family, get away with all the wrong doings in the process before living a happily ever after with Zoe in France. I’m afraid that while others may get a part of what they want, Harry wouldn’t get none at all.

Eunjoo was also selfish for wanting to keep Jungwoo to herself… well, at least at her house. And Myunghee has to beg her to let Jungwoo go.

No need to go for how selfish Han Tae Joon and Mi Ran are, though. I think you all got the idea since they’re the greediest of all the characters.

Overall, I think the episode was a bit all over the place. It’s once again a setting episode before everything goes wild. At the moment, I’m worried whether everything can be wrapped up convincingly and beautifully within these few more episodes. We’re inching closer to the ending of 20 episodes series now.