Welcome to the Castle. Take a tour at your own risk.

Castle’s Guideline

1. This is MY personal blog.

The title of this blog :

“Fangs’ Castle”

“Here resides the violent beast… I’m outraged and I know it”

The blog is not Allkpop, Kpop-live, K-bites or whatever.

It is my “personal” blog.


2. Inform or Ask for my permission

before taking any parts or whole of my writing out of this blog.

Especially if you’re going to use it as reference for Public Blogs

such as DramaFever or Allkpop.

And It would be much appreciated if you credit me as I deserve.

[WordPress does show where our blog is used or linked.

So don’t ever think I’m not aware when and where it was used]


3. If you can not find any specific articles/posts/updates

in the Castle, click ‘Index’


4. For my fiction readers :

Silent readers are very welcomed, but I’d love to hear your thought about it.

So please comment!

Either positive or negative, your comments will always be appreciated.


5. Some of my posts, I protect them with password because they are either

Personal or Controversial.

But if you would like to read it, you can always ask me.

Leave a comment at About Me page or this page with your email, and I’ll give you the password.

But please note that each post has different password.

So one password can not be used for all posts 😉


6.  Pay Attention to the author’s note

(i.e. What I have to say in that specific post) especially if it’s a warning.

Don’t get upset at me for what I already have warned you.


7. Don’t expect me to be silent when you bash me.

This blog is my resident.

And when there’s a dog come in barking, it’s my duty to throw it out.


8. My screen name is “Viola501”

But apparently, there are a lot of Viola501s out there.

However, I’m the only Viola501 who is fluent in both Thai and English.

And lucky for me, I have many friends in many countries.

I know when a poser using my name for their benefit, so CUT IT OFF!


9. ASK If you have anything skeptical about me and my blog.

Since there are many Viola501. I don’t know what would happen.

And how my reputation would be.


10. Eh… Is there anything more I have to make clear?

If you think there is, leave a comment



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