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I Miss You: Episode 7 Full Recap

I Miss You: Episode 7 Full Recap

What a Tease!

We started where we have left. Harry watched Jungwoo and Joy through his CCTV monitor. Jungwoo asked Joy to call his name while he turned around, covering his eyes. Joy looked at his back and called his name a few times. Finally, her longing prevailed and she called him the way she used to. A tear dropped from Jungwoo’s eye. But the longing disappeared as soon as it came. Joy remembered how Jungwoo left her with the kidnappers and ran for his life and also remembered what Hyungjoon told her that no one was looking for her. She snapped back and pretended she didn’t know Lee Soo Yeon.

“Detective Han, would that be enough?” a fake smile slapped on her mouth. Joy told him that since it’s the day he bid farewell to his friend. Just for today, she’s going to be his friend (Sooyeon) and invited him for a drink.

They went to a street vendor where Joy drank Soju and Jungwoo drank… water. Joy looked bright while Jungwoo looked grim. Since it’s Joy’s first time back to Korea, this is the first time she got to drink Soju. She said it’s sweet and asked Jungwoo to pour her another glass. She asked if he’s not going to drink with her. Jungwoo answered that if he drinks even one glass, they must go to norahbang. He proceeded to ask if she sings well, which songs she likes, what her favorite song is, why and since when she likes it. Even if he’s still in doubt, Jungwoo seems to treat Joy as Sooyeon nonetheless. He wanted to know more about her. Or maybe… he wanted to know if she still likes the song “Magic Castle”. (Thanks to LuoYiChen, I’m enlightened :D)

Joy asked if she looks like his Sooyeon. Jungwoo didn’t answer. Joy asked him to pour her another glass, telling him he won’t know if she’s drunk she might confess. She might be Sooyeon after all. The tease is killing me. Jungwoo went along. He said she looks like Sooyeon, sounds like Sooyeon, and even laughs like Sooyeon. The little details got to Joy. She asked why he split up with her if he liked her this much. This is not a question from Joy but rather Sooyeon subtly asking him why he left her.

We cut to see Kidnapper#1 came out of his dongsaeng’s room. The rapist is dead and police are investigating. Kidnapper told everyone it must be Jungwoo who killed him. Jungwoo’s partner tried to call him but he didn’t answer the phone, even Sooyeon’s mom and Eunjoo couldn’t reach him.

Back to the street vendor, Jungwoo still continued his questioning. Joy told him that she and Harry were adopted and she can’t remember anything or how old she is. After her answer, Joy pestered him about her earlier question. Jungwoo said he is always the fastest, whether it be chasing or running away. Joy asked if he’s good at fighting. She’s envious of his future girlfriend coz he’s going to protect her no matter what. The subtle context is back when they were young; he couldn’t protect her and chose to run away. But now that he’s capable of protecting someone, she’s no longer at his side. Joy thought about the coward Jungwoo who is now a homicide detective and laughed to herself. The scene felt like a high school reunion.

After their drink, Jungwoo drove her back home. Joy opened the window to feel the wind and Jungwoo took a glance at her. They drove past Han River Café. Joy wanted to go there but Jungwoo said it’s already late.

At home, Harry was cleaning the broken glass Joy left earlier. He saw from the CCTV monitor that Joy was back. Joy asked Jungwoo to go to Han Café with her later and she kept teasing him about Sooyeon. Jungwoo ignored her and started walking away. Trying to get his attention, she finally used the secret friends card. Back then Sooyeon asked them to be secret friends, so Jungwoo won’t get bullied with her. And Jungwoo’s answer is still the same. He doesn’t want to be anything secret. Her next card is “All I need is just one friend.” This got Jungwoo’s attention, he turned around she told him to not tell anyone about today. Yep, she’s definitely trolling. Jungwoo looked pissed, he shouted “Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?” But then he got a call… the rapist is dead.

In the house, Harry was riding a bike around the living room. Since Michelle Kim died in the swimming pool, he had to ride the bike instead to keep himself strong in order to protect Sooyeon. He feigned being nonchalant here, talking about this and that until Joy admitted she went to see Han Jung Woo. This distracted Harry and sent him landing on the floor. Joy rushed to his side and he proposed a marriage to her. Harry was threatened by Jungwoo and felt the urge to make a move. Joy said it’s too sudden but Harry said it’s not. He’s been feeling like this since he was 18. He asked if she has other man to marry besides him. Why do I find Seungho so hot when he’s jealous? >.<

Seeing her taken aback, he then changed it to an engagement proposal. It seems like Joy is aware that Harry was insecure about her meeting Jungwoo. She told him it’s not because she likes Jungwoo but because she wanted to torment him. Harry told her she is Joy, not Lee Sooyeon. And for the first time, he called her by her real name. Joy kept saying sorry as Harry placed his head on her shoulder. Joy told him she’s so angry and Harry shed tears. I felt so heartbroken for Hyungjoon, he’s been waiting for her all this time. Though I know Joy doesn’t love Harry the way he loves her, I don’t think she can really leave him even though she loves Jungwoo. They’ve been through too many things together and she would feel guilty to leave him. There must be something drastic happened in order for Joy to walked from him.

Jungwoo came running to the rapist’s room and tried to wake the dead man up, yelling “Where is Sooyeon?” He was dragged out. And later when his partner was briefing the case (the cause of death was exposure to dry ice, all his body’s fluids are frozen – what a cold way to die…), Jungwoo broke in just to be scolded and dragged out for the second time. Jungwoo was illegible to work on the case since he’s a person of interest.

Jungwoo was going crazy, his hyung tried to calm him down. Another cop came in, he’s their team manager and a hoobae of Detective Kim. He said he’s ashamed every time he sees Jungwoo, that’s why he couldn’t bring himself to scold Jungwoo. He asked Jungwoo to trust him. Maybe I’m a bitter bitch, but I felt it’s just unfair how Jungwoo has so many people who love and care for him while Sooyeon has only Hyungjoon. I still couldn’t forget how Jungwoo abandoned Sooyeon, so seeing this kinda make me think he hasn’t made enough redemption. He hasn’t suffered enough =.=  Bad me!

Jungwoo walked out of the station as his hyung trailed behind, trying to cheer him up. They walked past the cleaning lady. Again, I think she must be important. And her daughter that no one has ever seen. Does the girl even exist? Maybe her daughter was a victim of KSD? My imagination gone wild.

The maid was eating leftover food. Jungwoo stopped her, he said he’s gonna buy her whatever she wanted to eat. Her wrist still hurt, by the way. What has she been doing exactly? The maid noticed he’s down and told him she knew everything that is going on in the station. He could just ask her. You can almost see a light bulb popped up above Jungwoo’s head. They high-five.

You know, in Thailand, we have a saying that in Thai drama, the maids know everything. I guess it’s also true in K-drama LOL

It turns out that the Police Inspector is Han Taejoon’s spy. They rode on the same car and stopped at his company. As Chairman Han stepped out of the car, he was almost knocked down by a boy on his bike. It was Harry.

Harry is playing with fire here. Look like he’s trying to exact a revenge on Han Tae Joon.

Joy was using laptop browsing the news of Sooyeon’s death. Then she received an email from Mi Ran, the stepmom. She sent Joy the pictures of her and Harry in Jeju and threatened Joy to visit her store. It’s similar to how Director Nam tried to blackmail Harry, I also believe Joy is not someone who would fall victim. At least not after the incident. Remember how she slapped the whining designer? Once you cross her, I don’t think there’s a way to turn it back.

Jungwoo’s partner has a name! it’s Detective Joon. Jungwoo tried to hack into his computer. The password? “Luxury Detective Joon”. Lame. But his hyung changed his password after Jungwoo was dropped off the case. However, the new password wasn’t any better. It’s “Luxury Luxury Detective Joon”. Double lame. He’s copying files from Joon’s computer. The cleaning lady came in, they are tag team now ^o^  But she wasn’t very helpful, only telling him what he already knew. The only useful information she got is about the footprints at the scene.

Jungwoo looked further but a few cops came in, so he got up and walked out… to meet Sooyeon.

Can I just say Yoon Eun Hye is absolutely hot in this episode? I mean I think she’s already pretty in the drama but especially this episode, she’s stunning.

They went to talk as Joon watched from afar. Sooyeon still had the habit of fidgeting her feet. The habit Jungwoo inherited. I wonder if Joy got surgery on the scar on her foot as well. It’d be another tell-tale for Jungwoo to make sure she’s really Sooyeon.

They sat far apart on the bench. Joy told him to move closer but he told her to just say her business. But once she mentioned a threat mail, Jungwoo just fast-slide to her side. I’m loving this little moment xD

She showed him the pictures of her and Harry. It’s obvious she’s trying to make him jealous and it worked. Jungwoo was visibly upset by this. And a little smirk on her lips said Joy liked it. Jungwoo wanted to pass the case to other cop but Joy wanted him to settle it down. So she pulled out the printed email. Jungwoo realized it’s his stepmom. He told her he’s going to contact her later and Joy wrote her phone number on his hand. Jungwoo was fluttered seeing her up close. His reaction reminded me of when young Jungwoo got his first kiss from the sleeping Sooyeon.

As Detective Joon watched them, Eunjoo joined him. Joon asked if Joy looked like Sooyeon to Eunjoo. I think Eunjoo felt threatened here and she had to make her presence known. She stepped in. Eunjoo gave Jungwoo the food from the restaurant Sooyeon’s mom been working. The mention of her mom and the appearance of Eunjoo affected Joy. She looked disturbed knowing they all live together and both children refer to her mom as their own mother.

There is something that has been implied since episode 5 but I felt obvious here is how Eunjoo tried to imitate young Sooyeon. In episode 5, she used the clothespin to clip her hair. And here, she said Jungwoo is her only friend. I thought the young Eunjoo was adorable but the adult Eunjoo is too annoying to me. I expected she would want to find Sooyeon as well but instead, she felt threatened by the thought and didn’t want him to find Sooyeon.

Frustrated, Joy got up and left. She tried to get back at him again by saying Harry would be mad if she stayed too long here and mentioned that they went to the food stall the other day. Detective Joon was delighted to hear this coz it means Jungwoo has an alibi. Joy left and Jungwoo ran after her. He missed her but she texted him to meet her at Han River Café later.

It’s Hyungjoon’s turn to troll. He wanted to withdraw his money from Han Tae Joon’s bank for 5 billion won. The big amount exceeds the bank’s limit so they sent the issue to the Chairman’s office. Ah Reum was with her father. She’s trying to create a bond here with this heartless dad. After being informed of the problem, Director Nam was sent to negotiate.

He wanted to take Hyungjoon to a VIP room for some privacy, but as he’s trolling, Harry rejected. He said he’s doing what Director Nam wanted, giving him the money. The talk between them proved my point in last episode’s recap. Nam was loyal to no one, he simply wanted money. And Harry is not a man who would fall victim. He warned Director Nam that he might be the first one who gets caught by Han Tae Joon, not Harry. As they talked, Ah Reum saw them and recognized Harry.

Joy went to the restaurant her mother was working. Aww she missed her omma. Joy sat down at a table and just watched her mom worked. A customer asked her to turn on TV. News of the rapist’s death came on, together with Sooyeon’s supposed death. Joy was hurt by how unaffected and indifferent her mother seemed at the news of her death. And she felt betrayed even more hearing her mother referred to Eunjoo as “my daughter”. So she left without eating the food. It appears to her that everyone is doing well without her, even her own mother. Joy called Harry immediately. I guess she feels like he’s the only one who really waits for her, cares for her, and needs her.

However, Joy’s reaction to the news, along with her reaction by the end of last episode make me believe that she already knew he is dead. If you re-watch the end of last episode, Joy came back home with trembling hands. If she’s not the killer (and I’m pretty sure she’s not), she must have seen something at least. And now upon hearing the news, she didn’t seem surprised at all.

After she left, Jungwoo came. He saw what Joy missed. Her mother was crying.

They went to a park. Jungwoo swapped their shoes. And Myung Hee told him to catch the one who killed the rapist, bring him home, and she’ll treat him a big meal. But Jungwoo surprisingly said even though KSD deserved to die, a person should never kill another person… you should let them live and torment them. Is this foreshadowing?

Myunghee told him that since the rapist is dead, Jungwoo should return to his home and just come visit her now and then. But Jungwoo confessed that he found a girl who looked like Sooyeon. This got omma excited. She asked him about the girl but he made her chased him around the park. He mentioned about the footprints a lot, so I’m guessing maybe he thought Sooyeon’s mom might be the killer and wanted to see her footprint?

That night, he went to Han River Café to meet Joy. She told him to wait at the front while she and Harry was already inside, watching him from above.

Look like there’s a gamble going on. She looked very delighted to see him come. And Harry could see that too. I don’t blame Joy for wanting to test Jungwoo. Let’s now forget that she believed he abandoned her and made her wait in vain. I think it’s her way of trying to cope with her feeling, using revenge as an excuse. But after a while, Joy felt bad.

They bet on how long he’s going to wait for her in this cold weather. The winner gets their wish fulfilled. Joy bet on 1 hour, if she won, they must go back to France. Harry bet on 30 minutes. And his wish is her hand in engagement. But Harry cheated. He called Jungwoo to tell him that he’s having dinner with Joy. Joy called him out for foul play but he claimed she wanted to torture Jungwoo anyway.

Jungwoo fidget his feet the way Sooyeon did while waiting for Joy. My thought when I saw this scene was… Yoochun has thinner legs than mine >_<!! And right before 30 minutes were up, Jungwoo left. It’s a gamble for Sooyeon too, and to her, this cemented her belief that he abandoned her.

Jungwoo went to the rapist’s apartment for some investigation. I love how he’s wearing the plastic bag on his feet. He found some suspicious dust on the floor and a restaurant card in the washing machine. So that’s Jungwoo’s next stop. The restaurant owner told him that the rapist didn’t pay for his food but left a name card instead. But she already dumped it. She also told Jungwoo that he mentioned about an accident and made a call to a “President”.

Next we saw Ah Reum squeezing her mother for money, saying she got important information. After receiving payment, she told her mom that the man they saw in Jeju was Harry, Joy’s sponsor. But it was too late coz Mi Ran already mailed those pictures to Joy. Mi Ran freaked out for like… 2 seconds but she found an opportunity to recruit both Joy and her sponsor.

At the mansion, Joy was planning their engagement party while Harry’s browsing the laptop. I just love every little moment between the two. If the PD don’t give us a kiss scene, it’s unacceptable!

Joy was planning to serve wine for catering and then mentioned that Soju was good too. This upset Harry and she teased him. He acted like he didn’t care about the night she was out with Jungwoo, but he’s jealous after all. Cuteness Overload!! Joy then got an email. Mi Ran invited her to Belluz – her shop.

Jungwoo went to check the CCTV footage around the prison to look for the accident. He found the footage and watched as Joy went to trauma seeing her rapist. That’s just like 1+1 = 2 to Jungwoo. It’s confirmed! Joy = Sooyeon. Just by seeing the footage got Jungwoo tear up.

Joy went to Mi Ran’s shop. See? She’s not letting anyone cross her easily. Harry’s supposed to meet her there but Jungwoo showed up first with the yellow umbrella. He tried to impress her with the umbrella but she just took off. Still hurting that he left before 1 hour? But this Jungwoo is a thick-skinned Jungwoo, he followed her.

“Let’s go to Han River Café. Our promise was made first.”

“I’m going to be engaged soon.”

“You’re not engaged yet, but will be? You said you were already engaged. You said you were not good at lying but seems like you’re very good at it.”

Joy told him to move.

“Do you dislike it or just acting like you dislike? I need to know the truth in order to move.” – think-skinned XDDD

She told him to move again.

“It’s boring being secret friends. Let’s be secret lovers.” I died. >3<

He pulled her closer and the scene ended the same way Sooyeon used to draw on her diary with the umbrella blocking the view… from Harry.

Though I love the ending, isn’t it just like last episode where Harry watched them through CCTV? This time he also watched them from his car.



I’d like to add a comment that I really like from an onni I highly respect. This is her comment regarding Sooyeon, her mom, and other characters.


I dont think she will really understand how much her Mom loves her or misses her until she’s able to express those emotions infront of LSY. When LSY was younger, her mother didn’t do much to protect her from an abusive dad.  Mom was always drunk and even blamed her for their miserable plight at one point. The only time I saw her Mom say something nice to her was when they moved to Det. Kim’s place.  She said LSY looked better in the sweater than EJ…that was the night before her disappearance.

All those years after LSY’s disappearance and Det. Kim’s death, LSY’s Mom, took care of EJ and HJW as if she gave birth to them, she’s shown them both much more affection and love than she has ever given LSY. When LSY saw her Mom at the restaurant and saw the news, she didn’t look affected at all, so that added to the hurt and bitterness that LSY was feeling.  LSY never felt the love of her parents and as far as she knows, the guy who has given her the ray of hope, abandoned her as well.

I can’t wait to see how the writer will tackled these issues and give everyone closure. LSY is the character I pity the most because she’s never experienced being truly loved ( I don’t count Harry’s love for her cause it’s a twisted relationship).  Other characters have received it at one point except her.  KHJ’s mother loved him. EJ received lots of love from Det. Kim and now LSY’s mom. HJW didn’t receive love from his father but is now getting lots of it from LSY’s mother and his co-workers.

What was said here reflected my thought. To me, Sooyeon is the real victim that no one seems to care enough. They care… but not enough or care for the wrong reasons. I think Harry definitely knows what happened to her. That’s why he told her he can wait till they’re 40’s or 50’s then get married. But he doesn’t know how to help her overcome the past. By burying the bad memories doesn’t help you conquer your fear.

With Jungwoo, I admitted I still hold a little grudge against him. And with all the love he received, I felt that it’s a bit unfair to Sooyeon. Jungwoo received much love from Sooyeon’s mom the way Sooyeon has never experienced. So I think the writer must work really hard to make it justified for Joy to get back in touch with people she thought abandoned her.

Same as what many people believe that Sooyeon has moved on with her life and become Joy, Joy also believes others have moved on without her. She believes she’s not significant to them. And as Mari said, she has never really experienced true love.

I know Jungwoo also suffered from the incident everyday, but he has a lot of people to support her, Joy has no one but Harry. It’s easy to see why she’s so dependent on him. Unless Harry does something unforgivable, Joy would have a really hard time letting go of him even after she realizes the truth.

It’s getting really interesting. I’ve invested so much emotion and energy in this drama. It’s a love-hate relationship between me and this drama though >_<  Sometimes I hate it so much how it makes me cry and cringe in pain, but I’m also addicted to it so much I have to watch it and even make a recap for it! Woot!

On a side note, Yoochun improved leaps in this episode. Yoo Seung Ho still melts my heart every single time, but Yoon Eun Hye still impresses me the most. I think her acting here almost surpass the unforgettable Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince. I said it earlier, it’s like she’s channeling another person, not just acting..


3 responses

  1. Luo Yi Chen

    Hi Viola, I always thought that Joy/SooYeon was not surprised at the news of the rapist’s death was because she read it earlier when she was browsing for news about her death, (usually related news are also put on the page). But your point of view is a new one and is very interesting. Hmmmm…Thanks for the recaps and the new idea.

    November 30, 2012 at 9:47 am

    • When she was reading the news, my perception was she wanted to check the news of the rapist’s death. So it cemented my belief that she already knew what happened.

      If she knew about it then, there should be more reactions. I guess.

      November 30, 2012 at 11:12 am

  2. imyfan

    Love this recap! Thanks!
    I so agree. I pity LSY the most, she seems to be the only one who never experienced real love 😦 Hope in the end she’ll find healing..
    I am still trying to be on board with HJW and his never ending wallowing in guilt and enforcing his ‘need to be forgiven’ attitude.. I hope the writer start making him more about honouring LSY and gaining her trust again..

    December 1, 2012 at 11:12 am

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